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Is Recycled Rubber Playground Flooring Safe for Kids?

Recycled Rubber Tiles Are Common Materials for Kids Playground Surfaces

By Julia Nass

When people think of playground safety, the first thing that usually comes to mind are the thousands of accidents that happen every year on the playground. Although this is an essential piece to consider when planning playground safety, there's more than just playtime accidents to consider. Many playgrounds have turned to using recycled rubber products as playground flooring. However, there have been many questions surrounding both the benefits and safety of recycled rubber use.

Why Use Recycled Rubber?

Environmentally, it makes sense to use products made from recycled materials, especially tires. Tire waste is an enormous, ongoing issue because of the massive quantity of tires that are discarded every year. When buried in landfills, tires can release harmful toxins into the earth and water systems. Tires are made to be weatherproof and live a long-life, so they are not biodegradable.

Greatmats rubber playground tiles
Manufacturing and buying products made from recycled tires are an important part of combating tire waste. There is a small portion of all discarded tires that get turned into new recycled materials. Common recycled rubber products include rubber crumbs and rubber mulch, which are used on playgrounds and as fill for artificial turf. Alternatively, some recycled rubber gets turned into solid molded products such as mats and tiles. Environmentally, repurposing tires and their material is the safest and least-damaging solution to tire waste.

However, the question still remains: are products made of recycled rubber safe for kids to play on? Because so many playgrounds do in fact utilize recycled rubber, it is an important question to consider and understand.

Is it Safe?

There has been some public controversy over the safety of certain recycled rubber products, and it's a topic still being debated and researched. Unfortunately, it's difficult to find a resounding ''yes'' or ''no'' on this matter.

Greatmats recycled rubber playground tiles
Most research has been conducted on rubber crumbs and rubber mulch. Overall, nearly every study that has been conducted have found that these substances are not in fact harmful. Rubber mulch, in particular, is promoted by both the Environmental Protection Agency and the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). However, many believe the research has not been adequate enough to give a definitive answer, and more studies need to take place. The truth is, there are chemicals found in tires that can be harmful to humans given enough long-term and significant exposure.

It's also important to consider that children interact with these substances differently than adults. Children are often on the ground coming into close contact with playground materials, often by way of mouth. Further, they are smaller and more at risk for substance effects. What might be deemed safe for adults might not be the same for children.

What About Recycled Rubber Playground Mats and Tiles?

Recycled rubber playground tiles and mats, however, are a bit different than rubber crumbs and mulch. Many playground tiles and mats have a sealed surface, which prevents raw and potentially harmful substances from coming into contact with children. The safety of these products can vary with the manufacturer, so it's important to inform yourself on the quality of material and the testing they do to ensure the quality.

How Does Rubber Tie Into Injury Protection?

Greatmats rubber playground surfacing tiles
Another key component of safety is protecting from falls, which are bound to happen on a playground. Not all recycled rubber products will protect from falls as well as other materials. If you choose the right product, however, rubber playground flooring can absolutely protect kids from serious injury. On the other hand, if recycled rubber products are poorly made, they will do little to prevent or soften the impact of falls. That is why it is important to always choose rubber playground products that meet or exceed American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) and CPSC standards.

Quality rubber products will advertise a fall height rating, so you can easily choose the ones to match your playground equipment. If chosen correctly, recycled rubber products can completely increase the safety of the playground. Cushion, shock-absorption and grip make certain rubber playground tiles and mats among the safest choices for play.

Is Recycled Rubber the Right Choice For Me?

If you choose the right product, playground tiles and mats made from recycled rubber are an all-around awesome choice for playground flooring. When well made, rubber playground flooring helps create the safest possible play environment for children. Utilizing recycled rubber is also an important way to combat the issues of tire waste. They are an economical choice as well.

Unlike loose-fill products, you won't have to worry about replacing rubber mats or tiles for years to come. Maintenance is far easier with these kinds of products: all you need is a broom or garden hose to clean.

What are the Alternatives to Recycled Rubber Playground Surfaces?

Clearly, there are many pros to using well-made recycled rubber playground tiles and mats. However, you can find many of those pros in other products as well. If you feel unsure about recycled materials in rubber products, you can always choose rubber playground tiles and mats made with material that has not been recycled. Read product descriptions or check in with customer service to determine what materials are being used.

Another great option for playground flooring is perforated PVC tiles. These tiles are durable, weatherproof, slip-resistant and safe. They come in a ton of different colors, so you can create a bright, fun play area without any hassle. Installation is a super easy process. All you have to do is snap together tiles using the interlocking system. Often, these tiles have a shorter fall height rating than rubber products, so they are better suited for play areas without tall equipment.

Ultimately, it's important to put in some time researching the product that works best for you and your kids. If you're feeling hesitant about the safety of certain products, don't hesitate to ask questions of the manufacturer. Chances are, someone else has had the same concerns you have. If the product is well-tested and high-quality, companies won't have a problem showing you proof of material control, ASTM ratings and other certifications. Further, check for different warranties and guarantees, which help to demonstrate product quality.

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Greatmats BJJ Training Series with Rodrigo "Comprido" Medeiros - Part 2 ...

Rubber Garage Flooring Dos and Don'ts

Three Awesome Ways to Transform Your Garage With Rubber Flooring

By Julia Nass

Rubber is an extremely versatile material that can be used for all types of flooring, from athletic pads to playground mats. If you're thinking about putting it in your garage, however, there are some factors to consider. It's important to know in what cases rubber flooring will work and scenarios it won't.

Don't Park Your Car On Rubber

Greatmats rubber floor garage exercise gym
Although rubber is an extremely durable material, it doesn't do well underneath cars. Unfortunately, rubber is particularly susceptible to damage and even destruction from cars. Rubber car tires can create an extra strong grip with rubber flooring, which can cause the flooring to buckle, rip up, and break. Further, vehicles can drip automobile lubricants that can cause rubber flooring to break down. Overall, it's best to keep cars off of rubber flooring. 

So What is Rubber Good For?

You might be asking yourself, why put rubber in a garage if it doesn't work under a car? It's because garages aren't just for cars anymore! Garages are very popular spaces for everything from chill pads to home gyms. Here are a few instances in which rubber makes an awesome garage floor option.

Home Gyms

Greatmats rubber flooring garage gym
Garages make excellent home gyms, and rubber floors make creating a home gym in the garage easy and affordable. With rubber garage flooring, you don't need much else to create a space you and your family can get fit in right at home. Rubber rolls, mats and tiles are all popular choices for home gyms.

Rubber flooring comes in a variety of thicknesses and sizes, so you can choose one to support your activities. Some are dense and sturdy, which works well underneath heavy gym equipment. Others have more cushion and shock-absorption, which is nice for dance and floor exercises. All are durable, protective, tough and sleek.

