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Top 5 Basement Floors for Fatigue Relief

Anti-Fatigue Flooring Isn't Just for Factories Anymore

By Julia Nass

What is Ergonomic / Anti-Fatigue Flooring?

Ergonomic refers to efficiency and comfort in a working environment. Thus, ergonomic flooring means a floor that stimulates productivity by supporting the health of the body, particularly in joints and limbs. Ergonomic flooring is often mentioned along with anti-fatigue flooring, as anti-fatigue is also designed to support people standing and working for long periods of time without discomfort.

Fatigue relief flooring is no longer just for commercial buildings or the formal workplace. As knowledge of the health benefits of anti-fatigue flooring spreads, such flooring is more readily available for home settings, including the basement. The basement is often a space used for exercise rooms, workshops and other areas that require fatigue relief. That is exactly why Greatmats compiled the top five basement floors for fatigue relief. Fatigue relief options can be found in basement floor mats, interlocking basement floor tiles and even temporary basement flooring. In addition to anti-fatigue features, each of the following flooring options also have features to make it conducive to moisture-levels in basements; each holds up against the issues posed by moisture.

1. StayLock Bump Top

Greatmats StayLock Bump Top Anti Fatigue Basement Plastic FloorStayLock Bump Top interlocking basement floor tiles are a supreme choice for basement exercise rooms and workshops alike. The tiles are resilient enough to withstand the weight of heavy equipment. Don't be fooled by their toughness, however. These basement floor tiles provide top-notch cushion and bounce support. No underlayment is needed for excellent ergonomic benefits.

In addition to being effortless to clean, StayLock Bump Top tiles are also resistant to most acids and oils without the need for wax or surface finish. Tiles are waterproof and non-absorbent, so water will not penetrate from the top. Meanwhile, the raised design of the tile allows the subfloor to breathe so moisture does not become trapped underneath. Connect the tiles together with a mallet or by hand. Once installed, tiles will not slip or separate. Expect a 20-year lifespan from StayLock interlocking basement floor tiles. 

2. ErgoMatta CushionTred

Greatmats ErgoMatta CusthinTred plastic anti fatigue basement tiles
ErgoMatta CushionTred tiles are a fabulous way to bring fun and colorful fatigue relief to a basement room. Basement floor tiles are made from 100 percent recycled rubber and flexible PVC plastic. These high-quality materials give ErgoMatta floors the durability and toughness to back up a 5-year warranty. In addition to being durable, tiles are also cushioned, supportive and ergonomic. Use ErgoMatta floors for indoor playgrounds, family rooms or exercise rooms.

ErgoMatta tiles feature a diamond-tread surface, which minimizes the risk of slips and falls. Further, these sound-dampening tiles help prevent sound from traveling out of the basement. Tiles are raised to prevent moisture build-up from happening. These interlocking basement floor tiles make installation hassle-free. Simply lock tiles into place by hand in whatever solid or multi-color pattern you desire. If you are in the market for temporary basement flooring, ErgoMatta CusionTred tiles can easily be uninstalled and transported. 

3. ComfortMatta (20 x 20 Inch)

Greatmats ComfortMatta anti fatigue basement plastic tiles
ComfortMatta tiles are another ideal choice for rooms that require one to stand for long periods of time. These interlocking basement floor tiles create a comfortable underfoot support system that eases muscle strain, joint discomfort and general fatigue. These PVC plastic tiles are similar to ErgoMatta tiles in many aspects, but they are square rather than rectangular and don't come in quite as many different colors as ErgoMatta.

The tiles also provide both heat and sound insulation. They are free-draining and non-slip even in wet conditions. Slip-resistance is maintained by the diamond-tread surface. Meanwhile, air is able to flow underneath the raised surface of tiles in order to prevent moisture issues. Upkeep is easy. To clean ComfortMatta tiles, mop with warm water and common household cleaners (avoid bleach).

4. Hog Heaven Anti Fatigue Indoor Mat (33x58 x 5/8 inches)

Greatmats Hog Heaven Anti Fatigue Indoor Foam Rubber Mat
If you are looking for temporary basement flooring or simply a basement floor mat to provide anti-fatigue benefits, Hog Heaven Indoor Mat is a top choice. These industrial-strength mats are awesome for basement workshops, mud rooms, and offices, because they are designed for longevity throughout heavy usage. These basement floors mats are made from 20 percent rubber and closed-cell foam for a durable yet cushioned product.

Mats are chemical resistant and grease/oil proof to protect from stains and damage. Hog Heaven mats are also designed to withstand welding sparks and slag up to 1,800 degrees. For maintenance, scrub these basement flooring mats with a pH neutral detergent, rinse with a hose or pressure washer, then hang to dry. 

5. Foam Mats 5/8 Premium

Greatmats Foam Mats 5/8 Inch Premium anti fatigue basement tiles
For kid-friendly anti-fatigue basement flooring mats, choose one of Greatmats' most popular products: Foam Mats 5/8 Premium. These interlocking basement floors tiles instantaneously turn any hard, cold floor into a comfortable, cushioned welcoming area. Foam mats are shock absorbent and safe, which makes them awesome for both basement play rooms and exercise rooms. Their anti-fatigue structure allows the body to maintain maximum comfort.

These stain-resistant mats are waterproof and constructed of closed-cell EVA foam, which prevents mold or bacteria from a damp floor from penetrating the mats. They also act as a vapor barrier to any moisture that comes up through a concrete floor, which insulates against cold concrete and creates a warmer environment. Choose one of 15 brilliant colors, or choose multiple colors to create a vibrant, fun pattern. Install interlocking basement tiles just by placing one next to another. Because foam mats are so lightweight and portable, they make an awesome temporary basement flooring option as well. 
For more on this topic please review our Basement Flooring product page.

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Safely Installing New Deck Flooring Over Old Wood

Inspect and Prepare Your Wood Deck While Planning for a New Deck Tile Surface

 By Julia Nass

Greatmats Staylock Perforated Deck Patio Tile plastic Are you seeing signs that your hardwood deck is over the hill? Maybe it's losing the vibrant color it used to have, or perhaps spots are appearing in unfortunate places. Maybe your deck is just completely worn down in general. It can be difficult to see that wood lose its former beauty and glory. Luckily, you might not have to let go of it just yet. There are easy ways to restore the youthful splendor your deck once possessed without it costing an arm and a leg.

