Monday, November 9, 2015

What are the advantages of roll out martial arts mats?

Why should I choose a rollout martial arts mat when they can run around double the price per square foot of puzzle mats you ask? --- No seams and portability.

No Seams
Roll out mats are available in 6 foot widths at custom
lengths, greatly limiting the number of seams in large
The biggest advantage to roll out martial arts and exercise mats compared to smaller puzzle mats is the fact that you will keep a nice level training surface with few or no seams. Roll out mats, which generally come in 5x10 foot portable rolls or 6 foot wide custom length rolls can offer in individual skill training area with no seams for toes or fingers to get caught in. Puzzle mats, while very popular, inexpensive and fully functioning martial arts mats, can leave areas that are inconvenient for barefoot training, as you can feel the seams under your feet. These seams can inhibit spins and, in worst-case scenarios, cause injury when an appendage slips down between the tiles. With roll out mats that risk is gone.

Should you need larger than a 5x10 foot area, but don't want to deal with large rolls, simply push two or more mats together and tape them at the seams with resealable vinyl tape. This again eliminates the risk of toes or fingers getting caught or twisted in a seam while grappling or spinning.

Roll out martial arts mats are a popular solution for national and international martial arts tournament venues where large areas of competition flooring is necessary. Laying down the 5x10 foot mats and taping them together is a quick, easy and quality option for these events, but custom length rolls should be considered. At 6 feet wide and near endless length possibilities, you drastically reduce the need for taping in large tournament venues and permanent installations.

5x10 foot roll out mats are great for temporary training
and demonstration areas.
Made of lightweight cross-linked polyethylene foam, 5x10 roll out mats are easy to transport, making them ideal martial arts flooring solutions for temporary installations. The 50 square foot area is big enough for most basic demonstrations at fairs, parades and festivals. These demo spaces can be laid out in seconds and packed up again in less than a minute, taking much of the stress out of demonstration setup and takedown. Depending on the thickness of your roll out mat, a 50 square foot mat can weigh less than 25 pounds.

Roll out martial arts mats can also provide a greater thickness than most puzzle mats, which is helpful in throwing martial arts. In general, thicker mats provide more cushion and shock absorption during falls and throws, reducing the risk of injury. While puzzle mats often range between 3/4 and 1 5/8 inch thick, rollout mats generally run between 1 1/4 and 2 inches thick. Anything less than 1 inch is not recommended for throws.

If you are looking for quick and easy installation with limited seams, roll out martial arts mats may just be your answer.