Monday, January 27, 2014

What flooring is best for my basement?

It's a question we hear a lot here at Greatmats.  The answer depends on how you answer a few additional questions.  Before you buy your basement floor, be sure to consider the following:

1.)   How will you be using your basement?  Do you plan to install a home gym in your basement?  A recreational room where you can watch TV and relax?  Maybe a kids playroom or a place for doing aerobic workouts?  The way you plan to use the space will go a long way toward determining which flooring product will work best for you.  A rubber floor will do a great job of protecting your floor from a treadmill or weight bench but it will provide very little cushion for kids who will be roughhousing around.  Really consider how you think the room will be used before you pull the trigger on a flooring product.

2.)  Does your basement leak?  Water issues are a common concern for basement areas.  Even if you never see standing water, moisture can seep up through the concrete.  Certain products (such as modular tiles) do a great job of "wicking" away moisture where others will keep it trapped between your new floor and the concrete.  This can turn into a mold problem and is something you'll definitely want to steer clear of.

3.)  Are you looking for an "island" layout in the middle of a room or are would you like to do an entire wall-to-wall installation?  Some basement flooring products come with finishing edging and others do not.  Before you invest, be sure you know if those tiles you're buying have a straightedge, a puzzle edge, or a ramped edge.  
Foam is a great choice for basement kids rooms

Keep in mind that you can always finish a section of your basement and finish another section at a later time.  You can even use different materials.  Maybe you want rubber in one area for weights, foam in another for the kids, and a carpet tile in the rec-room area.  These products can all be used in concert with one another.  However, you will probably need to invest in transition strips or another type of material to connect one area to the next.

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