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How Thick Should Horse Stall Mats Be?

Horse Stall Mat Thickness, Performance, Longevity and Price

By Kim Butler

If you are a horse owner, or thinking of owning a horse, providing a safe and comfortable stall is a high priority. You want your beautiful investment to be protected from harm and stay healthy.

Evolution of Horse Stall Flooring

For centuries, horses have been kept in dirt-floored stalls, with straw or shavings as bedding. Mucking the stall is a frequent chore for horse owners. While dirt is cheap, it gets muddy and dirt can get thrown up by your horse, into the bedding, making it hard to keep your horse clean. Urine can soak through the bedding, creating a wet spot that can take a long time to dry and can smell. Mold can also grow in the bedding. Since dirt is also easy to move, horses can create potentially dangerous ruts and puddles. And mucking dirt stalls can also be tough.

One alternative to dirt floors are concrete floors. But concrete alone is too hard on a horse's feet, legs and body. Wet concrete can be slippery, and slips and falls are dangerous for horses and their owners.

More recently, many horse owners have started to use rubber mats in their stalls. Mats solve a lot of the problems mentioned for both concrete and dirt stall floors. Horse stall mats are made of rubber, a natural material that is non-absorbent, easy to clean and durable. Rubber mats can also be disinfected. Mats are placed on top of the dirt, gravel or concrete floor, and bedding is then placed on top, and replaced as needed.

Horse Stall Mat Thicknesses

Buying a good quality horse stall mat is a smart investment for you and your horse. Thin or cheap mats can shift, and mounds of dirt will build up in the seams. Inexpensive mats will tend to wear in the corners, in the center of the stall, causing the corners to bend back, which then break when the horse steps on it, leaving bare spots or divots.

Thick mats save on bedding costs - sometimes as much as half or more. A thick mat also produces some cushioning, which is especially important for horses with laminitis or arthritis in their backs and hocks. Good traction prevent dips in the floor and mats are easier to clean and keep your horse cleaner. Mats also provide a thermal layer, keeping your horse warmer on cold days, which increases the horse's comfort, and also lessens the effect of arthritis.

So how thick should a good quality mat be?

3/4 inch is the standard. Newer mats even go up to 2 inches. A thicker mat results in a denser, heavier material. Better designs are textured on the top for traction, because wet rubber can still be slippery. Mats with grooved or corrugated undersides help with drainage and prevent curling. Covering a sub floor will cost around $350 to $400 for a 12x12 foot stall when using a high quality mat.

The thicker the mat, the greater the weight. This is a benefit, since heavier mats also prevent your horse from shifting them around.

Rubber Stall Mat Recommendations

You want mats that fit tightly together, otherwise they could shift and dirt could pile up in the seams or urine could pool underneath the mats, creating an unsanitary situation that could damage concrete. You want the urine to soak into the bedding, which you will muck out as usual.

Many retailers sell 4x6 foot mats, which horse owners then cut to fit their standard 12x12 foot stall. You will need approximately 6 mats to cover a standard 12x12 foot stall. Cheaper mats may not be a uniform thickness, or even a full 3/4 inch thick. You will want to butt the edges together for a tight fit.

Another option is to purchase a horse stall kit. Greatmats carries kits in over 20 standard sizes and custom kits are also available. The kit contains 3/4 inch thick mats that interlock for the tightest fitting mats possible. The interlocks are cut with a water jet. These kits have been rated to use some of the best quality mats on the market by a leading horse magazine. The mats are made in the USA from vulcanized, 100 percent recycled rubber content and feature a non-slip surface designed for durability. They feature a 12 year warranty.

If you prefer to stick with 4x6 foot mats, you can also find high quality 4x6 mat with 12 year warranties. This is a great choice if you might want to expand or change locations.

Diamond surface traction mats are guaranteed not to roll, buckle or curl, providing less stress on the leg joints of horses. Made by the same Wisconsin factory as Greatmats' horse stall kits, these mats are also made with vulcanized 100 percent recycled rubber which provides a waterproof barrier in regions where there are freeze and thaw conditions. The mats are also anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and non porous. These mats have been tested and approved by the American Farrier Association (AFA) to be used for all hot or cold shoeing processes and the AFA even uses our mats at all AFA competitions.

If cushioning a concrete floor is not an issue, another option is a one piece Tru Stall mat. Available in three sizes including the popular 12x12 foot size, this mat is 17mm thick and is the best solution to failed and leaky flooring seems. Tru Stall mats have the highest traction rating in the industry and are the solution when a watertight floor is required.

Save on Shipping

One thing to bear in mind when buying horse stall mats is shipping costs. Rubber is so durable and can withstand the weight of horses because it is dense and heavy. A kit for a 12 x12 foot stall of 3/4 inch rubber can weigh 600 pounds. Shipping can add up. Mid-USA and east coast residents can save money on shipping by ordering Humane mats as the mats are made in Wisconsin. West coast will get the best shipping rates on Cascade mats, which are a comparable high quality and come with a 15 year warranty.

Another option are punter top stall mats and kits. These 3/4 inch mats are shipped from 6 locations across the US and feature a 5 year warranty. The durable mats are an affordable choice when the smell of rubber is not an issue.

All of these mats are available from Greatmats, along with a variety of other equine mats and tiles for wash bays, foaling stalls, aisleways, and horse trailers.

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Comparison of Foam, Turf and Rubber for Dog Areas

Dog Area Flooring - Foam versus Rubber versus Artificial Turf

Greatmats rolled rubber flooring for dog areas dog daycareBy Kim Butler

I live in the country, so our dogs spend lots of time outside, but also in their kennel and attached run, and in our mudroom. They even go to my husband's office. We've tried to make all their areas comfortable, safe and clean. But occasionally we need to board the dogs, and I have noticed a big difference in various boarding facilities. With the rise of doggy daycare centers, many dog owners have been learning more about what constitutes a good dog space. Believe it or not, flooring is a major factor in how healthy and happy a dog is.

Greatmats dog area flooring rubber foam artificial turfOutdoor dog runs featuring grass or dirt quickly result in dirty dogs, and can be difficult to keep clean. Mud is also another issue in areas that receive a lot of train. Gravel and wood chips can also be dirty and unsanitary.

Concrete is another option with some major drawbacks. It can be hot or cold, depending on the weather. If installed without a slope, water and urine can pool. Odors can be difficult to remove from concrete, and liquid waste can cause mold, mildew and bacterial growth. Concrete is hard on a dog's foot pads, joints, and elbows. Just like humans, dogs weren't meant to stand all day on concrete.

