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Top Flooring Considerations for Modern Dance

There's a lot to keep in mind when choosing a modern dance floor

By Kif Richmann

If you are purchasing a modern dance floor, you need to take your time and choose a product that will give you long-lasting quality and performance. It should provide proper traction, cushioning, and support, and it should be priced to meet your specific budget. There are many types of dance routines and many different flooring options, but with the right information, you can make the perfect decision.

Flooring comes in many different materials, shapes, sizes, and forms, so make sure you understand the most important considerations for any modern dance studio flooring.

Top Flooring Considerations for Modern Dance

1. Usable for Bare Feet

Greatmats rosco adagio marley floor all types of dance
One of the most important factors for choosing a modern dance floor is whether or not it can be used with bare feet. Many different types of dance require bare feet, and even ballet uses soft shoes that are very similar to bare feet. Having a soft, versatile surface that dancers can use with a wide variety of footwear is essential.

Be sure to consider the type of footwear dancers will use during performance or practice, and purchase a flooring that will meet these specific needs. If the flooring will be used for many types of modern dance, then consider a versatile flooring that is useful for hard and soft shoes as well as a dancer's bare feet.

2. Cushioning

Cushioning is also important. In competitive martial arts like wrestling or jiu jitsu, you obviously need a large amount of soft padding and support. While you certainly don't need complete cushioning for most performing arts such as dance routines, it helps to have some soft padding under your feet. This is especially important if your dance routines involve lifts and jumps of any kind.

Cushioning is not just important for preventing injuries caused by falls; it also can make a difference on the health of knees, ligaments, hips, and other areas of the body that can be affected by constant impacts. Find a modern dance floor that will provide a basic amount of cushioning and you'll be able to dance much better for a longer period!

3. Simple, Fast Installation

Installation should be fast and simple for your flooring because you don't want to spend hours and hours installing the product. This is especially important if you will be using the modern dance studio flooring mats or rolls at different locations on a regular basis. Make sure you are purchasing a product that can be installed with little to no special adhesives or glues.

Not only should the modern dance floor be easy to install, it should also be easy to disassemble. You should be able to take apart the flooring or roll it up quickly and clear the area fast.

4. Storage

How easily does the flooring material store in a closet, vehicle or equipment trailer? Being able to store your dance floor mats in different locations will create convenience and reliability. This makes life much easier for traveling dance teams and theaters that need dance flooring that is easily removed and stored away.

Being able to pack the flooring in a small area is important for dance studios or gyms that have lots of equipment. In this case, ease of storage creates an organized, functional facility.

5. Pricing

Like any purchasing decision, pricing is always important. Be sure to consider the pricing on any dance floor, and note the amount of items you'll get with a single order. For example, some flooring products are shipped in single units, while others are sold in bulk packages. Take a thorough look and consider the price (and what you'll get for that price) when purchasing flooring material.

6. Will You Need Sub-flooring?

Greatmats midwest starz dance
Some modern dance flooring surfaces will require sub-flooring, so be sure to consider this factor before you buy. One of the most important parts is the surface underneath. Some mats, for example, are not built for placement over carpet. In this case, you will need to purchase a quality sub-flooring in order to preserve both the carpet and your dance floor.

Sub-flooring can also increase the cushioning over hard surfaces such as concrete, so it may be a good choice if you need a soft landing space for your dance routines.

7. Slip-Resistance

You can't complete a good dance routine if you're slipping and sliding uncontrollably all over the floor. Research the material's slip resistance to ensure the product will give you quality and reliability. It always helps to have a material that is strong and supportive, but slip resistance can increase the safety of your floor, as well as your facility.

Many modern dance floors made from vinyl are slip resistant, even when wearing hard or soft-soled shoes. They also provide great traction for bare feet, making them a versatile options for any dance team or facility.

What is a Marley Floor?

One of the terms you will often hear when searching for a modern dance flooring is ''marley floors.'' This is a specific type of dance flooring that is made from sheets of vinyl. They usually come in rolled sheets and are often quite thin, as thin as 1.5 millimeters. This type of flooring is often used by theaters that have many different performances and need a temporary dance floor surface. It's also a industry standard for many dance studios.

Top Options for Modern Dance Flooring


Greatmats rosco adagio marley dance floor roll
This versatile, durable roll is perfect for many different types of dancing. Made from a tough vinyl material, the roll measures 5.25 feet and can be rolled out to a full length of 101 feet. With a full thickness of 1.5 millimeters, the mat is thin, which allows it to roll into a tight cylinder, making storage easier. Even a full roll can be stored in closets or placed in vehicles for transportation.

These dance floor rolls come with a 5-year warranty. They are durable and effective, giving dancers of all types a reliable space to practice or perform. The vinyl is non-absorbent and non-reflective. It is also skid-resistant, making it a good option for tap dancing and ballet performance. It can be used as a temporary surface, but also doubles as a permanent dance floor if needed. It does not require any special adhesives or tape, although they can be used if you are permanently laying the roll out dance floor mat.

Home Dance Floor Package Adagio Cushion 10.5x10 Ft

Greatmats home dance floor package marleyThis 10-foot by 10.5-foot mat is perfect for a wide range of dancing and special activities. It includes a vinyl surface that comes in a roll that can be moved and stored as needed. It also includes 25 tiles of the Sport Plus Designer foam tile, to serve as a cushioned underlayment, and one roll of floor tape.

It will give you 20 linear feet of Adagio marley dance floor, so you'll have plenty of room for the most advanced dances and activities. It is designed to install quickly, and can be laid over any hard surface, which means you can take it wherever you need to perform.

Although the standard size for this portable dance floor mat is 10.5x10 feet, the product can be ordered to custom sizes. Feel free to contact our team for more information on custom orders. With durability and comfort, this modern dance floor can be used with shoes or bare feet.

Greatmats portable dance floor 3x3 feet black solid color
If you want an elegant, reliable flooring surface for your dance floor, these tiles are a great option. They come in high-quality 3x3-foot paneling, allowing you to create a dance floor at the specific size required for your activity.

These tiles use one of the strongest locking systems available: the cam-lock technology. With a lock and latch system, this is our strongest locking mechanism, creating an unbeatable hold for your modern dance flooring.

