Monday, December 30, 2013

Customer Review-Dog Agility Mats

Steven H. of Maumee, Ohio purchased our Dog Agility foam mats for his training facility.  Here's what he had to say:
"This product is a great value for the money.  I am using it to train dogs in agility.  It doesn't get high traffic, so I cannot speak to dogs do not slip at all and they seem to love running on it.  Also,m my knees feel better working on this surface.  We installed it in a space that is 34x44 and work on obedience, some short jump sequences and weaves and tunnels. It was easy to install, and I appreciate the light weight of the product. The space we rent is an old dance studio :)"

Dog agility mats are a high density EVA foam that is designed for years of abuse in a commercial dog agility facility.  The surface texture is designed to provide maximum traction and, while the surface will be nicked by the dogs's claws, the performance and durability of the mats will not be affected.  These mats are waterproof and simple to clean, all you need is a damp mop.  The fatigue relief they provide for both dogs and trainers is second-to-none which makes these foam mats an appealing and popular product.

For more information, call Greatmats at 877-822-6622.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Don't run in the house!

"Running in the house?  You've got the wrong guys."
If you've said it once, you've said it a thousand times.  But, like jumping on the bed or leaving "every light in the house on", some things are too inviting to be left alone and the kids don't always heed your advice.

If you're concerned that your little ones might take a tumble on that ceramic tile or worse(?) the concrete basement floor, we have a product you should take a look at.

Home Sport and Play is a 7/8" thick interlocking foam floor tile that's simple to install, totally waterproof, and lightweight.  It's also on sale right now with free shipping.
"You're killing me."
 These foam floor tiles are commonly used for a variety of applications including martial arts training and aerobics so they're designed to take a beating.

Install these tiles by piecing them together like a giant puzzle and forget it.  It's that simple.  These foam tiles come in two colors, one per side.  Universal interlock system allows you to make a checkerboard pattern on your floor if you wish.  They can be installed directly over concrete, tiles, or any hard, level surface.

Home Sport and Play mats are soft enough for wrestling and other horseplay but also double as a great fitness floor option for mom and dad.

For more information, call Greatmats at 877-822-6622.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Customer Review-Rubber Utility Floor Tiles

Steve from Omaha used our Utility Rubber Floor Tiles for his basement.  Here's what he had to say:

"Greatmats is great to work with.  They have fantastic response times to both phone and email questions.  The rubber utility tile I purchased was for an 18' x 14' home gym.  I installed it myself right to the concrete.  It is dense, quality rubber.  The only drawback to this is make sure you have a sharp utility knife for the perimeter cuts, because it takes a few passes and elbow grease.

Luckily, I didn't have to worry about my edge cuts being perfectly straight because they slid under my trim out of sight.  It's nice that they are 3' x3' as this makes the install go faster than you think.  It only took me about 3 hours and I had no help.  Overall, I could not be happier with the product.  It looks and feels just like the flooring at your commercial gyms and it is the lowest price I could find anywhere on the web!"

If you would like more information on rubber home gym flooring or any of our specialty flooring products, call Greatmats at 877-822-6622.

Monday, December 16, 2013

What's the best workout flooring for over carpeting?

Can you use foam mats over carpeting?  How about rubber tiles or rolls?  These are questions we hear a lot here at Greatmats.  I wanted to address this for those of you who may be wondering the same things.

First of  Foam mats (including folding mats like the ones you find in schools and universites) are not a good flooring solution for your carpeted area.  Depending on the depth of your carpeting, the mats can sink and slide around.  Interlocking seams can begin to come apart as one tile is stepped on and the other stays up.  You will find yourself spending more time assembling and re-assembling your flooring than you will working out.

Also, folding mats will slide around on carpet.  If you're jumping or bounding, this can be dangerous.

What about rubber?

Contrary to popular belief, rubber matting and rolls are, typically, not a good solution for aerobic workout areas.  Unless you invest in a plyometric/plyorobic type of rubber, these products create a very hard surface.  Rubber is ideal for protecting your floor from free weights or exercise equipment like treadmills or eliptical machines.  It is not particularly conducive to bounding, running, floor exercises, etc. even in the most ideal situation.  Compound this with a carpeted sub-surface and you have a mess.  Like foam, rubber will slide and shift over carpeting.  Rolls separate at the seams.  Interlocking tiles come apart due to the softness of the surface below the rubber floor.  This makes for an unstable workout area which can also result in injury.

But all hope is not lost.  At Greatmats, we do carry a few exercise floor options designed to lay directly over carpeting.  The best of these options is probably the StayLock series.  These tiles are built of a flexible and forgiving, soft PVC.  They provide wonderful cushion and fatigue relief for people who are wanting to do floor exercises or aerobic activities such as Insanity or P90X.  However, they are a rugged enough material that you can place heavy equipment or weights on them without fear that they'll come apart or get permanent indentations in them (a real concern for foam products).

StayLock tiles are available in three types.  Perforated tiles are UV treated for outdoor use and are generally used as a wet area tile or for toddler playgrounds.  (They provide a 20 inch fall-height rating.)  Bump Top which provides the maximum cushion for ergomic and aerobic usage.  And Orange Peel which presents an attractive surface while still providing exceptional comfort and cushion.

Manufactured by Greatmats in Wisconsin, all three StayLock products are waterproof, lightweight, extremely durable, and very comfortable for working out or for standing for extended periods of time.  Interlocking tiles connect together with a hook and loop design that will not come apart unless you are deliberately disassembling your floor.  They require no adhesive for installation and can be cut to fit your room easily.  All you need to install this flooring in your basement is a straight edge and a sharp utility knife.

Want more information?  Call Greatmats at 877-822-6622.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Customer Review-1-5/8" Grappling Mats

Absolute Fight Factory in Kalispell, MT offers classes in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ), Muay Thai Kickboxing, and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA).  They teach classes for ALL levels, from beginners to the professional athlete. 