Fortunately, using concrete topped with foam or rubber mats can solve a lot of these problems, keeping your pooch comfy and safe.

Let's look take a look at various flooring options for dog areas.

Rolled Rubber Dog Flooring

When covering large indoor dog play areas, rolled rubber flooring is a great option. Made of recycled tire rubber, this flooring is durable, easy to clean and environmentally friendly. This type of dog flooring has been used in world renowned dog daycare centers for more than a decade and still looks like new. Rolled rubber is great for doggy daycare floors as it is tacky enough to allow dog paws to grip, firm enough to prevent damage from claws and smooth enough to be gentle on the dogs' pads. Properly installed, dogs won't be able to chew it, and it is tough enough to not be shredded by their nails.

Be careful though, as some rubber flooring, particularly recycled flooring can have a strong sulphur odor. Choose a low-odor options especially in small areas with low ventilation.

Greatmats rubber tiles for dog area flooring
Rubber flooring is also offered in straight edged mats and interlocking tiles, giving you a variety of options of sizes and thicknesses. Weight can also be a factor in choosing dog daycare flooring as rubber can be quite heavy and cumbersome to install without help. Greatmats rubber tiles help solve that problem as they come in easy to manage sizes.

Another benefit of buying through a specialty retailer like is that they offer rubber products from several manufacturers around the country, which can save on your shipping costs. Greatmats customer service reps can help you figure out the best option with the most affordable shipping.

Rubber Paver Tiles For Dog Areas

Greatmats Dog Bone Outdoor Paver Tiles for outdoor dog areas
One easy-to-install rubber option is Dog Bone Outdoor Paver Tiles 1.75 Inch which each weigh 2.5 pounds and come in a cute (You guessed it!) dog bone shape. These PaveSafe rubber pavers and tiles are manufactured by a unique proprietary re-bonding process capable of converting 100% premium quality recycled rubber into a pristine clean, low cost rubber material of superior physical properties. Dog Bone Rubber Pavers is easy to install and virtually maintenance free. It's earthy color options and cobblestone nature enhance the appearance of any kennel surface, replacing traditional dirty, dusty, and slippery hard surfaces. These tiles are also available in black.

Proven to support a superior coefficient of friction in both wet and dry conditions, PaveSafe rubber pavers ensure that the risk of injury for canines remains at a minimum. In other words, your dog won't slip. Similarly, the anti-shock and bacteria controlling properties of PaveSafe make it an easily maintained and healthy surfacing choice. They are easy to clean - just sweep clean and hose off. PaveSafe is available in full pavers, half pavers, and paver tiles for convenient installation in any kennel application.

EVA Foam Dog Agility Flooring

Greatmats Dog Agility Foam Floor Tiles
While rubber is tough, it is also heavy and potentially expensive to ship. It is also not as comfortable as foam, so for dog agility training, EVA close cell foam might be the way to go. One of the benefits of foam flooring is that it is lightweight, making it easier to install and cheaper to ship. However, it is not as tough or resilient are rubber.

Interlocking foam dog agility tiles provide the ultimate in creature comfort. Long known by professional trainers as a durable flooring with superior cushion and grip, these tiles are also waterproof and slip resistant. They are softer and lighter than rubber, but will show some puncture marks from the dogs' nails, which will not affect the dog flooring's performance. The shock absorption and cushion (and waterproof nature) make it the ideal surface for puppies whether training or just playing. It's easy on the developing bones and joints of active dogs of any size. The tiles come in green, blue, and black and are also reversible and easy to install and/or replace.

We've never bred our dogs, but we used foam mats all around the house when our kids were learning to walk, so I think they would be great for puppies as well. These mats are lightweight, portable, and each 3 by 3 foot tile weighs just 6 pounds. Customers like the heavy padding and ease of installation, and their dogs seem happy too!

Artificial Turf Dog Flooring

Greatmats Artificial Turf for Dogs
Also popular for outdoor dog areas, kennels and runs is artificial grass turf. It is also popular for indoor areas for dog agility and dog obedience training.

The ability of the turf to easily drain whenever it encounters large amounts of liquid makes it a great choice in locations that sometimes receive a large amount of rain. Artificial grass is also an excellent choice in drought prone areas because you will never have the look of dead grass and no need to use sprinklers.

Artificial turf has a 15-20 year life expectancy, so your turf can entertain generations of dogs.

Dog daycares have special flooring needs and specialty flooring retailers have the answers. Greatmats has a long history of providing dog daycare customers with flooring for dog training and kennel facilities, and its flooring professionals will assist with free design layouts and installation methods. Greatmats has many flooring options for indoor and outdoor dog areas that are sure to make your canine companions happy and safe for years to come.

For more on this topic please review our Dog Daycare Flooring product page.

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The Many Uses of Sport Plus Designer Foam Tiles

Dance to Fitness to Basement Flooring, Try These Foam Puzzle Tiles

By Julia Nass

If you're searching for dance floor underlayment, exercise mats, or a foam dance floor, consider Sports Plus Designer Foam Tiles for a durable, long-lasting athletic floor. Installing these tiles is a simple way to enhance any work-out space. Because they are easy to handle, cut, and interlock together, installing Designer Foam Tiles is a project that won't make you sweat. Tiles are easy to clean and maintain, and if any serious damage ever happens to one or two tiles, it's easy to replace them without the need to replace the entire floor.

1. Dance Floor Underlayment

Known best for their use as a dance pad foam underlayment, Sports Plus Designer Foam Tiles provide just enough cushion to help prevent shin splints and other common dance injuries. The foam dance floor underlayment softens harsh impacts and protects bones and joints. Made of top-of-the-line EVA foam, the dance pad foam underlayment is meant to be installed under Marley or other dance surfaces. In addition to adding a protective layer, this kind of foam dance floor is more effective and easier to install than other subfloors.

Take it from Evonne from Minnesota, who wrote: ''The staff at Greatmats was very helpful. I appreciate their knowledge and great service in determining what products would best suit our situation in setting up a dance practice space. These foam tiles were exactly as described. They snapped together easily and quickly, and are the perfect underlayer for our Adagio floor.''

Although Designer Foam Tiles are most commonly used as dance floor underlayment, they have several other uses as well. Check out a few more ways in which these tiles are currently being used by customers, and read the accompanying reviews to discover what makes them special.