Chill Out Space

A garage is also a popular room to turn into a space to chill out with entertainment, comfy furniture and friends. Because it's outside of the house, garage lounge spaces feel like an escape. Garage rules tend to be more relaxed than house rules, so it's an easy place to let loose and get comfy. Anyone, not just the kids or teenagers, will be happy to retreat to a nice garage lounge space.

Thick rubber flooring provides comfort and mild cushion for feet and for sitting. It also provides a layer of insulation from cold concrete often found in garages. Rubber flooring is durable enough for heavy furniture, like a plush overstuffed couch to watch movies from.

Game Room

Greatmats rubber flooring garage gym
Game rooms are another fun option for the garage space. Designating the garage as a play/game area is a good way to keep messes, roughhousing and loud noises out of the living room. It's also the perfect spot to fit larger items such as pool tables that may take over other rooms in the house.

Rubber flooring is a great floor for garage game rooms as well. It's durable enough to hold those game structures like pool and foosball tables. Rubber rolls, tiles and mats also provide insulation and padding, which softens impact and prevents noise from traveling as far. The sound dampening quality of rubber makes it so you won't have to hear all the bumps and thuds that come from play.

Another perk: rubber is easy to clean. For most rubber flooring products, all you need is a damp mop and a pH neutral cleaner, as other cleaners can erode the material. It's best to keep certain types of rubber flooring from getting super wet, as recycled rubber is somewhat porous and can allow a certain degree of permeation.

Rubber Floor Installation

No matter the size, style or use, Greatmats' rubber floors are easy to install in any garage. Certain rubber tiles have an easy interlocking system that yields tight-fitting seams that disappear over time. Other mats, tiles and rolls are a simple dry lay. You can also use double sided floor tape or adhesives for longer-lasting installations. If you are looking for a temporary option, rubber flooring rolls are easily rolled back up and put away. Tiles and mats are easily uninstalled as well.

It can be difficult to think of your garage as anything more than a space for your car or a place to items you don't know where else to put. However, garages have the potential to be so much more. With Greatmats' rubber flooring, you'll find that creating a home gym, lounge space or game room in your garage is a no brainer - especially with the Greatmats' team on your side.
For more on this topic please review our Garage Flooring Tiles product page.

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Creating a Soft Child's Bedroom Floor: The Magic of Foam

Ease the worry with soft foam kids room flooring.

By Julia Nass

Greatmats foam tiles kids play room
Kiddos spend a lot of time on the floor - playing, crawling, sitting with pets. With so much time spent on the floor, why not bring comfort and safety to the very ground they stand on? Growing bodies deserve a floor that is pleasant to spend time on, while you deserve to not have to worry about their safety. A soft bedroom floor for a child is a fabulous way to create a snug and protective environment.

Certainly, this includes carpet, but what about other options? It may not be obvious, but foam flooring happens to be one of the most popular choices out there for a cushion bedroom. Let's take a closer look.

Interlocking Foam Tiles

Greatmats foam tiles preschools daycares
One of the most fun and creative ways to create soft kids flooring is to install interlocking foam tiles. Foam tiles are consistently one of Greatmats' most popular kids flooring options because of their quality, comfort and allure. Not only that, but they are an all-around economical flooring choice. With foam kids room flooring, you can create a protective and engaging environment that won't cost you much and will give back tremendously.

Specs and Safety

Foam tiles are made from a premium quality foam material called ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA). Although they come in a variety of thicknesses, the most popular tile is ⅝ inch thick. Whether kiddos are scurrying about on their feet or mellowed out on their backs, EVA foam provides great cushion and support. There is enough shock absorption to soften the impact of falling or other forceful landings. Not only does cushioning provide safety and comfort measures, but it also provides sound and heat insulation for kids rooms.

Foam tiles are also slip-resistant. For added traction, you can find foam tiles with textured tread. Certain Greatmats foam tiles feature one textured side and one smooth side, so you can easily change your mind about the best fit for your child's room.

Creative, Easy Installation

Foam Tiles work like a giant puzzle and are fun for the whole family to install. The tiles allow you to be the creative designer. With more than 15 vibrant colors to choose from and the flexibility to install in any pattern you want, you can truly create a floor to spark playfulness and imagination. Alternatively, you can put in cool and calming colors for a more relaxed kids bedroom environment. You can even find foam tiles in a wood-grain design. Popular patterns include checkerboard, stripes and multi-colored framing.


Cleanability and ease of maintenance are more awesome features of EVA foam tiles. Foam kids floor tiles are waterproof and resistant to stains. Some textured foam tiles are resistant to scuffing.

Greatmats interlocking foam tile
EVA tiles can be cleaned on a daily basis with a broom or damp mop. If a more serious accident happens, you never have to worry about installing a new floor or hiring someone to take care of it. All you have to do is pick the affected tile or two and replace them with new ones.

Other Foam Tile Perks

There are still a few other awesome perks to mention. Greatmats EVA foam tiles are lead and latex free guaranteed. They can also easily be cut with a sharp utility knife to fit any room irregularities. They come with border strips for easy wall-to-wall installation.

Still unsure? Check out to read all of the 5-star reviews on foam tile products or recieve assistance from customer support. 

Foam + Carpet

Greatmats interlocking carpet foam tile
Carpet is a classic choice for cushion and comfort. However, many types of carpet only provide surface level comfort. Often times, there isn't much underlying cushion. Without it, carpeted floors may look soft and feel soft to the touch, but when it comes to real weight or impact, they can be just as hard as concrete or wood.

In response to this issue, Greatmats offers a wonderfully cushioned carpet tile. Many of its foam-cushioned carpet tiles are made of the same premium foam as EVA foam tiles, except they are finished with a plush carpet surface. Greatmats' carpeted tiles provide all of the safety, comfort and ease of foam tiles with an added layer of softness and warmth.

Like other foam tiles, interlocking carpet tiles are put together with a puzzle-piece connecting system. Unlike other foam tiles, however, foam carpet tiles only come in a few different colors. Interlocking carpet tiles are also a wonderful kids flooring option because of the ease of maintenance: just vacuum regularly.

Protecting a Soft Floor

Greatmats foam tiles kids room exercise room
With a soft kids room floor comes a downside - foam floors are more susceptible to negative effects from furniture than other harder floors. Heavy furniture like bed frames and dressers can cause permanent indentations into foam floors. Although it won't necessarily damage the foam, indentations can still be a drag to look at. Therefore, it's smart to take precautions. One simple way to protect soft kids room flooring is to put furniture coasters underneath legs or corners. Furniture coasters help distribute the weight of furniture more evenly, which helps prevent deep, long-lasting indentations.

Furthermore, be aware when moving furniture. Dragging heavy furniture across the floor is a sure way to create unwanted marks or material tear. Practice caution when moving furniture and avoid pushing and dragging if possible. It's also smart to utilize furniture glides, which help prevent flooring damage when furniture is on the move.
For more on this topic please review our Children's Flooring product page.