The owner, Rob McCaskill, began training and competing in martial arts in 1986, and holds many titles in each of the following arts: Tae-kwon-do, Toushi-kan, Karate, American Kenpo, Muay Thai, Judo, Jiu-jitsu and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. Rob is a retired professional Muay Thai kickboxing and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Champion. Rob began training in Muay Thai in 1991 and BJJ in 1996. Rob has taught seminars all over the US Canada and Mexico, and has trained with various World Champions. Rob McCaskill is an official Rigan Machado BJJ Affiliate Instructor.

Recently, Absolute Fight Factory purchased 1-5/8" Grappling mats from us and here's what they had to say:

"The mats are great for grappling and throws and still provide a great surface for standup techniques, allowing for great footing and transitions.  Truly a great product for EVERYTHING that we do, and that is EVERYTHING!  Boxing, Kickboxing, Wrestling, Judo, BJJ, and MMA.  Greatmats product covers it all!"
Our Grappling Mats are available in three color options: Red/Blue, Black/Gray, and Green/Brown with one color per side. 
These mats are designed for grappling and MMA and feature a no-burn surface texture. They are designed for barefoot use only. Soft martial arts shoes can be worn but please note that they may scuff your mats.
Call Greatmats at 877-822-6622 for more information.

Friday, December 6, 2013

Outdoor Playground Rubber

When it comes to outdoor playground areas, nothing beats rubber tiles.  Sure, you can go with something less expensive like wood chips, sand, or rubber crumbs.  But kids like to throw them, pile them up, play trucks in them, and generally move them all over the place.  If you have a fall-height rating you need to maintain for safety's sake, you'd better have a rake handy.
Loose fill is also dangerous.  Broken glass, nails, and all sorts of unwelcome foreign objects can hide in it.
Another option is poured-in-place rubber but it has it's drawbacks as well.  Rubber tends to expand and contract with the elements.  In time, even the best rubber products begin to crack and break down.  High traffic areas wear out more quickly than the rest.  The spot beneath the slide or under the swings is going to wear out before other areas.
That's why tiles are so convenient.  The fall-height rating doesn't change with kids playing.  You don't need a rake to keep things level.  And, when high traffic areas eventually wear out, you can replace a tile and go on with your life.  No creative patchwork is required.
Cris Vowels at Urbana Early Childhood School was kind enough to send us a photo of the Kid's Kushion they installed at their facility.  Cris was happy with her product and said she would recommend Greatmats to her friends.  Call Greatmats at 877-822-6622.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Holiday Coupon from Greatmats

With the holidays approaching, it's time to start thinking about spending more time indoors.  Now is the time to do those home improvement jobs you've been putting off.  Take advantage of this customer coupon from Greatmats.  You can apply this coupon to any order of $100 or more.  Use it to purchase rubber flooring for home gyms, foam flooring for aerobic areas or kid's play rooms, basement flooring, MMA flooring, or any other products we carry!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Customer Review - Karate Mats

Brian S. of Rice Lake Martial Arts Center in Rice Lake, WI was kind enough to submit a photo of his new Karate Mats installed.  We asked him about them and this is what he had to say:

"We purchased the mats to use for covering our entire training floor.  Our style is Okinawan karate & weaponry.  We are mostly on our feet and needed something with some cushion but not too soft.  The mats we ordered are just right for that purpose.

The installation went fairly easy.  I had assisted at another dojo in the past with your product and was familiar with how they would cut and fit together.  I was able to use your tool on the website to come up with a pattern and get the correct number of mats ordered.  I did the install by myself.  It took me about 12 hours but that was because I matched the outside against the walls and other parts of the wall along the edges.  Cutting took the most time.

We are very happy with the product.  I have had many positive comments about the look and feel of the mats.  I would order them again.

The mats were ordered for a full time karate dojo business.

I would recommend Greatmats."

Thank you, Brian.  We appreciate your business.

If you would like information about our martial arts mats or any of our specialty flooring products, please call Greatmats at 877-822-6622.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Glenhaven Youth Ranch

Recently, we were given the opportunity to donate some portable stall mats to Glenhaven Youth Ranch.  
Glenhaven is dedicated to providing a loving home, a lasting hope, a liberating future for youth at risk.

Glenhaven Youth Ranch provides hope and healing in a Christ-centered home for young men and women in need. They partner with families and others, equipping them with tools to help hurting children overcome the disappointments of their past.

GYR is licensed by the Department of Human Services to provide direct, long-term residential care for up to 30 youths. 

They provide a solid home life which gives the kids love and stability in a positive, structured, and supportive family home.

They offer comprehensive, on-site academic advancement and vocational training.

Rather than addressing surface issues with temporary solutions, their professional team of staff and volunteers takes a relational approach to meet each child’s unique needs. On average, a resident graduates after twelve months by reintegrating into a healthy family or transitioning into a hopeful adult life.

Please join us in supporting this wonderful organization.  We're glad that we were able to contribute to their mission to help kids in need.

About stall mats:  The portable mats we donated to Glenhaven are our Pebble Mats.  These are a heavy-duty, EVA foam mat that works great in workout areas as well as trailers and other areas where animals will be staying on a temporary basis.  Pebble Mats are easy to clean, lightweight, and remarkably durable.  If you have questions about this or any product Greatmats carries, please call us at 877-822-6622.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

New Product-The Hiddenlock Coin-top tile

Great for basements, garages or warehouses, our new Hidden Lock coin top interlocking modular floor tile design reduces the number of seams in your floor.  It is durable enough for foot and vehicle traffic.  This PVC floor tile is also resistant to most acids and oils and can be installed in a garage. It has no trouble bearing the weight of cars, trucks, or forklifts. 

Available in popular colors such as black, red, yellow, blue, and gray. Mix and match to make an awesome design in your garage with this garage floor tile.  Modular coin top hidden lock floor tiles are 1x1 ft in size and 6.5 mm thickness. 

For garage floor installations we recommend that our customers seal this product with our recommended PVC floor sealer. Please contact a salesperson for details.  In most instances, you will not need adhesive to install this flooring.  However, in areas where excessive vehicle turning will be present, we recommend a glue-down install.

