Monday, April 30, 2018

Rubber Pool Deck Tiles Comparison

Rubber Deck Tile Options for your Pool Deck

By Julia Nass

When you think pool deck tile - rubber may not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, certain types of rubber products are actually awesome for poolside environments. Rubber is an extremely durable and long-lasting material. Plus, its natural traction is perfect for decreasing opportunity for slips and falls.

All of Greatmats' rubber pool deck tiles offer great slip resistance and fall protection, but they are also eye-catching and attractive. Compared to plastic and other materials used for pool deck mats, rubber pool deck tiles come at about the middle of the pack price wise. That being said, you get a bang for your buck with every single product.

Another big plus about using rubber is the fact most rubber products are environmentally friendly. Rubber pool deck tiles made from recycled materials can contribute to LEED building points.

Explore a few of Greatmats' favorite rubber pool deck mats below. Whether you are looking for something cheap, unique or safe, Greatmats has the product for you.

Cheapest Rubber Pool Deck Tiles

Greatmats rubber pool deck tiles interlocking Sterling athletic tiles
Looking for rubber pool deck tiles that won't break the bank? The Sterling Athletic Rubber Tile (1.25 Inch Black) is Greatmats' most economical pool deck tile. These tiles come at just $5.83 per square foot, a price you will be hard-pressed to find anywhere else.

Sterling Athletic tiles may come cheap, but they certainly are not created cheap. These tiles are extremely long-lasting and tough. They can be used under heavy foot traffic, furniture and equipment without any damage. Tiles connect tightly together with a simply interlocking system that will not come undone with use and time. For more permanent and heavy duty installations, Greatmats recommends adding an adhesive to link tiles together. Because tiles are so long-lasting and easy to maintain, there is little to no follow up cost after the initial investment. Plus, if any damage does happen to a tile, there is no need to worry about the serious cost of replacing the entire floor. Instead, one can simply replace the damaged tile.

Each tile is 1.25 inches thick and two by two feet. Border and corner ramps are also available with this tile, which is recommended to decrease tripping hazards and increase accessibility. Because tiles are made from high-quality, recycled rubber, they may contribute to LEED building points. Tiles are non-absorbent and can be easily cleaned. 
Greatmats rubber pool deck tiles interlocking

Rubber Deck Tiles with Unique Look

Greatmats Dog Bone Pavers green rubber pool deck tiles
If you are looking for a stylish, unique rubber pool deck tile, consider Greatmats' Dog Bone Paver tiles. These rubber pool deck tiles look like brick but are far safer and more comfortable underfoot. Dog Bone rubber pool deck tiles come in three stylish colors: green, grey and terra cotta. They are about .65 x .52 feet in the shape of a dog bone. Tiles easily come together to create a fun outdoor flooring design.

These pool deck mats are environmentally friendly, as they are are made of one hundred percent recycled rubber. The rubber content comes at a premium quality, so tiles will outlast intense usage and weather conditions. In addition to being tough and durable, these tiles provide safety in any environment. Whether tiles are wet or dry, they have the traction to prevent serious slippage. Tiles reject water on their surface, but they also allow water to drain through cracks in order to limit pooling. Plus, Dog Bone Paver pool deck tiles are bacteria resistant, which is extremely important in wet environments. These tiles can be swept with a broom, or debris can be removed with a garden hose or a leaf blower. For a more thorough cleaning, a pressure washer will do the trick.
Greatmats Dog Bone Pavers black rubber pool deck tilesGreatmats Dog Bone Pavers horse areas

Safest Rubber Pool Deck Tiles

Greatmats Bounce Back Rubber Playground Tile Green Rubber Pool Deck

For those prioritizing safety, consider the Bounce Back Playground Tile. People rely on Bounce Back Tiles for playgrounds across the country, but the tiles are also fabulous for creating a safe poolside environment. These pool deck mats have a fall height rating starting at six feet for a 2.5 inch thick tile. In other words, any falls or accidents that happen will not be nearly as serious when they occur on Bounce Back Tiles because of their cushion and shock absorption.

