Thursday, January 30, 2014

Customer Review-MaxTile

Jonathann B was kind enough to send us a review and some pictures of his basement.  He installed our Stone colored MaxTile.  It is a convenient and durable flooring option for basements.  Because this tile is waterproof and modular, it is great for places where moisture can be an occasional issue.
Installation is simple-click the tiles together and you're done

From my first contact with the website to talking to Ryan Noll to delivery to installation, my experience has been great. Packaging was easy to handle, no damage.  Tiles were easy to cut and install and it went much faster than my contractor (CLOVERNINE GB, W HARTFORD, CT-JOHN POWERS) thought it would. Floor looks even better than I thought it would. Everyone who sees it is impressed. I am expecting long life and great performance from these tiles."

Thank you, Jonathann, for your review.  We're sure your basement flooring will keep you happy for many years to come.

Finished product-for wall to wall installations, simple cut the tiles to fit with a table saw.

Monday, January 27, 2014

What flooring is best for my basement?

It's a question we hear a lot here at Greatmats.  The answer depends on how you answer a few additional questions.  Before you buy your basement floor, be sure to consider the following:

1.)   How will you be using your basement?  Do you plan to install a home gym in your basement?  A recreational room where you can watch TV and relax?  Maybe a kids playroom or a place for doing aerobic workouts?  The way you plan to use the space will go a long way toward determining which flooring product will work best for you.  A rubber floor will do a great job of protecting your floor from a treadmill or weight bench but it will provide very little cushion for kids who will be roughhousing around.  Really consider how you think the room will be used before you pull the trigger on a flooring product.

2.)  Does your basement leak?  Water issues are a common concern for basement areas.  Even if you never see standing water, moisture can seep up through the concrete.  Certain products (such as modular tiles) do a great job of "wicking" away moisture where others will keep it trapped between your new floor and the concrete.  This can turn into a mold problem and is something you'll definitely want to steer clear of.

3.)  Are you looking for an "island" layout in the middle of a room or are would you like to do an entire wall-to-wall installation?  Some basement flooring products come with finishing edging and others do not.  Before you invest, be sure you know if those tiles you're buying have a straightedge, a puzzle edge, or a ramped edge.  
Foam is a great choice for basement kids rooms

Keep in mind that you can always finish a section of your basement and finish another section at a later time.  You can even use different materials.  Maybe you want rubber in one area for weights, foam in another for the kids, and a carpet tile in the rec-room area.  These products can all be used in concert with one another.  However, you will probably need to invest in transition strips or another type of material to connect one area to the next.

Have questions?  Give Greatmats a call at 877-822-6622.  We're always happy to help.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Customer Review-Wood Grain Reversible

It's always nice to receive positive feedback about your products.  Our friends at the SQ Group used our Wood Grain Reversible foam tiles for their trade show booth at the NSCAA Soccer Convention.  Here's what they had to say:

"Simply put, our floor was the most talked about aspect of our booth, except of course for our actual product. Almost every person who we interacted with asked us where we got our flooring. Besides the positive interest it gained us, our feet were extremely happy too! After 10 hours of standing, the foam padding was much appreciated by our team. Lastly, in terms of cost effectiveness and installation, we saved thousands of dollars on renting a carpet from the convention contractors and we installed our floor in less than 15 minutes. We could not ask for more. Thank you Greatmats!" 

Thank you, Kristian.  We appreciate your business.

Wood Grain Reversible tiles are excellent for trade show booths as well as basements, bedrooms, and a variety of other applications.  Foam flooring provides fantastic cushion for standing or aerobic exercise.  It is waterproof, lightweight, and durable.  Want more information?  Call Greatmats at 877-800-6622.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Customer Review-Aerobic Dance Floor Tiles

Here's a nice letter from a customer of ours in Wisconsin:

Hi all at Greatmats,

We at the Yoga Barn wanted to thank you - everyone of your team for not just the great
mats (perfect for Yoga)  that are warm, soft and cozy on the feet and body; but for followup and personal caring.  As you might remember we have a challenging situation with a concrete floor that is coated with an epoxy based pigmented covering.

Interlocking tiles are simple to install and look great!
The floor has always been cold and slippery.  Your Greatmats have solved the problem and our customers love the warmth and comfort the mats provide.  Also your mats are so easy to clean and fit so well in the room.  We did as you suggested - fit the room tightly with the mats by cutting in the edge.  This was easily done with a razor knife and a metal straight edge.  Please check out these pictures of how we used the edging as interior door insulator.  Because the mats have some flexibility we were able to conform the edging tightly to the door to seal out any prevailing drafts.  Cool huh?

Again thanks for everything  - your stuff and family are truly Great.

Sincerely Gayle D.
Yoga Barn
Aerobic dance tiles are great for yoga too!

Thank you, Gayle.  We're glad you're happy with your new flooring.  

If you would like more information about Aerobic Floor tiles or any of the specialty flooring products we carry at Greatmats, please give us a call.  We're happy to help you find the right product to fit your specific need.  877-822-6622.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Commercial Gym Rubber

Here is a really nice letter from our friends at Natural Strength CrossFit.  They purchased 1/2 rolled rubber for their facility.

Hi Ryan,

We are guessing that you've had some time off to relax with friends and family during the holidays. Ours was short and sweet, only Christmas day off as we were working around the clock for 2 weeks straight getting our new gym the way we wanted it before installing our mats.

At this time we want to thank you for such incredible service. We absolutely love our floor and so do our members. They are thrilled with the texture and how beautifully we managed to lay it down. We have attached some photo's for you and your staff to see what GREATMATS has done for us and to let you know we appreciate your customer service. After laying the floor we were so pleased with our decision and that we ended up with a more expensive floor but definitely the floor that we needed for what we do. Our phone conversation regarding what weight we are dropping on the floor was great as you were honest in telling us that we should go thicker. We thank you for that.

Take care and cheers to the New Year!!!

Kind regards,
Mira Singh & Sean White
Natural Strength CrossFit
(established March 2009)

Thank you, Mira and Sean!  We appreciate your business.

If you would like additional information on rolled rubber or any of our home or commercial gym flooring, call Greatmats at 877-822-6622.