These tiles have a top surface made from high-quality vinyl, and you can choose between white or black. This makes the dance floor strong as well as attractive, and maintenance can often be completed with little more than a soft push broom. Although waxing is recommended, you will not need to perform frequent maintenance for this modern dance studio flooring.

Greatmats dance subfloor foam tile plastic tile portable modern dance
For a fast, easy, and affordable dance floor studio subflooring, few options can compete with this product. Not only are is it one of the most cost-effective dance subfloorings in our inventory, it is also durable thanks to two layers of high-quality polypropylene plastic and EVA foam material.

The top layer of tiles come in 1-foot squares and have a snap-together design, which is easy for anyone to connect. The bottom layer consists of 2-foot foam squares that connect together like a puzzle. Together, they are one inch thick, giving slight cushioning while maintaining proper firmness for modern dance.

Because these tiles are lightweight and easy to connect, they make excellent portable modern dance flooring. This subfloor is perfect for your traveling dance group or a competing dance team. It will set up quickly and can be disassembled in a flash. With cushion, affordability, and durability, this is the dance sub-flooring you have to have!

Note: Most customers will top this subfloor system with a marley surface.

Quality Flooring Backed by Outstanding Service

You deserve more than just a modern dance floor. You deserve a world-class product backed by the service and support of an American company!

Flooring is not a one-size-fits-all product. Contact Greatmats and we'll help you choose the specific flooring for your specific needs. If you're going to spend your hard-earned money of flooring, we believe you should have the right product, so contact us today!
For more on this topic please review our Dance Flooring product page.

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Half Guard Escape to Back Mound - Greatmats BJJ Training Series with Com...

Home Gym Uses for StayLock Tile Bump Top

Carpet or Concrete, Plyo or Weightlifting - Staylock is the Answer

By Julia Nass

Greatmats staylock bump top plastic interlocking aerobic gym tile
StayLock Bump Top Tiles are a well-loved Greatmats product, a claim backed up by rave 5-star reviews. These ergonomic flooring tiles are made of PVC and are designed for situations in which an anti-fatigue floor is desired. For example, this type of flooring has the best results in environments in which people stand for long periods of time, rooms that see heavy foot traffic and exercise rooms. That being said, Staylock Bump Top Tiles have been used by customers for a variety of purposes. Greatmats took customer feedback about StayLock tiles and compiled the following. Read on to get to know these popular fatigue flooring tiles better and find out some of the reasons users give them a 5-star rating.

Suitable over carpet or concrete

Greatmats staylock bump top plastic tiles in home gym on top of carpet
Staylock tiles can be installed over carpeting, concrete, wood or any other flat surface. Flooring interlocks together with an efficient, tight-fitting loop and tab connection system that does not allow tiles to shift or separate. There are many types of athletic modular flooring tiles that are not recommended to be used on top of carpet because of the tendency for slippage. However, unlike other types of fatigue flooring tiles on the market, Staylock tiles remain supportive and sturdy no matter the sub-floor. Take it from Antonio from Ohio, who wrote, ''My 'fitness' room is all carpeted floor. This product has just enough give to bend and not break due to the unevenness of the carpet, yet strong enough to keep my equipment elevated and level.''

Great for basements

StayLock tiles are raised and easy to install, two reasons customers love them for basement rooms. Tiles can be locked together by hand without the need for any adhesives. Once installed, tiles allow air to flow underneath them, which helps prevent moisture build up. This is especially important in basement rooms where moisture levels tend to be higher. There are optional border and corner ramps available, so island installations can maintain a clean and finished look. Otherwise, tiles can be installed wall to wall and cut down if needed. As Edin from NYC wrote about Staylock Bump Top Tiles: ''Easily installed and wears great. Endless dimension options and the borders make it trip free.''

Ideal for HIIT workouts

Greatmats Staylock Bump Top Tiles under exercise equipment
Tammy from Oregon describes her experience with StayLock tiles: ''The StayLock Bump Top mats proved to be the perfect foundation for my new home gym. I wanted something that would protect my carpet from sweat, yet provide a solid platform for riding my bike, lifting weights, and jumping around doing HIIT training. These StayLock mats meet all of that criteria while elevating the look and feel of my home gym to that of a professional one.''

Even without underlayment, Staylock ergonomic flooring tiles provide supreme cushion and bounce support, which makes them perfect for high intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts. With a similar cushion to foam tiles with the durability and support of rubber, these aerobic flooring tiles are designed to help reduce strain in the body during workouts. What's more, tiles come in several different designer colors including tan, brown and black.

Perfect for Plyometrics

Greatmats Staylock plastic modular bump top tiles
The bump top surface of tiles create just the right amount of traction for the safe execution of plyometric exercise. These aerobic flooring tiles are completely waterproof and maintain traction even when damp from water spills or sweat. Overall, tiles are extremely easy to maintain. All they need to become fresh as new is a damp mop with a common household floor cleaner (avoid bleach).

Martin from New Jersey states, ''Durable product, easy to install, and excellent customer support in finding what product would be best for me. I am using this product over the plyo rubber for working out and it provides great impact resistance for working out, plyometrics etc. Fast shipping too! Highly recommend this product and this company.''

Wonderful for Weightlifting

Greatmats staylock bump top tiles in home gym weight room on top of carpet
Users discover StayLock tiles to be an awesome floor weightlifting as well. These ergonomic flooring tiles easily withstand the dropping of lighter free weights. What's more, the efficiency of tiles are never compensated while bearing the weight of exercise equipment. This durable fatigue flooring tile has a lifespan of 20 years or more.

Mark, who used StayLock Bump Top tiles for weight weight training says, ''I installed this over carpet (that has a carpet pad underneath) and it has a functional trainer on top of it on one end. No problems with the tiles staying together even where there is a 200+ pounds on/around the seams. I would buy this product again.''

Want to Learn More?

If there's one thing in particular that almost all customer reviews for every product has in common, it's the continual praise for Greatmats' customer service. So if you want to learn more about StayLock tiles or any other flooring product, don't hesitate to get in touch. You'll find out why customers so often compliment the efficiency, helpfulness and kindness of the Greatmats team.

For more on this topic please review our Home Gym Flooring product page.
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Surfaces for Installing Rolled Rubber Flooring

Discover When and How Rubber Flooring Should Be Installed

By Kif Richmann

Are you considering rolled rubber floors for your home, office, or commercial facility? Before you spend your hard-earned cash on rubber flooring, make sure the product you choose is right for your space.