Virtually any do-it-yourself deck flooring can be installed over hardwood. By putting in easy to install deck tiles, you can give your old wood deck a complete makeover. Not only that, but you can actually protect your deck from further damage. Before you move forward with installing tiles over your hardwood, however, you need to consider a few things to make certain your deck is up for the job.

Assess the Condition of Your Deck

Greatmats staylock perforated plastic deck tile It's imperative to make sure your deck and the foundation are still structurally sound. There is a large difference between wood that just looks unattractive and wood that actually needs to be replaced. If your deck is just discolored, stained or looks worn down, deck tiles can be a great way to cover that up and start fresh.

However, if the wood is rotting or decaying, your deck may be unsafe. Given just the right environment, decay fungi can grow on wood and eat away at it. This fungi will actually deplete the strength of the wood. Further, once wood starts rotting, it can become susceptible to termites, which will also eat away at the wood. Thoroughly check all parts of your deck in order to make sure any damage is merely surface level.

Greatmats sterling roof top rubber deck tileWarning Signs

There are a few signs that your wooden deck is structurally at risk. Look out for places your deck is sagging or the wood is softer, spongier or more brittle than surrounding wood. Further, if nails or screws are not holding in the wood, it may be rotting. Finally, be aware of cracks happening in places the wood is discolored.

If deeper damage is localized, you may be able to repair it or replace single beams. However, if the damage seems to be widespread, you may have to consider replacing it entirely.

Consider Your Environment

Greatmats outdoor patio tiles poolside deck plastic tiles
It's also important to know your environment before choosing how to proceed with your deck flooring. Once you understand your environment, you can plan a deck floor that will stand up to that environment and help - not hurt - the wood already in place.

When it comes to working with wood, it is particularly important to consider moisture levels. Installing flooring over wood can potentially create a situation where moisture gets trapped beneath deck tiles. With enough moisture, wood becomes vulnerable to decay and rotting.

Obviously, you don't want to set yourself up for even more damage by creating space for fungi to flourish. Thus, if you live in a place with high humidity and a wet climate, you should consider installing raised tiles that will allow enough air flow between the tile and the hardwood. You can also choose waterproof and watertight materials for added protection.

A Few More Factors

Moisture and decay aside, there are just a few more things to check off your list before decided if installing deck tiles over hardwood is right for you. Deck tiles are most easily installed over hard, flat surfaces. If you do have surface irregularities, choose a deck tile that will adhere to those irregularities.

Make sure your deck is clean of dirt, grime and other objects before installing deck tiles. This will make installation easier and will keep all new materials in the best condition. If you wash your deck with water, make sure the wood is dry before installation.

And Now the Fun Part

If your deck is good to go, then now's the time to start exploring the wonderful world of deck tiles. Greatmats offers outdoor deck tiles to fulfill any and all designs while meeting quality standards. You can choose tile themes, textures, materials, and styles to fulfill any vision you might have for your new and improved deck surface.

Greatmats Life Floor Pool Deck Slate Tile Slip Resistant
Some of the most popular deck tile materials include wood, plastic, foam, and rubber. Each of these materials come in a variety of styles, from wood-grain to slate and every color in between.

Although there exists a wide variety of tiles that can be installed over hardwood, every Greatmats' tile has a few things in common: quality, durability and ease of installation. Each outdoor deck tile is created to remain long-lasting even with the challenges outdoor flooring faces: furniture, foot-traffic, weather and fluctuating temperatures. If you need assistance navigating all your options, Greatmats' customer service is here to help you land your perfect deck flooring match.

For more on this topic please review our Deck Tiles and Outdoor Deck Flooring product page.

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What Purposes Do Gym Wall Pads Serve?

Protect Your Body, Style, Structures and Wallet with Gym Wall Padding

By Julia Nass

In sports, safety is an obvious priority. Injuries can happen at virtually anytime, from competition to home practice. As coaches, parents, teachers, and sports organizers, it is extremely important to set athletes up for safety in all ways possible. Preemptively lowering risk ultimately prevents serious injuries across the board. One way to do such is to install gym wall padding.

Gym wall mats can be installed indoors around sports courts, indoor tracks, or any type of home exercise room. They can also be put up outside around fields or on chain-link fences. Although safety and protection is the most important use of gym wall padding, there are other uses as well. Read on to learn more about the different purposes gym wall pads serve, and why they might be right for you.


Greatmats gym wall padding custom logo Gym wall padding may not be the most obvious protective measure, but it is certainly an important one. Many sports that include high-speed and high-impact movement can spill off of courts and fields and cause intense collisions into surrounding structures like walls, fences, beams and columns. When players are moving really fast, it takes time to slow down all that momentum. Further, players can be so focused or determined that they become unaware of their surroundings.

For example, basketball, volleyball, indoor soccer and P.E. sports all have seen players lose control and go flying off the court and into hard surfaces. Outdoor sports like baseball, softball, football and soccer often see players diving for balls without paying attention to the walls or fences in front of them. Those collisions are bound to happen, but without padding those collisions can mean extremely serious injuries. High-quality gym wall pads decrease the severity of collision and let players shake many of those accidents right off.

The cost of gym wall padding is often the main hindrance in choosing to install pads. Schools and recreation centers are often on tight budgets where every penny counts. Because there are not strict regulations on the use of gym wall mats, some schools choose to forgo wall pads entirely. However, gym wall pads pay themselves off in the long run. There have been enough incidents to show that the cost of gym wall mats is slight compared to the cost of paying injury (or even death) related settlements. Further, gym wall pads don't need to cost an arm and a long. One can find the highest quality pads at the most affordable prices at

Greatmats gym wall padding custom logo Style

Using gym wall mats not only provides an important safety measure, but it enhances the look of any gymnasium as well. Gymnasiums do not tend to be inherently eye-pleasing. The dull colors of walls, courts and bleachers do little to energize or stimulate crowds and players. Installing gym wall mats is any easy way to turn all the drabness into bright and fun feels.

Choosing gym wall padding in school colors is one of the simplest ways to immediately enhance team spirit. Gym wall mats come in all types of different colors that will fit in with any design scheme. Further, gym wall pads can be customized with logos or pictures of school mascots. The creative freedom that comes with choosing gym wall pads means turning an important safety measure into much more.