Call Greatmats at 877-822-6622.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Customer Review-Premium Foam Mats

Carol M. sent us a nice review and photo.  She selected our 5/8” Premium Foam Mats for her project and, if this picture is any indication, it turned out fantastic!  (Did we mention these mats are on sale and come with free shipping?)

Here’s what Carol had to say:  “The mats are wonderful and very substantial in thickness.  My little grandaughter's playhouse could be on the cover of a magazine..... What a color match! The samples you sent were spot on perfect.

The company and its representatives were very informative and nice to work with and I certainly would order from you again.  I will definitely recommend your company and your mats.  Thank you.”

Thank you, Carol.  We appreciate your business!

If you would like more information on our foam mats or any of our specialty flooring products, give us a call!  877-822-6622.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Customer Review-ABC/123 Mats

Erika G. purchased some of our ABC-123 kids foam play mats for her daughter.  Here's what she had to say about them:

"We used the tiles as the flooring for our daughter's playroom.  It was very easy and fun to install them, we took our time making words with the tiles!  We are very satisfied with how it turned out from the ordering process to the setup!  Since the mats are rubber (Note: technically they are EVA foam but they feel pretty similar to rubber) it was an easy clean up as well!  I have already recommended to some of our friends and family!"

Thank you, Erika.  ABC-123 mats are a very popular product for us.  They are bright and colorful so they stimulate kids while also introducing them to basic letters and numerals.  These foam mats are also soft which makes for a better landing pad should the little ones take a tumble.

ABC-123 foam play mats are on sale right now with FREE SHIPPING!

Call Greatmats at 877-822-6622.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Are you sure you want that rubber floor in your house?

Putting rubber flooring in your home or business is an investment.  Before you pull the trigger on any rubber product, be sure you know what you're getting.
Here are some things to consider:

1.)  Does the rubber reek?

These days, with homes being so well insulated, a strong rubber smell in your building is probably going to get circulated by your furnace or air conditioner over and over throughout your home or business.  In the old days, homes were so poorly insulated that, eventually, the smell would dissipate over time as the air turned over.  That's not the case today.  If you have a newer home and a stinky floor, you'll be bumming for a while. 

The key is the BINDING AGENT used when the rubber is vulcanized (which is a fancy way of saying "made".)  If the rubber is made with a urethane binder it will have very low odor.  If the binding agent is sulfuric-based, it's going to smell like a mountain of tires in your home for months if not years.

1a.)  It DOESN'T MATTER if the rubber is virgin or recycled.  The binding agent is the critical factor
1b.)  If you're buying horse stall mats or a similar product for your home, you're probably buying stinky product.  Be sure to find out before you pull the trigger.

2.)  What thickness do you need?  

Rubber is heavy.  That means it's expensive to ship because freight companies usually charge by weight.  For your home gym, chances are you can get by with an 8mm rubber product.  This is thick enough for day-to-day abuse that comes in most gym environments.  While the standard used to be 3/8", most people are opting for 8mm.  It is roughly 1mm thinner than 3/8".  From a performance standpoint, you won't know the difference.  From a cost perspective, you most assuredly will.  

Unless you'll be dropping heavy weights to the floor on a regular basis (such as deadlifts or clean-and-jerks) you probably don't need 1/2" rubber.  If you are going to be beating on the floor, this is probably all the thicker you'll ever need to go.

3.)  Rubber is NOT waterproof.  If you're using it in a wet area, you'll probably be disappointed.  It tends to suck water up like a sponge and hold on to it.

4.)  Rubber flooring is NOT good for a garage as a general rule.  This is because rubber tires + rubber floor = shredded rubber floor.

5.)   You should NOT use rubber outdoors.  Again, the water from rain and snow will damage your product.  Also, years of direct sunlight may cause it to curl up on the ends and lose its pliability.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Customer Review-Grappling Mats

Here’s a Q&A with Matt D. from Rochester Karate in Rochester New York.  Matt purchased about 1200 square feet of our 1-5/8” Grappling Mats.

Greatmats: What did you use the tiles for?
Matt:  Mats are for a new branch of my martial arts schools.

G: How did the installation go? 
M: Installation took about 20 minutes with 5 people.  Very easy.

G:  Are you happy with the product?  Would you buy it again?
M:  Yes, I’d buy again.

G:  Would you recommend Greatmats to your friends?
M:  Yes.

Matt also added this:  They were easy to install and have a clean, safe look.  They helped make my new martial arts school look professional.  The feel of them is comparable to mats costing twice as much.  Great value.  Great mats!  

Thanks, Matt.  Good luck with the new school!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Customer Review-Kid's Foam Mats

We're always happy to receive positive feedback.  This is a letter from Randy who purchased our Home Sport and Play Mats a couple weeks ago.  They're on sale right now and come with free shipping!

"My wife and i have a 2 year old son (Jack) and another little boy due any day now. Realizing that winter is around the corner I decided Jack and I needed a safe place to run around and play indoors that would be out of mom's way.
Our basement is partially developed. There's a small "man cave" with a big screen tv and some pinball machines but the rest of the basement is a painted concrete foundation and lots of shelving. 
So i started doing some online research and discovered your company's "playroom flooring."
The tiles are vibrant, thick, provide great padding and are "customizable" with a few swipes of a box cutter. 
But best of all, they have warmed up our cold basement because of their insulation properties. 

As for installing them, i think i spent an hour experimenting with a few layout options. But about 30 minutes actually installing all of them.
Cutting the tiles to fit around shelf legs and corners was super easy. All i used was an old box cutter and a yard stick. I didn't run into any challenges other than the fact that i should have ordered about 5 additional tiles. So what I did to cover a few gaps was get creative and connect a bunch of edge pieces together to fill in spaces that could have used a larger tile. 

My wife and I love the tiles. And so does our son because he now has his own playroom next to daddy's "cave."
I would definitely buy these tiles from again and I've already told my sister about them since she and her husband just had a son and want to develop a play space in their basement. 