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Top 3 Pet Friendly Floors for your Screened-In Porch

Non-absorbency, Scuff Resistance and Traction are Just a Few Qualities of Quality Pet Resistant Patio Flooring

By Julia Nass

Greatmats patio outdoor tile for dogs
Pets bring cuddles, friendship, and smiles into the house. Unfortunately, that's not the only thing they bring. There's no stopping the dirt, stains, scratches and other accidents pets cause. If you have a screened in porch or patio connecting the outside to the inside, that room is particularly subject to such pet messes.

Obviously, you can't stop accidents from happening. However, you can save yourself a lot of trouble with the right flooring. By choosing the right pet-friendly flooring, you can save time, energy and money.

What To Look For in Pet Safe Flooring

There are several features to keep an eye out for when searching for the right patio flooring for your pet. First of all, you'll want something scratch resistant to prevent damage from pet nails and claws. Second, you'll want a floor that is durable enough to withstand wear and tear. Further, it helps to have a floor that can withstand accidents. That means something that is non-absorbent and won't stain with moisture. You'll obviously need to clean up after the messes your pet leaves, so you want to choose something easy to keep clean. It's also a good idea to install a floor with good traction, so scurrying paws won't slip around at all.

This might seem like a lot to be looking out for, but there are plenty of products that uphold all those benefits and more. Here's an overview of some of them.

GreatDeck Outdoor PVC Deck Tiles

Greatmats outdoor pvc plastic deck tile wood grain
Hardwood is an extremely popular choice for patios, as it provides a clean, classy look. However, hardwood stains easily, can be scratched up by nails and doesn't have the best traction. That's why GreatDeck Outdoor PVC patio tiles make such a great option. They have a wood-grain design offered in a variety of colors, so you get the wonderful look of wood without the worry.

Unlike actual wood, these tiles are non-slip, scratch resistant, and won't stain the way wood does. These patio tiles are designed to last for a long time outdoors and can certainly face pet elements as well; they are drain-through, waterproof, and won't grow mold and mildew. GreatDeck Tiles are dry lay and a breeze to install or move around.

GreatDeck PVC tiles are also easy to clean. They can be swept or mopped at any time. It's also recommended they are scrubbed once or twice a year with a hard-bristled brush and soapy water.

StayLock Perforated Tiles

Greatmats perforated outdoor plastic tiles for dogs
StayLock Perforated Tiles are another durable, drain-through option. These tiles are made from quality plastic material in the USA and come in a variety of fun colors. They are waterproof, slip-resistant and won't be damaged by nails. These patio tiles are a great option if you have kiddos as well, as they are a very popular choice for play areas.

StayLock Perforated Tiles are made with super easy interlocking system. Installation is easy as snapping together tiles by hand. Cleaning only requires a damp mop and common household cleaners. It is best to avoid using bleach on this product.

Note: Greatmats also offers another perforated PVC tiles excellent for just such applications. The Patio Outdoor Tile offers all of the same benefits listed above for the StayLock Tiles.

Max Tile Raised Floor

Greatmats basement raised vinyl floor interlocking tile
Vinyl is an excellent choice for pet flooring. Vinyl is slip, wear, scratch and stain resistant, which makes it one of the most popular flooring choices for pet-owners. Greatmats' offers raised vinyl tiles that provide all of these benefits and more.

Max Tile Raised Floors sit above the ground to allow air-circulation, which is particularly important in moist environments. These tiles are durable and designed for heavy traffic and furniture. Max tiles are often used as dance floors and basketball court flooring because they are so scratch and wear resistant. The protective surfacing will never need refinishing. Nevertheless, Max Tiles are extremely comfortable and inviting to bare feet and pet naps.

If you're interested the aesthetics of wood, you can choose one of the wood-grain varieties these tiles come in. Tiles are also offered in a slate design.

Max Tiles stay together with a tight fitting connector system that gives the floor strength and stability. Installations and removals are a simple project you can do all by yourself. Tiles can be cleaned with a damp mop and household cleaner.

Overall, Max Tiles are one of the best non-absorbent vinyl laminate modular floor tiles on the market, and one of the best pet-friendly flooring options out there.

As you can see, you and your pet have some great options for your screened-in porch flooring. You'll be able to rest easy knowing the right pet-resistant tiles will save you from having to deal with damage down the line. Even better, choosing Greatmats patio flooring guarantees you long-lasting quality and the best service around.
For more on this topic please review our Deck Tiles and Outdoor Deck Flooring product page.

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What to Look for in Hot Tub Room Flooring

Know How to Address Hot Tub Room Flooring Hazards

By Julia Nass

Greatmats pool deck flooring indoor outdoor hot tubWhen you think of a hot tub room, you probably think of serenity, comfort and luxury. What many people don't think about are the risks lurking around every jacuzzi corner. The same warm water that is there to soothe and relax you can end up being quite harmful. Danger comes from standing water being where it doesn't belong.

The reality is, it's nearly impossible to keep all the water where it does belong. Even if you're careful, nearly a gallon of water gets out of a hot tub every time you do. When water escapes the hot tub and stands, there a couple hazards of which you should be aware.

Hot Tub Room Risks

The most dangerous aspect to all that water comes from mold and mildew. Water does not evaporate as easily inside, especially in humid climates, and standing water can harvest harmful bacteria. Even though substances like chlorine protect the hot tub itself from that kind of bacteria, it won't prevent buildup from happening outside of the tub. If you're not careful, your hot tub room could end up growing damaging mold that can cause sickness with exposure.

Secondly, there is always the risk of slipping and falling on wet floors. Puddles of water make hot tub rooms an accident prone space. It's important to have a space that remains safe even when wet.

Greatmats soft flexible spa flooringFlooring Makes a Difference

Flooring can make all the difference in designing a safe and reliable hot tub room. You need flooring that can provide you with ways to combat issues like mold, mildew and water poolage. Fortunately, there are flooring products designed for these exact purposes. Here are a few flooring features in particular that will help keep your hot tub room risk free.

Waterproof Materials

First of all, it's important to use flooring made from water-resistant materials. Waterproof flooring won't harvest bacteria in the same way materials such as carpet and wood can. PVC is a very common material used around hot tubs and pools. PVC won't absorb water and dries quickly. A wide variety of PVC waterproof flooring exists. At Greatmats, you can find PVC tiles in almost any color and a plethora of styles, including woodgrain.


Greatmats hot tub surround tile perforated water proof
Next, you'll want slip-resistant flooring for your hot tub room. In order to protect yourself and your guests from falling, it's important to utilize flooring that maintains traction even when it's wet. Slip-resistance goes back to material. Again, many PVC tiles have slip-resistant features. You can look out for tiles with a textured design, which can provide extra traction.


Easy drainage is another smart waterproof flooring feature. There are many tile options, such as perforated tiles, that allow water to drain through the surface of the tile so water never pools up on top.

