Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Customer Review - Rolled Rubber

Glenn from Austin, TX used rolled rubber to floor his home gym.  Here's what he had to say:

"Looks even better than we thought it would. The grey flake makes the room look brighter and spacious. I did the install myself without help. I thought it would take about 4 or 5 hours but it took close to 8 hours to put down.  If you have an empty room that would been about right the right amount of time.

Rubber flooring makes a home gym look professional.
I had two pieces of equipment that it was just easier to leave in the room and move around. The rest I moved to another room. The carpet and tack board had already been removed other than in a closet.This material is heavy so it was hard work moving it around and getting it lined up for one person. I used 3m outdoor mounting tape to secure to the floor.The finished product looks amazing and the install looks professional. You have to look closely to see any seam.

Everyone that has seen it is impressed even my toughest critic the wife. She owns her own business and helps build large commercial buildings for a living."

Thanks, Glenn.  We're glad you're enjoying your purchase.

Rolled rubber is the top selling product for home gym flooring.  It protects your floors and equipment while reducing vibrations from equipment.  The thickness you decide on should depend on a variety of factors:  Are you using free weights?  If so, how heavy?  Aerobic/cardio activity?  Do you battle moisture in your gym area?  What's the surface you'd like to cover?  Is it hard or soft?

How you answer these questions will help us to determine the right product to fit your needs.  Although Glenn opted to attach his flooring with tape, a dry-lay is also an acceptable way to go.  The rubber is heavy enough that tape or glue is really just a precaution rather than a necessity.

For more information on rubber rolls or any of our flooring options, call Greatmats at 877-822-6622.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Gymnastics Mats

Where can you find gymnastics mats for home or school use?  Look no further than Greatmats!  We stock a number of different folding gymnastics mats and have access to several styles.  Whether you need a folding gym mat for cheerleading practice or a professional landing pad for advanced tumbling, we can help you find the best product to suit your needs.

Custom gymnastics mats are available in six sizes and three thicknesses.  Several different color options are available so you can find the perfect match for your school or university.

We also carry gymnastics octagons and incline (wedge) mats great for learning beginner or advanced gymnastics techniques.

All of our mats feature an industry-standard 16 oz. vinyl shell.  This is 6P compliant and meets California Clean Water Act requirements.

For more information on gymnastics mats or any of our products, call us at 877-822-6622.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Marley Dance Floor

We are often asked, "what's the best dance flooring for my studio?"  With so many options and ideas for dance floors out there, it can be challenging to wade through all the noise and get the information you're looking for. The answer to your question depends on the type of studio you have, the type of dance done there, and the frequency that the dancers will be using the floor.

Adagio is the most versatile dance flooring we carry.  It can be used with all dance types in a permanent or temporary application.  Extremely popular, we recommend Adagio Marley in black where tap shoes will be used.

For soft shoe dancing such as ballet, we recommend our Ballet Floor.  This marley flooring has been designed for ballet and barefoot dance types.  Ballet flooring can be used in studios, on tour, or in theaters.  It is designed for use with barefoot and soft dance shoes only.

For stage flooring, our Dance and Stage Pro flooring is a great fit.  Tough enough for all dance types, it is built to withstand rolling dollies and cameras. 

For touring tap groups, we suggest our Adagio Tour flooring.   It is a tough, lightweight, and portable dance floor suitable for all dance types and all dance shoes. Consider the Adagio Tour for temporary theatrical applications.

Other flooring options including our Theatrical No-Glare flooring and Arabesque dance floor is also available.  We also carry sprung floors and sub flooring options.  If you can provide us with your room's dimensions and the type of dance that you provide at your studio, we can help you find the perfect product to suit your facility's needs.

For more infomation, please call Greatmats at 877-822-6622.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Customer Review-Weight Strength Tiles

It doesn't get more professional looking than Michael's home gym.
"Product came on time, was easy to install and has been working great as a gym floor in our free weight area."  Five stars.  -Michael E.

Weight Strength Tiles come with a 15-year warranty.
If you are looking for the best weight room flooring, you would be hard pressed to find a nicer product than the 2x2 foot Weight Strength Tiles from Greatmats.

Commercial grade, these tiles can be found in some of the largest and most prestigious schools and universities across the country.

Weight Strength Tiles are a full one-inch thick so they can take any amount of weight you can throw at them.  Unlike, most weight room floor tiles, these tiles use a dowel system to connect the flooring together.  This eliminates puzzle edges while also allowing you to install your flooring without any adhesive.

Designed for rugged durability, this weight room flooring can take whatever you can throw at it.  Dropping heavy weights repeatedly?  No problem.  Weight Strength Tiles can take it.  This is the best weight room gym flooring we offer.  The tiles are beyond significant with each weighing in at 16 lbs.

Available in a variety of standard, premium, and "team" colors, this flooring will add function and a fantastic look to any facility.  Ramped edging or "reducers" are available.  This product is made in the USA of recycled rubber and can contribute up to 8 LEED points.

If you would like more information, contact Greatmats at 877-822-6622.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Customer Review-Artificial Turf Tiles

"The mats are great. Easy to install and cut. A great finish to our indoor soccer field in the basement." -Mark C. Marblehead, MA

Turf Tiles are great for indoor or outdoor use.

Artificial Turf Tiles are a relatively new product for us here at Greatmats and, already, the response from our customers has been overwhelmingly positive. They are excellent for both indoor and outdoor use.  A plastic, drain-through base allows water to flow freely through the tiles which creates a drier playing surface.  These tiles are comfortable for bare feet so they make a great recreational area for decks and pool areas as well.

These turf tiles snap together easily and measure approx. one foot by one foot. They require no adhesive for installation and can ship quickly when in stock.  Artificial turf tiles are completely waterproof.

For more information, call Greatmats at 877-822-6622.