Oh and i forgot to mention i love how easy they are to clean.
One of our cats decided to cough up dinner on one of the tiles and it was super easy to wipe up, then pull up the tile and give it a scrubbing outside with the hose. Plus it air dried in no time.

You guys have a great product, user-friendly website, fantastic shipping and we couldn't be happier with our purchase."

Thank you, Randy.  We're happy that you're happy!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Customer Review-Patio Aqua Tile

Tile over treated wood deck
As you can see by these photos, Al did a great job with his pool area using Patio Tile Aqua from Greatmats.  A perfect, outdoor wet tile, it is perforated so it doesn't hold the heat and prevents water from puddling up on the surface.  It's also a much safer surface for children than concrete.

"The tile made a huge difference," Al says.  "It covered the aging concrete around the pool.  The tile over the treated wood deck worked great."

Al covered 1860 square feet of pool area including the deck and the job took him only 29 hours.  Because these wet area tiles require no adhesive, it's a pretty straightforward job.  Just click the tiles together and cut them off to fit around the pool area and other obstructions.

Tile around pool over existing concrete deck

"I'm very happy with the product and would recommend it to friends.  The only recommendation I would make is that the manufacturer look into making some nosings to finish the edge."

(We're actually in contact with the manufacturer about that very thing.  Al had to use 90 degree metal strips to finish the edging by the ladder that descends into the pool.)

"Otherwise, everything went great."

Thanks, Al.  We appreciate your business.
Tile around pool - opposite end

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Customer Review - Wood Grain Reversible Foam Tiles

If you're looking for a floor that is soft, warm, and comfortable but provides the look of hardwood floors, our Wood Grain Reversible Tiles might be a product you'll be interested in.  They are called reversible because you can also flip them upside down and display the tan side instead of the wood grain side.

Santina L. bought some and she was very impressed.  Here's what she had to say:

"We used the tiles for our basement project where we created two rooms for our teenage daughters.  The concrete floors were professionally waterproofed 2 months prior but still had a lot of irregularity in shape and contour."

Foam is a great product for basements.  Although it doesn't sound as though Santina's basement will have any issues with water, many basements do.  Foam is waterproof and doesn't absorb moisture into the material.  Unlike a carpet pad, which is destroyed the first time it gets wet, foam will simply dry out as soon as it's removed from the damp area.  Once the area is dried, it can go right back down as good as new.

"The installation went like a dream.  The tiles were easy to lay and easy to cut to fit the odd shape of the rooms."  (Installing foam tiles wall-to-wall is a simple process.  All you need is a straightedge and a sharp razor and you can cut your tiles to fit.)

"The connecting tiles were great to connect the floors in both rooms through the pocket door in the center.  It took us about an hour to lay the two rooms and the closet.  We used a board and a straight edged T-square and a box cutter to cut the tiles to fit.  It really saved us from having to even out the floors."

Another nice thing about foam: it doesn't require any adhesives or special surface to attach to.  If you have a hard, flat, indoor surface, you're in business.

"We would definitely buy the tiles again.  Our son is jealous already that they have such cool floors.  They are nice to walk on and cover the unevenness of the concrete wonderfully.  Even a room full of teenage girls though it was comfortable to sleep on.  The wood grain in the tiles looks like wood floors if you look quick and people are shocked that they are foam.  What a cool product."

Thank you, Santina.  Would you recommend Greatmats to your friends?

"Yes, we would recommend you and already have.  Price was great, product arrived in a timely fashion, well before we needed them, and are fun to use."

Monday, August 5, 2013

Customer Review-Rosco Adagio Dance Flooring

Gary B. purchased some Rosco Adagio dance flooring from us for his professional dance studio.  Here's what he had to say:

"We purchased rolls of marley flooring to put in our dance studio in our tap room.  The installation went very well.  We followed your customer rep's suggestions.  The actual installation was completed in about five hours."

Did you have any difficulty installing the product?

"The only difficulty was taping the marley underneath rather than on top.  We prefer to have the tape underneath as tape on the top tends to catch on tap shoes and get curled."

We asked Gary if he is happy with the product.

"We are very happy with the product and will be purchasing more marley for an additional dance room that will be completed this fall.  This was purchased for a dance school business.  This room is used for tap, jazz, ballet, hip-hop, and lyrical dance."

Would you recommend this dance floor to your friends?

"Yes, we would definitely recommend this to friends.  Your customer service we very helpful and complete.  The shipping was well coordinated and timely."

Thank you, Gary.  We're glad you had a pleasant experience with our company.  We look forward to working with you in the future.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Customer Review-MaxTile/CarpetFlex

Another great review for our MaxTile and Carpet Flex products!

Peggy B. used our flooring in her basement.  Here's what she had to say:
"I have a full finished basement with 2 bedrooms, 1 full bathroom, TV room and a walk in closet.  In Jan 2013 my basement was back flushed with sewer and all my subflooring, wall to wall carpet and 2' of drywall was removed.  This was the second time the flooring had to be taken up."

*Editors Note:  Bummer.

"So I saw your product and thought, NO MORE taking up the sub flooring...the Max Tile was used for the bathroom floor and the Carpet Flex was used for the rest of the area (bedrooms, closet, tv room)."

We asked Peggy how the installation went and how long it took.

"I took one day off from work and did most of it in less than 8 hours (approx 700 sf).  I bought a table saw and had no problems.  Loved it!"

Are you happy with the product and would you buy it again?

"Absolutely love it and would buy again!"

And now the big question...would you recommend Greatmats to your friends?

"Already have!!!!"

So, there you have it.  Four exclamation points and all.  Peggy's thrilled with this product because it's waterproof, built to last, and easy to install.  If you'd like more information about basement flooring or any of our products...

Call Greatmats at 877-822-6622.

Until next time...

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Hidden Lock Modular Floor Tile

Greatmats is proud to introduce this high end, commercial quality, modular floor tile.  Attractive and durable, this flooring is excellent for a variety of applications.  Hidden connection system allows you to install this flooring quickly and easily with no need for adhesive.