2. Fitness Studios (Jazzercise, Zumba, etc.)

''Our experience with Greatmats and the product, Interlocking Foam Designer, has completed our new V-TOUCH Fitness Studio. Their quality customer services were prompt between answering questions via e-mails and phone calls along with the delivery of the product. The Interlocking Foam Designer provides quick and easy installation, appealing to the eye, and the finishing surface delivers a wonderful glide for dance aerobic movements. The floor also absorbs a great amount of impact providing protection to our joints. Our overall experience has been outstanding. This location in Ft. Lauderdale is out first fitness studio and as we expand we will be sure to use Greatmats services and products in the future in our multiple V-TOUCH Fitness locations.''
Vincent, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

3. Yoga studios

''We have a yoga studio floor, 40 x 42, with Sports Plus Designer Foam Mats throughout. It's beautiful and comfortable. The only surprise is that older yoga mats, the ones that aren't as sticky any more, bunch a bit on the floor. But who doesn't like an excuse to purchase a new yoga mat? It's a fabulous floor, Greatmats got it to me in the blink of an eye, and I'm grateful every time I walk onto it. Thank you!!!''
Robin, Clive, IA

4. Home Gyms/Zumba

''I will admit I was a little skeptical about the flooring at first. However, once I got it installed and my wife and I started working out to Zumba it is the perfect floor. We have been working out almost every night and it makes a huge difference in our ability to perform the moves with workout shoes on and not get caught up on the carpet like we used to. Thanks for producing a great product that fit our needs!''
Michael, Beaver Creek, OH

5. Basements

''Greatmats delivered what they promised. I redid my basement floor with an interlocking gym floor. The customer service rep was very helpful on the phone. Her advice was spot on. The flooring came in a timely manner, and it was simple to install. It makes a great floor for an exercise area in my basement. I would definitely recommend to anyone in a similar situation.''
Ben, Voorheesville, NY

6. Children's Play Area

''I am very pleased with these mats. I own and operate Play Plus for Kids, an indoor play facility. These mats are now the flooring for the infant/toddler play area. They come clean with every mopping, as I just proved with a ''white wipe'' test. My customers have been impressed with the look and the feel of the flooring in that area. Thank you!''
Erin, Indian Harbour Beach, FL

As you can see, whether it's for dance floor underlayment or a basement floor, Sports Plus Designer Foam Tiles are a solid solution for a variety of flooring needs. To learn more about this foam dance floor or other exercise mats, check out

Greatmats sport plus designer foam tiles

For more on this topic please review our Foam Tiles product page.

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Pros and Cons of Plastic and Foam Trade Show Flooring

Foam or Plastic - Which is better for trade shows?  

By Kim Butler

When designing a trade show booth, there are 3 main things to think about. First, you want to attract customers to your booth with an attractive, professional looking display. Second, you want the display to travel easily and be quick and easy to setup and teardown. Third, you want it to be a place that you, your staff and potential customers will be comfortable.

Start from the ground up in designing your booth. The majority of trade show locations have concrete floors - neither attractive nor comfortable. While some shows will allow you to rent carpeting, savvy trade show vendors know that by purchasing their own flooring, they increase their own and their customers' comfort. Plus, they save thousands over the cost of carpet rental. Two of the most popular choices for trade show flooring are plastic and foam modular floor tiles.

Both are relatively lightweight, affordable to ship and purchase, durable and comfortable, and easy to set up and take down. Some flooring retailers even sell cases so you can easily ship your flooring across the country. However, there are some differences between foam and plastic of which you should be aware.

If you want bright colors, EVA foam mats are the best choice. Whether plain foam, carpet topped foam tiles, or foam with a hardwood look, these cushy tiles provide comfort and unique style possibilities.

Foam Floor Tiles


Foam Puzzle Tiles

Greatmats Foam Interlocking Tile Trade Show Floor yellow and black

Premium 5/8 inch foam floor tiles from, a major speciality flooring retailer, come in 15 different colors. Mix and match colors to coordinate with the rest of your booth, and create an eye-catching display. These tiles are waterproof and stain resistant and feature a thatch style surface finish. The puzzle-style universal interlock design offers the fastest and easiest interlock system available.

Each tile weighs just over a pound and comes with 2 border strips to create a finished edge. These mats are thicker and more durable than most mats found at major retailers and will stand up better to foot traffic in your booth, in addition to making standing on your feet all day much easier.

Carpet bonded Foam Tiles

Greatmats Royal Interlocking Carpet Tile Trade Show Floor

If you prefer the look of carpet, a popular trade show carpet is the Royal Interlocking Carpet Tile which features 12 mm (.47 inch) foam under a durable, long-lasting short hair carpet. Available in 5 colors, it is designed for years of use. Waterproof and stain resistant, the carpeted surface is tough enough to last under chairs and tables, and stands up to foot traffic at conventions and trade shows.

The tiles are 2x2 feet in diameter and weigh just 1.4 pounds apiece.

Greatmats customer Alex of Commack, NY, said in his online review, ''Instead of standing on the hard concrete for 8 hours a day, we had the padded carpet squares to save our feet and keep us energized.''
Gerard, of Arvada, Colo., said in his review, ''They made the trade show less tiring.''

Comfort Carpet tiles are 2x2 foot, 5/8 inch (.625 inch) thick and weigh just 1.2 pounds per tile. A beveled edge option is available. Available in six colors, they are also waterproof and odor proof.

Another 5/8 thick option is Greatmats' SoftCarpet Interlocking Tiles, which are available in 13 color options. The 2x2 foot tiles are 5/8 inch thick and weigh 1.75 pounds per tile. The tiles come with border strips on 2 sides.

Hardwood Look Foam Tiles

Greatmats Wood Grain Foam Tiles Floor at Trade Show Booth

If you prefer a more natural look and want to go with a hardwood style, check out the woodgrain reversible foam floor with 3 woodgrain finish options for one side and a thatch design on the reverse side. Choose from standard, light or dark wood grain looks. Each tile includes two border strips.

Each tile is 2x2 feet in diameter , 1/2 inch thick and weighs just 1.2 pounds. Trade show professionals like the comfort provided when they stand all day for days in a row, as well as the the easy assembly and take down. The option of adding tiles as they expand their their display is just icing on the cake. They have received compliments from customers, and reported that other vendors expressed ''floor envy.''