Greatmats martial arts foam tiles as wall padding

Wall Protection

An addition to protecting your athletes, wall padding can also protect your walls. This is common practice in areas where combat sport training takes place. Imagine a martial artist breaking boards or getting thrown by his/her sparring partner. In both cases, something often ends up flying across the room with either a lot of speed or a lot of force. Should a flying board or body accidentally come in contact with a sheet rock wall, that wall is likely to suffer significant damage. Wall padding can help alleviate that problem.

Whether you own a commercial training hall or a home dojo, you won't want to be repairing or replacing walls on a regular basis -- or scaling back your training intensity just to preserve them.

Greatmats Gym Wall Pads Minnesota Vikings logo


Greatmats Sports Pole Column Padding Chain Link Fence PaddingYou may not believe that something can be an important safety measure and help make money at the very same time. It's true, gym wall pads have the power to do both. One way to offset the cost of athletic programs is to have and promote sponsors. Gym wall mats provide the perfect way to to do exactly that. Gym wall padding can be customized with the logos of businesses that support the teams. This kind of advertisement is large, eye-catching and sure to pay itself off. Wall pads are the all time double whammy: an important safety measure that can also bring in mula.

Gym Wall Pads from Greatmats

Greatmats provides gym wall pads made of premium polyethylene foam wrapped in durable vinyl coverings. Every mat is made of industry-leading materials, workmanship and warranties. Each pad is puncture and tear-resistant and nonabsorbent. Further, pads can be customized to any style and colors you want. They can also be made to fit well into any size of room or around any type of surface irregularities.

In addition to gymnasium wall pads, Greatmats offers pole and column padding. Greatmats also provides outdoor padding for chain link fences and field walls. No matter the use for padding, it can be customized with graphics and wording.

Greatmats makes ordering gym wall padding simple and easy. With Greatmats, there's no hassle from the moment you click on a product to the moment it's installed beautifully in your facility. Let the Greatmats friendly and knowledgeable team direct you towards your next gym wall pad purchase.

Sports Science Tests the importance of padding

For more on this topic please review our Gym Wall Padding product page.
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Top 5 Home Gym Floors for Pilates

The best pilates flooring for home gyms

By Julia Nass

Why Do Pilates at Home?

If being around other people while you exercise simply isn't your jam, but you want to practice pilates, worry not. With all of the online workout classes out there, it's possible to become a pilates pro without ever stepping out the door. From free YouTube classes to monthly subscriptions on specialized websites, you can choose your favorite pilates teacher and stick to a workout regime all from the comfort of your home. If you do decide to pursue pilates exercise from your own place, having a sturdy yet comfortable floor to practice on makes a huge difference.

What Makes a Great Home Gym Floor for Pilates?

Because so much of pilates exercise happens on the ground, it's important to practice on pilates flooring that is both supportive, cushioned and anti-fatigue. Often, people will just throw down a yoga mat for pilates work, but they are selling themselves short. In general, pilates mats are thicker than yoga mats, because pilates tends to require more movement that puts widespread weight and pressure between the body and floor. Further, pilates floors can't be too sticky, or else movement is inhibited. Although pilates can be done without anything besides a your own body (and willpower), there is pilates-specific equipment that some people utilize in their home. For larger equipment, it's better to have a floor that can support that type of weight without being dented or damaged. Finally, pilates floors should be able to withstand general moisture and wear and tear. Read on to learn more about Greatmats' top 5 home gym flooring options for pilates. 

Greatmats plyometric rubber roll pilates

Plyometric Flooring Roll

If you are on the hunt for a multi-purpose, economical exercise floor, the Plymetric Flooring Roll is an excellent choice. This floor is constructed of low-density rubber, which makes it cushioned and shock-absorbent. In addition to it being soft enough for pilates, this floor is excellent for a variety of aerobics and plyometric exercises.

This home gym flooring is extremely resilient, and is backed up by a 5-year guarantee. Plyometric Flooring Rolls are also simple to maintain. Just use a damp mop to it to clean the rubber. Be sure to use a pH neutral cleaner, as certain solvents and oil-based cleaners can cause rubber to disintegrate.

Roll Out Workout Mats (5x10 Ft x 1.25 Inch)

Greatmats roll out flex workout mats pilates exercise
Greatmats' Roll Out Workout Mat is an awesome pilates flooring option for users interested in a floor that one can be easily rolled up and put away. This home gym flooring is constructed of foam with a vinyl surface, which makes it both cushioned and tough. Flooring can be unrolled on top of any flat surface without sliding around, including carpet.

Workout mats can stand on their own, or they can be laid side by side to cover larger areas of floor. These pilates mats are designed to provide comfort and support during all body-to-floor contact. This home gym flooring has a one-year warranty and consistently has a 4 or 5 star rating from customers.

Gym Floor Tile Pebble Top

Greatmats gym floor foam pebble top pilates
One of the easiest installation methods of flooring comes in the form of interlocking foam tiles. Gym Floor Pebble Top Tile pilates flooring is no exception. These tiles are a breeze to put together with their puzzle-piece like connecting system. Tiles are made out of quality EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) foam with a pebble surface pattern top. This design makes for a lightweight yet super durable floor that can easily be moved moved around.

Pebble Top Gym Floor Tiles are tough enough to even withstand the weight of heavy exercise equipment. Tiles help sustain proper pilates form while remaining soft enough to spend long periods of time on. Tiles do not absorb water in the slightest. Choose any number of these tiles to create your ideal floor size then cut tiles yourself with a sharp utility knife for further customization. 

Athletic Padded Vinyl Roll

Greatmats athletic padded vinyl roll wood grain pilates
If you already have a smaller pilates mat you love to use, it would be perfect on top of the Athletic Padded Vinyl Roll. This home gym flooring is made up of a resilient 2 mm layer on top of a 5 mm rubber base. The Athletic Padded Vinyl Roll is as attractive as wood with its wood-grain design, but it is far more economical and easier to maintain. All it takes to clean is a vacuum, dust mop, broom, or a neutral cleaner. The sealed surface does not absorb water and never needs a polish or wax. Further, these floors will withstand the weight of exercise equipment without becoming damaged.

