Thursday, April 17, 2014

Customer Review-Home Sport and Play Mats

"I recently purchased foam tiles for a basement obstacle course and rock wall that measures 160 square feet.  My nine year old and I assembled the floor in 20 minutes! I find the flooring durable, warm and soft for landing.  I would highly recommend this product.


Margaret L."

"These mats rock.  See what I did there?"
Home Sport and Play foam tiles are a full 7/8" thick and are a great, multi purpose foam flooring option for a variety of applications.

Kids will find them soft and warm for playing on.  They provide a nice layer of cushion for accidental falls or for wrestling around or just having fun on.

Adults enjoy them for aerobics or martial arts training as well as for the fatigue relief they provide.

These foam floor tiles are currently on sale with free shipping.  Be sure to visit us at to check them out.

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