Thursday, February 27, 2014

Customer Review-Grappling Mats

Here are some really great pictures from Richard A.  He runs a commercial dojo in Virginia.

"We share the space with a dance school.  This mat works as we have to put the mats up and down."

Grappling Mats are a full 1-5/8" thick.  They are an interlocking, high-density EVA foam product that provides great protection for MMA athletes.  These heavy-duty mats feature a four-foot fall height protection.

Rugged Tatami surface protects competitors from "rug burn".  These mats are double sided with one color per side.  Each mat measures 40" x 40".  Grappling mats are designed for a variety of different martial arts types but they are made for barefoot use.  Soft shoes may be worn but they can scuff the mats.

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