On it's own, the Athletic Padded Vinyl Roll is shock-absorbent, but it does have a hard surface. That is why another pilates mat - such as the Aironex Coronella mat - would do well to ensure enough cushion. 

Airex Coronella

Greatmats Airex Coronella exercise pilates yoga mat
Perhaps you aren't looking to dedicate an entire space to pilates, or maybe you are constantly on the move. In either case, the Airex Coronella may be your solution. This pilates mat is the perfect transportable mat to unroll whenever you are ready for a workout. With the Airex Coronella, you can also take your exercise with you anywhere you travel. The convenient 72 x 23 x 5/8 inch size rolls up tight for easy transportation then lays completely flat for the workout.

The mat is made from closed cell-foam to provide comfort, protection and superb cushioning. These foam pilates mats are non-absorbent and feature an anti-bacterial treatment that protects against fungus and bacteria growth. The surface is smooth, soft and warm to the touch. Mats can be easily maintained with a soft soapy brush or disinfectant. 
For more on this topic please review our Home Gym Flooring product page.

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Top 5 Basement Floors for Dens

Keep in mind both material and design of basement den flooring

By Julia Nass

A den may be a sanctuary room reserved to escape the noise or chaos of the rest of the house, a grown-ups only entertainment or office space, or maybe it's a room for the whole family to enjoy. No matter the purpose, the perfect den design starts with the flooring. So what makes the perfect den floor? There's not one specific answer, as the perfect floor is always up to interpretation depending on needs. However, there are a few things that hold up across the board. For example, when putting a den into the basement, it's important to keep moisture in mind. Basements tend to have more moisture issues than the rest of the house, and flooring should be able to hold up in those increased moisture environments. At the same time, den floors should be inviting, comfortable and barefoot friendly. Den floors should adhere to all of your style and budget expectations as well; a floor should be good looking without breaking the bank. Finally, den floors should be easy to maintain and keep clean.

With all of that and more in mind, Greatmats offers its top five basement floors for dens:

1. Sports Team Carpet Tiles

Greatmats sports team carpet tile baseball Chicago cubsSports Team Carpet Tiles are a unique, decorative basement flooring option crafted for the sports enthusiast. These carpet tiles, available with Major League Baseball, National Football League and National Hockey League team logos, come a pack of 20 tiles, 10 featuring team logos and 10 featuring solid team colors to be arranged in any way you choose. Carpet tiles are printed with a long-lasting, vibrant dye. Ultimately, tiles will become a comfy, eye-pleasing tribute to your favorite team.

Team Carpet Tiles are made with nylon carpet bonded to a dependable vinyl base. To install, simply arrange tiles. Next, unpeel the double sided adhesive corner pads and stick down. Once in place, tiles will not shift around or separate over time. For wall-to-wall installations, tiles can be cut down with a sharp utility knife. Vacuum tiles for regular maintenance.

Select college and university team carpet tiles are also available.

2. Cork Laminate Floor Tile

Greatmats cork laminate floor basement
Cork Laminate flooring is an innovative, environmentally-friendly flooring that creates stylish softness in a basement den. The elasticity and cushion of cork flooring relieves the strain of standing. Tiles provide both heat and sound insulation and are sure to help make the room one you can be in for hours at a time. These basement flooring tiles don't require any adhesives or tools for installation; with the CORKLOC system, all it takes is a simple dry lay of materials.

Even after years of use, Cork Laminate flooring will still look like the day it was laid. The abrasion-proof surface of this cork provides comfort without the worry of scratching, scuffing or marking the cork. The surface finish prevents dirt, water and grime from becoming trapped, so tiles stay fresh. Clean tiles by vacuuming regularly or sweeping with a soft-bristled brush. If using a cleaning detergent, be sure to use something mild, as abrasive solvents will damage the floor.

3. TileFlex Tile

Greatmats TileFlex raised plastic base basements
Instantly turn the basement den into an upscale room with TileFlex tiles. These tiles come in 10 different classy colors and designs including redwood, sienna and beige slate. In addition to the upscale look of TileFlex tiles, they provide versatility. These basement floor tiles are durable enough to hold the weight of any office furniture. At the same time, they are anti-fatigue and ergonomic, so they make great exercise floors as well.

TileFlex tiles are also designed for wet areas. If the basement sees a high-level of moisture, these tiles are a perfect fit as they allow for airflow underneath flooring. These interlocking tiles for basements are constructed with a luxury vinyl surface on a polypropylene plastic base. Tiles are 100 percent waterproof and never need waxing or resurfacing. For added cushion, install a rubber underlayment underneath TileFlex basement floor tiles.

4. CarpetFlex Tile

Greatmats CarpetFlex carpet interlocking tiles plastic base
Carpetflex Tiles are another amazing raised basement floor tile option for a den. Like TileFlex tiles, these basement flooring tiles are constructed with a durable polypropylene plastic base, but they come with a plush carpet surface instead of vinyl. The plush carpet surface brings warmth and coziness to the space, a definite pro for any den room. Meanwhile, the raised base, which allows water to evaporate underneath flooring, solves issues associated with carpeting in the basement. Instead of worrying about moisture becoming trapped in or under the carpet, you'll rest easy with CarpetFlex tiles.

Carpeted basement floor tiles are a perfect fit for a den; they bring warmth and coziness to the room. Tile dimensions are 1 x 1 foot, and they only weigh one pound each. Effortlessly install these interlocking tiles for basements by clicking tiles together with your own two hands. Tiles can be installed over any hard, flat surface. Vacuum tiles to keep them clean.

5. Wood Grain Foam Tiles

Greatmats Wood Grain Foam Tiles basements
If you are eager for a wood aesthetic but don't want all of the hassle of wood, Wood Grain Foam Tiles are the solution. Unlike hardwood, foam basement floor tiles won't warp or rot, and they never need refinishing. Moreover, these tiles provide the classy look of wood with 10 times the cushion and comfort.

Wood-Grain Foam basement flooring tiles are made of closed-cell EVA foam. Consequently, the tiles are completely waterproof. Installation could not be any easier; simply place these interlocking tiles for basements next to one another on the floor. At 2 x 2 feet, tiles are so lightweight and easy to handle that deinstallation and transportation is effortless as well. Keep in mind that foam tiles are susceptible to punctures and scratches, so be sure to utilize furniture coasters on top of foam flooring. 
For more on this topic please review our Basement Flooring product page.