Made in the USA, this tile is the thickest tile of its kind on the market. Manufactured from quality materials for excellent color and material control, this tile is superior to thinner tiles on the market and will maintain outstanding color consistency.  Where some plastic floor tiles vary in coloration from batch to batch, the materials used for this product are maintained to a constant standard.  This ensures that your tiles will not vary in shade or color.

Choose this slate-top, textured tile for basement floors or entryways.  It is durable enough for foot and vehicle traffic.  Also, this PVC floor tile is resistant to most acids and oils so it can even be installed in a garage.

This basement, garage, and entryway modular flooring will improve the look and feel of any room.  Hidden Lock modular floor tile is designed to be dry laid for most residential installations bit it can also be glued down for more demanding commercial locations.

Use this hidden interlock floor tile for home garages or basement floors. It is available in designer and earth-tone colors such as brown and tan. Mix and match colors to make an upscale design in your home with this modular floor tile.

Hidden Lock slate tiles are 1x1 ft and 6.5 mm thick for extra durability and quality. This modular floor tile is an excellent choice for basement floors and entryways in any home.

For garage floor installations, we recommend that the tiles be coated with our recommended PVC floor sealer.  Please contact a sales person for details.

Call Greatmats at 877-822-6622.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Exercise / Workout Mat 5x10

Here's a home exercise mat great for home exercises, martial arts, wrestling, and a variety of aerobic activities.  This home workout mat is made of a durable, professional-quality, vinyl-designed for years of workout use. The foam material in this exercise mat is cross-linked polyethylene. 

This workout mat makes home exercise easy.   You can effortlessly roll out this lightweight mat and roll it up to store when you're done.  Home users can use this athletic workout and exercise mat for aerobics, wrestling, grappling, and martial arts practice.   It is available in black, red, navy, and royal blue.

AT 5x10 ft x 1.25 inch thick this workout mat is big enough for most people to do their basic aerobic activities.  Order two mats to cover a 10x10 ft area.  Vinyl tape should used to cover the seam when using more than one mat together. 
You will find this workout mat works very well on top of carpeting for home workout exercises such as P90X. The foam material of this workout mat will grip carpeting very well and provide a safe non-slip surface to exercise on. It is simple to install and transport which makes this product an excellent choice for aerobic and plyometric training and exercise. It is also great for all types of martial arts including BJJ, judo, and MMA. 

This workout mat is backed by a five-year limited warranty. Our quality-control standards are among the industry's most stringent. This workout mat is manufactured in the USA with the best quality durable vinyl cover and foam materials.  It is manufactured from the same materials that are used in our professional roll out mats. 
When needed, you can easily clean workout mats with common household floor cleaners with a damp mop.  This 5x10 exercise mat is available with free shipping.

Call Greatmats at 877-822-6622.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Choosing the best home gym flooring

Because I work for a specialty flooring store, I am often asked which flooring is best for a home gym.  The answer depends on a few variables and I usually reply with a few questions of my own:

What will the home gym be used for primarily?  If you're looking for a tough material to protect your concrete or hardwoods from being damaged by free weights or heavy exercise equipment, you may want to look at rubber.  Rubber is the traditional flooring for both home and commercial gyms and it is an economical solution for keeping your floors, as well as your equipment, protected.


Rubber flooring is heavy.  By heavy, I mean REALLY heavy.  A square foot of 3/8" rolled rubber weighs 2.3 lbs.  (8mm is slightly less)  That means to cover a 10x10 foot area, you're dealing with a 230 lb roll of rubber.  "Well," you say, "that's not so bad.  A buddy and I could roll that baby out no problem."  And maybe you're right.  But here's something else to consider:  the rolls show up at your front door on the back of a semi-truck.  If you get a liftgate included in your shipping costs (something to consider) they will lower the roll of rubber to the ground and drive away leaving you to wrestle it into your workout area.  If you don't get a liftgate, you will have to pull that baby off the truck yourself and that's a serious endeavor.

Another option is interlocking rubber tiles.  These come in various sizes (typically 2x2 foot or 3x3 foot) and can be installed without adhesive of any kind.  Depending on the type you buy, you can find them at a reasonable price, although generally more expensive than rolled, and they are much easier to handle.  Also, the fact that they require no glue makes it easy for you to bring them with you if you decide to move.


RUBBER IS NOT WATERPROOF.  Many people are under the impression that rubber is like plastic.  That it can be submerged indefinitely in a flooded basement and come out unscathed.  This is simply not the case.  The porous materials of most rubber flooring will absorb water and hold it.  Over time, this will break the rubber flooring down to such a degree that the floor is rendered all but useless.

If you are considering putting your home gym in a basement that gets mildly damp on occasion, this will probably not be an issue for you and rubber flooring may be your best bet.  If you're considering putting your home gym in a wet basement that floods from time to time, you may be better served with a waterproof option  such as plastic, modular floor tiles that allow airflow beneath the tiles for a quicker dry.

Do you plan to do aerobic activities in your home gym area?  Zumba, P90x, or Insanity?  If so, you probably don't want rubber.  Rubber is quite hard and provides little to no fatigue-relief.  If you're looking for a flooring type to keep your teeth from chattering every time you jump up and down, you need something else.  I typically suggest foam.

Foam flooring is available in various densities and thicknesses.  The play mats that kids play cars on and the MMA mats that fighters throw one another around on are not the same.  Determining which type of foam product is best for your needs depends on what specifically you'll be using it for.

Unlike rubber, foam is waterproof and can be submerged indefinitely without the foam taking in water and damaging the foam itself.  It provides great shock absorption, requires no glues for installation, and it's lightweight.  It can be easily installed wall-to-wall because all you need to cut the interlocking tiles to fit is a straight edge and a utility knife.  It doesn't get much easier than that.  However, under some equipment, foam will indent and stay indented for the life of the product.  If you can live with that, foam is generally your best bet.  It is inexpensive and, because it is so lightweight, is typically fairly cheap to ship.