Each pool deck tile is non-absorbent but allows water to flow through cracks in order to prevent standing water. Each pool deck tile performs year round in all kinds of weather including rain and snow. This product is particularly recommended for west coast customers, as it ships from the Pacific Northwest. Like Dog Bone Pavers, Bounce Back Tiles can easily be cleaned using a broom, leaf blower or garden hose. And like other rubber tiles, these tiles are made from one hundred percent recycled rubber and will contribute to LEED points.
Greatmats Bounce Back Rubber Playground Tile Mats All Sizes Rubber Pool Deck

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Friday, April 27, 2018

The Best Gymnastics Mats on a Budget

Top 5 gymnastics mats that won't break your budget

By Julia Nass

Safety is everything when it comes to a sport like gymnastics. The right flooring will support the limbs and joints of gymnasts, while ensuring athletes are protected when falls happen. But is it possible to buy gymnastic mats cheap without skimping on safety? At Greatmats, it certainly is. Despite what the low price may say, all of Greatmats cheap gymnastics mats are durable, high-quality and safe. If you are seeking gymnastic mats cheap, find one below among Greatmats' top five gymnastics mats on a budget.

Gymnastic Mats All Sizes

Greatmats Gymnastic Mats All Sizes budget
Greatmats Gymnastic Mats All Sizes are a great place to start for safe and durable cheap gymnastics mats. These mats are constructed with a durable foam core that absorbs shock and provides cushion. A 6P compliant vinyl cover surrounds the foam core and can used barefoot or with athletic shoes without wear and tear. The mats are available in six different sizes, three different thicknesses, and over fifteen vibrant colors. Choosing different colors is not only fun and aesthetically pleasing, but it can help trainers differentiate between different groups and levels.

Greatmats Gymnastics Mats infographic

Foam Rolls 6x42 Ft x 5/8 Inch

Greatmats Foam Rolls 6x42 Ft x 5/8 Inch Gymnastics underlayment budget
Foam Rolls 6x42 Ft x 5/8 Inch provide an extremely economical way to add cushion and rebound to an athletic floor. Rolls are made of prime polyethylene foam that provides the perfect under-layer for a gymnastics floor. Foam Rolls are meant to be used with a vinyl cover so foam in order to lengthen the lifespan of the foam as they are not meant for a finished surface. Foam Rolls are available in three different thicknesses: 5/8 inch, 1 inch and 2 inches. The 5/8 inch thick roll is the most affordable choice.

Incline Wedge Mats All Sizes

Greatmats Incline Wedge Mats Cheese Mats Budget
Incline Wedge mats are a superb, versatile training tool for gymnasts. Athletes of all levels utilize them for conditioning, basic tumbling, uphill vaulting and transition training on bars. Incline wedges are one of the more affordable gymnastics training mats on the market. These budget gymnastics mats come in fifteen stylish colors and can be ordered in two different colors.

Gym Mats 4x10 Feet 2 Inch 4V 18oz

Greatmats Gym Mats 4x10 feet 2 inch budget Read what one of Greatmats' customers had to say about Gym Mats 4x10 Feet 2 Inch. Mark from Texas reviewed, ''Great product and great service! The order process was quick and easy. I liked that shipping was included in the cost and the cost was the least expensive of any competitor I found. The mat arrived earlier than I had anticipated and was in great shape. I plan to order one or two more mats of the same type. With Velcro edges on all four sides it makes the mats super versatile. I will definitely recommend GreatMats!'' As an added bonus, these portable mats are super for both at home and at training facilities.

Cheer Mats 6x42 ft x 1-3/8 Inch Poly Flexible Roll

Last but not least, Greatmats recommends Cheer Mats 6x42 ft x 1-3/8 Inch Poly Flexible Roll for gymnastics practice. Cheer Mats Poly Roll is a top-of-the-line tumbling mat made with a needle-punch carpet top flame-bonded to 1.5 inches of polyethylene foam. Such high quality construction yields a safe, cushioned structure for landing. Further, mats stand up to years of use and are not run down by hard landings. These cheap gymnastics mats can be rolled up and put into storage with just a couple people carrying it.

Greeatmats Cheer Mats infographic gymnastics

High Quality Products, High Quality Service

Greatmats' customer service matches the upmost quality of all of its products. Heather from Oklahoma bought the Cheer Mats Poly Flexible Roll and commented on her experience with the process. ''I was extremely pleased with the entire process of ordering, communication, and timely delivery of our cheer mats. My contact through the process was outstanding! Every time I had a question she always responded quickly and was extremely efficient throughout the entire process. I will highly recommend GreatMats to anyone I come in to contact with! I greatly appreciate the professionalism and efficiency of this company!''
For more on this topic please review our Gymnastics Mats product page.