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Comprido on Different Styles: Greatmats Rodrigo Comprido Medeiros Series

Top 5 Basement Floors for Exercise Areas

What to Look for in Basement Floors for Exercise Areas

By Julia Nass

The right type of basement exercise flooring for one individual is certain to differ from another; it all depends on what kind of exercise is happening. In general, however, flooring needs to be tough enough to undergo vigorous use and intense movement. At the same time, basement gym flooring should also be supportive and cushioned as to prevent joint discomfort or damage. For basement-specific exercise areas, it's particularly important to be cognizant of moisture levels. Flooring should be able to stave off the negative effects of moisture, like mold, mildew and harmful bacteria.

To help guide you in making the right basement gym flooring decision, Greatmats compiled a list of the top five basement floors ideal for exercise areas. Read on to discover details about all five products.

1. Max Tiles

Greatmats MaxTile vinyl top plastic base exercise gym basement floor tileIf you are looking for a solution for a moisture-heavy basement exercise area (high humidity locations, hot yoga rooms, etc.), Max Tile Raised Flooring is an excellent solution. These raised tiles prevent moisture from becoming trapped and building up below flooring because air can flow underneath the raised base.

Max Tiles are made of a sturdy polypropylene base that supports a 3 mm thick laminate vinyl surface top that never needs refinishing. The vinyl surface comes in 9 different colors and designs, so your basement exercise room can achieve the lovely look of wood or a classy stone aesthetic. The 15 year, .03 mm surface wear layer protects flooring from natural wear and tear.

This basement gym flooring works well as a dance floor, yoga floor, aerobics floor or even a basketball court. The tiles are waterproof and resistant to scuffs and marks. When tiles do get dirty, they can be cleaned with just a damp mop. Max raised tiles connect together with tab and loop system that will never fail. For extra cushion or insulation, simply install rolled rubber underlayment beneath tiles.

2. StayLock Bump Top

Greatmats staylock bump top plastic tile basement gym floor
Achieve the durability of rubber and the cushion of foam with StayLock Bump Top basement gym flooring. Tiles are tough enough to withstand and support heavy weights and exercise equipment. At the same time, tiles provide superior cushion and bounce support for intense aerobic activities. Further, StayLock Bump Top tiles fight off moisture problems because they are raised and completely waterproof.

This product is made from 100 percent recycled PVC plastic and may contribute to LEED building points. The typical lifespan of these tiles is 20 years. Even over all that time, the tiles will stay tight-fitting and will not shift or separate. These tiles are resistant to acids and oils and are easy to clean. All maintenance calls for is a damp mop with a general household cleaner (avoid bleach).

3. Plyometric Rubber Roll (8 mm 4x10 ft Black)

Greatmats plyometric rubber roll basement garage
This rubber flooring for basements is a go-to choice for high-quality yet economic basement gym flooring. Plyometric Rubber Rolls are long-lasting, tough and at such a low price, they pay themselves off in no time. Plyometric rubber basement flooring is specifically designed to absorb the shock of explosive movements in a rigorous workout, which makes it great for aerobics and plyometric exercise.

Plyo Rolls are made of lower-density rubber, which provides more cushion and shock absorption than other rubber options. This rubber flooring for basements comes in 1/2 and 3/8 inch thicknesses and standard rolls are 4 x 10 feet. Lay rolls side by side for wider flooring, or cut rolls down with a sharp utility knife to fit smaller spaces. Plyometric rubber basement flooring can be laid without the use of any adhesives. For home basements, this comes in handy if ever a need arises to dry out the subfloor. If mopping with product, make sure to always use a pH neutral cleaner with rubber flooring. Otherwise rubber basement flooring can just be vacuumed.

4. ErgoMatta CushionTred (Solid)

Greatmats ErgoMatta plastic gym tile
ErgoMatta CushionTred is industrial-strength anti-fatigue flooring that comes with a 5-year warranty. These basement gym flooring tiles are made from 100 percent recycled rubber and flexible PVC plastic. Therefore, the flooring is both tough and supportive, cushioned and stable, durable and ergonomic. Tiles have a diamond-tread surface to minimize the danger of slips and falls. They also have sound-dampening qualities, which is a plus for any type of exercise.

ErgoMatta rubber basement flooring is raised, which prevents moisture from building up underneath tiles. This makes ErgoMatta tiles another excellent choice for moisture-heavy basements. Tiles come in eight different colors, giving you all the creative freedom to choose the best look for your basement. With the interlocking connection system, installation and deinstallation of flooring is a breeze.

5. Gym Floor Tile Pebble Top (3/4 Inch)

Greatmats Gym floor garage foam tile pebble top blackSometimes, foam is not dense enough to withstand the weight of heavy exercise equipment without being damaged. Gym Floor Pebble Top Tiles, however, are made of premium EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) foam that is denser and more durable than other foam tiles. The pebble surface pattern contributes to the durability of the foam as well. Consequently, they can support the weight of weight machines, treadmills, or any other exercise equipment. These tiles are about as close as one can get to rubber basement flooring without the rubber.

Gym Floor Pebble Top Tiles provide more cushion and are lighter weight than rubber, which is why some people choose these foam tiles over their rubber counterpart. These tiles do not absorb water at all, which is another perk, especially for basement gym flooring. The tiles are kid friendly, connect with an easy interlocking system, and can be easily cut down with a box cutter or utility knife.
For more on this topic please review our Basement Flooring product page.
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Best Portable Horse Mats

Size, Weight, Durability, Price and Drainage All Come Into Play

By Julia Nass

Traveling with horses is a big job. Don't let transporting heavy horse stall mats be part of the hassle. Lightweight stall mats make the entire transportation process simpler. At the same time, there is no reason to forego durability or longevity just for transportability. The following five horse portable stall mats are lightweight and easy to handle during transfer. Yet, each one will last you no matter how many times you install, uninstall and install again. Check out the following of Greatmats' top five portable horse stall mat solutions.

1. Lightweight: High Density Foam Portable Horse Stall Mats

Greatmats foam portable horse stall mat lightweightFor those interested in the most lightweight stall mats, Greatmats recommends its Portable Horse Stall Mats. Each mat weighs in at a mere 3.6 pounds and is specifically designed for hassle-free installation and transportability. These portable stall mats are made of high density EVA foam, which is why they are so lightweight.

