Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Paul Smith's Brings Old Gym to New Standard with New Wall Padding

Athletic director/coach finds peace of mind with added safety feature

By Brett Hart

Greatmats Gym Wall Pads at Paul Smiths College Gymnasium Bobcat Logo
When Paul Smith's College Athletic Director and multi-sport coach Jim Tucker began looking for new wall pads to replace their 42-year old pads in the school's Buxton Gymnasium in Paul Smiths, New York, he didn't have to look long before coming across Greatmats in his web search. The fast answer scenario also applied when he inquired about Greatmats wall padding from the company, noting that he received very quick responses to all of his questions, making the decision easy to replace the well-used pads that had long passed their best-if-used-by date.

''Those mats would have been originally built when the new gymnasium was built in 1974,'' Tucker said. ''The mats that had been on the walls in the wrestling room got moved to the Buxton Gymnasium (in 1996). Those end mats that have been on the wall since '96 were already 22 years old when they were moved. Fast forward another 20 years, and I think we got full life expectancy out of those.''

While the Bobcat that was painted on the pads when Tucker was 14 still looked nice, Tucker said, ''If you ever collided into that mat, you might as well have collided into the pine boards behind it. It might have felt better to run into the pine boards.''

On the other end of the gym were pads that had gone up in 2010 as part of a remodeling project that included adding an indoor rock climbing gym in place of an old stage.

Buxton Gymnasium is the older of the two gyms at the 750-student private college which is home to nearly 30 athletic teams in the US Collegiate Athletic Association.

''Our top sports are not recognized by the NCAA, but they do exist, and we do extremely well at them,'' Tucker said.

Greatmats Gym Wall Pads at Paul Smiths College Gymnasium
Often times the gymnasium is used for lacrosse practices, and the lacrosse balls being fired against the walls had caused significant damage to the previous sheet rock and pine board walls. With the gymnasium walls being in rough shape, and Paul Smith's College, wishing to improve conditions for the hosting of major high school or regional basketball games, decided improvements were a necessity.

Tucker said he did not want anyone feeling like they were in a secondary gymnasium at these major events, and so the old gym got the new padding as part of the remodel and they went up very fast, according to Tucker.

''The wall padding in the older gym that uses Greatmats works far better than the padding in the new gym,'' Tucker said. He noted that the end walls in the gym are relatively close to the baseline at both ends. ''Since the installation of these new wall pads, I have greater peace of mind knowing that the pads are there.''

From a marketing standpoint, he also felt it was important to have different school logos on the mats at either end and Greatmats was able to accommodate his request.

''Anybody that's taking photographs will see the Paul Smith's logo,'' he said. ''I expect that (gym) will get used more in the next couple years.'' 

Jim Tucker
Paul Smith's College
Paul Smiths NY 12970
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Friday, January 26, 2018

Ryan MacDonald Continues to Inspire and Be Inspired

Nebraska fighter wins first match after loss of big brother

By Brett Hart

Ryan MacDonald winner of Greatmats Martial Arts Inspiring Story contest
On Sept. 6, 2017, 24-year-old MMA fighter Ryan McDonald learned that was the winner of the Greatmats 2nd Annual Most Inspiring Martial Arts Story Contest after sharing his story about how he pulled out of is UFC debut while grieving the death of his big brother. On October 21, the North Platte, Nebraska, fighter returned to the octagon where he defeated Chad Obermiller 3:42 into Round 2 by submission from strikes at Midwest Championship Fighting 14: In Memoriam.

The win marked MacDonald's 11th straight victory and improved his record to 8-0 as a professional fighter. The bantamweight is currently ranked #5 in Nebraska and #9 in the US Midwest.

MacDonald got his start as a fighter in boxing as a high school freshman, and then after getting beat up in a fight that went to the ground, he began training in Jiu Jitsu under Rob Mitchell.

''I had seen the movie (Never Back Down) and learned there were techniques out there (that would help on the ground),'' MacDonald said. ''I got into jiu jitsu and then later muay thai and the striking arts and fell in love.''

MacDonald says the martial arts have done wonders for his confidence.

''I used to be a real insecure guy,'' he said, noting that he was a afraid he would potentially get into a fight anytime he walked into a room because of is inability to communicate well. ''Now, that I've been training, I don't really have that fear. I can communicate much better because I don't have that fear.''

Now, the owner of his own gym, MacDonald is pursuing more of his dreams in honor of his late brother. The first is to make it into the UFC and the second, to become a world champion.

