Thursday, January 30, 2014

Customer Review-MaxTile

Jonathann B was kind enough to send us a review and some pictures of his basement.  He installed our Stone colored MaxTile.  It is a convenient and durable flooring option for basements.  Because this tile is waterproof and modular, it is great for places where moisture can be an occasional issue.
Installation is simple-click the tiles together and you're done

From my first contact with the website to talking to Ryan Noll to delivery to installation, my experience has been great. Packaging was easy to handle, no damage.  Tiles were easy to cut and install and it went much faster than my contractor (CLOVERNINE GB, W HARTFORD, CT-JOHN POWERS) thought it would. Floor looks even better than I thought it would. Everyone who sees it is impressed. I am expecting long life and great performance from these tiles."

Thank you, Jonathann, for your review.  We're sure your basement flooring will keep you happy for many years to come.

Finished product-for wall to wall installations, simple cut the tiles to fit with a table saw.