Despite being lighter weight than any other lightweight stall mats on the market, these mats will still withstand heavy horse loads. They are also waterproof and easy to clean with common household floor cleaners (avoid bleach). Because they are designed for temporary installations, this product is not recommended for extended or permanent use.

2. Convenience with Durability: Sundance Mats 2x2 Ft x 3/4 Inch Interlocking

Greatmats rubber horse stall mats sundance
Sundance Mats 2x2 Ft x 3/4 Inch Interlocking Black Stall Mats are the most durable portable stall mats that still maintain the ability for easy transport. Tiles are designed with an easy-to-use interlocking connecting system that will not degrade no matter how many installations occur. At the same time, they are a solid 3/4 inches thick for maximum durability, longevity and anti-fatigue benefits.

Tiles can be used as either a temporary or a permanent horse stall flooring option. Either way, tiles will not come apart unless you choose to deinstall them. Then, they are as easy to take up as they are to put down. Each mat is easy to carry and handle at 2 x 2 feet and 17 pounds. These tiles require no extra maintenance beyond hosing off or damp mopping with a pH neutral cleaner.

3. Limited Seams: Foaling Stall Mats 4x6 ft bx 1/2 inch center black

Greatmats Foaling stall rubber horse mats
For a portable horse stall mat without many seams, choose Foaling Stall Mats (4x6 ft, 1/2 inch center black). Many seamless horse stall mats weigh too much and are too cumbersome to be easily transportable. Foaling Stall Mats, on the other hand, provide a lighter weight option that still maintains the benefit of fewer seams.

These portable horse stall kits come in interlocking tiles that fit tightly together again and again. Tiles can be configured to cover any size area and are easy to install. These portable stall mats are made from high quality recycled rubber that is anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and non-porous. Further, tiles are urethane free and will not emit toxic fumes.

4. Price: 4x6 ft x 1/2 inch straight edge pebble top

Greatmats pebble top horse stall mat straight edge
If low-price is the top priority, Greatmats recommends Straight Edge Pebble Top (4x6 ft x 1/2 inch) tiles. With high-quality tiles at the lowest possible price, these portable horse stall kits yield the best bang for your buck.

Straight Edge Pebble Top tiles are designed to reduce back and leg strains that can lead to animal injuries. The pebble top surface finish increases traction and safety for footing. Plus, tiles insulate against cold and damp conditions to help create a comfortable and healthy environment for animals. Choose any number of tiles to create the floor area you want.

5. Drainage: Ring Mat 3x3 ft for Equine

Greatmats wash bay stall horse ring mat
Ring Mat for Equine (3x3 ft) is Greatmats' best selection for lightweight stall mats with drainage. Each tile is made of rubber that is ring-perforated so water can free flow through the tiles. They are especially designed for wet areas like wash bays. If you need to easy lay out flooring for a water-prone area, these portable stall mats will do the trick.

Each 3 x 3 mat weighs only 25 pounds each and is 5/8 inches thick. Tiles are made of durable and long-lasting non-porous rubber material. Further, the tiles provide an anti-fatigue function for animals and feature an anti-slip surface. These mats help reduce clean up time and bedding costs, which is a huge perk when traveling.

No matter your portable stall mat needs, Greatmats customer service can help you. Visit to view many more horse stall mat products or get in touch with customer service. Greatmats will not shy away from assisting you to complete a top-notch flooring installation for you and your family, all animals included. 
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Best Animal Shelter Flooring

Pet Friendly Flooring

By Julia Nass

For the ultimate dog floor mats, check out the following top five floors for animal shelters. Each and every floor is constructed for longevity amidst the unforgiving environments created by animal paws and jaws. At the same time, the following animal shelter flooring will instantly create a comfortable space for paws and feet alike. Both you and the animals will be happy with any of the following dog floor mats. 

Greatmats foam tiles for dogs
A quick look at customer reviews for Foam Mats Economy reveals why this product is one of Greatmat's most popular indoor dog pen flooring. Not only do these floors come at the stress-free price of $.99 per square foot, they are designed with a stress-free installation process. Simply lay tiles down side by side to connect the puzzle-piece edges. Because they are so easy to install and uninstall if needed, Foam Mats save on time and costs down the line.

Each economy foam dog floor mat is designed with a thatch, non-slip surface that is cushioned for maximum comfort. These dog floors mats are also waterproof. They come in several colors that make it fun and simple to design a vibrant, creative floor plan. With Foam Mats Economy, one can instantly turn any cold, hard surface into into an inviting and enjoyable animal shelter area.

Greatmats rubber tiles for dogs
Black Punter Top indoor dog pen flooring guarantees a durable floor perfect for inside kennels. Made of 3/4 inch thick high-quality rubber, these tiles are specifically designed to stand up to wear and tear prone environments. Heavy loads, big messes, and harsh use is no match for Punter Top rubber dog mats. Not only do these tiles perform year after year in intense conditions, but they provide a comfortable surface for feet and paws alike.

With an uncomplicated, puzzle-piece connection system, these tiles are convenient to install. Each tile is 2 x 2 feet and weights 17 pounds, so if these dog floor mats ever need to be transported and reinstalled, they are easy to handle for such a heavy-duty floor. Even after many installations, tiles stay tight-fitting and nearly seamless. Damp mopping with a pH neutral cleaner is all it takes to clean these rubber dog mats.

3. Indoor/Outdoor Runs: Staylock Perforated Tile

Greatmats plastic perforated tile for dogs outdoor kennels
For awesome animal shelter flooring that can be used both indoors and outdoors, Greatmats recommends Staylock Perforated Tiles. These dog floor tiles are made in the USA out of high-quality, durable plastic material. While StayLock tiles are designed for long-lasting strength, they are also designed to offer traction and comfort at all times, even when wet. Tiles have rounded edges on the under-structure and are safe to put directly on top of rubber roofing membranes.