At Greatmats, we want you to be fully informed on the uses and advantages of each flooring type so you can make a confident, accurate decision. With that in mind, let's look closely at rubber flooring to see if your space would be enhanced by this surface material.

What are the Best Conditions for Rubber Flooring?

Rubber flooring rolls can be laid in many different areas, but in general you'll find that flat, dry, indoor spaces are best for rubber floors. Rubber is flexible and bendable, yet can be stiffer than other products, so if you have uneven spaces, cracks, or gaps, it can create bulges and ridges on the flooring.

Rubber mats and rolls also work best a dry area, specifically underneath. While they do not absorb water, moisture underneath can create mold and mildew growth, which means perforated tile are better for wet areas.

Flat, dry and hard; those are generally the best conditions for your rubber flooring.

When Should Subflooring Be Used for a Rubber Floor?

One of the most important questions we get about rubber flooring revolves around subflooring. For good reason, our customers want to know when they need to use subflooring, and if so, which type they should use.

One of the reasons to use subflooring is to protect the surface underneath. For example, if you are laying rubber floors over ceramic tile, you need a subflooring to keep the tiles from cracking or breaking. In many cases, a protective, cushioning surface is preferred when laying rubber over ceramic tile.

Likewise, if you are laying over hardwood, you should also have a subflooring. In this case, however, we recommend a layer of craft paper. Why paper? Because the black coloring or rubber mats and rolls can seep into hardwood, staining the material. A layer of paper will keep the hardwood protected from staining so you have a gorgeous surface if you decide to remove the rubber.

You may also need a subflooring if you are installing the rubber floors over a concrete slab that contains moisture or has moisture underneath. In this case, the layer is to keep water from becoming trapped beneath the floor

In all cases, it's important to talk with our staff to see if subflooring is needed.

When Should it Be Avoided?

Rubber flooring is very versatile and reliable, but there are some areas where you should avoid using it. In almost all cases, you will want a flat, even surface. Rubber can contour to ridges and inconsistencies, but this is not ideal for permanent placement, as it will result in bulges and wrinkles.

Another time to avoid rubber flooring is when the surface has significant gaps. For example, decking, which has gaps between the deck boards, is not a good location for rubber flooring, as you will have ridges and seams in the floor. Similarly, tile floors with deep grout gaps is also not the best for rubber flooring.

Installing Rubber Floor Over Different Surfaces

Flat Concrete

Of all the potential surfaces for installing rubber, a flat concrete surface is probably the most ideal. Flat concrete is great for rubber floors, providing a consistent, flat, long-lasting foundation for the rubber, which creates great long-term quality. Rubber flooring requires a solid, level surface, and concrete is nearly perfect for this need. However, you want to make sure that there is not a high level of moisture within or underneath the concrete, as this can seep upward, become trapped between the concrete and rubber, and cause mold problems. If there is moisture, a full-spread adhesive, which will act as a water-proofing measure, is recommended.

Indoors, rubber is an excellent product, even for damp areas like jacuzzi or indoor pool decks. However, there are better options for outdoor pools and hot tubs.

While rubber flooring is perfect for flat concrete slabs, it must be glued down if you are installing it over concrete steps. When placed over steps, it can shift and move underneath your foot, creating a potentially dangerous safety hazard. Therefore, it's better to use an adhesive to keep the rubber flooring in place.

Ceramic Tile

Another surface that is good for rubber flooring is ceramic tile, but because of the fragile nature of these materials, it may be necessary to include some sort of protection and subflooring. Even the best ceramic tiles can be brittle when used for heavy foot traffic or if weights are dropped, so it's possible to damage the tile if you only use a rubber flooring - especially a thinner version.

If you install rubber floors over ceramic tile, you may notice some follow through. You could also see grout lines through the rubber flooring, especially if the grout is significantly deep in between the tiles.

Despite the challenges, ceramic tile remains a popular choice for flooring surfaces. It may require a subflooring or padding to protect the tiles or prevent lines or creases, but our helpful staff can work with you to select the right flooring and accessories to make your floor look fantastic, all while protecting the ceramic tile underneath.

Flat Hardwood

Hardwood is one of the most gorgeous, elegant, and attractive surfaces you can have in your home or office. However, if you need to cover hardwood, rubber flooring is actually a great choice. But there is a condition: rubber floors over hardwood require a protective paper underlayment, especially for high-quality hardwood.

For all rubber flooring products, we recommend a craft paper underlayment. This underlayment performs one important task: it keeps the black coloring of the rubber from staining the hardwood. With the paper underlayment, there is no transfer of color, so if and when you decide to lift the rubber flooring, you still have an elegant, warm wood surface.

While rubber flooring is ideal for indoor hardwood floors, it is not the best option for covering outdoor wood decks. To get the best results for a wood deck, modular perforated tile is a superior option, as it allows rainwater to drain underneath, as it would between the gaps in decking.

Rubber is also not ideal as a temporary protective surface for large gym floors due to its weight. In this case, we recommend a protective vinyl sheet. We offer 10-ounce to 27-ounce weight sheet vinyl that is designed specifically for large gym floorings. This product is usually the best option for basketball, volleyball, and racquetball courts, as well as school or community-center gyms.


We do not recommend using rubber mats or rolls over carpet. When you place rubber rolls over carpeting, the material will bunch up, creating tripping hazards and giving the surface an inconsistent, ugly appearance. Rubber can also cause damage to carpet, creating more problems for your flooring.

So if rubber flooring should not be used for carpet, what is a better option? In most cases, we recommend a raised interlocking tile that gives good grip between the carpet and the surface material. With interlocking tiles, especially ones that are made from harder plastics, there is less chance of bunching and other issues. We also have 9/16-inch thick PVC tiles that is are excellent options for use over carpet.

Outdoor Surfaces (Grass, Dirt, Rock, Etc.)

Using rubber rolls over ''natural'' outdoor surfaces, such as grass, rock, and dirt is not recommended. Because rubber rolls are not perforated, they will keep water on top, so if it rains on a rubber roll, the water will stay put, unless of course, there is a slope that allows for drainage. Essentially you'll have water pooling and puddling on top, which can be a nuisance.

