Monday, March 17, 2014

Customer Review-Premium Foam Mats

Here's a review from Paul who picked up some of our Premium 5/8" Foam Mats:

"We bought these for our 6 month old daughter and it really seemed to improve her mobility and when she would roll over or fall it provided some much needed cushion!! I didn't realize it came with edging too. It's also easy to clean! A lot easier than a carpet."

Premium Foam Mats make a great floor for kids.  They add a layer of cushion and some softness to the floor.  Available in 15 vibrant colors, these foam mats are on sale with free shipping.

2 border strips per mat allow you to create a corner or edge piece for your external mats.  (See drawing)  Simple interlocking design allows you to use these mats as a permanent or temporary flooring option.  They are waterproof and lightweight.  A one-year manufacturer's warranty protects you from product defects.

These foam mats are ideal for classrooms, daycares, or children's play areas.

For more information, call Greatmats at 877-822-6622.