Friday, July 25, 2014

Reversible 1/2" Foam Tiles

Use either side up for a mono or dual color floor.
Introducing the EcoReversible 1/2" Foam Tile.  This economical high-density foam tile is great for a variety of applications including basements, kids rooms, and trade show booths.  Available in five color combinations, this product features one color per side.  You can flip the tiles upside down to create a checkerboard pattern or any combination layout you would like.

On sale with free shipping, EcoReversible tiles feature two different textures with a thatch surface on one side and a light emboss diamond surface on the other.  Each tile comes with two border strips.  Use these to convert any tile into a straight-edged border or corner piece.  This allows you to create a finished "island" layout with no puzzle edges around the perimeter.  For a wall-to-wall application, the tiles can easily be cut to fit your room layout with utility knife or box cutter.

For more information, contact Greatmats at 877-822-6622.