Raised tiles

You also have to worry about water pooling up beneath flooring, however. Raised tiles are a great way to combat water resting underneath the flooring and harboring mold where you can't see it. Air-flow and ventilation is important in a hot tub room, and the flooring is no exception. Raised tiles allow air to access the underside of your waterproof flooring, which helps keep the floor dry. Also, there's less maintenance with raised tiles; you don't have to lift up raised flooring to dry underneath it.


Greatmats deck pvc wood look tileIf a slip does happen, you don't want it to happen on concrete or anything that feels like it. That's why you'll want slip-resistant flooring with shock absorption, so the impact of a fall isn't so hard hitting. For example, self-adhesive foam tiles are one of the more cushiony waterproof flooring options at Greatmats. Safety aside, you'll probably want something comfortable and inviting for barefeet in general.

But I Want My Hot Tub Room to Look Awesome

Obviously, the aesthetics of the waterproof flooring you choose won't protect from safety issues, but it's a factor for some of us anyway. Of course you want your hot tub room to look as wonderful as your hot tub feels. There are plenty of slip-resistant flooring options that can provide you with every beneficial flooring feature and still look awesome. Greatmats waterproof flooring comes in tons of different colors and designs, so you don't have to trade in safety for beauty.

It's important to familiarize yourself with the potential risks of your hot tub room as you are planning its creation or renovation. You'll have to prepare yourself for the fact that most of the water that will undoubtedly escape your hot tub will end up on the floor. Choosing the right flooring is key in that preparation. With the right hot tub room flooring, you will be well on your way to maintaining a safe and risk-free hot tub room with a look you'll love.
For more on this topic please review our Wet Area Flooring product page.

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Combat Global Waste With Recycled Rubber Paver Tiles

 What makes recycled rubber a good material for outdoor patios?

By Julia Nass

patio with rubber paver tile GreatmatsOften, companies use the ''green'' label as a way to bump up the price you pay. It can be difficult to navigate through the true meaning of green on certain products. With Greatmats' rubber paver tiles for patios, however, it's plain and simple. Rubber paver tiles are made from 100 percent recycled rubber material: all of the rubber comes from ground up car and truck tires.

Tire Waste

How does that translate to being eco-friendly? Every year, nearly 300 million tires are discarded after being deemed unusable. Wasted tires are extremely hard on the environment. They are not biodegradable and contain toxic chemicals that are released into the ground when put into a landfill. Tire waste is a serious global problem due to the large size of tires, the enormous number of them that go to waste (nearly 300 million each year), and their long-lasting durability.
Greatmats rubber patio paver tile brick look
Alternative Solutions

Many tires are burned for fuel. Although this is argued to be better than tires sitting in a landfill, burning tires releases emissions that are also damaging to the environment.

Recycling and repurposing tires is hands down the best option for solving the issues presented by tire waste. Greatmats is dedicated to reducing tire waste and environmental harm by utilizing recycled materials as much as possible.

Safety of Recycled Rubber

You might be asking yourself, if tire waste is damaging to the environment, won't it be damaging if used in other products?

Research based on shredded tire products such as rubber mulch and rubber crumbs has shown, however, that these products likely do not have a harmful effect on the environment.

When used above ground, recycled rubber materials do not have the capability to leach into soil the way tires buried in a landfill do. Further, in surface products there isn't enough concentration of chemicals for rain to cause chemical leaching.

Quality of Material

Greatmats rubber paver outdoor tileAt Greatmats, using recycled material never forsakes quality. In fact, it's exactly the extreme durability of tires that allow for premium rubber paver tiles.

Just as tires are made to be tough and weatherproof, rubber pavers are as well. Even though rubber paver tiles are relatively thin, they have a life-expectancy of nearly 20 years. They are guaranteed to remain resilient against the damaging effects of heavy rains, moist soil, harsh winters, and intense sunlight (although high heat can cause rubber to expand slightly). Rubber paver tiles are non-absorbent, UV resistant and won't ever crack or freeze.

Use and Design

Rubber paver tiles are a safe, non-slip option as well. The grooves in their design allow for water to channel off the tiles so water doesn't pool up on the surface. Rubber pavers have great traction as well, which makes them ideal for heavy foot traffic. Although they are most commonly used in yards as patios or walkways, rubber pavers can also be used under vehicles (although staining may occur).

Easy Installation

Rubber pavers that are lightweight and straight-edged require adhesives for installation. If installing over a wood surface, staples can be used. Otherwise, lightweight rubber paver tiles require a polyurethane adhesive.

That being said, installation is still a quick process. Their size and weight makes them one of the easiest rubber tiles to handle, pick up and transport. You can find more details on proper installation techniques on the Greatmats website or by contacting Greatmats with any questions.
Greatmats rubber patio paver tile gray


Greatmats recycled Rubber Patio Paver Tiles come in brown, terra cotta, red and grey. They feature a brick design on one side and a trapezoidal, architectural design on the other. With reversible tiles, you can choose the design you like best or mix and match.

Financially Friendly

Recycled rubber patio pavers are not only eco-friendly but budget-friendly as well. Even with the Green label, Greatmats offers incredible pricing. You can find rubber pavers on sale at, and you can always be in touch to inquire about volume discounts.


Greatmats rubber flexible patio paver tile
Overall, rubber paver tiles are a win in every way. If you take high-quality and green products seriously, recycled rubber paver tiles are an easy choice. Not only does using recycled material provide a solution to an enormous environmental problem, but it's exactly the recycled material that allows rubber pavers to uphold such a supreme quality. Further with rubber pavers, you're staying both environmentally and financially conscious.

For more on this topic please review our Rubber Paver Tiles product page.

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Comparing Indoor and Outdoor Pool Surrounds

Learn How the Top Indoor and Outdoor Pool Decking Surfaces Compare

By Julia Nass

Greatmats outdoor pool deck tile perforated
Inside or outside, a fabulous pool space is about so much more than just the pool itself. You want your pool surrounds to be your version of picture perfect, which starts with the right pool deck flooring. Safety is an obvious priority.

Aside from safety you'll want the right aesthetics. Perhaps you're going for a fun and bright environment for the kids. Maybe you need something for commercial use and a high-volume of people. Perhaps you want something chic and stylish for your personal pool-side lounge space, or maybe you're mainly interested in comfort.

No matter what you're going for, your pool deck flooring will make all the difference. Luckily, there are enough options out there to make your brand new ideas come alive. New pool decking is also an easy way to revamp whatever you already have going. Here are a few of the top pool deck options that exist for your indoor or outdoor pool.

Top 3 Outdoor Pool Decks

For outdoor pool decks, it's important to use products that remain dependable in any type of weather. Undoubtedly, you want something that will maintain its quality, visual appeal and safety over the course of many seasons. Luckily for you, there are a ton of tried and true, high-quality products out there. Here are a few:

Perforated PVC Tiles

A popular choice for outdoor pool deck flooring is perforated PVC tiles. Like other perforated tiles, they provide instant water drainage, combat the risks of moisture build-up, and stay slip-resistant even when wet.