Greatmats pink and purple gymnastics mats budget friendly

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Best Basement Floors on a Budget

Budget Friendly Basement Flooring Options for Kids Playrooms, Gyms, Bedrooms & Family Rooms

By Julia Nass

Basement floor tiles and mats have the power to instantly turn a basement into a playroom, home gym, entertainment room, or any other living space. Such a project may seem like a huge financial investment, but it doesn't have to be. Greatmats offers all of their basement floors at a competitive price, but the following five picks are the cheapest. Read on to learn more.

Play Mats Foam Puzzle Tile 4 Pack

Soften and liven up any hard basement floor with Play Mats Foam Puzzle Tile 4 Pack. Play Mats are an ideal basement flooring option for a play room, kids space or exercise room on a budget. These basement floor tiles are made of scuff-resistant EVA foam that provides a half inch of cushion and comfort underfoot. Foam Puzzle basement floor tiles come in packs of four differently-colored mats: red, yellow, green and blue. Tiles connect via a universal connecting system that makes them simple to install. At only $0.95 a square foot, you get a real bang for your buck with Play Mats Foam Puzzle Tiles.

Take it from Dawn from Ohio, how reviewed the product: ''We ordered and received about 400 sq ft of play mats to cover our hard tile floor. The play area is comfortable and warmer. They look great, and were an awesome value. Our kids love playing in the area too.''

Rolled Rubber 1/8 Inch Black Pacific

1/8 Inch Black Pacific Rubber Rolls are yet another economical option for a basement floor. These particular rubber rolls are only $0.98 per square foot and are especially awesome for home gyms, weight lifting areas, and areas of high foot traffic. Rubber is an extremely durable material, and these rolls will last despite serious use. Rolls are easy to clean by sweeping, vacuuming, or damp mopping with a pH neutral cleaner. This tough rubber basement flooring is made in the USA from recycled rubber.

Style Smart 18 x 18 Inch Carpet Tile

Carpet is a classic and inviting choice for basement entertainment rooms, offices and bedrooms. Starting at only $1.21 per square foot, Style Smart Carpet Tiles are the most affordable way to achieve the look. Style Smart Carpet basement flooring not only makes carpet cheap but easy too. Each carpet tile has a peel-and-stick underside, which makes installation a breeze. Tiles adhere to any dry, clean, hard surface without budging. Carpet fibers are soft and eco-friendly, as they are made from 100% purified, recycled plastic bottles.

Foam Tiles Wood Grain

Foam Tiles Wood Grain are a classy alternative to other foam flooring. These tiles present the sleek look of dark wood, light wood or cork. Yet, they have a soft and cushiony feel that can only be achieved with half an inch of EVA foam material. These basement flooring tiles are great for basement areas where aesthetics are just as important as feel. In addition, many basements are susceptible to moisture buildup, so it helps to utilize flooring that can be easily dried out if need be. With foam tiles, picking up and transporting tiles is just as simple as installing them.

Check out what Janet from Virginia has to say about Foam Tiles Wood Grain: ''We originally purchased just enough of these cork patterned foam tiles to form a mat in front of our washer and dryer. We liked them so much we decided to use them as flooring across the entire laundry room. The tiles are attractive, very easy to install and to cut to fit as needed, and they feel wonderful underfoot. They not only provide welcome cushioning, they also insulate the floor so well, it's even comfortable to walk on them in stocking feet, something we would never do on the bare concrete. Visitors and workmen who come down into our basement have all remarked on the floor and asked where we got it. We're very happy to recommend that they contact Greatmats too!''

Greatmats Wood Grain Foam Tiles infographic

Rubber Flooring Rolls 1/4 Inch Regrind Confetti

Confetti-speckled rubber is a fun alternative to a classic black rubber roll. Rubber Flooring Rolls 1/4 Inch Regrind Confetti are black with color flecks incorporated into 10% of the material. These rolls have the familiar perks of other Greatmats rubber rolls: they are extremely durable, long lasting and easy to install. Plus, they are an affordable option at $1.34 per square foot. Rubber rolls also act as a sound dampener and floor insulation. Regrind Confetti basement flooring are four feet wide and 25 feet long but can be cut to fit into any desired area.