Hopefully, this gives you some insight into what you're looking for.  The easiest and fastest way to get your specific questions answered is to call one of our customer service reps and have a conversation.

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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Wall Pads

Wall Pads from Greatmats provide a layer of protection in schools and universities.  We carry wall pads that are wood backed and vinyl wrapped. These pads are available in various installation types including direct wall attachment and Z-clip installations. 

Greatmats also offers custom designed wall pads for larger scale installations.  Pads can be designed to work around windows, doors, wall cutouts, and light or fire switches.  We also carry custom column pads and pole pads for gyms or athletic facilities that have i-beams or other support structures along the walls. 

Our colorful, panelized gym wall pads will bring your gym to life. At Greatmats, we can add your logo, team name, mascot, or any other image across your wall pads. Bold and colorful, they will brighten your walls and fill your gymnasium with school spirit. 

These custom gym wall padding provide pro-caliber safety and protection for your high school or university gyms. They are solid, wood-backed, vinyl-wrapped gym wall pads. We offer these products in a variety of custom sizes and thicknesses. A standard gym wall pad is a 2 inch thick, cross-linked polyethylene foam wrapped in a durable 14 oz. vinyl cover. These are the same standard wall mats you will find in major universities across the country and around the world. 

Gym wall padding comes in a variety of thicknesses, colors, and sizes so you are sure to find exactly what you’re looking for. These pads are perfect for walls behind basketball hoops, in wrestling rooms, and on the walls of any facility where you want to show off your school spirit. Digital printing is also available so you can get the highest quality graphics available on your wall padding for gyms. 

If your gym is like countless others, you will probably find you have unique challenges to work around with your wall pads. Wall outlets, light switches, and other areas need to be accessible even after the wall pads are mounted. At Greatmats, we can help accommodate you with these unique needs. Our wall pads can be custom designed around your particular obstacles so that they attach perfectly while still leaving exposed the things you need accessible. We can even custom pad your gym doors around the handles and windows. 

Our wall pads will arrive with all necessary hardware included. No additional hardware will be required to install the pads. Our wall padding for gymnasiums can be directly attached to concrete block walls or wooden studs. Upper and lower lip options are available so that you can easily replace and repair vinyl as needed. 

Each wall pad panel is Class A rated for fire resistance. 

We also offer a heavy duty vinyl upgrade to 19 oz for excessive abuse. An outdoor mat is available with UV protection against the sun and an 18 oz. vinyl cover. These mats feature a 30 oz foam and a moisture-resistant composite wood backing. 

Our wall pads come in various installation types including direct wall attachment and Z-clip installations. You can also opt for a hook and loop attachment option. This allows you to take the pads from the wall and use them as folding gym mats on the floor. Greatmats also provides these pads custom designed to work around windows, doors, wall cutouts, and electrical switches. Column and pole pads are also available. 

Some gyms, wrestling facilities, and other athletic rooms have I-beams and other square, rectangular, or oddly shaped objects running along the walls. Some of these support structures are even placed a few feet from the walls. Obviously, these structures need to be wrapped in padding for the safety of your athletes. Customized column pads are a great solution to this problem. 

Column wall pads are available in the same colors and vinyl thicknesses as our standard wall pads. We can have the perfect sizes and shapes cut to fit to your specs for any random obstacle that your gym features. 

Wood-backed and built of high quality foam and a thick vinyl, our custom column pads are sure to last for years to come even under the challenging environs of gymnasiums. They are bright and colorful and look great in athletic facilities of all types. 

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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Customer Review-Stay Lock Bump Top Tiles

They say to make money you have to spend money.  Patty W. is living proof that this philosophy can work.  Patty runs a business from her home teaching exercise and needed a good flooring for her workouts classes.

"I use the tiles for a workout floor," Patty says.  "We do a lot of cardio and it helps my clients who have issues with their joints.  My workouts can be very intense and the flooring supports my workout routines."

Stay Lock Bump Top Tiles are a relatively new product for us here at Greatmats and we couldn't be happier with them.  Manufactured in the USA, these tiles are a soft PVC that offers impact cushion and fatigue relief while maintaining rugged durability.   This exercise flooring is perfect for industrial, ergonomic applications as well.  Perfect for aerobic activity, Stay Lock features a unique connection system that holds the floor tiles together tightly and keeps them flat even over concrete or carpeting. 

Patty bought her tiles over time adding them as she went until her room was complete.  "I installed the floor as I purchased the tiles and it may have taken less than two hours total to install.  It wasn't difficult at all.  The only challenge I had was my fingers got a little tired after a while so I used a small hammer to help press down."  (We recommend a rubber mallet but, hey, whatever works!)  "Overall, it was a breeze."

Stay Lock tiles need no underlayment to provide a soft, comfortable workout flooring.  This is a plus because it saves time and money.  The tiles can be easily cut to work around obstructions or uniquely shaped rooms.  The tiles require no adhesives so, not only are they simple to install, they can be taken up and brought with you should you decide to relocate.  The typical lifespan of this type of flooring is twenty years.

So, Patty, would  you buy this product again?

"Not only am I pleased, but so are the members of my class.  I will be buying additional flooring in the near future to cover the entire area and I would recommend this flooring...My original flooring was not doing what I needed it to and it made it very difficult for everyone.  So I had to find a solution and the lockable flooring did the trick and increased my business.

Would you recommend Greatmats to your friends?

"I would recommend Greatmats to anyone!"

Thank you, Patty.  We know that you'll be happy with your workout flooring for years to come.  It is also nice to know that, if something unexpected happens and a tile or two become damaged, you can pop them out and replace them without having to replace the entire floor.  Decades from now, when your exercise floor has reached it's end, it can be reground and made into new tiles!

*Cue Elton John's "Circle of Life" here*

Monday, June 24, 2013

Rubberlock Gym Flooring

Interlocking Rubberlock mats are durable and flexible, for use in sporting and athletic facilities or wherever tough commercial flooring is needed.  These 4x4 rubber tiles are available in 3/8", 1/2", and 3/4" thicknesses.  Corner and border pieces are available.  Corners are 2x4 tiles.  Borders for the 4 foot side are also 2x4.  (Check with a sales rep for further elaboration on this.)

