Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Introducing the Eco Interlocking Carpet Tile

Eco Interlocking Carpet Tiles are excellent for basements.
One of our newest products is the Eco Interlocking Carpet Tile.  The most economical padded carpet tile on the market today, this flooring option is fantastic for basement flooring.  Easy to clean and maintain, they are completely waterproof.  Simply vacuum or hose them off and they're good as new.

Foam padding on these tiles is 3/8" thick.  The entire tile with carpeted top is 1/2".  Each tile measures just less than 2' x 2'

Carpet tiles are great for basements because they are impervious to moisture.  If you experience occasional flooding, you do not have to throw your carpeting and pad out.  Simply dry these squares out and put them back down-no harm done.

These tiles require no prep work or adhesive.  Simply lock them into place and you're done.  For a wall-to-wall application, they can easily be cut to fit with a sharp razor blade.

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