This outdoor and indoor dog pen flooring is perforated for maximum drainage and airflow. The PVC material makes these tiles naturally resistant to oils, acids and toxic chemicals, while an anti-fungal additive fights off bacteria and mold. When tiles do get dirty, just mop or hose them off with warm water and a general floor cleaner (avoid bleach). Whether going inside or outside, these tiles are super easy to install. Ultimately, customers rave about StayLock Perforated Tiles. Check out StayLocks' customer reviews on and discover all the reasons buyers love this outdoor and indoor dog pen flooring.

Greatmat artificial grass turf pets dogs
Artificial Grass Turf UltimatePet dog flooring instantly turns any cold, hard surface into an outdoor play paradise. UltimatePet dog pen flooring creates a cushioned, luxurious space with the aesthetic of a perfect lawn without the complications of real grass. Unlike natural grass, artificial turf will not be torn or dug up by excited paws. Maintenance is a piece of cake; you'll never have to water, trim or mow these turf rolls. With special UV inhibitors that protect fibers from fading, artificial grass stays vibrant and green over the years.

Each dog flooring roll provides a 100 percent permeable backing, guaranteed to drain cleaner than any other synthetic grass or real glass. Tiles are designed with a superior thatch that strikes a balance between soft and supportive, durable yet cushioned. This product comes with an 8-year non-prorated warranty. 

Greatmats rubber flooring dog area agility
For convenient, no-nonsense indoor play area flooring, check out Rubber Flooring Rolls (1/4 Inch Black Geneva). This rubber flooring roll instantly creates a durable space for pets to roam around or play in. Rubber flooring is dense and compact at 1/4 inches thick, so it is can withstand any and all heavy loads and animal usage. This flooring is extremely long lasting, even under all the bustle of puppy play time.

This rubber dog flooring is plain and simple, from installation to upkeep. Simply unroll the rubber floor into whatever area you please. For wall-to-wall installations, you can cut the rubber using a sharp utility knife. For larger areas, it's best to tape down edges with double sided tape. If a wider floor is desired, simply tape rolls together. These rubber flooring rolls are considered a green product and may contribute to LEED points in green buildings. 

More Questions?

If you still have questions or concerns about choosing dog floor mats for an animal shelter, Greatmats' customer service team can help you make up your mind. Greatmats is proud to offer knowledgeable and professional sales staff always at the ready to help answer any questions, find you the best possible prices, or provide you with samples.

For more on this topic please review our Dog Daycare Flooring product page.
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Which Sports Use Rubber Flooring and Why?

Durability and Impact Absorption Are Just the Start of Rubber Flooring's Benefits to Athletics

By Julia Nass

Like all equipment in an athletic facility, it's essential sports flooring promotes health and safety. Because so many sports involve high impact activity and movement, flooring must be able to protect users from injury. Sports floors must also be resilient. Without a tough floor, wear and tear will yield any protective features ineffective.

Rubber is the standard flooring material for athletic facilities all over the globe. Rubber is extremely durable and offers shock absorption. It can lessen the severity of accidents and safeguard against injuries. Rubber flooring is extremely versatile and can be used for multi-function floors. That being said, different thicknesses and styles of rubber work for different sports. Let's take a look at what sports most commonly utilize rubber flooring, and what kinds of rubber flooring works best.

Weight Training

Rubber is a go-to flooring solution for weight rooms. However, it's best to utilize a variety of rubber flooring based on the different weight-training areas. Heavy equipment requires a rubber floor that is dense and sturdy enough to hold tons of weight without bending or breaking. Free weight areas need thicker rubber that provides bounce back and cushion for dropped weights. For olympic lifts, it is essential that the rubber floor is firm enough to allow for maximum output as well as protecting the floor below.

Greatmats rubber floor commercial gym


Track and field also utilize rubber flooring - particularly indoor tracks. Obviously, rubber used for tracks need to be durable enough to withstand heavy foot traffic. Not only that, but the material has to be dense and resilient enough that it's not punctured or torn by running spikes. Track rubber flooring should also be flexible enough that it can adhere to the bends in a track.

Greatmats rubber floor roll running

Aerobics and Plyometrics

Plyometric drills are all about fast, powerful and explosive movements, which creates a harder impact upon landing. Many aerobics exercises can also create jarring movements, such as jumping, lunging, and running. Because of this, rubber flooring designed for plyometrics and aerobics should be more porous to allow for greater shock-absorption and cushioning. This flooring also provides excellent grip for changes in direction.

Greatmats aerobics plyometrics rubber floor

Ice Rinks

You might be thinking to yourself, why would an ice rink use rubber? This one may not be as obvious. Common areas around the ice require protective surfaces where people can safely walk with skates on. Rubber is the most common material for ice rinks in areas surrounding the actual ice, including the bench. Rubber ice rink flooring is guaranteed to take a hit from all those skates, so it's important to choose a durable, sturdy rubber that won't be torn up with skate traffic.

Greatmats rolled rubber hockey ice arena

Multi-Functional Rubber Floors

Although there are sports that don't necessarily use rubber as a choice flooring, you can still use rubber surfaces as a general sports flooring. Basketball, soccer, and volleyball, for example, can all be played on rubber floors. That's why rubber flooring makes a good all-around flooring solution for rooms that will be put to many different athletic uses. For general usage, choose a rubber that falls in the middle density-wise. That way, rubber will remain absorptive while balls can bounce on it.

Greatmats weight room rubber rolls Crossfit

When Not to Use Rubber

Rubber is a grippy material and yields too much friction for some sports. Dance, for example, requires surfaces feet can turn on without grip. Rubber isn't recommended for martial arts either. Again, the surface is too grippy and too hard for spins or learning throws and falls.

Rubber is, however, popular as a subfloor or underlayment layer for sports that require impact absorption and a less grippy surface.

Types of Rubber Flooring

Now that you have an idea of the sports that use rubber flooring, you can start looking closer at specifics. At Greatmats, rubber flooring comes in three main forms: mats, tiles and rolls. Rubber mats are a great and easy way to bring the benefits of rubber flooring into any room. Mats can add extra cushion or thickness over smaller areas that need it.

Rubber tiles and rubber rolls are also extremely easy installations. Interlocking rubber tiles are one of the sturdier and dense options. Tiles can be installed by your own hand just by laying down and connecting pieces.

Rubber rolls are just as easy to lay out, provided you have enough help to carry the heavy rolls, and can be adhered to the floor with double-sided floor tape or floor glue. Of the three, rubber rolls are often the most economical choice and leave the fewest seams.