Stephen from Washington had a five-star experience with Rubber Flooring Rolls Regrind Confetti. He wrote, ''I purchased the 1/4 Rubber Flooring Rolls for my personal gym in my lower level. The mats were exactly what I needed. The customer service was very helpful when I called to order, and the shipping was very fast. The floor looks and performs perfectly. I installed 500 sf in about 4 hours with a friend. The installation was relatively easy, and came out perfect. No visible seams, and the mats required no glue, however I did use seam tape to ensure they stayed exactly where I put them. I would certainly order from Greatmats again.'' 

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Best Cheer Mats on a Budget - Top 5

Top 5 Budget Cheer Mats for Home or Team Use

By Julia Nass

Finding cheer mats cheap online isn't too much of an exercise. Yet, finding cheap cheer mats online that maintain safety, comfort and long-lasting quality is a different story. It can be difficult to navigate through so many options, but when health and safety are on the line, it is ultra important to know that quality is not forsaken with price. Unlike other flooring companies, makes it easy. In fact, what follows is a straightforward list that highlights Greatmats' top five cheer mats on a budget. Each mat comes at a low price but upholds high standards of safety, injury protection and overall quality.

5) Gym Mats 4x8 Ft x 2 inch 4V 18 oz

Gym Mats 4x8 Feet x 2 Inches are a popular choice for those looking for cheer mats for a low price. The high-quality, foldable mats are a safe and durable choice for use at home and in the gym. This affordable cheer mat is made of a high-quality foam surrounded by 6P compliant vinyl with double stitching. In other words, these cheap cheer mats are well-cushioned for safety and comfort and tough enough to withstand wear and tear. Mats feature 2-foot foldable panels that make transport and installation a breeze. In addition to cheer-related activities, these mats are awesome for gymnastics, aerobics, and mixed martial arts. Mats come in three stylish colors: black, red and blue. Gym mats can be easily cleaned with hot sponge and water.

4) Home Cheer Floors 4x6 Ft 1-3/8 Inch

For the next cheer mats cheap find, Greatmats recommends Home Cheer Floors 4x6 Ft 1-3/8 Inch. These cheap cheer mats are a perfect choice for at home practice and training. Mats are sturdy, safe and durable, but they are also lightweight and portable. These mats come in easy-to-handle rolls that are easily put out and put away into storage. Choose from 7 different colors for the needle-punch carpet surface. At 1-⅜ inches thick, these flexible rolls provide cushion and protection during stunting, tumbling, and more.

3) Gym Mats 4x10 Ft x 2 Inch 4V 18 Oz

Gym Mats 4x10 Ft x 2 Inch 4V 18 Oz are constructed of top-tier materials for safe use in homes, studios and schools. The rugged 18 oz vinyl cover stands up to rough treatment without suffering tears or strains. The inside cushion is made up of a PE foam core that features a material density of two pounds per cubic foot. Benefits of such a foam core include incredible shock absorbency, comfort and overall impact safety. These foldable, cheap cheer mats are versatile and easy to transport. When multiple mats are in use, they can be easily and securely connected together. With a hook and loop connector system on all four sides, you can secure mats end to end or side by side.

Take from Mark from Texas, who reviewed Gym Mats 4x10 ft. ''Great product and great service! The order process was quick and easy. I liked that shipping was included in the cost and the cost was the least expensive of any competitor I found.''

2) Inclines Wedge Mats All Sizes

Greatmats boasts a wide variety of Incline Wedge Mats for a low cost. Beginners and elite athletes alike utilize Incline Wedge Mats for gymnastics and cheer training around the country. Athletes use Incline Wedge Mats for conditioning, floor tumbling, uphill vaulting, and transition training on bars. These cheap cheer mats can be ordered in one or two colors with over 15 vibrant colors to choose from.

1) Cheer Mats 6x42 ft x 1-3/8 Inch Poly Flexible Roll

Next, Greatmats offers the fabulous These cheap cheer mats are great for large gyms or spaces. Each mat is sized at 6x42 ft x 1-3/8 Inch. With an easy-to-handle roll system, mats are effortlessly installed, transported and stored. This roll features a soft, non-slip, tough needle-punch carpet surface. The carpet surface is flame-bonded to a durable polyethylene foam. High-quality materials and construction ensure Cheer Mats Poly Flexible roll to remain safe and undamaged throughout years of intense impact and use. If ordering more than one mat, pricing includes hook and loop connector strips that will secure multiple mats together. Quickly clean the Poly Flexible Roll by vacuuming.