Rubberlock rubber tiles are made in the USA of recycled content.  They are easy to clean and available as a bevelled or straight edge tile.  This rubber flooring is a nice solution for several different applications including weight and fitness centers, home exercise gyms, locker rooms, manufacturing or warehouse areas, skating or hockey rinks, baseball dugouts, clubhouses, pro-shops, and anywhere an anti-fatigue flooring area is needed.  This heavy duty rubber flooring is non-porous and non-absorbent.  It is intended to lay loose with no adhesives necessary.  This enables you to bring your flooring along if you choose to relocate.

Rubberlock interlocking rubber tiles are easy to keep clean.  A broom and damp mop should be all you need to keep your floor looking like new for years to come.  The non-skid diamond surface provides excellent traction and is designed to resist marks and scuffs.  Rubberlock tiles are manufactured with a binder that reduces the strong rubber smell that is often associated with rubber floors.  The tiles are resistant to bacterial growth so they are ideal for workout and exercise areas.
3/8" and 1/2" tiles lose approx. 1.25" per tile at interlock. For example, 12 FT of material will actually cover 11' 8" after the tiles are interlocked together. Please see loss chart under the features tab, and scroll down.

Each 4x4 FT tile will actually cover 15.1 Square Feet.

This material will have some rubber smell for approx. 3-4 weeks after installation which will dissipate with ventilation over time. Not recommended for people with high smell sensitivities.

Also note that some surface inconsistency may exist, such as shadowing, due to the recycled rubber. We WILL NOT accept returns for this.

When creating kits in this product the pattern or grain of the top surface texture will not run in the same direction on all of the mats. This is because the rubber mats are made in 4x8 ft pieces and then waterjet cut into corners, borders and corners as needed to make the component pieces for a specific kit size.
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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Rolled Rubber

Whether you're looking for a floor covering for a home gym, commercial facility, industrial building, or even an ammunition room, rolled rubber is a great choice.  Excellent for protecting your floor, rolled rubber is tough and relatively inexpensive compared to many other options on the market today.

Rolls of rubber can be used in a variety of different places.  For workout areas where gym equipment or weights are used, rolled rubber protects the floor from damage while also keeping equipment safe from dust and debris.  For most of these situations, we recommend 3/8".  It is thick enough to protect the floors from day-to-day abuse without being too thick, therefore, and cost prohibitive.  If you are using heavy weights and dropping them to the floor repeatedly (100 lbs or more) we recommend at least a half-inch thickness.  Otherwise, 3/8" should be more than sufficient to meet your needs.

3/8" is also the standard thickness for most industrial applications.  Rolled rubber in 3/8" can be used in high traffic areas, mutions areas, and high traffic walkways in industrial applications.  For everyday walkways, the user can usually go with a 1/4" rubber product.  
Rubber Flooring Rolls can be installed with either a tape-down or glue-down method. Rolled Rubber Flooring can add comfort and durability to an otherwise hard surface. However, it is worth noting that for situations where you will be doing aerobic activity, foam is usually the better product.  It is lighter and less expensive to ship.  It also provides varying degrees of cushion.  (For more information on our foam products, please click here.  
Rubber provides more cushion than concrete but it is still hard.  Rubber Flooring Roll material is most commonly ordered in 100 percent black or with a 10 or 20 percent color in the mix. 

Rolls of Rubber are the most common types rubber flooring available.  The rolls are heavy and will almost always ship via freight truck but the product itself is generally less expensive than other options such as interlocking tiles.  
Each roll of rubber will lay flat when unrolled for installation. Rolled Rubber can be cut with a utility knife for a wall to wall installation. Rubber Roll Floor will withstand high impacts in weight rooms. Rubber Flooring Rolls are all 4 ft wide per roll.  The rolls can easily be cut to fit in a wall-to-wall situation with a sharp utility knife and a straightedge.  Rubber Flooring Roll material is made with recycled rubber content and is considered a green product by EPA standards.  They are manufactured in the USA.

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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Geneva Rubber Floor Tiles

For commercial gyms and health clubs, our Geneva Rubber Tiles are an excellent flooring option.  This durable, commercial grade, interlocking rubber floor tile is available in thicknesses from 1/4 to 1/2 inch in a 3x3 ft tile size.  All the tiles in this series are center tiles with interlocking tabs on all four sides.

Typically used to protect the floor from exercise equipment such as treadmills or stationary bikes, rubber flooring is also the top choice for most facilities for keeping the floor safe from free weights.  Rubber is a hard surface that can take a beating.  However, please note that if you're looking for a soft surface for aerobic activities, you would probably be happier with a softer product such as foam or one of our modular tiles.

In most scenarios, a rubber tile thickness of 8mm is sufficient protection for your floors.  For walkways and areas where there won't be weights dropped, you can usually get by with 1/4" rubber.  However, if you are looking at an area where heavy weights (100 lbs or more) are going to be dropped repeatedly, you will want to go with a thicker option.  1/2" rubber is usually the choice for those situations.

This interlocking rubber flooring tile option is an excellent choice for large scale commercial projects for a couple reasons.  It is easier to install rubber tiles than rubber rolls.  They aren't as heavy and do not require a glue or tape-down application because the interlocking edges will keep the floor solidly together.  Over time, the seams between tiles will actually begin to fade to the point where they become very hard to see.  These tiles are better than our smaller 2x2 tiles for larger installations because fewer tiles means less installation time and fewer seams..  

The Geneva rubber floor tile series is our stocked line of 3x3 ft interlocking rubber floor tiles in standard colors and thicknesses, choose 8 mm for the best value.  It is only one millimeter thinner than 3/8" tiles but is less expensive and you will not notice a difference in the performance of the product.