Foam tiles win the comfort and lightweight comparisons, and quality brands will stand up to foot traffic. One down side of EVA foam is it indents under heavy objects and equipment and can get scuffed from moving furniture like chairs. If your booth includes heavy items or chairs, you should consider plastic tiles.

Plastic Floor Tiles


Woodgrain Plastic Floor Tiles

Greatmats Max Tile Raised Floor Tile Parquet Wood Grain
For plastic woodgrain, Max Tile Raised Floor tiles offer a rugged plastic base with durable vinyl surfaces that work well for multi purpose flooring including trade shows. Max Tiles are offered in 6 different wood grain designs in addition to black, white and stone. The scratch-resistant top holds up to foot traffic, moving chairs and more. Max Tiles come in 1x1 foot tiles, with a 5/8 inch thickness and weigh just over 2 pounds. Ramped border edges make your booth safe and provide a finished look. The tile connector pieces are designed for repeat installations, so your floor should last for years to come.

Single Color Plastic Floor Tiles

Polypropylene and PVC trade show flooring option include raised and flat bottomed tiles. They offer multiple surface textures or patterns as well, including coin, slate, orange peel, flat, bump, leather or diamond tops. Some are rated for loads of more than 20,000 pounds.

Outdoor Trade Show Flooring

Greatmats Portable Outdoor Floor Tiles

For outdoor event floors look for a durable, modular, hard plastic, snap-together tile system that can be installed over any outdoor surface including asphalt, gravel or grass. These outdoor event tiles should allow grass to grow underneath for limited periods of time and offer drainage holes.

Installation of this event flooring should be easy with interlocking tiles such as modular snap together flooring surfaces. Simply interlock or snap the tiles together and, after the show, easily pull the tiles apart for storage.

Greatmats offers Portable Outdoor Floor Tiles that are 6x24 inches in size and easily snap together for large scale installations. Depending on the type of outdoor event flooring you choose, it can be stacked on pallets or rolled up for easy transport and storage.

Many trade show flooring options also serve as strong flooring possibilities for dance, gym and playroom flooring.

Surface appearances range from a classic wood flooring to soft, low-profile carpeting to colorful foam or even anti-glare vinyl stage flooring looks to create the perfect fit for your decor.

For more on this topic please review our Trade Show Flooring product page.

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The Many Uses of Grappling MMA Mats 1 5/8 Inch

The all-purpose, easy-to-install Martial Arts Mat

By Julia Nass

Greatmats grappling mma mats
Re-imagine your space with Grappling MMA Mats. This simple-to-install fitness flooring is made of high-quality EVA foam that is both soft and firm. The non-slip surface provides just the right amount of traction to provide safety while movement goes unhindered.

Users find Grappling MMA mats to be awesome for a wide variety of uses because of their comfortability and durability. These cardio mats withstand the impact of intense movements and use while providing cushion and safety measures against falls.

Greatmats Grappling MMA mats can instantly turn any room into an exercise space of all types. Discover all the different ways customers use this fitness flooring, from jiu jitsu mats to play center mats. Each of the following listed use is coupled with a rave customer review that gives insight into the best qualities of the product.

1. Jiu Jitsu

Greatmats Grappling MMA Mats Jiu Jitsu Mats
''We recently received the reversible mats from Greatmats at SUPERKIDS Martial Arts in southwest Florida, and they are definitely the best puzzle mats available. We've trained on 4 different matted floors in the last 15 years at the studio and these are the best by far! They fit completely snug together without the usual gaps found here and there with other products. The kids love them because the look great and offer pure fun without fearing falls and the adults love them because they look great and offer less resistance/friction when rolling compared to most puzzle mats out there. We offer BJJ, TKD, and fitness classes and they work perfect for all! Ordering was a breeze and we got what we ordered when we were told it would arrive. We were even able to make a great home roll out mat with the extra edge pieces the size that would be $400 worth of more mat space! Anyone looking to have a quality floor for quality training doesn't need to look any further, we did it for you. :)''
Derrick, Pt Charlotte, Fla.

''This is our 3rd order of these mats. Extremely durable! Perfect for Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu! Big thanks!''
Curtis, Twin Falls, ID

2. Karate

''We purchased Greatmats back in Aug 2011, for our new karate dojo, Faith Martial Arts. We are located in Colorado Springs, Co. We ordered a total of 90 40 x 40 x 1-5/8'' grappling mats . And the more we use them, the better they feel! We here at Faith Martial Arts, do a lot of karate forms, stand up fighting and grappling! We absolutely love them! And plan on purchasing more in the future. Thank you Greatmats for a wonderful mat!''
Gina, Colorado Springs, CO

3. MMA

''Shinobi Elite Martial Arts Studio absolutely loves our new mats. My students have commented on how soft and cushiony the mats feel under their feet. We also appreciate how gentle it feels on our bodies when we do our rolls and break falls. Thank you Greatmats for such a superior product. We really appreciate it. We will definitely recommend them to any one who is looking to update or change their floors.''
William, St Augustine, FL

4. Indoor Play Center

Greatmats Grappling MMA Mats Indoor Toddler Playroom
We love our new Greatmats floor in our toddler playroom. It's easy to clean and provides a safe surface for our kids to play. It was simple to install and looks great as you can see.''
Pamela, Dresher, PA

5. Taekwondo

''We just installed our new grappling mats about a month ago, and we love them. They provide a tremendous amount of comfort while grappling and are extremely easy to clean. We have tried other mats over the years, but these are the best we have ever used. The price was extremely reasonable for a such a quality product. I would recommend these mats to anybody who trains in the grappling arts, but they work great for our TaeKwonDo students as well.''
Kim, Omaha, NE

6. Combat Fitness

Greatmats Grappling MMA Mats Combat Fitness Training Studio
''Although this was not our first mat. It was the first mat purchased from Greatmats. We specialize in advanced training of Bodyguards, Force Protection Specialists and Urban Street Combat Techniques. We found the customer service all through the transaction was excellent. All of our questions were answered and fully addressed. Assistance in making the proper choice for our needs was carefully explained to us. Delivery was quick and on time. Layout and assembly of the mats was simple and quick. Since laying the mats we have used them non stop daily and they appear and function as they had the very first time. We will comfortably purchase from Greatmats again and recommend them to anyone requiring mats for any purpose.''
Sonny, Gulf Breeze, FL

7. Krav Maga

''The 1 5/8 Grappling Mats work great. They are easy to install and easy to clean. We primarily use the mats at Combative Jiu Jitsu for a combination of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Krav Maga and MMA.''
Titu, Chino Valley, AZ