PVC tiles never absorb water. Tiles such as Greatmats StayLock Perforated Tiles and Patio Outdoor Tiles are specifically designed for outdoor installation. They are durable and are made to hold lawn chairs, tables and other patio furniture and some offer critical fall height ratings up to 20 inches.

Interlocking tiles make for easy and fast assembly. Designing your pool deck with PVC tiles yields a world of creative freedom: tiles can be custom ordered in almost any color you can think of.

Wood-Grain Design PVC Tiles

Greatmats GreatDeck wood look pool deck
Wood can offer an elegant, classy, warm or rustic aesthetic. Its look is timeless and adheres perfectly to outdoor pool environments. However, too much water and moisture can warp and damage many kinds of wood products. That is why Greatmats offers a product that encompasses the best of both worlds.

Wood-grain design PVC tiles create high-quality, durable pool decking that yields all the benefits of PVC tiles with the wonderful look of wood.

These tiles allow water to drain through the top and the surface remains extremely slip-resistant no matter what. Like perforated PVC pool deck tiles, they do not absorb water and therefore cannot harbor harmful mold or bacteria. This PVC pool decking, offered at Greatmats is made from recycled materials that are proven to withstand the elements year-round. As with all other pool decking tiles Greatmats has to offer, these are simple to install and uninstall all by yourself.

Artificial Turf

Greatmats outdoor artificial turf tile
Just because you have a pool doesn't mean you have to give up the green. Artificial turf tiles are fun alternative to other pool deck tiles. First and foremost, artificial turf squares create a paradise-like aesthetic. They add vibrant color and a natural feel to your pool surrounding.

What you might not be aware of is that they feel as wonderful and inviting as they look. Greatmats offers artificial turf that is guaranteed to be soft and inviting to bare feet. They are safe for walking feet as well. Artificial turf tiles are drain-through so water never puddles. Turf squares are durable and long-lasting and can be used underneath patio furniture. 


Top 2 Indoor Pool Decks

Indoors, there are higher stakes for water and moisture buildup. Without the proper pool deck flooring, you might end up facing slime, mold or mildew. When moisture sticks around, there is always the risk of slipping and falling as well. Fortunately, with the right materials and design, you won't have to worry about these risks.

Soft Perforated Tiles

spa flooring Greatmats softflex tile
One great option for indoor pool deck flooring is flexible, perforated PVC tiles. Greatmats offers these tiles, such as SoftFlex Floor Tiles, with pegs that raise tiles up to allow for instant drainage. That means water will not build up and puddle, which prevents helps prevent slippage. Even when wet, these tiles provide traction for barefeet.

Flexible PVC tiles are put together by simple, sturdy snap-in loops that make assembly a breeze. Adhesives and extra tools are not necessary. With soft PVC formulation, tiles provide the ultimate barefoot comfort and non-slip safety. 

Rubber/Foam Blend Tiles

indoor pool surround Greatmats rubber foam blend
Another comfortable, pleasant indoor pool deck flooring option are rubber and foam blended tiles. These high end pool decking tiles provide a fabulous, classy look to any indoor pool area. They come in a wide variety of styles and designs, from slate to wood grain to bright colors. Pool deck foam tiles are more than just a great look, however. They provide an insulated, non-slip foot cushioning as well.

Greatmats offers Life Floor pool deck tiles manufactured with cutting edge technology to ensure a non-toxic, UV-stable, durable, soft and slip-resistant indoor pool deck flooring solution. They come in a ready to install self-adhesive, peel-and-stick form and glue down versions.

Although these foam tiles are available in a variety of thicknesses and designer colors, all are dependable and inviting. Glue down and peel and stick pool deck flooring tiles are waterproof and simple to maintain. They also feature a 1 foot critical fall height rating.


Whether your pool is inside or outside, there's a variety of fantastic options to create a pool deck that is pleasing to the eyes and inviting to the feet. Even more so than aesthetics and comfort, however, it's important to always be aware of safety and location-caused issues that may arise. Using one or more of these high-quality pool surround products, you can easily defend yourself against these issues and still have the pool deck of your dreams.
For more on this topic please review our Deck Tiles and Outdoor Deck Flooring product page.

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Greatmats BJJ Training Series with Rodrigo "Comprido" Medeiros - Part 1 ...

Playground Mats vs. Playground Tiles

How do playground mats and tiles differ from each other?

Greatmats playground mats for slides
By Julia Nass

Part of being a kid is falling: on playgrounds, sidewalks... skipping down the hall on the way to the kitchen. When an accident does happen, there's a often a brief moment of stillness as they register what just happened. In that slight pause, one question pervades: will they burst into tears, or will they get up, brush the dirt off and keep playing?

As a parent, guardian or teacher, it's impossible not to worry about your kiddos. You never want to see the fall that turns into tears. On playgrounds, it's almost a given that kids will end up on the ground at some point. This can't be helped. One thing you can control, however, is what cushions that fall. With the right playground flooring, you have the power to keep your kids as safe as you can while they run around and play hard. You can lay a foundation for a play environment where a fall is no biggie and the fun doesn't have to end.

Two of the most popular types of playground flooring are mats and tiles. Learn more about the difference between the two and which one might suit you best.

Playground Mats

Greatmats rubber swing set mats

Playground mats are most commonly used as individual, straight-edge pieces placed under swings and slides. These mats are a smart addition to any type of playground flooring. If you already have other ground products such as gravel, mulch or concrete, playground mats are an easy and economical way to add a safety measure. Playground mats provide shock-absorption and cushion on top of any surface. They come in a variety of thicknesses and sizes, so it's easy to match the height of your equipment to the right mat thickness.

Although safety is the most obvious reason for playground mats, there are other benefits as well. Playground mats are an excellent way to keep the ground in good condition. Underneath slides and swings, there is always heavy wear and tear from feet. Loose products such as gravel and mulch shift and reveal unprotected patches of ground. Playground mats can protect these areas. Not only does it provide added protection, but they lessen required maintenance. You won't have to rake or replace materials, which can be time-consuming and costly. Playground mats only need a broom, leaf blower, or garden hose to clean. Further, if any serious damage is done, it's a breeze to replace them, particularly if they are under one of the many warranties offered by companies like Greatmats.

At Greatmats, playground mats for slides and swings are made from eco-friendly, rugged recycled rubber. They are waterproof and mold and mildew resistant, so you don't have to worry about them in weather. They come in several different appealing colors so you can enhance the aesthetic environment for your children.

Playground Tiles

Greatmats Rubber Playground Surface Tiles
Interlocking playground tiles are an excellent choice for quality coverage of areas both small and large. When it comes to full playground coverage, tiles are a much safer and longer-lasting alternative to gravel, wood/rubber mulch or concrete.