You could conceivably use a rubber flooring on grass, rock, or dirt an individual roll as a runner. However, this is still not the best option.

If you need outdoor rubber flooring, we have many options that provide the traction and support you are looking for in tile or paver forms. If you're simply looking for a decorative touch, one of the best options is the Flexstone Rubber Paver Tiles, which are great for walkways, gardens and landscaping features.


We often get questions about rooftop flooring surfaces. Many people want to turn their outdoor rooftop into a usable space. Assuming the structure has enough strength and integrity for foot traffic, there are a few options, but rubber flooring rolls are not generally not recommended.

One of the main issues of using rubber flooring over rooftops, especially concrete rooftop surfaces, is mold. Mold is most often found in damp areas where water has been trapped. When you lay down rubber mats or rolls over a concrete surface, you create the perfect location for mold. Laying a flat rubber product over a membrane is likely to cause mold, which is why we do not recommend rolled rubber flooring for rooftop surfaces.

Like most outdoor areas, it's best to have a perforated top or other method for drainage, which allows water to move underneath, provides conditions for evaporation, and results in less chance for mold.

If you're set on a rubber surface for your rooftop patio, 2 inch thick Sterling Roof Top Tiles are your best option as they feature a raised base. However, proper drainage precautions should be taken in the sub-surface as these rubber tiles are porous in nature.

Find the Perfect Flooring for Any Surface

Do you have a unique surface that you need to cover? Please contact our friendly staff and we'll reach out to you with more information about all our fine products. We have the knowledge and experience to provide accurate advice on your specific flooring needs, so contact us today!

From flat concrete in the basement to outdoor decks and patio surfaces, we have everything you need for all your specialty flooring.

For more on this topic please review our Rubber Flooring Rolls product page.

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The Top 9 Uses of Play Mats Foam Puzzle Tile 4 Pack

Play Mats Foam Puzzle Tile Users Think Outside the Box

By Julia Nass

Greatmats Play Mats Foam Tiles living room
Puzzle Tile 4 Pack foam playmats are made out of a high-density EVA foam that provides both comfort and safety in its cushion. The thatched surface of play mat foam tiles prevent slips and falls and is resistant to scuffing. People of all ages will be happy walking, crawling, running, napping, or sitting on floor tiles. These 2x2 foam play mats come in a pack of four different colored puzzle tiles: red, green yellow, blue. What follows is a bright and energizing floor space, perfect for livening up any environment.

Foam foam play mat tiles are hassle free from installation to maintenance. The simple and quick installation process doesn't require any adhesives or special tools. At only one pound each, they are easy to pick up and move or store if need be. Play mat foam tiles are cleaned with a damp mop or sponge and basic household soap. These foam playmats are made with closed cell foam, so they do not absorb moisture. Play mat foam tiles feature a limited 1-year warrant as well.

Top 9 Uses

Greatmats play mats foam tile portable outdoor play area
Puzzle Tile 4 Pack foam play mats were originally created to be the perfect fit for kids play areas. Although they go above and beyond in serving out their original purpose, over the years customers have found plenty of other uses for them. Uncover the top nine uses for play mat foam tiles while learning about what makes them so well-loved.

1. Kids Play Areas

''I ordered 6 sets of the colored mats for my kids play room. They work wonderfully!!! I love how thick & bright they are, and they are super easy to clean, just mop them or if you have a big spill take them outside & hose them down! As a bonus the price was great too!!''
Janiva, Albuquerque, NM

2. Living Room Floor

Greatmats kids play mats foam tiles in living room safe surface
''I purchased these mats to provide a safe and flat play area over the carpet in my living room. The multi colored tiles make the play area more fun for them and really makes it their space. It takes nothing at all to put them together or take them apart if you want your space back. My 5 year old and 3 year old love to help me and it's easy even for them. I'm very happy with this purchase.''
Daniel, Charlotte, NC

3. Camping Floor

''I purchased 6 4-packs of these for camping. The first time we used them was when scouts were over and it was pouring rain. We made a mat on the garage floor for a free-standing tent as one of the kids was afraid to sleep outside. The next time was for under a tent at a state park when the tent site had stones and roots. These mats seem pretty durable. They make a nice shoe mat for outside our large family tent as well. I chose these mats after seeing an ad for camping mats that cost over twice as much. They're not camo, but do I really care?''
Randall, Paynesville, MN

4. Dog Beds

Greatmats Play Mats Foam Puzzle Tiles play area
''Great mats. I use them for dog beds. Each dog gets two, end to end, and each of my four have their own color. They last long, are easy to vacuum or wash, and easy to break down and store when necessary. PLUS, they love them.''
Linton, Kerrville, TX

5. Block Knitting

''I use the mats to block my knitted shawls after washing. Some of the shawls are quite large, and I have to use 6-8 mats for blocking each one. These mats are very suitable for my purpose as I can put them away when the shawls have dried. Because they are foam, the pins that hold the shawls in shape stay in place. They probably won't get dirty the way I use them, but I expect they'll be very easy to clean if needed.''
Yvette, Oakland, CA

6. Construction padding for kneeling

''I actually use them for protection and as a cushion to kneel on during my construction projects, they work great.''
John, Rochester, NY

7. Library

Greatmats Play Mats Foam Puzzle Tiles bedroom
''I teach first grade and these are in my library. They are awesome. Very colorful and comfortable.''
Alexandra, Graham, NC

8. Exercise Area

''The entire transaction went smoothly and I am pleased with the product. I have tile and wood floors and use the mats to form a path in my house for walking exercise. The cushioning is enough that I can walk continuously barefoot for over an hour a day and not have my feet hurt or blistered. The mats are easily manipulated to form a walking path that fits my home. (I am 71 yrs. old and this exercise is important to my health.) I do have to place them in such a way that they will not slip a little as I walk. (I could attach the rubberized runners - that prevent carpet slippage - to the bottom of the cushions and that would work, too.) They are easily picked up in sections when I am finished walking each day.''
Donna, Las Vegas, NV

9. Kindergarten Classroom, etc.

Greatmats Play Mats Foam Puzzle Tiles classroom

''I bought the foam mats for my kindergarten class. They are wonderful and the perfect size for the children. The children enjoy sitting on them. They are spacious and comfortable.''
Arlene, Palos Hills, IL

For more on this topic please review our Foam Tiles product page.