Greatmats Cheer Mats 6x42 foot x 1-3/8 inch carpet top flexible roll

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Best Exercise Mats on a Budget

Our Top 5 Exercise Mats that are Budget-Friendly

By Julia Nass

It should not cost an arm and a leg to get strong arms and legs. In fact, it should not cost much at all. That is exactly why Greatmats provides exercise mats that bode well with a budget. Whether it's for weight-lifting, aerobics, plyometrics, yoga, or dance, Greatmats offers workout mats that will not break the bank. Cheap exercise mats make it easy to achieve an amazing space to work out in without any of the financial stress. Continue reading to discover Greatmats' top five exercise mats on a budget.

Greatmats home gym mats foam best budget exercise mats

1) Home Gym Mats Pebble 10 mm

Home Gym Mats Pebble tiles are heavy duty exercise mats that are still lightweight and portable. At only $1.45 per square foot, these tiles are one of the cheaper workout mats on the market. These tiles are made of a lightweight EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) foam. The material is dense and tough enough to withstand heavy exercise equipment and dropped weights. Yet, tiles are cushioned and comfortable for floor exercises. The surface of this exercise mat has a pebble top design for extra traction and durability. An interlocking system makes these tiles simple to install. Tiles can be glued down for a permanent floor, but it is not necessary. For temporary installations, tiles can easily be picked up and moved.

2) Rolled Rubber 1/8 Inch Pacific Black

Greatmats 1/8 inch rubber flooring rolls best budget
Rubber rolls are always an awesome, economic choice, and at $.98 per square foot, the Rolled Rubber 1/8 Inch Pacific Black is no different. This rubber gym mat provides protective footing for weightlifting and gym equipment. Rubber is the most durable exercise flooring out there, and it will stay tough in both home and commercial settings. Note that rubber floors do not yield much cushion, so it's not as easy on the body for plyometric or other impact exercises. Rolls are super simple to install, especially for large areas. Unroll the floor in your desired location, and voila. You can also use double sided tape to adhere rubber rolls to the floor. Cleaning and maintaining the rubber is a breeze as well. Simply sweep or damp mop rolls with a pH neutral cleaner for a fresh look and feel.

3) Foam Mats 5/8 Inch Premium

Greatmats Foam Mats Premium Best Exercise Mats Budget Foam Mats 5/8 Premium come at $1.45 per square foot and are one of Greatmats' all-around most popular products. With over 15 fun, vibrant colors to choose from, these interlocking foam tiles are particularly wonderful for kid-friendly exercise rooms. Sharyn from New Jersey, for example, loves her orange foam mats in her yoga studio, where she does yoga with her son. Mats are shock-absorbent, waterproof, and stain resistant. If any spills happen, tiles are extremely easy to clean. For serious damage, single tiles can easily be replaced without the need to pull up the entire floor. This makes Foam Mats cost and time effective years down the line. With hundreds of online reviews, you can see for yourself exactly why Foam Mats 5/8 Premium are so well-loved and popular.

4) Foam Mats Economy 1/2 Inch

Greatmats Foam Mats Economy Best Exercise Mats Budget
Foam Mats Economy 1/2 Inch are similar to Foam Mats Premium, but they come at $.99 per square foot. They are also made of a high quality ethylene-vinyl acetate foam but are a tiny bit thinner. The foam acts as cushion and shock absorption for all kinds of exercise, from dance and yoga to aerobics. This gym mat comes in three sleek colors: black, blue, and grey. Tiles feature an easy-to-clean, waterproof, no-slip thatch surface. Foam Mats Economy are great in basements because they provide both heat and sound insulation. No adhesives are necessary to install these workout mats. Simply connect pieces via the easy-to-use universal interlocking system.

5) Foam Roll 6x42 Feet x 5/8 Inch

Greatmats Budget Foam Roll 6x42 feet
Perhaps you already have an exercise mat, but it's not quite meeting your needs. Maybe it's too thin, or perhaps too dense to feel comfortable. Instead of purchasing an entirely new floor, it makes sense to simply install an underlayment. In order to enhance the cushion and lifespan of your gym mat, Greatmats recommends the Foam Roll 6x42 feet. This exercise mat underlay costs a mere $.94 per square foot. The foam roll is made in the USA from a long-lasting, shock-absorbing polyethylene foam. Users find this gym mat underlay to be particularly effective under gymnastics floors, martial arts mats and stunting surfaces.