''Being a world champ means constant training and never looking back,'' MacDonald said.

With that being said, he's not forgetting where he came from and who helped him get to where he is today. Ryan said is brother was an intelligent guy who would make him think about the finer details of fighting.

Greatmats Martial Arts Inspiring Story Contest
He is also grateful to win Greatmats Most Inspiring Martial Arts Story Contest as it required a community of supporters to win the $350 grand prize.

''It means so much just because it shows you how many people of are out there that care and really want to help and see you do good,'' he said.

In the first two years of the Most Inspiring Martial Arts Story competition, nearly 50 martial artists have shared their inspiring stories. Read their stories and other inspiring martial arts stories at http://www.greatmats.com/gmats-giveaway.php.

Ryan MacDonald
691ON1 MMA & Fitness
North Platte NE 69101
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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Dog Agility Mats Put Spring in the Step of Colorado Dog Facility Owners

House of Dog Training, Colorado Springs

House of Dog Training and Greatmats Dog Agility Flooring Mats
When it comes to running a dog training facility with Dayschool services, there's no substitute for having the right flooring, according to Astrid Tryon of House of Dog Training in Colorado Springs, Colorado. When Tryon and her partners began House of Dog Training nearly three years ago, its goal was to strengthen the bond between dog and human and reduce adoption failures. They do this by providing a positive environment while offering classes in sports, such as agility, as well as obedience and puppy classes. House of Dog Training also offers private lessons, board and trains, and dayschool.

''Training should be fun for both the dog and the handler,'' Tryon says. ''Aversive methods, fear, pain and intimidation have no place at our facility.''

Discovering Greatmats

House of Dog Training and Greatmats Dog Agility Flooring Mats
After attending a seminar at another training facility that uses Greatmats dog agility mats, Tryon said she and her partners loved the look and feel and learned from another trainer at that facility that they were very easy to clean.

''When I saw the agility mats... I pretty much knew we had to have them,'' Tryon said.

This reaction came as a result of her dissatisfaction from a previous experience she had working on black rubber matting at a different facility. That particular rubber matting was heavy, hard and, when wet, would leach the black color onto everything, including the dogs.

In contrast, Greatmats dog agility mats were soft, shock absorbing, lightweight and simple to clean.

House of Dog Training Colorado Springs staff
''We love that we can vaccuum them and Rug Doctor them - so easy to clean,'' Tryon said. ''They are so 'bouncy' that walking and running on them is great and reduces fatigue. We often joked that we would love to install them in our homes instead of carpet, due to them being so easy to clean and so nice and soft.''

The reversible puzzle style foam mats also added the factor of easy installation and replacement. Tryon made special note of how simple it is to flip the mats when they get roughed up by heavy usage. Plus, the blue color ''makes our facility look super friendly and clean, and it looks stunning in pictures,'' she said.

As an added bonus, Tryon said, ''The price is very affordable, especially when you pay attention to the website and call for bulk pricing.''

While she and her partners accidentally ordered more mats than they needed, Tryon said, ''We love having spares that we can individually change out if one becomes too damaged.''

Recently voted third place for the Best Dog Daycare facility by readers of a local newspaper, the House of Dog Training staff is ''passionate about helping dogs and their owners - and doing it in a gentle, humane way,'' according to Tryon. And with this gentle version of dog training flooring from Greatmats, it gives them one more tool to reach their goals.

Dog Agility Mat Installation at House of Dog Training 


Before Installation Photos

House of Dog Training Facility installing Greatmats dog agility mats

House of Dog Training Facility installing Greatmats dog agility mats

Dog Agility Mats can be easily cut with a sharp utility knife and a straight edge for wall-to-wall installations.
House of Dog Training Facility installing Greatmats dog agility mats

Four border strips come with each dog agility mat so you can have a straight edge on each side for an island installation.
House of Dog Training Facility installing Greatmats dog agility mats

House of Dog Training Facility installing Greatmats dog agility mats


 After Installation Dog Agility Mats Pictures

Astrid Tryon
House of Dog Training
Colorado Springs CO 80907
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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Minnesota CrossFit Gym Overcomes Noise Hurdle with Rubber Sound Tiles

Noise transfer not a problem at CrossFit Duluth with new sound tiles

CrossFit Duluth and Greatmats rubber sterling sound tiles CrossFit flooring With intense workouts that include a lot of dropping of weights and other heavy objects, noise can become a big obstacle for CrossFit gyms. That's exactly what CrossFit Duluth owner Dale Collison ran into when looking to expand his quickly growing gym in Duluth, Minnesota.