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Top 5 Vinyl Tiles for Trade Shows

Modular Vinyl Tiles Perfectly Designed for Trade Show Booths

By Julia Nass

Using vinyl flooring for your trade show booth is the perfect way to marry beauty and professional style with functionality and durability. Check out the best vinyl trade show flooring options on the market here, with Greatmats' top 5 vinyl tiles for trade shows.

1. Versatility: Max Tile Raised Floor

Greatmats Max Tile Raised Floor trade show Max Tile Raised Floor trade show flooring is the swiss army knife of trade show tiles; it can be used for almost anything. These tiles strike a unique balance between style and function, which makes them popular for a wide variety of purposes. Max tiles can be used for anything from sports and exercise equipment demonstrations to a classy sales display.

This vinyl trade show flooring is designed with a high-quality 3 mm thick vinyl laminate surface on top of a durable polypropylene base tray. Tiles feature a unique connector system that offers portability, ease and stability throughout repeated installations and removals. Max Tiles are non-absorbent, raised and easy to maintain just by damp mopping with hot water and a household cleaner. These tiles can even be set up for temporary outside displays without any worry of damage.

Greatmats Rustic Wood Grain Foam Tile at trade show floor
Rustic Wood Grain Foam Tiles are made with a 1/2 inch foam base for the most cushioned vinyl tile out there. These trade show flooring tiles provide fatigue relief and reduces the muscle and joint stress caused by standing for long periods of time. It's hard to beat the comfort of this vinyl trade show flooring.

On top the cushioned foam is a premium vinyl surface that is designed with a realistic wood grain surface. The trendy wood grain style surface is available in six different colors. These tiles need no tools or adhesives to install. Simply connect tiles side by side on a flat, hard surface and then pick them up just as easily after. These trade show flooring tiles come with a beveled edge option, which increases safety and accessibility for patrons and employees.

Greatmats ProCourt Gym Flooring Tile wood look vinyl
For harder-wearing trade show booth environments, Greatmats recommends ProCourt Gym Flooring Tiles. ProCourt Gym Flooring boasts a .5 mm thick wear layer designed for over a decade of use in commercial gym flooring installations, which translates to an even greater lifespan in trade show flooring installations.

The tough vinyl surface rests on top of a no-break polypropylene plastic material. Tiles can be installed and reinstalled again and again without any degradation. This vinyl trade show flooring can be installed over a rubber underlayment for increased sound absorption and comfort. That being said, rubber underlayment is never required for installation, nor are any tools or adhesives. ProCourt Gym Flooring is completely waterproof and super easy to clean with a damp mop.

4. Design Options: TileFlex Floor Tile

Greatmats TileFlex Vinyl Floor Tile color options trade show flooring
Give yourself creative and artistic flooring freedom with TileFlex Floor Tiles. These tiles offer more than 10 different styles and color options in both a wood and slate design. Some of these options include Dark Parquet Wood Grain, Redwood and Sienna Slate. Choosing a TileFlex Floor tile is a far more economical and less troublesome trade show flooring option than real wood or slate.

TileFlex Floor Tiles are raised to allow air to flow underneath the tile, which helps prevent moisture buildup. Each tile is a single, snap-together unit for a quick installation. The freedom that comes with such easy installation also allows you to expand or minimize your trade show floor as needed. Maintenance is straightforward, and the vinyl surface will never need refinishing. This tile can be a bit more difficult to remove than our other modular vinyl tiles, but works very well in longer-term booth or display areas.

Greatmats homestyle stone series vinyl floor tile interlocking
HomeStyle Stone Series Floor Tiles takes vinyl trade show flooring longevity to the next level. These tiles are designed to outlast all the competition. At the same time, HomeStyle Stone tiles offer the dramatic beauty of natural stone or granite at a far more affordable price. This form of modular tile is on the heavier end of transportable trade show flooring, which is part of what makes them longer-lasting.

These floors can be installed over old or uneven sub-floors and still yield a firm, supportive surface. The tight-fitting interlocking system yields a seamless surface. Like other Greatmats trade show flooring, HomeStyle tiles are also super easy to uplift and relay. Keep the tiles fresh simply by damp mopping with hot water and common household floor cleaner.

For more on this topic please review our Trade Show Flooring product page.

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Best Flooring Options for Dog Agility Training

Compare Pricing and Performance Before Choosing Dog Agility Flooring

By Julia Nass

Ever wondered what type of flooring works best for dog agility flooring. Here are Greatmats' recommendations based on where you'll be training and what specific function is most important.

Dog Agility Interlocking Tiles

Greatmats dog agility foam interlocking tiles
Dog Agility Interlocking Tiles support agility training in dogs better than almost any other dog play mat out there. These indoor tiles are designed especially for outstanding and long-lasting performance. Dog Agility Interlocking Tiles are made of lightweight yet dense foam that boats superior traction and comfort for dogs and trainers alike. The surface texture offers a friction coefficient that is grippy enough to prevent slips and falls without hindering movement. Meanwhile, the 3/4 inches of high-quality foam yields maximum comfort and cushion, which helps prevent leg and joint strains.

These dog agility mats are constructed of high-quality EVA and PE foam made to withstand years of use. Plus, these mats are double-sided and in-line reversible, so if a tile starts showing signs of wear-and-tear, simply flip it over for a brand new surface. Tiles are latex and lead free and come with a one-year warranty. Ultimately, they are a top-of-the-line choice for indoor dog agility flooring. 

Foam Mats Economy 1/2 Inch

Greatmats foam mats economy dog agilityFor another amazing dog play mat at an even more amazing price, consider Foam Mats Economy (1/2 inch). Like Dog Agility Interlocking Tiles, these mats are made of high-quality, cushioned foam. However, these mats are available at a discount pricing. Tiles connect together with an intuitive puzzle-piece connecting system and are easily transported and handled.

These tiles are a smaller 2x2 foot size which is perfect for installations in small home training areas.

Although these tiles are designed to last, foam is more vulnerable to scratches, scuffs and indents than harder surfaces. However, if any tile becomes too damaged, it's easily replaceable. Instead of a costly whole-floor replacement, it's easy and cheap to pick up the damaged tile and put in a new one. Foam mats are waterproof and safe and come in three different colors: black, blue and grey. 