Other playground flooring products are easily displaced, which results in areas without adequate protection. Further, loose material becomes dangerous when children decide to swallow, throw and kick it. Poured-in-place products are not weather-proof the same way rubber playground tiles are. Other products can undergo climatic variation after installation, which makes them unpredictable. Greatmats playground tiles, however, undergo strict testing to ensure tiles maintain consistent quality for years.

Greatmats Rubber Tiles at Playground
Playground tiles offer excellent cushioning, especially with thicker tiles, which means decreasing the severity of accidents. Like playground mats, playground tiles come in a variety of thicknesses and sizes. Different thicknesses have different ASTM (American Standard Test Method) fall height ratings, so you can find which one works for your equipment. At Greatmats, rubber playground tiles exceed both ASTM and CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) guidelines.

Another awesome feature of playground tiles is the ease of installation and maintenance. While its generally a good idea to have them professionally installed, you and your team can install playground tiles yourselves. Other materials require the extra cost of contractors coming in to install, but you don't have to dish out that extra money with playground tiles. Greatmats offers both interlocking and straight-edge tiles.

The process of creating the highest quality playground tile starts with the materials. Greatmats uses premium materials provided by the best in rubber and polyurethane industries. Each tile undergoes strict quality control of all materials to ensure longevity and durability.

Greatmats rubber playground surface tiles
Another reason tiles are such a great choice is because of the freedom they allow you to create your ideal ground coverage. Tiles come in a variety of thicknesses, sizes and colors. Some thicker tiles can provide critical fall protection from up to a 10 ft fall height, according to ASTM standards. Colors include standard, 50/50 high color and 100 percent high color options. Standard colors are available in the most economical playground tile options. With tiles, you have the capability to lay them anywhere and any way you want.

There's no better place than a playground to let your kids run around, roughhouse and play as hard as they want. Letting kids be kids means accidents are inevitable. Choose the right playground mats to make sure those mishaps are ones you and your kids can shake right off.

For more on this topic please review our Playground Flooring Tiles and Mats product page.

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A cool video from Saturday AKF Spring Tournament of Champions


The Best Home Gym Mats

Compare the Most Popular Home Gym Mats - Construction, Uses, Installation, Cleaning and More

home gym with Greatmats interlocking tiles
By Julia Nass

Working out shouldn't have to be a chore. You should be able to exercise when you feel like it and be able to practice your sport spontaneously. Getting to the gym, however, is something that can be difficult to fit into a busy day. Navigating traffic, crowds and gym costs can easily become more exhausting than the workout itself.

The easiest solution to all that stress is a home gym. Sounds fancy, right? It doesn't need to be. With home gym mats, a home gym is no longer just for the rich and famous. Creating a personal workout space can be simple, affordable and even portable. All you need is a hard surface on which to put mats down and a little room to move and... Voila! You're ready to have all the exercise freedom you want.

Greatmats offers three of the best types of home gym mats: floor tiles, flooring rolls, and exercise/gymnastics mats. Each type of mat has specific benefits, especially depending on the activity. However, there is one thing that each mat has in common: they are high-quality, easy to move/install and are easy on the wallet.

Home Gym Floor Tiles

There are several different kinds of modular tiles available for gym floors. Modular floor tiles come in foam, rubber and plastic. Floor tiles provide one of the easiest installation processes and makes removal and relocation extremely simple. With the following variety of materials and sizes, you can choose what would work best for you.

Rubber Tiles

Greatmats Rubber Punter Top Interlocking Tile
Rubber tiles are one of the most durable options out there for home gym floors. They cater to a variety of activities including weight lifting and circuit training. Not only can they withstand the weight of heavy exercise equipment such as weight machines or treadmills, but the tight-fitting seams are also protective to the surface underneath. Interlocking rubber floor tiles are one of the easiest ways to install a rubber floor, and seams will virtually disappear after use. Greatmats' rubber flooring tiles are made completely in the USA and come in a variety of colors and sizes.

Foam Tiles

Foam tiles are constantly a top-choice for martial arts flooring. Home gym foam mats are soft, comfortable, and provide both cushion and insulation. They come in a variety of thicknesses and textures. Most of Greatmats' foam tiles are designed for human activity and gym equipment such as freestanding training bags. Some can even withstand the weight of exercise equipment although they are not quite as durable as rubber and will indent if weight is not properly distributed. All the foam tiles Greatmats offers are waterproof, slip-resistant, and made of premium quality material.

Foam tiles have the greatest color variety of any other floor tile out there, so you can get creative with customizing your home gym. Foam tiles are even available with surface carpeting or a wood-grain design. Putting down foam tiles for a home gym floor is an extremely easy project. With an interlocking connector design, installation is like putting together a giant, no-brainer puzzle.

Plastic Tiles

Greatmats plastic staylock tiles
Home gym floors made from PVC plastic tiles present the strength and durability of rubber with the cushion and comfort of foam. Greatmats' interlocking PVC tiles for home gym floors offer superior ergonomic benefits with anti-fatigue cushioning and bounce support. Therefore, they are another fantastic option for all around fitness.

They come in two textures: bump top and orange peel. Both are aesthetically pleasing, non-slip and hardwearing. Like other home gym mats, these tiles are easily installed by hand (a rubber mallet also works well). These tiles come in a small variety of colors, but not as many as foam tiles. Black PVC tiles are made from recycled material and may contribute LEED points to Green buildings. All plastic home gym tiles are waterproof and easy to clean.

Gym Flooring rolls

Rubber Rolls
Greatmats rubber gym flooring
Rubber flooring rolls are another common choice for multi-purpose fitness and exercise. It's hands down one of the most cost-effective home gym floor options. Flooring rolls come in a standard size of 4 x 10 feet, but there exists a wide variety of thicknesses to choose from. Further, you can always custom order a different size.

Some flooring rolls are more dense and sturdy, while others are more porous to allow for more cushion and shock-absorption. Whatever you're going for, Greatmats can help you.

Professional gyms worldwide utilize rubber flooring rolls. These gym floors are tough and wear-resistant, even with high levels of activity. Rubber rolls can easily be cleaned, but it's important to use cleaners with a neutral pH as to not break down any materials. Rubber flooring rolls can be easily put down by hand and adhesives are not necessary.

Foam Rolls
Feeling like you need some extra protection while performing stunts? Foam flooring rolls are also available at Greatmats as a killer underlay option. Although foam flooring rolls are not designed as a top surface, they can create extra cushion underneath any other home gym flooring you choose. Foam flooring rolls are available in 6x42 feet floors and come in 5/8, 1/2, and 1 inch thicknesses.

At Greatmats, you can also find 4x6 or 5x10 foot home roll out gym mats with either a carpet or vinyl surface. These foam-based gym mats can be excellent for everything for gymnastics and cheerleading to wrestling and martial arts.

