Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Customer Review-Outdoor Sports Tile XT3

"Now you can ride with a Gator.  I think the mats look great.  Here are some pictures.  Maybe some other people might do the same."  -Richard P.

Wow!  The ingenuity of our customers never ceases to amaze us.

Richard used our Outdoor Sports Tile XT3 for the flooring of his tricked out golf cart.  (Guess which team he likes.)

The XT3 is a fairly new product for us here at Greatmats and, already, we're receiving rave reviews.  A plastic tile engineered to provide just the right bounce for tennis and basketball, this product is very popular because of its great looks and exceptional durability.  You can find courts around the world utilizing this type of tile for their outdoor courts.  They are popular with residential users and universities alike.

Would you like more information on outdoor court flooring?  Give us a call at 877-822-6622.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Customer Review-Home Sport and Play Mats

"I recently purchased foam tiles for a basement obstacle course and rock wall that measures 160 square feet.  My nine year old and I assembled the floor in 20 minutes! I find the flooring durable, warm and soft for landing.  I would highly recommend this product.


Margaret L."

"These mats rock.  See what I did there?"
Home Sport and Play foam tiles are a full 7/8" thick and are a great, multi purpose foam flooring option for a variety of applications.

Kids will find them soft and warm for playing on.  They provide a nice layer of cushion for accidental falls or for wrestling around or just having fun on.

Adults enjoy them for aerobics or martial arts training as well as for the fatigue relief they provide.

These foam floor tiles are currently on sale with free shipping.  Be sure to visit us at to check them out.

Questions?  Give us a call at 877-822-6622.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Customer Review-Premium Foam Mats

When it rains, it pours I guess.  Here's another kind review of our Premium 5/8" Foam Mats from Valerie in New Jersey:

My Greatmats are working out well for our family.  I bought them to cover the area under my daughter's crib, in case she were to climb or fall out of her crib, so that she won't get hurt on the tile floor.  We recently bought our first house, which had tile in this bedroom, and we haven't decided whether we are keeping the tile yet or not.  So, this was a quick, easy, and safe solution to our problem.  The mats are very thick, good quality, and they look very nice!  They fit well on the floor and stay put.  They were easy to cut for a custom fit.  My only complaint is that they make a lot of noise when walking on them barefoot.  When I go in to check on my daughter at night in her crib, the sound of my feet squeaking on the mats often wakes or stirs her.  So, if this could be modified to make the mats quieter, that would be even better!  Thanks Greatmats!

Thank you, Valerie.

Premium foam mats are on sale with free shipping right now.  Available in 15 bright colors, they're great for kids play areas or anywhere you need a soft floor with a splash of color.

Call Greatmats at 877-822-6622.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Customer Review-Premium Foam Mats

"The mats are wonderful and arrived quickly is perfect condition. The order and the colors were exactly as described! Thank you great mats!"

Rocky-Albany OH

Premium Foam Mats are one of the most popular products we carry.  Versatile, waterproof, and easy to clean, they make a nice soft floor for almost any indoor application.  These mats can be commonly found in nurseries, kids's play rooms, classrooms, and lots of other areas where a colorful, soft flooring is desired.  On sale with free shipping, these EVA foam mats come with two border strips per mat.  This allows you to create a perfectly straight edge for the perimeter of your area.  The mats simply interlock together like a large puzzle which makes for a simple installation that requires no adhesives.

We stock a variety of foam mats in our Wisconsin warehouse in a variety of thicknesses and color options.  Whether you need a bright foam floor for a kids room or a hardwood looking foam floor, we can help you find the flooring to fit your needs.  Foam is also available for martial arts training and dog agility flooring.

For more information, call Greatmats at 877-822-6622.