Greatmats artificial grass turf ultimategreen dog agility
Outdoor dog agility flooring tends to be pricier than indoor, but Artificial Grass Turf UltimateGreen rolls make it a stellar outdoor play area affordable. These artificial grass rolls are an economical way to create a perfect lawn. With artificial turf rolls, you get the luxurious greenery feel and aesthetic without the inconvenience and never-ending money and time investments of real grass.

The surface of these artificial turf dog agility mats is supremely soft with both tall and short curled yarn intertwined to match natural grass. Fibers are stain-resistant, while advanced UV inhibitors protect grass from fading. These mats are 100 percent permeable for a clean drain through every time. Plus, the non-porous, non-allergenic, antimicrobial fibers inhibit the growth of mildew and odor. 

Greatmats artificial grass turf dog agility training
Artificial Grass Turf UltimatePet rolls are similar to UltimateGreen turf rolls, but they take the artificial grass performance to the next level. In addition to all of the benefits of artificial grass in comparison to real grass, UltimatePet rolls are specifically designed for pet play. The advanced polymer engineering of these dog agility mats enables turf rolls to endure harsh temperatures in both the summer and winter. Because of this, these rolls help extend outdoor playtime in any weather.

Tiles are constructed with a high tear resistance to stand up against curious claws. Plus, fibers are stain resistant as well. These tiles provide 70 percent water savings and nearly eliminates ground maintenance fees. Plus, in the unlikely event something does go wrong with UltimatePet artificial turf mats, you can rest easy knowing that you're covered by the best warranty in the business.

Greatmats rubber flooring rolls dog agility training center
If you're on the hunt for a floor with uses beyond just dog agility training, check out Rubber Flooring Rolls (1/4 Inch Black Geneva). These rubber dog play mats are a versatile option for any indoor space. In addition to acting as excellent dog play mats, Rubber Flooring Rolls are tough enough for gym flooring. Mats are hard-wearing, tough and convenient to install.

These rolls are popular in homes, animal shelters, schools, weight rooms and professional gyms. Rubber dog agility flooring protects the subfloor from damage and provides sound dampening qualities as well. Each roll is 4 feet wide and can be purchased in any length from 25 to 200 feet. Rubber Flooring Rolls are made from high-quality recycled rubber and may contribute to LEED green building points.

Dog Agility Rubber Top Foam Bottom

Combine the cushioning of foam and the durability of rubber with Greatmats Dog Agility Rubber Top Foam Bottom Flooring product. Rubber installed without an underlayment may not have the cushioning that you want when your dog is jumping and landing. This combination flooring uses 1x1 meter interlocking foam tiles installed on the bottom and 8 mm rolled rubber flooring installed on top.

Want More Info?

Greatmats customer service can not only help you find the dog agility mats that are right for you, but they can also help you achieve your dream dog agility flooring at the lowest possible price. Greatmats has the largest selection of dog agility flooring options, including turf, rubber, and foam. Get in touch at to find out more about all of Greatmats dog play mat products, sales and volume discounts.

For more on this topic please review our Dog Agility Mats product page.

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Top 5 Floors for Damp Basements

Moisture doesn't have to make your basement unusable or uncomfortable

By Julia Nass

One of the largest issues people combat in basement rooms are those related to moisture. Basements are particularly susceptible to moisture for a number of reasons. First of all, basements tend to be cooler, which can cause humid air to condense more readily than in the rest of the house. Many basements are concrete, a material that often retains moisture from construction. Different appliances and equipment such as washers and dryers, boilers, and other modes of running water (showers, sinks, etc.) commonly create added moisture in the basement as well.

No matter where the moisture comes from, it's an important thing to be aware of. High and prolonged levels of moisture create an environment in which bacteria and mold can thrive. Mold and mildew is of course unsightly to see in the house, but more importantly, it can be dangerous. Certain types of molds can cause major health problems if not dealt with right away.

Overall, basements tend to not have as many ways for air to flow through and dry things out, so moisture gets trapped, particularly underneath flooring. Apart from mold and mildew, basement dampness can also cause standing water on floors, deterioration and staining of flooring materials, and general rot and decay. That is exactly why it's important to have flooring that will resist and fight against all of these issues. The following basement floors for damp areas are designed to do just that.

Greatmats hiddenlock slate floor tiles plastic tiles basement1. HiddenLock Slate Floor

HiddenLock Slate Floor tiles are high-end, commercial quality PVC tiles that have all the class and style of slate. However, they are far more comfortable, economical and lightweight and are a world easier to install. These tiles do well in basements because they are waterproof, durable and resistant to acids and oils. Tiles come in three different eye-pleasing earth tones. Choose HiddenLock Slate Floor tiles for basement offices, family rooms, entertainment rooms, or any other basement space you desire a high-end aesthetic.

Basement tiles can be installed with a strong snap-in-place system that presents a seamless floor. Although a dry-lay is all that is required for residential floors, tiles can also be glued down for a more permanent solution. Clean tiles with a damp mop, hot water and a general household floor cleaner. Expect high-quality, long-lasting moisture resistance with HiddenLock Slate Floor tiles. However, if moisture becoming trapped underneath flooring is a worry, then it's best to choose one of the following raised floor tiles.

2. StayLock Orange Peel

Greatmats staylock orange peel plastic pvc tiles basement
First, Greatmats' recommends StayLock Orange Peel tiles for raised basement flooring. These tiles are made of 100 percent recycled PVC plastic with an orange peel textured surface. Not only are they eco-friendly, but they are ergonomic as well. The durable plastic material makes for premium cushion and bounce support, even without any underlayment. StayLock Orange Peel basement flooring tiles are specifically designed for spaces in need of long-lasting, anti-fatigue flooring, like aerobic and exercise rooms.

These basement floor tiles are raised and waterproof, so moisture will not become trapped underneath or in flooring. StayLock Orange Peel tiles simply snap together without the need for any other tools or adhesives, and tiles do not come apart over time. They come in five different attractive colors that stay vibrant even after long periods of use. Once tiles hit the end of their estimated 20-year life span, Greatmats will take them back to repurpose them and keep them out of landfills. These tiles may contribute to LEED building points.