Folding Gymnastic Mats

Greatmats folding gymnastics mats
Folding gym mats are an extremely popular choice for high impact sports such as tumbling, cheerleading and gymnastics. However, they have enough cushion to be comfortable for any floor exercise. Folding gym mats come in a variety of thicknesses and sizes. All are made with 18-oz coated vinyl with double-stitched seams and thick polyethylene (PE) foam, which promises extreme durability, shock-absorption and comfort.

Folding home gym mats can also be used as wall padding. All you have to do is screw the external flange on the long side of the mat to a wall-attached furring strip.

Each panel-style folding gym mat features 2-inch hook and loop fasteners. Thus, you can attach multiple mats together. Simple attachment and foldability makes gym mats easily transportable. Folding mats are an awesome home gym flooring solution if you need something temporary.

With folding gym mats, you can spice up any workout environment as they come in a huge variety colors. You can even choose more than one color. Maintenance for foldable home gym mats is simple. Hot water and a sponge are all you need to clean foldable home gym mats.

For more on this topic please review our Gym Mats for Home product page.

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Easy Ways to Build Your Own Basketball Court - Inside or Outside

DIY Basketball Courts Just Got Easier - and Less Expensive

By Julia Nass

Greatmats ProCourt gym flooring tile basketball
Feeling ready to fully embrace your inner LeBron James and Stephen Curry with a new basketball court? Despite your best efforts to play like them, chances are you're not making their salaries quite yet. Luckily, you don't have to have the money of a pro NBA player to feel like one. Greatmats offers a variety of sport court tiles that look and feel as serious as you play - without installation stress or financial strain.

Creating a basketball court out of Greatmats' sport court tiles is an easy DIY project, which lets you save on steep installation prices. Further, you don't have to fret about putting money into a project you might eventually have to leave behind by moving. You can simply take your basketball court with you wherever you go.

Once you've decided on sport court tiles, you'll have to figure out which one will work best for your budget, environment and location. Here, you'll learn about the top indoor and outdoor DIY basketball flooring options available.

Indoor Courts

Whether it's for a community center, church, athletic facility or your own home, Greatmats has the way to create your ideal indoor basketball court. Greatmats offers a few different low-maintenance, high-quality indoor basketball flooring options.

Modular Court Tiles

Greatmats Max Tile Raised Vinyl Tile
The first is modular sport court tiles. One of the best all-around options is Greatmats' Max Tile Raised Floor Tile. The base of the tile is made of polypropylene, while the top surface is 3 mm of commercial grade laminate vinyl available in multiple different woodgrain options. The vinyl is wear-resistant (with a wear layer .03 mm thick) and features UV protective coating, so the tile will never need refinishing. You can also easily paint basketball court lines on vinyl.

The polypropylene base features a unique, computer-designed connector system. All you have to do for installation is place the tiles on a hard surface, align the tiles' nubs with other tiles' loops and step on the top tile with your foot. With a few more steps, you'll have an entire basketball court in no time. The durability of polypropylene ensures the connectors will not degrade, even after repeated removals and installations.

Because the tiles are raised, air can flow underneath it, which prevents moisture build-up, mold and mildew. The vinyl is also non-absorbent. Thus, raised basketball flooring is an excellent option for courts in moist environments or subterranean spaces.

Similar to the Max Tile court flooring is the ProCourt Gym Flooring Tiles. These court tiles offer an even thicker wear layer and are designed to last for more than a decade under commercial gym flooring use.

Greatmats sports basketball court plastic tile No matter what, modular sport court tiles come in a variety of colors and wood-grain designs. You can choose from options including red, blue, white, black, walnut, cherry, oak, and maple. We recommend underlying the sport court tiles with 3 to 6 mm of low-density rubber underlayment for added cushion, quiet and comfort.

If the vinyl surface is not for you, Greatmats also offers court tiles made of 20 mm-thick pure polypropylene. These snap-together tiles are a fun alternative to the classic wood style with a nice selection of brightly-colored tiles. They are designed to hold 20,000 lbs./square foot, which demonstrates their durability.

Athletic Vinyl Padded Flooring Roll

Greatmats athletic vinyl padded flooring roll basketball
Another excellent indoor basketball flooring option is Greatmats' athletic vinyl padded flooring roll. The wood-grain design roll features a 2mm vinyl top layer fusion bonded to a 5 mm rubber base. There is also a high-performance urethane wear layer. The result is an attractive, high-quality wood-alternative flooring. Vinyl padded basketball flooring yields the classic wood style, but is a more economical option.

Don't mistake the practical cost for lesser quality. Rubber basketball flooring is still an extremely durable and long-lasting option. Greatmats' vinyl basketball court provides sound and shock absorption, which lessens the risks of floor impact and sound escape. Other benefits include fade resistance, low-maintenance and simple clean-ability: no polish or wax is required. Rolls are available in 4 different colors, and come in a standard 6x30 ft size.

Outdoor Courts

Greatmats outdoor sport court tiles basketball
When choosing basketball flooring for an outside court, it's important that your investment is long-lasting. That means it's necessary to use materials that will maintain their quality even when exposed to extreme weather conditions. Greatmats outdoor sport court tiles are guaranteed to withstand the negative effects of weather while maintaining player-friendliness.

Greatmats' outdoor sport court tiles are made from a special high-impact polypropylene copolymer. These tiles are constructed as outdoor basketball flooring that will withstand a static load of at least 16,000 pounds per square foot. In other words, these courts are extremely durable.

Further, the outdoor basketball flooring prevents standing water with an innovative flow-through design. Water will quickly dissipate, so you don't have to worry about the negative effects of moisture build-up. Tiles are also mildew and mold resistant. You won't have to worry about temperature either, since Greatmats' sport court tiles are created with thermal expansion control.

Whatever the weather, Greatmats' sport courts remain stable and comfortable for players. The tile incorporates a leaf spring-type flex joint system, which controls give and reduces leg stress. This system also allows the tiles to conform to minor underlying surface irregularities.

Greatmats guarantees both quality and appearance. Greatmats' outdoor sport court tiles are fully color saturated, so they will not fade over time. Plus, there are 16+ colors to choose from, so you can design your court in any way you wish.

Just like the indoor basketball flooring tiles, installing an outdoor court is a money-saving do-it-yourself project. Installation is easy and does not have to be permanent.

Regardless of location, going with Greatmats for a basketball court will feel like a slam dunk. If you still feel unsure about what kind of flooring is best for you, Greatmats offers unbeatable warranties and customer service to help you navigate your options and ensure you get the best DIY Basketball Flooring.

For more on this topic please review our Court Flooring Tiles product page.

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Top 5 Deck Tile Materials - Rubber, Plastic, Foam, Wood, Faux Turf

Compare the Five Best Materials for Modular Deck Tiles

By Julia Nass

Deck tiles are an incredibly efficient and budget-savvy way to give your space the design you've been dreaming of. With the world of deck tiles available to you, renovation and creation becomes simple, time-saving and worry-free. When it comes to your outdoor flooring, Greatmats offers a large variety of high-quality deck tiles to fit any vision, and assistance in navigating through all of the choices. Learn about our top 5 deck tile materials, and which would be the best option for you and your space.

