Thursday, February 27, 2014

Customer Review-Grappling Mats

Here are some really great pictures from Richard A.  He runs a commercial dojo in Virginia.

"We share the space with a dance school.  This mat works as we have to put the mats up and down."

Grappling Mats are a full 1-5/8" thick.  They are an interlocking, high-density EVA foam product that provides great protection for MMA athletes.  These heavy-duty mats feature a four-foot fall height protection.

Rugged Tatami surface protects competitors from "rug burn".  These mats are double sided with one color per side.  Each mat measures 40" x 40".  Grappling mats are designed for a variety of different martial arts types but they are made for barefoot use.  Soft shoes may be worn but they can scuff the mats.

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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Customer Review-Basement Floor Tiles Slate

Here's a nice review from Roger B.  He picked up some of our interlocking basement floor tiles for a customer's commercial building.  Here's what he had to say:

"This was my first experience with this style of flooring and with Great Mats. I can say with great confidence that I WILL be using both again. The product was very easy to work with. It did a wonderful job at conforming to imperfections in the sub surface (multiple additions concrete flooring). 
The customer service from Greatmats was just as exceptional. My customer had some concerns with the sample section we laid (I can attest to their slip resistance for anyone contemplating this) and the staff addressed the concern and offered a solution in a timely manner.

One tip I can offer from the install is to have the tiles you will be cutting near a heating source (but not too much temp variance). It helps with ease of cutting."

Thank you for the review, Roger.  We look forward to a lasting relationship.


Basement Floor Tiles Slate feature a hidden interlock system and are simple to install.  They are great for a number of different applications including wet basements because they are waterproof.  Available in nine designer colors, they are also ideal for commercial locations.  For more information, call Greatmats at 877.822.6622

Friday, February 14, 2014

Rubber Mats

Every so often, a customer gets creative with a product we carry and finds new and interesting ways to use it.  This was the case when Ed F. purchased some of our Honeycomb Mats.  Typically used in wet areas and other industrial settings such as waitress stations, Ed went another direction with the mats altogether.

Ed needed something to help him deliver flowers.  Something that would keep them from falling over.

First, he drilled holes in the mat
It took a while.

The finished product looks great!
"Do you know that their is 1,320 holes in a 2x3 mat?" Ed asked us.
We didn't but we do now!

Thank you, Ed.

If you have questions or comments regarding any of the products we offer at Greatmats, please give us a call at 877-822-6622.  We would love to hear from you.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Customer Review-Wood Grain Reversible Foam Tiles

Loren at the Shibuya Hoppmann Corporation used our Wood Grain Reversible Foam Tiles for their trade show booth.  Here's what she had to say:

"We wanted easy to set up flooring to use at trade shows we exhibit at. These mats not only are user friendly, but they look great and are comfortable. The wood grain mats really help to dress up our booth, and give us a unique look over the other exhibitors at trade shows. Decently priced. Highly impressed. Thanks!"

Thank you, Loren.  We appreciate your review and photo.

Wood Grain Reversible tiles are a dense EVA foam tile designed for durability.  The "wood grain" surface is surprisingly tough and is not easy to scratch off like some foam tiles.  The tan color on the reverse side makes the tile flexible.  You can use either side up.  Simple interlocking puzzle design allows you to install the flooring easily without adhesives.  For a wall-to-wall installation, simply cut the tiles to fit with a sharp utility knife.  This waterproof flooring is great for basements and other rooms as well.
For more information, call Greatmats at 877-822-6622.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

What's the best flooring for dog agility?

If there's a drawback to being a dog-agility enthusiast, it's that there really isn't much online information available on the subject.  Surf the internet and you'll find a few sales pitches, a couple magazines, some organizations, but few answers to specific questions.

One of the most important questions you should ask as a dog agility trainer is, "what type of flooring should I use to train my dogs?"

Before we answer that, let's look at those flooring options that are NOT great for the sport.

1.)  Rubber.  Perhaps the biggest misconception out there is that rubber (rolled or interlocking tiles) provides some sort of spongy, super surface that provides great traction while also providing comfort for animals and trainers alike.  This notion is false.  Rubber, while a great surface for protecting floors from heavy equipment like treadmills or weight benches, does not provide much fatigue relief at all.  In fact, a rolled rubber floor isn't much softer than the concrete floor it covers.  And while rubber may be easy to clean (usually a damp mop will do the trick) it is NOT waterproof.  Also, because most rubber floor products come in black (they are made from recycled tires) they show dirt immediately.  In short, rubber has it's place but that place is generally not in a dog training facility.

2.)  Vinyl/Plastic.  Another seemingly great choice for flooring your training facility would be vinyl or plastic.  It's waterproof, easy to clean, it looks nice...However, like rubber it is generally an unforgiving surface.  Products made of these materials are also often slippery making for a treacherous area for both trainer and dogs.  Slippery = no good for training dogs.

3.)  Carpet/hardwood.  These products get destroyed quickly by animals and are a nightmare to keep clean.  Enough said.

Believe it or not, the best flooring for dog agility training is foam.  Not just any foam, of course.  Kids mats from the local box store will be shredded in no time.  However, dense EVA foam that is designed specifically for dog training provides everything you're looking for for your facility.  It is waterproof and easy to keep clean.  A high-traction, commercial grade carpet top provides excellent traction and is resistant to dog claws.  Superficial scratching and tears will happen, to be sure.  But the quality and performance of the floor will remain unaffected for years.  Dog Agility mats are simple to install.  Puzzle tiles that simply piece together, they require no adhesives.  For a wall-to-wall installation, you simply cut them to fit with a sharp utility knife.  Also, if one tile gets damaged, you can simply replace it and carry on.  Not so easy with a roll of rubber or hardwood floor!

Would you like more information on dog agility flooring or other products we carry?  Give us a call at 877-822-6622.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Roof and Deck Top Tiles

DeckTop tiles are available in a variety of different colors.

Create a relaxing getaway spot on your rooftop or deck with DeckTop Architectural Tiles from from Greatmats.  These outdoor rubber tiles provide a great combination of good looks and functionality and installation is surprisingly easy.  DeckTop tiles can be installed over any firm flat surface even fragile, waterproof membranes without requiring adhesives.

DeckTOP tiles provide a durable and floating deck system that protects the roof from the elements and provides drainage.  This rubber flooring product is made from high density materials for excellent durability and puncture resistance.

These rooftop tiles are porous and permeable.  Rain and melting snow will quickly flow through the tiles to the waterproof surface below.  These rubber tiles are manufactured with robust drainage grooves molded into the base tiles that allows water to easily flow laterally under the tiles. These grooves also form a network of channels that are perfectly sized for wiring to be installed under the tiles.

DeckTOP are available in a variety of pigmented and premium EPDM colors.  Transition ramps are also available. Weighing less than six pounds per square foot, this material offers superior protection while also providing excellent thermal and sound dampening insulation.

Each tile is 1-3/8" thick.  These outdoor roof tiles are resilient and slip resistant and also help to protect your roof or deck in public traffic areas.   DeckTOP Architectural Tiles are made from 100% post-consumer waste tires.  They provide an exceptionally durable and safe, low maintenance alternative to heavier, pedestal-type concrete pavers.  They are also great for patios and plazas.

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