8. Autism Play Therapy Center Playroom

''We have an autism play therapy center and this flooring was wonderful for our playrooms!!!!''
Lori, Broken Arrow, OK

9. Muay Thai

Greatmats Grappling MMA Mats Muay Thai Boxing MMA Studio
''@ Absolute Fight factory we use Greatmats 1 5/8'' mats for our BJJ, Muay Thai and MMA programs. The mats are great for grappling and throws and still provide a great surface for standup techniques, allowing for great footing and transitions. Truly a great product for EVERYTHING that we do, and that IS, EVERYTHING! Boxing, Kickboxing, Wrestling, Judo, BJJ and MMA. Greatmats product covers it all!''
Rob, Kalispell, MT

10. Kickboxing

''We installed from your company at Cervizzi's Martial Arts Academy in North Andover. We went with the 1 5/8'' grappling mats and they are absolutely awesome! Having been on hard rubber and concrete floors with carpet, your mats are such a relief! They have the stability for our karate and kickboxing classes, but are forgiving enough for falls and grappling! It is the best surface I have trained on in my 10 years as a martial arts instructor. Thank you!''
Luke, North Andover, MA

11. Judo

Greatmats Grappling MMA Mats Martial Arts Studio
''I am completely satisfied with my Greatmats purchase. I teach at a local ''Anytime Fitness'' facility that was interested in starting a Martial Arts program. I instruct in a variety of styles including Okinawa-Te / Aiki-Jujutsu / Kodakan Judo and the floor has worked out perfectly. It allows good footwork and body movement; it has a good feel for atemi landings and ground fighting workouts. The staff was very helpful in assisting me in my final decision. I just wish I had a bigger room to utilize, I would have bought more. Thanks for your help.''
Danny G, Bay Saint Louis, MS

12. Tumbling

''The mats were extremely well packaged and easy to assemble. As promised, all mats came with straight-edged borders on all sides. Once installed, they are well padded and look just as nice as the more expensive Swain mats I used many years ago. Grappling, tumbling, falls and light throws are all capable of being conducted on these mats, which are still firm enough to allow stand-up work, as well. The only negative to the mats is that, despite the textured surface, they are very slippery. I am told by a fellow instructor that this goes away with use. Overall, I'm very pleased by the product, the price, and the service of the company. These were recommended to me by another martial arts instructor and I would recommend them to others, as well.''
Amy L, Sevierville, TN

13. Yoga

''Excellent product, impeccable service, The Mats are already installed in the socket University Santo Tunja, Boyaca, Colombia, students are already practicing Yoga and MMA on, very satisfied customer, Thank you!''
Fernando, Miami, FL

For more on this topic please review our Martial Arts Mats product page.

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Comparing Rubber Outdoor Flooring for Rooftops, Patios & Playgrounds

Size, Weight and Thickness Come Into Play for Outdoor Rubber Flooring

By Kim Butler 

Spring is in the air, so summer will be here in no time. Now is the time to start planning your warm weather projects.

Greatmats Rubber Playground Outdoor Tile
Perhaps you want to add some outdoor living space, business or customer area or play space. Or maybe it is time to upgrade the playground in your facility or daycare. Just like indoors, you should start your project from the ground up, selecting a type of outdoor flooring that will help make your space appealing, durable and safe. Flooring for the outdoors faces a number of challenges, the first being that it can stand up to the environment. Moisture, cold, heat, and UV light can do a number on any man made material, causing it to warp, shrink, crack and fade.

This leads us to rubber, a natural product so tough it can withstand the elements better than many synthetic materials. In many cases, you won't have to worry about mold, mildew or fading. Another benefit is that many rubber flooring products contain recycled materials, which is good for the environment, and your wallet.

Since your flooring will be outside, it is not as important to look for rubber products that don't have an odor. While rubber can be an investment upfront, it is durable enough to last for years with a simple cleaning each season. Surprisingly, many rubber tiles work just as well as flooring for a deck as they do for a playground application. Generally you would chose a lighter weight tile for a rooftop or deck, and a thicker tile, with a fall rating appropriate to your playground equipment for your play space. But rest assured that a rubber roof tile will be an inviting space for children to play.

Greatmats Rubber Outdoor Flooring
Flat rooftops can be added outdoor private space when you live in an urban area, or even a rural area to get a great view of a lake or scenic landscape. But it isn't a good idea to just walk out on your roof and set up a bistro set. Some flat roofs are covered in a membrane that can be pierced by high heels or furniture Other roofs are covered in tar, which can get stuck to shoes, and be tracked inside. The solution is cover the roof with a sturdy rubber tile. Rubber is durable, waterproof, and non slip, making it perfect for your outdoor space.

Remember though, these rubber tiles aren't just for rooftops. Perhaps your deck or concrete patio has seen better days. If refinishing or replacement isn't an option - or even a desire, think about recovering your damaged surface with a rubber tile. Let's look at a few examples from the selection of online flooring leader,

One option is Blue Sky Outdoor Interlocking tiles, which range in thickness from 1.75 to 3.75 inches. You would chose the thicker size for playground installation in order to increase the fall height, and a lighter weight when using on a roof, deck or other manmade structure. In either case, these tiles can be glued down, especially in smaller installations. Available in six colors, these tiles work work for playground and flat roof top, deck or patio installations. A bonus of these tiles is that they allow for water to to flow freely underneath the rubber pavers, which is important on the ground, or on a roof or deck.

Another option that works well on top of flat surfaces like concrete, asphalt, decking or roof tops are MX Outdoor Rubber tiles. These 2x2-foot by 1-inch thick tiles offer a 2 foot fall height, and come in four different colors. However, this thickness must be glued down. If you prefer not to do this, it is recommended that you go with a 2 or 2.5 inch thickness.

Greatmats Sterling Rooftop Tile installed
For roof tops, Greatmats recommends a 2-inch thick tile to allow for water drainage. A good choice is Sterling Tile, which comes in six colors in a 2x2-foot tile, with a 2-inch thickness. These high quality tiles are great for home and commercial usage. Ramped edges and corners are available. Customers praise the drainage and tight interlocks of these tiles.

Sterling also has a line of playground tiles which are durable and safety rated for fall heights up to 10 feet. Their playground tiles are thicker, and will look and perform wonderfully for years.