1. Rubber Deck Tiles

Greatmats rubber rooftop deck tiles
Rubber deck tile options are an eye-pleasing, functional choice for spaces with heavy foot traffic and kiddos. Rubber flooring works particularly well for patios and decks around homes, condos and apartments. It is durable and cushions falls, which makes it perfect for a home outdoor play area. Deck tiles made of rubber are waterproof, non-skid, non-absorbent and mildew resistant; ultimately, great for outdoor spaces.

Greatmats' rubber outdoor deck tiles are made from materials of the highest quality. Each tile undergoes extensive performance testing, which confirms structural integrity and increases overall customer satisfaction. Greatmats offers warranties on rubber deck tile products to ensure the high quality.

Rubber deck tiles come in a variety of colors, styles, and sizes at Greatmats. Flat surface rubber deck tiles come in 6 different colors and a variety of thicknesses ranging from 1.75 to 3.75 inches. Reversible rubber deck tiles are available with a brick pattern on one side and an architectural stone design on the other.

Once you decide on rubber, you can still stylize your space to best fit your home. Whatever product you go with, instillation is a piece of cake. Some rubber deck tiles are made with a surface-to-surface interlocking system, while others simply require a bit of adhesive underneath. Putting in rubber deck tiles can be a simple DIY project.

2. Plastic Deck Tiles

Greatmats Staylock Plastic Perforated Deck Tiles
Plastic deck tiles are another fantastic option for foot traffic and play, particularly in water-prone areas. Greatmats offers a variety of perforated plastic outdoor deck tiles that are designed for use around wet areas such as pools, hot tubs, outdoor showers, and top decks. Plastic deck tiles yield a secure, stable, and attractive environment.

Most perforated outdoor deck tiles are made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which is a flexible yet sturdy, non-absorbent material. This outdoor decking has an elevated floor design that allows water to drain-through and leaves the top surface dry and safe for moving feet. The top surface is not only slip resistant but comfortable to walk on barefoot. Underneath, each perforated deck tile is supported by hundreds of pegs. Plastic deck tiles are a smart way to keep people safe and stress-free while walking around accident-prone areas.

Temperature control is another reason plastic deck tiles work fabulously. Because of the drain-through feature, perforated deck tiles do not hold heat. Plastic deck tiles remain cooler and more unaffected than other materials in super hot weather. These outdoor tiles also work well in snow, especially as it melts, as pooling will not occur. Ultimately, Greatmats perforated outdoor deck tiles are an excellent year-round option.

Greatmats offers perforated plastic tiles in an array of sizes and colors. They are put together by an interlocking system, which makes installation and disassembly effortless. No other tools are necessary for either.

3. Foam Deck Tiles

Greatmats outdoor rubber foam blend tiles
Foam deck tiles are another impressive option for outdoor wet areas. Foam outdoor deck tiles can have the classy look of slate but the enjoyable feel of foam. Life Floor Slate Tiles, available at Greatmats, are waterproof, anti-fungal and antibacterial, which offers a safe flooring solution for shared, wet-area environments such as a public swimming pool, locker room or shower. These pool deck tiles can even be used underwater in pools or as a splash/slide pad. Outdoor Life Floor Slate Tiles are installed using commercial grade contact cement, so they are a permanent, long-lasting solution. They are cushiony, slip-resistant, and easy to keep clean. You can choose from 5 different natural looking and chic colors, from river-rock to sandstone.

Deck tiles made of pure EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate) foam are also a great option for enclosed patios and decks. They can, however, transform if left in direct sunlight in warm climates for an extended period of time, which is why they should only be used in enclosed deck areas. Foam tiles are waterproof and durable. They are an easy way to create a soft and comfortable space for both lounging and play. Foam tiles come in a huge variety of colors and even come in a wood grain pattern for an upscale design. With an interlocking connection design, they are super easy to install, move, and re-install.

4. Wood Deck Tiles

Greatmats flexible wood deck tile
Wood is probably the most classic and timeless material for outdoor design. With wood, you can achieve a look that works with everything; it supports creative styles, from elegant to homey to rustic. Because of this, wood is also an excellent option for a large variety of spaces. Home decks and patios are the obvious ones. However, wooden deck tiles also do wonders for outdoor restaurant patios, rooftops, cabin porches, or even ski-resort look outs.

Building wooden decks from scratch, however, is time-consuming and expensive, especially if you have to tear out old, existing materials. Further, many wood options cannot resist the inevitable damage of weather and decay over the years. Greatmats wooden deck tiles do not have these issues.

These deck tiles are made from wood sourced from well-managed American forests. They undergo a thermo-treatment that is environmentally responsible; it is free of chemicals and toxic dust. Thus, unlike other woods, Greatmats wooden deck tiles will not warp, shrink, expand, rot, or experience fungal growth. They are drain-through and designed to withstand even the harshest climates. Their 25+ plus lifespan and our 25-year no-rot guarantee makes wooden deck tiles a long-lasting investment.

Outdoor hardwood deck tiles come in a range of woods including Red Cedar and North American White Ash. All wood deck tiles are designed to install without adhesives or fasteners and can be very easily removed, if needed.

Love the wood-grain look but not sold on wood as a material? Check out Greatmats PVC wood-grain deck tiles, which are stylistically similar to the wooden deck tiles but made from a durable, non-slip PVC plastic.

5. Artificial Turf

Greatmats artificial turf outdoor deck tile
Last but not least, artificial turf makes for an unexpectedly awesome deck tile. Artificial turf tiles transform any cold, hard surface into inviting ground. Soft, warm and cushiony on the feet, artificial turf makes you want to kick off your shoes and hang barefoot.

Greatmats' artificial turf squares work particularly well on condo or apartment terraces, since they do wonders to give a natural feel to an urban setting. Further, they are one of the easier tiles to install and move around, so you never have to worry about how long you will be staying in a certain space. They are waterproof and drain-through; water won't pool up and the turf never becomes slippery. Artificial turf deck tiles are nice to relax around or play on, so they are great for the entire family. With artificial turf tiles, you can turn any space into a plush paradise no matter the weather.

The Choice is Yours
It can be particularly difficult and stressful to invest time and money into a flooring project, particularly for a space you will only be in temporarily or feel undecided about. No matter what material you go with, deck tiles are so easily installed, removed and re-installed, you need not stress. Moreover, all Greatmats' outdoor deck tiles are long-lasting and easy to clean. Ultimately, Greatmats' outdoor deck tiles are the smartest, simplest way to achieve the outdoor space design you've been dreaming of.
For more on this topic please review our Deck Tiles and Outdoor Deck Flooring product page.

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