Cheap Product, High Quality

These days, it feels like you have to go broke in order to get a long-lasting product. At Greatmats, that simply isn't so. The company does not settle for less - even in the cheapest of products. Greatmats prioritizes quality products, but it's important to remain affordable to customers, which is why they are offer volume discounts. For questions or specifics, get in touch with They want you to get the best deal and the most bang for your buck.
For more on this topic please review our Exercise Mats, Gym Mats product page.

Greatmats Rubber Flooring Exercise Mats Budget

Greatmats Foam Interlocking Exercise Mats Budget

Monday, April 16, 2018

Best Rubber Mats on a Budget

Top 5 Rubber Mats on a Budget for Gyms and Horse Stalls

By Julia Nass

Just because you're on a budget does not mean you should have to settle for a lesser rubber mat. Greatmats offers a variety of large rubber mats that are cheap in price but not in quality. Whether they are for a home or commercial gym, animal shelter, or horse stall, the following rubber mats will get the job done without breaking the bank.

5. 4x6 Ft Fitness Rubber Mat 3/8 Inch, Black

Greatmats 4x6 Fitness Rubber Mat Thickness Black
Coming in at number five is the 4x6 Black Fitness Rubber Mat, 3/8 Inch. This mat is specially designed for fitness, but can be used for any environment in need of a tough, durable rubber floor mat. These mats have been used in commercial weight rooms and fitness centers on military bases. At about $2.06 per square foot, these thick rubber mats provide an affordable means to high quality flooring.

The surface of this mat has a diamond texture, which increases tread and prevents slipping. The edges of the mat are precision cut with a water laser, so all mats fit side by side without gaps. These rubber mats come with a 5-year manufacturer warranty to ensure quality. No adhesives are necessary to install these mats.

4. Sundance Mat 4x6 Ft x 3/4 Inch Straight Edge Standard

Greatmats Sundance Mat 4x6 Ft x 3/4 Inch Straight Edge Weight Room Stall Mats
Next up are Sundance Mats. They are similar to the previous 4x6 ft Fitness Rubber Mats, but they are thicker and designed with a punter-top tread instead of diamond. Customers commonly choose these mats for use in horse stalls, where they support the weight of horses while yielding just enough give to protect the joints and limbs of large animals.

Plus, they come at the slightly cheaper price of roughly $1.78 per square foot. In addition to the up front low cost, thick rubber mats end up paying off year after year. If used in horse stalls, it ends up being cheaper because materials like gravel, dirt, bedding and hay will not need to be replaced as frequently - not to mention the time saved in the mucking process. At 100 pounds per tile, these large rubber mats are designed for permanent installations.

Greatmats budget rubber mats

3. 4x6 Ft x 1/2 Inch Straight Edge Pebble Top

Greatmats 4x6 foot x 1/2 inch Straight Edge Pebble Top Rubber Gym Mats
The next 4x6 foot thick rubber mat comes with a pebble-top surface and a ribbed design on the bottom, which makes for traction above and drainage below. These mats are listed at around $1.78 per square foot and are also ideal for horse stalls and fitness rooms. At 1/2 inch thick, the mats provide insulation from both damp and cold pre-existing conditions. These waterproof large rubber mats are made from recycled, re-vulcanized rubber from vehicle tires and as a result can contribute to LEED building points. Each mat weighs 75 pounds - less than the Sundance Mats, but still not designed for portability.

2. Button Top 4x6 Ft x 3/8 Inch Straight Edge

Greatmats Button Top 4x6 Foot x 3/8 inch Straight Edge Horse Wash Bay Rubber Mat
For the next cheap rubber mat, consider the Button Top Straight Edge, which comes at approximately $1.64 per square foot. Unlike other many thick rubber mats, these are completely non-absorbent. Because they will not take in water, they can be used in wash bays in addition to roof tops and horse stalls.

The rubber is completely non-porous. It will not curl or become damaged in freezing and thawing conditions, and the surface yields a button-top design, which is both comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. The rubber mats can be easily cleaned with a hose and a pH neutral cleaner.

1. Rolled Rubber 1/8 Inch Black Pacific

Greatmats Rolled Rubber 1/8 Inch Black Mats Budget
The number one contestant in the cheap rubber mat stand-off is Rolled Rubber (1/8 Inch Black Pacific). Rubber rolls tend to be the most economic choice - this one comes at a mere $.98 per square foot. Rolled Rubber Black Pacific mats can be used in ice rinks, weight rooms, warehouses, at tradeshow events and much more.