Greatmats Interlocking Playground Tiles installed
For playgrounds, some of the options are Bounce Back rubber playground mats which come in colors colors and five thicknesses, with fall heights ranging from 3 feet to 10 feet. The tiles are designed to allow rainwater to flow through the surface and away from the playground, which means fewer puddles, and more time on the playground.

Max Playground, and BB playground are some of the other lines of rubber playground and patio tiles carried by This company works to save customers money on shipping by offering rubber tiles made in different parts of the U.S. in order to reduce customers' shipping costs. Rubber is wonderfully durable, but with that durability comes weight, and shipping can add up. A knowledgeable customer service rep can direct you to the tile that best suits your needs, and budget. Regardless of which tile you chose, a rubber surface will provide years of enjoyment, good looks and safety on your roof, patio or playground. 

For more on this topic please review our Outdoor Rubber Flooring product page.

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The Top 4 Gym Flooring Materials. Choose wisely.

Rubber, Foam, Plastic and Carpet Gym Floor Pros and Cons

By Kim Butler

Greatmats top 4 gym flooring materials infographic
So you want to take your fitness activities to the next level and outfit your own home gym? Having a dedicated space for weightlifting, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), P90X or Yoga can help you stick to your fitness goals and make your workouts more convenient.

Whether you are starting with new construction, repurposing an existing space, or renovating an area in your basement, it is best to start from the ground up by making sure you select the right gym flooring for your needs. Existing home flooring is rarely appropriate. Wood, carpet, vinyl and laminate can splinter, shred, dent, and may be slippery. Suitable flooring for home gyms includes interlocking foam and rubber floor tiles and mats, rolled rubber, plyometric rubber, plastic tiles and carpet tiles.

Start your planning by asking yourself a few questions:

Greatmats Geneva Interlocking Rubber Tile for exercise equipment
  • What kind of fitness equipment will you be putting on the floor?
  • Will you be moving equipment around? Treadmills and elliptical machines can weigh several hundred pounds.
  • What kind of exercise will you be doing? Yoga... Zumba... Weightlifting? Dumb bells or deadlifts? Will you be dropping weights?
  • Do you need something portable? Are you a renter or planning to move, or is this a dedicated exercise space for the long term?
  • Is the location wet or dry?
  • What is the existing floor - carpet, wood, concrete, or something else?

1. Rubber Flooring for Weightlifting and Exercise Machines

If you are primarily interested in weightlifting or exercise machines, rubber is one of the most popular options. Unlike most foam, rubber is tough enough to protect the floor underneath from heavy equipment like treadmills and weight racks, and from dropping weights.

Rubber won't be compressed by heavy equipment, or damaged by moving equipment. It is relatively affordable, very durable, and pretty easy to install.

The challenge with rubber floor installation is the weight. Tiles are lighter weight, but rolled rubber results in fewer seams. Because rubber is heavy, it tends to stay in place, so adhesive is generally unnecessary except for maybe some double sided carpet tape around the the perimeter of your space. Another benefit is that rubber will deaden sound, whether from a noisy elliptical machine or dropping weights. Rubber is also easy to keep clean, with regular vacuuming and a damp mop. With proper care, rubber will perform effectively for decades.

One example of rubber tiles is the American-made Geneva Interlocking Rubber Tile.

Greatmats Geneva Interlocking Rubber Tile 3/8 InchThe 2x2 foot tiles are popular for home gyms and easy for homeowners to install. These tiles are available in several thicknesses, with 8 mm being the most popular choice for home gyms. Tiles are made and shipped from Wisconsin. Geneva tiles are made from a combination of recycled scrap rubber and virgin rubber, keeping millions of pounds of tires out of landfills, and qualify for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) points in five different categories. These tiles have low odor and carry a 5 year manufacturer's warranty

For even lower cost, go with a rolled rubber floor. Rolls come primarily in 4 foot widths, with lengths from 10 to 25 feet, and up to 200 feet. Again, the 8 mm thickness is available, along with 1/4-, 3/8-, and 1/2-inch thicknesses. Using rolled rubber will result in fewer seams, giving your space a custom look, and can be laid over concrete, ceramic tile, or any smooth, hard surface.

A popular flooring option amongst body builders and power lifters is horse stall mats. They are designed to protect the joints of horse weighing a thousand pounds or more, so what are a few dropped weights?

Greatmats Rubber Mats CrossFit TrainingOn the plus side, these are affordable, and readily available locally, which eliminates shipping costs. Since rubber is heavy, shipping can add a substantial cost to what is otherwise an affordable flooring material.

On the down side though, horse stall mats are designed for horses. Horses who aren't too particular about odor. Stall mats can have a strong odor, somewhat akin to rotten eggs or asphalt. Some people have success with washing the mats, or airing them out in sunny locations, but there is no sure fire way to make the odor go away.

Stall mats are also heavy (commonly around 100 pounds each) and can be cumbersome to move, especially down narrow basement stairways.

Stall mats can also vary widely in thickness. It can be hard to find two mats that are exactly the same, even after digging through a whole stack of mats at the farm supply store. The uneven appearance of seams can be unattractive. Thinner mats may not protect the floor or your weights completely from drops during olympic lifts, so many powerlifters and bodybuilders also use plywood underlayments in addition to stall mats.

While rubber is durable, it doesn't add much cushion for aerobic activities like zumba, cardio activities, tumbling, grappling or floor exercises. The one exception is plyometric rolled rubber which can be a good, affordable option, offering enough cushion for a safe cardio workout, whether it is HIIT, P90X, Tae Bo or ''Sweatin' to the Oldies.''

This highly shock absorbent material is available in 4 foot wide rolls starting at lengths of 25 feet. 3/8 inch, 1/2-inch, and 8 mm are standard thicknesses. While less dense than standard rubber, plyometric rubber still comes with a 5 year guarantee.

2. Foam Flooring for Home and Cardio Gyms

Greatmats Foam Home Gym Flooring for boxing and cardio
EVA Foam is an affordable option for cardio workouts. Foam is not a good choice for serious weight lifting as it will dent, may not decompress, and may cause weights to bounce back, which could be dangerous. However, foam won't break the budget for a simple home gym with a few light weights, where you want to do cardio activity or yoga.

Less expensive than rubber, it is also less durable and won't withstand dropped weights or heavy exercise equipment. Since it weighs less, however, it is also cheaper to ship, easier to install, and is durable enough for many home applications.