''We've moved a few times,'' Collison said. ''We started in our garage in December of 2012. In February of 2013, we moved into our very first store front. We were there until Sept. of 2013. That's when we moved into a brand new facility. We were there until August of this year. We actually just moved two doors down into a much larger space because of our growth.''

But the latest move almost didn't happen due to the sound transfer that was taking place from his gym to neighboring businesses when weights were dropped on his old floor which was composed of 3/4 inch thick 4x6-foot stall mats that he had picked up from a local hardware store.

''They wouldn't give me a lease until I agreed to purchase the sound proof flooring,'' Collison said.

CrossFit Duluth with Greatmats rubber sterling sound tiles CrossFit flooring
So he started researching sound deadening flooring options and came across Sterling Athletic Sound Rubber Tiles from Greatmats - a company he had purchased a couple folding gym mats from 2 years earlier and had good luck with. Collaborating with his landlord and two other neighboring business owners, Collison sound tested a sample of the 2.75 inch thick mats to see if they would do the trick.

''For the sound test, we used a barbell that weighed 125 pounds, and we dropped it from an overhead position, a shoulder rack position, and the waist position - all three real common, where they would be dropping from,'' Collison said. ''The difference between our old floor and the Sterling mats was like day and night.''

So in June of this year, Collison invested in black Sterling Athletic Sound Rubber Tiles to cover half of his new space.

CrossFit Duluth with Greatmats rubber sterling sound tiles CrossFit flooring
''All our people really like it,'' he said. ''It's a lot more forgiving on the joints, and the noise difference is amazing. ... The rule around here is the barbells stay on the Sterling mats."

''After hours, a couple of us were lifting on the old stall mat floor and dropping weights and the noise difference we were making compared to those of the people that were dropping on the Sterling mats was just incredible. It was like a thud to a bang.''

The new CrossFit Duluth facility and its new mats have been a big hit as Collison said his member base has grown to about 300 members and expects that number to reach 320 by the end of the year.

CrossFit Duluth with Greatmats rubber noise reducing CrossFit flooring''We have right now about 3 times the workout space that we had at our previous location,'' he said. ''That's definitely been beneficial, but we've been filling it up fast. We've seen growth right away when we moved into the bigger space.''

''We do things like jump roping and box jumps and nobody wants to do anything on the old floor anymore,'' he added. ''Everybody wants to work out on the Sterling mats because of the forgiveness on the body.''

The one exception, Collison said, is when people do pushups on their knees, they have found they'll get more rub marks on their skin because the tiles are a bit more coarse.

As for his original Greatmats purchase of folding gym mats, Dale says they worked out great for kids classes and the occasion where they may do some rolling.

''We don't do that very often, but on the occasion that we do, it would be nice to have more,'' he said.

Entry into CrossFit

CrossFit Duluth owner Dale Collison for Greatmats interview
Prior to joining the CrossFit craze, Collison had been a Mechanic for 20 years. Out of shape and hurting from standing on concrete and turning wrenches all day, he decided to do something about it and got involved in CrossFit.

''I was 38. The body was in rough shape. ... The first month was a real struggle for me because I was overweight and my joints were in rough shape,'' Collison said. ''At about that one month mark, I started noticing things. Things at work were lighter. 'Gosh I thought that was heavier.' I was getting stronger. Being able to run is something I've never enjoyed doing, and I was actually able to do it. Before, I'd get out of breath running down my driveway. I found myself running a quarter mile without stopping. It was a big deal for me where I was at that time. ... It really impacted my life. It was like this lightbulb that went off. What this has done for me. I have to share this with as many people as I can.''

In June of 2016, his wife was able to retire from her corporate job and join Dale full-time at the gym due to its growth.

Dale and his wife are in the process taking their efforts to help others to another level as well. After the tragic loss of their 17-year-old son, Tyler, when he was hit by a distracted driver, the Collisons began a memorial workout in his honor. The Tyler Collison Memorial Fund will be used to benefit youth fitness. The couple has also elected a committee to help with the start of their own distracted driver campaign.