Keep It Clean

Greatmats rubber flooring with Karl Streit Crossfit coachNo matter what type of rubber you go for, it's important to keep athletic flooring well maintained. Athletic facilities are vulnerable to bacteria and fungus growth, so it's important to regularly clean floors. Rubber flooring should be cleaned with a pH neutral cleaner, as other cleaners can erode the material.

Ultimately, it's key to know your environment before installing a rubber sports floor. Not all activities have the same needs: weight training is sure to require a different rubber thickness than an indoor track. Not only that, but you must factor usage into the equation. The same athletic flooring for a small community center may not work in a busy college training facility, even if the activity is the same. Greatmats is here to help you sort through all of the options that exist out there. Customer service representatives can help you choose a thickness and style that will meet your athletic flooring needs.
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Best Stall Mats for Gyms

Lowest Prices, Highest Quality, Custom Sizing - Find it all!

By Julia Nass

What do horse stalls and weight gyms have in common?

This may sound like the start of a bad joke, but it turns out there's actually a legitimate answer: Horse stall mats make excellent gym floors. First and foremost, horse stall mats yield a durability that stands up to the test of time and extreme use. They are designed to withstand large, sustained loads, so heavy exercise equipment is no problem. Next, many horse stall mats yield just enough give to help support bone and joint health. In addition, horse stall mats typically feature slip-resistance in order to create sure footing for animals and handlers alike; traction and safety is an obvious priority in gyms as well. Horse stall mats tend to be low maintenance and easy to clean, which translates perfectly to a gym environment.

Find out Greatmats' top five flooring options that put horse stall mats to use as gym flooring.

Greatmats horse stall mats crossfit weightlifting gym
The smaller size and low-key installation process of Interlocking Black Punter Top tiles make them awesome horse stall mats for home gyms. These tiles can be laid down in a garage, a basement or any other room in the house for an instant gym floor. Each tile is 2 x 2 feet in size, which makes it easy to custom fit into any space. Create an island in the middle of the room, or insert a wall-to-wall gym floor.

These horse stall mats for home gyms are 3/4 inch thick and made of tough, quality rubber. Tiles are designed to take the repeated punishment, perfect for withstanding the dropping of heavy weights. The pebble top surface texture yields the prime amount of traction needed for weight exercises. Interlocking Punter Top tiles connect together like a breeze, yet are so tight-fitting they are nearly seamless. Even after being uninstalled and reinstalled time and time again, the tiles stay just as tight as the first day.

2. Best Priced Horse Mats for Gyms: 4x6 ft x 1/2 inch straight edge pebble top

Greatmats horse stall mats weight rooms gyms crossfit rubber
Straight Edge Pebble Top mats present the very best value in horse mats for gym floors. Tiles are created from a top-of-the-line rubber that is designed to last you with very little maintenance. Because the mats are long-lasting and low-key to take care of, they make the initial investment the only one you will have to make. You won't be surprised with maintenance or replacement costs down the line. At only $1.75 per square foot, that makes the overall cost of these tiles incredibly hard to beat.

In addition to low cost, these tiles provide a well-rounded package. They are 1/2 inch thick and provide comfort, support and stability underfoot. Meanwhile, the pebble top surface texture provides just the right amount of traction for exercise. No special tools or adhesives are needed to install these mats. All it takes to install is an easy dry lay on any hard, flat surface. To keep these horse stall mats for a gym fresh, simply sweep or damp mop with a pH neutral cleaner.

3. Pre-sized Horse Mat Kits for Gyms (West Coast): Horse Stall Mats Cascade 3/4 Inch 12x12 ft kit

Greatmats horse stall mats gyms weight rooms
For those on the West coast, Horse Stall Mats Cascade yield the best shipping rates for custom-sized horse stall mats for gyms. These horse mat kits for gym floors come in a total of nine tiles to create a 12 x 12 foot floor. The mats ship straight from Oregon to service all of the West coast.

Cascade mats are produced from 100 percent recycled rubber content. They are specifically designed to deliver maximum resilience while still providing comfort. Cascade stall mats are made in the USA and carry a 15-year warranty. Each one is precision cut to make every installation a perfect one. Installation is recommended on a hard, flat surface.

4. Pre-Sized Kits Horse Mats for Gyms (Central USA): Horse Stall Mats Custom Kit Sizes

Greatmats horse stall mats interlocking custom gym floor
Central USA customers looking for a custom kit for a gym floor should check out Horse Stall Mats Custom Kits. These horse mats for gym floors come in a standard of 4x6 ft x 3/4 or 1/2 inch rubber interlocking mats that are then cut down to match the specific needs of your custom gym area. Based on your measurement and design, Greatmats will have the horse mats cut down for a perfect fit.

Greatmats features an online floor planner to help turn your area into a scaled drawing. Once the drawing becomes reality, the custom cut makes these mats a breeze to install. This product is made in the USA and features a 12-year warranty against manufacturing defects. However, Horse Stall Mats Custom are rated to last at least 20 years or more in an equine environment, which means they will likely last even longer in a gym. Mats yield safety and comfort underfoot.

Greatmats horse stall mats Crossfit gym rubber mat weightlift
Serious lifters should consider the Straight Edge Punter Standard horse stall mats for home gyms. These mats are the straight edge version of the very popular Interlocking Punter Top Stall Mats (product #1). They offer serious strength, durability and stability under even the heaviest of weights and weight lifting equipment. At the same time, these mats are thick enough to provide just the right amount of give and bounce. Further, Punter Top Standard mats present supreme slip resistance for safety while exercising.

These horse mats for gym floors ship from all over the country, and Greatmats will give you the best possible shipping rate. Once mats arrive, simply lay them out on the floor to install, easy as that. The mats are completely waterproof and easy to take care of. Damp mop with hot water, using two buckets to keep the mop clean. If using a cleaner on rubber, always use one that is pH neutral. Otherwise, chemicals can erode the rubber.

Final Note

It's important to note that rubber horse stall products often produce a strong odor upon initial instillation. Please make sure proper ventilation is present before installing horse stall mats for home gyms. If this (or anything else) is a concern, check in with Greatmats customer service. They can help you choose horse mats for gym floors certain to suit every one of your needs.

For more on this topic please review our Rubber Gym Flooring product page.