Foam flooring is available in different hardnesses. What's available at your local retailer will probably be soft - a standard hardness best for multi use areas. High hardness foam tiles are better for karate and aerobic activities, specifically standing and kicking drills. There are softer martial arts mats for home Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), judo and grappling with a durable tatami no-burn surface that provides grip for groundwork with enough cushion for takedowns and throws.

Foam flooring can be used with rubber treadmill mats to protect the foam.

3. Plastic Gym Flooring for Basements and Carpeted Areas

Greatmats Staylock Bump Top Plastic Gym Flooring
Another option is plastic flooring which can protect flooring and offer cushioning at the same time. Unlike foam or rubber, some plastic tiles can be used on top of existing carpeting without the risk of the tiles separating or sinking into the carpet pile at the seams.

StayLock Bump Top tiles are an example of plastic gym flooring that is durable like rubber, with the cushion of foam. These tiles are made from soft PVC and are flexible and pliable, yet non-absorbent. The underside of each tile has little feet that elevate the tile above the floor surface, providing cushion but also airflow beneath the tile, an important feature if you are using them in a damp basement area.

For intense aerobic workouts like P90X and HIIT, soft PVC gym floor tiles can provide superior cushioning and durability. They are tough enough for light and medium weight lifting and are easy to clean and disinfect.

4. Gym Carpeting for multi-purpose areas

Greatmats Dominator LP Gym Carpet Tile in commercial gym
Carpet tiles can be a good compromise in a multi use room. They offer the cushion and warmth of carpeting with the convenience of modular flooring. The surface of gym carpet tiles is more durable than residential carpeting, and damaged tiles can be replaced. Some carpet tiles, however, can be ruined in basement floods, take on odors, or become unsanitary due to absorption of sweat and other bodily fluids.

There are a lot of gym flooring options on the market. Take some time to think about how you will train. Find a reputable retailer, and ask questions. Do your own research; read product reviews; and make sure you order some free samples to get an actual feel for a product.

Once you choose and install your floor, then the real work begins!

For more on this topic please review our Gym Floors product page.

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The Many Uses of Martial Arts Mats Karate Premium 1 Inch

Greatmats Karate Mats are More Than They Appear

Greatmats Karate Mats Aerobic Exercise StudioFor over a decade, Greatmats' Martial Arts mats have been trusted in hundreds of different commercial and home studios. These martial arts and Taekwondo tournament mats are made from a high-density foam that is both supportive and cushioned to protect against falls. The smooth, non-absorbent leather surface finish of these karate tournament mats are designed for barefoot and soft shoe use. Mats come in double sided colors including red/blue, wood-grain/black, and black/gray. Also used as Kung Fu competition mats, the mats are easily installed by connecting the intuitive, universal interlocking edges together. Karate tournament mats can be disconnected and transported just as easily.

The Many Different Uses
Greatmats' Martial Arts 1-inch mats have been tried and true as karate tournament mats, taekwondo tournament mats, kung fu competition mats, and much more. Take a look at the different ways customers are using these these karate tournament mats, and find out what they have to say about it.

1. Karate Dojo & Tournament Mats
Greatmats Karate Mats Martial Arts Studio
''As the owner of a large martial arts studio, teaching both karate and jiu-jitsu, we have found the 1'' premium martial arts mat to be an excellent blend of comfort and support. ... The compression of the mats when being thrown or swept is good, and provides a great deal of shock disbursement. Half our studio is covered in the 7/8-inch mat and the other half in the 1'' premium mat. We plan to replace the 7/8'' mat with the 1'' matting in the future, both for consistency and performance.''
John, Russellville, AR

2. Taekwondo Dojang & Tournament Mats
''Greatmats was excellent to work with. The product was shipped as expected and communications were timely and professional. The product was exactly as advertised and is a fantastic Taekwondo academy floor! Great job Greatmats! Your products and customer service were excellent.''
Anonymous, Gahanna, OH

3. Kung Fu Competition Mats
''We bought this mat for our martial arts club a few months ago now and we love it! It appears to be holding up really well given that we use it (typically wearing light martial arts shoes) every day for classes in kungfu, sanda, taichi and wushu. This includes weapons training; even where spears and swords have accidentally slipped to cause a few cuts in the mat, the cuts do not appear to be opening up or fraying. The surface traction is ideal: not too gripping and not too slippery for such moves as kungfu sweeps and taichi. The thickness/cushioning effect also helps protect for falls. We also can't say enough about our very positive purchasing experience with They were so helpful, particularly with regard to ensuring all requirements were satisfied with shipping the mat internationally. (It was so refreshing to learn that our invoice was all-inclusive and there were no hidden extra charges that we had to pay afterwards.) We highly recommend and would definitely shop there again.''
Ruth, Winnepeg, MB

4. Aerobics Studio Mats
Greatmats Karate Mats Dance Exercise Studio
''We love our Greatmats flooring. We opted for the 1'' karate mats because the aerobic flooring was on backorder and we needed it quickly; I was worried, but completely unnecessarily. I am so pleased with my decision. No more joint problems for me or my customers-not from our floors! Our old floors were concrete under carpet. These are NOT slippery, yet easy to pivot and dance on. They are easy to clean. We vacuum or dust with a swiffer-type dry mop and steam mop twice a week to sanitize. They can also be mopped with soap and water. We just haven't found the need to do that with the steam mop. Customers who left because of joint issues related to our flooring, are now coming back.''
Nina L, Eagle River, AK

5. Yoga Studio Mats
''The mats worked out great for us. We use them in a commercial gym classroom room. We do yoga, kick boxing, zumba... on them and the members love them.''
Chad, Columbus, OH

6. Home Dojo Mats
Greatmats Karate Mats Home Dojo Studio ''...We were concerned about finding the right mat to go with our decorating scheme and be functional. The one-inch karate mats are perfect for our home dojo. Lots of cushion and a very classy appearance.''
Larry & Karen, Elkton, VA

7. Office Mats
''I have found your mats to be both very cost effective and a very nice addition to my business. They look great, feel great, and have gotten nothing but rave reviews from my clients. Your customer service, delivery, and product have been first rate. I would definitely recommend your company to others.''
Thomas, Crawfordsville, IN

8. Grappling Mats
''The mats are great, very comfortable, very nice appearance, delivery on time, excellent services. We are very happy with the product, we recommend it and will buy it again. We can do forms, fight, grappling, and all strong movements and the mats do not even move, we do also ground fighting and some take down and the cushion is wonderful.''
Hely, Boca Raton, FL

9. Nia Mats
''I ordered the woodgrain/black because I wanted the entire floor to look like a wood floor. ... In the end I was very happy with the results and I love my new floor! It was easy to install by myself. First I removed the carpet, carpet tack strips, carpet underlay and scaped off the glue. Then I vacuumed up the cement floor and assembled the full-sized mats directly over the cement in the majority of the room. Then, I measured and cut the remaining tiles to fit until the room was complete. Cutting and fitting the edges was easy. I will be using this room primarily to practice Nia and Yoga. It is very comfortable to dance on with bare feet, and I don't even need to drag out a yoga mat!''
Parker, CO 
Greatmats Karate Mats for Workout Video Shoot

Greamtas martial arts karate mat

For more on this topic please review our Martial Arts Mats product page.