3. CarpetFlex Tiles

Greatmats snap together carpet tiles basement floor
Carpet is a fabulous way to bring warmth and comfort into a cold, damp room. However, carpet is typically not recommended for basements because it absorbs water and generally doesn't do well in moist environments. Enter the CarpetFlex tile, which is a unique solution to this problem. With CarpetFlex tiles, carpet can be put installed in places formerly not possible. CarpetFlex tiles are created with a raised plastic base with a carpet surface so air can flow underneath. Therefore, moisture cannot seep and stay in the carpet.

The plush carpet surface makes CarpetFlex basement tiles perfect for family or lounge rooms. CarpetFlex tiles come in 1x1 foot squares that weight one pound each, so they are lightweight and easy to transport. The entire floor installs just by snapping together tiles. Tiles can be installed over any hard, flat surface. To keep tiles fresh and clean, simply vacuum regularly.

4. TileFlex Tiles

Greatmats tileflex tiles plastic base vinyl surface basement floor
TileFlex tiles are an extremely fashionable and flexible basement flooring option. Choose from a wood-grain or slate aesthetic to satisfy your high-end design desires without a financial upset. TileFlex tiles come in over 10 colors and styles, so you can get creative with your ideal floor. Tiles snap together with a tab and loop connecting system and provide yet another easy-to-install flooring option.

This basement tile flooring is constructed of polypropylene plastic with a fully waterproof vinyl surface that never needs refinishing. Each tile is raised to allow airflow and prevent moisture entrapment and designed to hold up against water and heavy usage. The material makes these tiles ideal for diverse purposes, from a basement exercise room to a game room. For added cushion or sound reduction, simply install a 2 or 3 mm underlayment.

5. Comfort Matta Tiles (20 x 20 Inch)

Greatmats comfort matta basement plastic flooring tiles
Comfort Matta basement flooring tiles are a top choice for basement work rooms, dens and exercise floors. These tiles are specifically designed to create comfortable support that eases the strain of standing for long periods of time. The tiles reduce fatigue, muscle strain and joint discomfort.

This basement flooring is free draining and non-slip, even if the floor happens to be wet. The diamond-tread surface maintains slip resistance, while the raised design allows airflow underneath tiles. Tiles are interlocking and simple to install. Once in place, these basement tiles provide both heat and sound insulation. The product can be damp mopped with common household cleaners, but do be sure to avoid bleach.

For more on this topic please review our Basement Flooring product page.

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Greatmats how modular raised flooring works

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Best Home Gym Floors for Yoga

Consider Comfort, Safety and Ability to Clean

By Julia Nass

Yoga is a practice used not just for fitness and strength but as a way to de-stress, relax and become centered amidst the chaos of busy, everyday life. Rush-hour traffic, elbowing one's way into an overcrowded room, and steep class fees shouldn't be associated with the calming, grounding benefits of yoga. Yet, attending a yoga class sometimes means experiencing all of the above stressors.

Getting to and from a yoga class can undo the positive, relaxing benefits. That's exactly why home yoga studios are becoming increasingly popular. Opting out of the class and practicing in one's own home can save stress, time and money in the long run.

Finding the best home gym flooring for yoga practice yoga shouldn't be something to stress you out either. Greatmats is here to help. The following reveals the top 5 home gym floors for yoga.

In the search for the best yoga flooring solutions, we focus on three main factors.

  1. First, a yoga floor needs to be durable yet comfortable.
  2. Second, it needs to maintain safety and traction even when moisture is present (which can come from sweat, hot yoga environments and spilled water bottles).
  3. Finally, yoga floors should be easy to clean.

Apart from those key elements, Greatmats' emphasizes home gym floors that are economical and easy to install, saving on time and money.

1. Plyometric Rubber Roll

Greatmats plyometric rubber roll for yogaGreatmats' Plyometric Rubber Rolls are an excellent home gym flooring option for yoga that can replace the need for a yoga mat. These rubber rolls, which come in 1/2 mm and 3/8 mm thicknesses, provide both comfort and resilience for yoga practice. These home yoga floors are designed to stand up against excessive, rigorous athletic workouts. Thus, they stay durable and strong even after years of heavy use.

Plyometric Rubber Roll home gym flooring also provides traction, so feet and hands do not slip and slide around the floor. At the same time, it provides enough cushion that it is not necessary to use a yoga mat on top of rubber flooring.

These rolls are extremely simple to install. They can be unrolled as a dry lay or glued down for a more permanent installation. Rubber rolls are also one of the more economical yoga floor choices. This flooring is easy to clean with a vacuum or damp mop. If you choose to use a cleaner on rubber flooring, make sure it's pH neutral, as certain cleaners can cause damage to the rubber.

The slightly porous structure of the rubber means that it takes longer to dry if it gets wet. Therefore, it is not recommended to use this flooring for hot yoga and other locations highly susceptible to moisture.

2. Max Tile Raised Flooring

Greatmats max tile raised floor home yoga floor
If you are looking for a solution for a moisture-heavy room (basements, high humidity locations, hot yoga rooms, etc.), Max Tiles Raised Flooring is one of the best choices. These raised tiles allow air to flow underneath flooring, so moisture does not get trapped and build up below flooring.

Max Tiles come in 9 different colors and designs, from multiple varieties of wood grain to stone. They are made with a 3 mm thick laminate vinyl surface top and a sturdy polypropylene base. These home gym flooring tiles are often used for dance floors, and they make excellent yoga floors as well. They come with a 15 year, .03 mm surface layer to protect from natural wear and tear. The vinyl surface makes these tiles water proof and resistant to scuffs and marks. Tiles can also be cleaned with just a damp mop.

These raised tiles connect together with a tab and loop system that is designed to hold up no matter the number of installations or reinstallations. If you are interested in extra cushion or insulation, you can always install a rubber roll layer underneath tiles.

3. Wood Performa Full Bolt

Greatmats Wood Performa padded wood grain vinyl floor for yoga
Padded, wood-grain Performa sheet vinyl is one of the most quality yoga floors you can find. It's an awesome choice for both yoga and hot yoga. The vinyl surface sits atop closed-cell foam backing, which makes the floor cushioned and anti-fatigue. The floor is easy on the joints and limbs, and the ergonomic design helps prevent injuries.

Performa yoga flooring is made with a microbial resistance formulation, which is a safety measure in moist climates. Microbial resistance fights bacteria buildup that can occur when moisture is present, so it's smart choice for hot yoga environments.