Like all of Greatmats' large rubber mats, this product is easily installed. Just unroll the mat in the desired location and trim down edges with a sharp utility knife if necessary. The product can either be dry laid or glued down for more permanent installations. If you're hunting for something temporary, this product is far more lightweight (per square foot) than other large rubber mats, and it can easily be rolled back up.

For More

To discover even more incredible options, check out all of the rubber mats has to offer. Their customer service team can assist you in finding exactly the right flooring for the price that suits you best.

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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Badger State Games Martial Arts Tournaments

Taekwondo Competitors Get The Surface They Asked For

2018 Winter Badger State Games Kids Tournament Greatmats Martial Arts Mats
When the martial arts competitors of the Badger State Games spoke, management listened.

Owned and operated by the Sports Authority of the Wausau/Central Wisconsin Convention & Visitors Bureau, the Badger State Games offers 24 winter and 26 summer events. It's martial arts competition is one of a handful of events offered in both the Winter and Summer Games.

Run by Commissioner Nathan Halama, a 6th degree black belt in Taekwondo and master instructor at Halama's Martial Arts in Wausau, Wisconsin, the Badger State Games Martial Arts competition is open to all styles but is currently most popular with taekwondo competitors.

In the past, the martial arts competitions have taken place on hardwood gym floors, but the athletes have recently been requesting the addition of matted rings for safety. For a while, The Games had borrowed mats from a local academy, but its staff decided having mats of their own would simplify the planning process - and sought out Wisconsin-based martial arts mat retailer Greatmats to help in the process.

2018 Winter Badger State Games Greatmats Martial Arts Mats

The Games now owns two 8x8 meter (approximately 26x26 feet) rings equipped with Greatmats 20mm-thick Pro Martial Arts Sport Mats which it runs all of its martial arts competitions on, including open hand and weapons forms, board and brick breaking, and point sparring.

''They're nice,'' Halama said. ''They're easy to put together. They're good for safety. ... If somebody falls down or something happens, they're not on the hard floor and you-re able to spin on them - turn your bottom foot on them - without getting stuck.''

2018 Winter Badger State Games Jump Front Breaking Greatmats Martial Arts Mats
This was especially evident at the 2018 Winter Games during the newly added Jump Front Breaking competition in which one of the winners broke a board 7 feet 6 inches above the ground. While pushing themselves to their limits, not all athletes landed on their feet and took advantage of the shock absorbing benefits of the Greatmats martial arts flooring.

The controlled slip surface worked will for the speed breaking contest as well, which featured competitors breaking as many boards as they could in 30 seconds using a spinning heel kick.

And the scuff resistant surface came into play during board and brick breaking competition as the mats not only withstood the punishment of falling board and bricks but also protected the hardwood gym floor below.

''This is what they do,'' said Badger State Games Operations Director Nick Ockwig of the taekwondo competitors. ''This is what they use. This is what they expect. In the taekwondo world, these mats are what are used in competition. It kind of made us step up to the plate and get these mats that the taekwondo world is all about so we can provide a top notch event, starting with the mats for performance.''

2018 Winter Badger State Games Brick Breaking Greatmats Martial Arts Mats
Sanctioned by the National Congress of State Games and Affiliated with the United States Olympic Committee, the Badger State Games is the only multi-sport, Olympic-style sporting festival in the state. But that doesn't mean competitors have to be elite athletes to participate as it accepts competitors of all ages and skill levels. However, it does give those elite athletes a path towards representing the state of Wisconsin at the national and international levels in their respective sports.

''It's about having fun, getting off the couch, having your friends and family down, creating memories, meeting old friends and meeting new friends,'' Ockwig said.

Nathan Halama
Badger State Games
Wausau WI 
For more on this topic please review our Martial Arts Mats product page.

2018 Winter Badger State Games Greatmats Martial Arts Mats

2018 Winter Badger State Games Brick Breaking Greatmats Martial Arts Mats

2018 Winter Badger State Games Jump Greatmats Martial Arts Mats

2018 Winter Badger State Games Front Jump Breaking Greatmats Martial Arts Mats

Winter 2018 Badger State Games Taekwondo Greatmats Martial Arts Mats

Board Breaking Kick Winter 2018 Badger State Games Greatmats

Winter 2018 Badger State Games Greatmats Martial Arts Mats

Greatmats Winter 2018 Badger State Games Martial Arts Brick Breaking

Greatmats Winter 2018 Badger State Games Martial Arts Kids Tournament