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Choosing Ergonomic Flooring

Know what to look for in anti-fatigue flooring

By Kim Butler

Greatmats Hog Heaven Anti-Fatigue Ergonomic Floor Mat
Factories, retail and customer service counters, assembly lines, medical labs, and shipping and packing facilities are just some of the many businesses and locations that need . But when an internet search for ''ergonomic flooring'' yields thousands of results, it can be hard to narrow down the best solution for an individual business.

So, how do you know which form of ergonomic flooring to choose? To answer this question, let's start by understanding the need for ergonomic floor mats.

How does workplace fatigue effect you and your business?

Greatmats Staylock Bump Top Ergonomic Interlocking Tiles
Generally, office and industrial spaces are constructed with affordable, durable concrete floors - great for the bottom line, but not for employees. Standing on a concrete surface all day can result in blood pooling in the legs and feet. The leg muscles don't move enough to encourage circulation. This, in turn, leads to muscle fatigue, joint compression, pain and swelling in the lower limbs, varicose veins and even heart disease.

OSHA reports that muscle fatigue and musculoskeletal disorders account for a third of all workplace injuries. For a business owner, this means worker fatigue, which can result in less productivity and more errors, increased workers compensation claims, more sick leaves and higher medical bills. On the other hand, reducing fatigue can mean a worker who has better morale and productivity.

What should you look for in ergonomic flooring?

Greatmats Wearwell ErgoDeck Comfort Solid Interlocking Ergonomic Tile
Employers can't just slap down a soft mat and be done with it. Mats that are too soft also result in worker fatigue. Imagine standing on a cushy mattress or soft sand. It important to find a balance between soft and supportive - a mat that encourages subtle muscle movement, which in turn decreases blood pooling.

Ideally, the surface will compress and bounce back. The mat should return to its original shape when a worker changes positions. Secondly, the mat needs to be durable and stand up to the work environment. A cheap mat that degrades underneath and compresses will not prevent worker fatigue very long. A mat that curls and bends could quickly become a tripping hazard.

Ergonomic Industrial Flooring

Mats in industrial areas or food service may need to be slip resistant, moisture and chemical resistant, or cut resistant. Perhaps trolleys and carts will need to move on and off the mats. Beveled edges that allow wheeled carts, and stable edges that won't bend, break or crack are also important. Degrading edges can result in trips and falls.

Warranties for quality mats and flooring range from 2 to 10 years, while the useful lifespan of the flooring itself can be much longer. While the upfront investment can be more, replacement costs over the life of a quality mat or flooring system are much lower.

Ergonomic Flooring Materials

Greatmats Comfort Matta Solid Anti-Fatigue Tile Blue
Dense foam, plastic made of PVC, and dense rubber are the three materials most often used in quality ergonomic flooring. Sometimes a combination of the them exist in the same product. Each product has its plusses and minuses, depending on the application.

Synthetic foam can be a more affordable option than rubber, and are offered in a wider range of colors and shapes and resilience.

Much lighter than rubber, PVC flooring can be easily installed and relocated. PVC is a great solution for dirty environments like factories or assembly or machining due to ease of cleaning and non-absorbency. PVC flooring can stand up to chemicals, oils and acids. It can also be cut resistant. PVC products can be made from virgin PVC, or recycled PVC. PVC tiles in black are often made of recycled PVC.

While PVC flooring can be a more affordable option than rubber flooring, it does not have the same life span of rubber.

Rubber is a natural material, and a renewable resource, made from the sap of rapidly growing rubber trees. Today's rubber mats often contain a percentage of recycled materials. For customers seeking an environmentally-friendly product, or perhaps working towards Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification, rubber is a great option. At the end of a rubber floor's lifespan, it can be recycled into new mats or other applications.

Rubber is heavy, dense and very durable. However, rubber cannot always be used in a situation with chemicals or oil as oil can break down the bonding agents used in recycled rubber flooring. Virgin rubber mats and vulcanized mats won't have this problem.

Greatmats Hog Heaven Anti-Fatigue Floor Mat Some of rubber's other benefits include its slip resistance, resistance to spills and anti static properties. Factories, food service and other industries working closely with electrical equipment, servers and computers will want ergonomic mats that minimize static electricity. The durability of rubber makes it resistant to cuts. And rubber has a long life span, sometimes up to 30 years.

Hard rubber, which is stiff, can be perforated, which is good for particle generating activities like machining, where the particles will settle in the holes and not damage the mat. Perforated rubber is also used in wet environments like food service areas.

Rubber flooring and hygiene mats can be used in medical areas, operating theaters and clean rooms. Rubber is naturally anti-bacterial. These mats can be autoclaved and washed for a clean environment.

Maintaining rubber flooring is easy - just vacuum and wash with water or a neutral pH cleaner.

Rubber flooring is often composed of virgin rubber or recycled rubber mixed with urethane. Virgin rubber is soft and pliable, but more expensive. Recycled rubber is more affordable, tougher and more scratch resistant.

Rubber Material Concerns

One concern with rubber flooring is the odor. The odor is the result of sulphur. Some companies offer products with and without sulphur. For a large, well-ventilated warehouse space, odor will be less of a factor, and cost may dictate a product with more smell. But in a smaller space, it might make sense to spend a little more for a low odor product.

Another thing to be aware of are additives and fillers in rubber products, ranging from sand and clay to used motor oil. Generally these additives are an issue in products produced overseas, and will not be present in the wide range of American-made rubber products.

Consult the experts

One way to find the perfect ergonomic flooring for your application is to work with a company that offers a broad product line and excellent customer service. A leader in the specialty flooring business, offers a wide array of rubber, foam and PVC products as well as friendly and knowledgable customer service.

For more on this topic please review our Ergonomic Flooring and Mats product page.

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