Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Mats for Horse Stalls

Interlocking Stall Kits are very popular.
A number of different options are available for horse stall flooring.  Horse stall mats are popular because they keep your stalls cleaner and provide a level and more stable flooring for animals.  Horse stall flooring is also extremely durable.  It can be fairly easily cleaned and will last for years if properly maintained.

The most popular type of horse stall flooring is rubber.  Horse stall mats come in a variety of sizes and types but, typically, most mats are 3/4" and 4x6 feet.  They are often straight-edged but not always.

Horse stall kits are probably the easiest and most effective stall flooring available.  Simply determine the size of the stall you need flooring for and, chances are, there is a kit that will work for you.  Kits are built from interlocking mats that require no glue or subflooring for installation.  All you need is a concrete or crushed gravel base to lay the mats on.  Some people will opt to lay them on dirt or grass but we don't recommend this approach.  Your rubber flooring will be uneven and create a tripping hazard for your animals.

Portable horse stall mats are available in a high density foam.  These are lightweight and easy to transport.  For this reason, they are popular for use in trailers or in temporary facilities where the horses will be spending short amounts of time.  However, foam is far less durable than rubber so these are not a permanent solution for barns and stables where animals will be spending a great deal of time.

Wash bay and foaling mats are also available.

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