Dale Collison
CrossFit Duluth
Hermantown MN 55811

CrossFit Duluth with Greatmats Rubber Sound Reducing Tiles

Greatmats sound reducing sterling rubber tiles at CrossFit Duluth

Greatmats sound reducing sterling rubber tiles CrossFit Flooring

Greatmats Sterling Athletic Sound Rubber Tiles at CrossFit Duluth

Greatmats Sterling Rubber Sound Tiles CrossFit Duluth
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Friday, January 12, 2018

Pride Athletics Owner Equips Facility With Greatmats Athletic Flooring

From Industry Standard to Modern Convenience, Greatmats Performed

Greatmats Rubber Flooring Rolls at Pride Athletics fitness center

By Brett Hart

When Kevin Martin was planning to open his new athletic center with his wife in Greenup, Kentucky, in mid 2016, he knew having the proper flooring was necessity. His locally-owned facility, Pride Athletics LLC, includes a 24-hour fitness center, spin cycle room and group fitness room, all of which are equipped with specialty fitness flooring from Greatmats.

Rolled Rubber Flooring

Knowing that rubber flooring was the industry standard for fitness centers, Kevin's wife began shopping around and found a discount on multi-flake rubber flooring rolls from Greatmats that couldn't be matched anywhere else.

Greatmats Rubber Flooring Rolls at Pride Athletics weight room
Looking to save money on installation, Kevin chose to install the floor himself.

''I was able to lay the whole floor myself - about 7,000 square feet - in about two days,'' he said. ''It was great, because I pre-measured everything. So it was already cut to what I wanted, lengthwise.''

While he did note, the glue could be a little difficult to spread due to its thickness, he was very pleased with the end results.

''All the seams seamed together real good,'' Kevin said. ''A lot of them - if you weren't looking for them, you couldn't tell.''

The 3/8 inch thick ''Regrind Confetti'' rolled rubber flooring went in both the 24-hour fitness center and spin cycle room. In the deadlifting areas, they added extra mats for additional protection.

Aerobic Flooring Tiles

Greatmats Aerobic Flooring Tiles Foam
The group fitness room required different flooring that was a little less industrial and more cushiony as it would be used for ReFit, yoga and Zumba.

Martin chose Greatmats Aerobic Flooring Pro Tile for this room as the interlocking tiles could be dry laid, meaning no gluing during the installation. It is also able to be removed, and small sections could easily be replaced if damaged.

''I like the install,'' Kevin said. ''You can do it yourself, and it covers quickly - being 40 inch by 40 inches. You can mop them, sweep them and just overall get a good sanitize. When you mop them clean, they look clean. They're bright. It helps a lot. It makes the room look not so 'workouty' - more homey.''

Overall, Kevin was very pleased with his Greatmats experience from everything to speaking with his sales rep to delivery.

''We got exactly what we ordered,'' he said. ''Good price. Good Quality. They came shipped on pallets, marked. It was a great experience.''

Greatmats Rubber Flooring at Pride Athletics
Kevin Martin
Pride Athletics LLC
Greenup KY 41144
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Pride Athletics with Greatmats Rubber Gym Flooring

Pride Athletics with Greatmats Rubber Gym Flooring

Greatmats Rubber flooring rolls fitness center

Pride Athletics with Greatmats Rubber Flooring Rolls

Rubber Flooring Rolls 3/8 Inch Regrind Confetti Gym Flooring

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Nearshore Call Center Service Cuts the Noise with Rubber Flooring

Rubber flooring brings proper acoustics to noisy office floor

Greatmats rubber flooring rolls in office call center
By Brett Hart

Sound absorption is critical in environments when your business thrives on phone conversations, such as call centers. That's why Nearshore Call Center, an Advensus company that began in 2015 with 100 telemarketing positions in the Dominican Republic turned to Greatmats for acoustically sound rolled rubber flooring.

Nearshore Call Center originally chose Greatmats due to its competitive pricing and selection and has been very pleased with its 1/4 inch thick rubber flooring rolls with 20 percent color fleck used for is call center production floors.

Ivan Estevez, of Nearshore Call Center said, ''(It's) easy to maintain and good for acoustics. Since we are a call center, sound absorption is important.''

After 11 years in business, Nearshore Call Center has expanded to include more than 4,000 employees. And Advensus has been expanding internationally as well, recently opening a new contact center in the United States.

Estevez says Advensus always operates under the ''highest standards of safety and technology with the sole purpose meeting the needs of our customers and associates. ... Advensus prides itself on being flexible, nimble and competitive, with facilities that are completely state of the art, PCI certified and employing best in class technology and people.''

Greatmats rubber flooring in office

Greatmats rubber flooring rolls in office call center

Ivan Estevez
Nearshore Call Center Services
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