This yoga flooring solution can be ordered in custom-cut lengths. However, unlike other Greatmats' yoga flooring, installing Performa Full Bolt flooring is not a do-it-yourself project. Installation requires a full glue down and heat weld to the seam by a flooring professional. Although this is one of the pricier yoga floors we recommend (plus the cost of hiring a professional to install the floor), the quality of the flooring makes it well-worth the price.

4. Athletic Vinyl Padded Roll

Greatmats athletic vinyl padded roll wood grain for yoga
A cheaper alternative to the Wood Performa Full Bolt is the Athletic Vinyl Padded Roll. The home gym rolled flooring features a 2 mm vinyl top layer and a 5 mm rubber base. The padded roll has all the attraction and appeal of wood, but is more economical, durable and easier to clean. The roll provides both sound and sound and shock absorption, which makes it quiet underfoot.

The Athletic Vinyl Padded Roll comes in four different colors. The surface layer never needs polish or wax and is durable enough to retain a long-lasting fresh look. The sealed surface will not absorb water. Further, it's easy to clean with a vacuum, dust mop, dry sweep or a neutral cleaner.

5. Karate Mats

Greatmats Karate Mats for yoga studio
While we're on the subject, most of Greatmats martial arts mats provide an excellent surface for yoga. The 1'' thick karate mats are a popular choice for professional yoga facilities and are among the least expensive options.

So there you have it: Greatmats' top 5 yoga flooring solutions for home gyms. Still have questions? Get in touch with Greatmats friendly customer service for more recommendations or answers. 

For more on this topic please review our Yoga Flooring product page.

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2017 New Orleans BJJ Championships

Best Family Room Basement Flooring

Easy to install, waterproof, comfortable and stylish basement floors

By Julia Nass

If you're looking to turn your basement into a lovely space fit for the entire family, you are going to need a floor that's up for the job. Basement flooring for family rooms should be inviting, comfortable and pleasing for both kids and the adults. Whether the room is set up for games, entertainment, or lounge space, the basement family room floor should support it all.

Following are top 5 basement flooring choices for family rooms. Each selection is guaranteed to provide the highest quality basement family room floor; all the following options are aesthetically pleasing, durable, and come at an affordable price. The cherry on top? Each and every basement floor tile is a breeze to install without any extra help.

CarpetFlex Floor Tile

Greatmats carpetflex carpet interlocking snap together tiles basement
Carpet is a go-to flooring choice for a family room. However, carpet can be tricky in the basement because of the moisture that can get trapped in and underneath carpet material. CarpetFlex Floor Tiles are the unique solution to this problem. These tiles feature a raised plastic base with a carpet surface, a design that allows air to flow underneath the carpeting itself. Thus, moisture will not seep into the carpet and cause unwanted dampness which can lead to the growth of mold and mildew.

These floating interlocking basement flooring tiles can be installed within minutes just by snapping tiles together; no other tools or adhesives are necessary. They can be installed over any hard, flat surface to simply create a warm, carpeted basement area. Vacuum regularly for easy upkeep.

Royal Interlocking Carpet Tile

Greatmats royal interlocking carpet tile basement waterproof
If carpet calls to you, but you are looking for something a bit more cushioned, try the Royal Interlocking Carpet Tile. These interlocking basement floor tiles immediately transform any hard surface into one that is thick, soft and comfortable to walk, sit and lay on. Made with high-quality EVA foam bonded to a plush carpet surface, these tiles are designed for maximum comfort and are perfect for any family room.

Royal Interlocking Carpet Tiles easily link together; all you need to do to install them is place them next to one another on the floor. Tiles are lightweight enough that if you decide you need to pick up and move them, there's no hassle whatsoever. The foam base is non-absorbent and can be easily removed if moisture should become trapped beneath the tiles. Once all is dry, simply push them back into place. Carpet tiles can be maintained simply by vacuuming regularly.

Foam Tiles Wood Grain

Greatmats foam tiles wood grain basement floor
If style is just as important to you as cushion and comfort, these tiles are the perfect pick. Foam Tiles in a wood grain design offer a classy look for a foam product. At half an inch thick, these interlocking basement floor tiles are dense enough to withstand regular foot traffic. They are anti-fatigue and made of closed-cell foam, which is safer and more durable than open-cell.

These tiles are completely waterproof and can be damp mopped for easy maintenance. If there are ever moisture issues happening underneath the tiles, they too can be easily picked up and dried before being placed back down. Do keep in mind that these tiles are susceptible to scratches and punctures, so may not be the best choice for a room with heavy use. If you're interested in foam but durability is a higher priority, Greatmats recommends the following interlocking basement floor tiles.

Foam Floor Mats 5/8 Premium

Greatmats blue foam floor tiles 5/8 basement flooring
Instantly brighten up your basement room with Foam Floor Mats 5/8 Premium. These interlocking basement floor tiles are one of Greamats best-selling products because of their cushion, aesthetic appeal, and long-lasting durability. At 5/8 inch thick, the ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) foam tiles provide shock absorption, sound absorption and thermal insulation.

With 15 different colors to choose from, it's fun for the whole family to get creative and design a custom floor using any number of colors or patterns. Installing tiles can be just as fun as well; it's like putting together an easy, life-size puzzle. Foam Floor Mats can be used underneath furniture or equipment, but it's wise to use furniture coasters as indentations can occur. 

Max Tile Raised Floor Tile

Greatmats Max Tile Raised Floor Tiles vinyl top basement floor
Max Tile Raised Floor Tiles are versatile floating interlocking basement flooring tiles that are perfect for basement family rooms. Not only do they provide a variety of excellent aesthetics, from slate to wood-grain, but these tiles are scratch and wear resistant and never need refinishing. They are tight-fitting and seamless and will hold up underneath any type of shoe. Because Max Tile basement floor tiles are designed for a wide variety of basement uses, included athletics, these tiles are particularly wonderful for multi-purpose family rooms.

Max Tile raised basement floor tiles feature a 3 mm wood grain vinyl surface atop a raised polypropylene base. Because tiles are raised, air can easily flow underneath tiles, which is a huge perk to have in the basement. You won't need to worry about moisture becoming trapped underneath flooring, which can cause water damage and bad bacteria to grow.

For more on this topic please review our Basement Flooring product page.

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