Because the interlocking design for the Geneva series of rubber floor tiles is a universal interlock design, you can spin the tiles in any direction and attach them to another tile.  This is particularly helpful when trying to piece the final few tiles in on a wall-to-wall installation.  Universal interlock tiles usually yield the least amount of material waste.  You can easily cut these rubber tiles for a custom wall-to-wall installation in your home gym or in large scale commercial installations. 

To determine how many tiles you need, measure the walls in your room.  Enter those dimensions in our convenient online floor planner and it will calculate the tile count for you.  If you'd rather, give one our representatives a call and we can help you to decide how many rubber floor tiles to buy.

Geneva floor tiles are available in six colors.  They are made in the USA of recycled content.

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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Customer Review-Snap Coin Top Tile

Tim R. has an interesting way of utilizing the space in his garage.  He has set up a machine shop which he uses to design and build physics apparatus for science demonstrations.  He also uses it for the occasional job for friends and neighbors.  You can see some of his projects here:  Just enter "Raney" or "Bald Engineer Guy".

Well over a year ago, he decided to get some garage flooring for his shop.  Initially, he was using an "inexpensive foam matting from a home center" but it made moving his table saw difficult and the flooring was starting to show its age.  So he searched around and found Greatmats.

In stages, he has slowly floored most of his garage with our Modular Garage Floor Tile-Snap Coin.  He uses industrial anti-fatigue mats to cover the rest.

Snap Coin tiles are a great flooring for both garages and workshops because they are extremely durable and resistant to many chemicals and petroleum based products.  The tiles measure 12" x 12" and come in seven colors.

"The installation was easy," Tim says.  "Just remember to orient the mats per the instructions on the box.  As simple as it was to install, I forgot that a time or two.  So I kept the instructions nearby."

Snap Coin Tiles are simple to install because they require no adhesive.  This is also convenient should you ever decide to move your shop.  Simply pack them up and bring them with you.  These industrial tiles are tough enough to assemble multiple times without damaging the connection tabs.  They are warrantied for ten years.

"I modified some of the tiles to fit around 'obstructions' like the metal stock rack.  It was quick work to cut a tile to size on the band saw.  The biggest challenge was installing the tiles under two heavy workbenches.  Both are heavy-duty workbenches you'll find in an industrial setting.  However, with a crowbar, a six-ton capacity hydraulic jack and blocks of wood, I installed the tiles under each bench.  Likely not a typical installation."

For wall-to-wall installations, most people will use a table saw to cut the floor tiles to fit their room.  We would recommend a finishing blade.  Also, you might want to keep a can of lubricating oil handy so the blade doesn't gum up from the plastic when it gets hot.  A quick sand over the cut edge will remove any ragged edging.

Tim also told us, "snapping the tiles together goes quickly-quicker if you use a rubber mallet vs. pressing them into place.  The plastic tiles are very rugged and a mallet won't damage them."

(Ed. note:  This is true.  Floors built of these tiles can support up to 50,000 lbs!)

"I didn't track the time. but I suppose you could do a 20x20' garage floor in four hours or maybe less without obstructions.  The plastic tiles are a quality product and are well-suited to my needs.  They don't have a car running over them but a heavy table saw with steel wheels that gets moved a lot.  There's really no apparent wear after over a year.  I like the flooring since it makes the shop brighter vs. the old cement floor."

We asked Tim if he'd buy the garage floor tiles again.

"Since this flooring was done in stages, I made multiple purchases with one part of the shop completed...After I tiled almost half the shop, I wanted to see how well the tiles held up.  It all worked very well.  I would buy the tiles again."

Would you recommend them to your friends?

"I've actually recommended the tiles to others-it's a good product-I've been very happy with it."

Thank you, Tim.  We appreciate the review and the photos.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Customer Review-Premium Foam Mats

Amy H. found an interesting way to use our premium 5/8" foam mats.  While these mats are commonly used in kids play rooms, those rooms are usually in a house.  :)

"We bought the tiles to go in our 1-1/2 year-old's playroom in our fifth wheel travel trailer we just bought.  It has a vinyl type flooring that resembles wood.  We wanted it to have more cushion for safety and also we wanted it to look pretty and colorful like a playroom should," Amy says.

Premium 5/8" foam mats come in fifteen vibrant colors so it's easy to find mats to match your decor. This type of foam flooring is an excellent choice for kids rooms, exercise rooms, basements, family rooms, and trade show booths.  The interlocking foam mats are 2x2' and interlock together easily with no glue required.  You can lay them directly over any flat, hard surface.

"The installation went great!" Amy told us.  "It only took my husband about 45 minutes.  I went to the Greatmats website and downloaded the installation brochure and the care brochure.  My husband followed the suggestions on the brochure as recommended.  He used cardboard to use under the tiles to protect the floors and a utility knife to make the cuts.  We used borders and went wall to wall.  We had to make cuts even in the center of some tiles to cut where the vents were for our furnace.  I am happy to say we have run the furnace since installation and the tiles have not warped or been damaged by the heat."

Unlike many foam mats on the market today, these play mats are comprised of a dense EVA foam which makes them tough.  They resist scuffing.  They are also waterproof.  You can also rest assured that they are lead and latex-free.

"We would absolutely buy this product again and are very pleased with it!"  Amy says.  We have already recommended this to friends and family and will continue to.  When we finished installing it, we took pictures and put hem on our Facebook accounts for our friends and family to see.  We got many compliments and questions on where we purchased it and the cost.  We bragged about the wonderful deal and many bright fun colors y'all had to choose from.  The playmats in stores are flimsy and always tend to fall apart.  They also come in too many pieces which is very frustrating because toddlers tend to pull them apart which makes the mat come apart.  I've now had this mat for quite some time and never had my toddler rip it up.  It is very easy to clean and is very sturdy!  We are so pleased with y'alls product!"

Thank you for your review, Amy.  We appreciate your business and the time you've taken to let us know your thoughts.

If you would like to check out our foam products or any other specialty flooring at Greatmats, Call 877-822-6622 and talk with a customer service rep.  We can help you find the right product to fit your needs.