Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Swing Mats: A simple fix to an old problem

Introducing our newest children's safety product, The Swing Mat. Designed specifically to keep wood chips and pea gravel under your swing-set and slide where they belong, Swing Mats can improve safety of your back yard. Built from the same high-quality recycled materials as our other PlayGuard products, these mats are built to take a beating. Just loose-lay them beneath your swing-set and at the base of your sliding board and you're done. Mats are an inch and a half thick so they also provide fatigue relief for little knees and backs.

Swing mats are available in black and can lay directly over your playground surface. They are made of up to 92% recycled materials. As with all our products, they come with our 130% price-match guarantee.

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