Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Greatmats Featured in Graciemag International

We’re proud that we’ve been featured in an article in the July issue of Graciemag International.  Graciemag is the first and only magazine in the world devoted exclusively to the teaching and coverage of Jiu Jitsu. sells a variety of different judo mats and flooring that is ideally suited for all types of martial arts and Graciemag has become a great partner for us.  Quality judo mats are critical for people who are training or competing in martial arts because they are the only things protecting the athlete from a hard, unforgiving surface.  In the past, Graciemags has heartily endorsed our judo mats in their magazine.

However, this particular article is unique in that it recognizes Greatmats for its contributions to the environment.  All of the electricity used by is provided by solar panels with excess solar energy being sold back to the electric company.  “If you believe like I do that we need to move away from coal and nuclear power for the good of the planet, then I think we each have a responsibility to help make that change happen in whatever way we can,” says David Butler, owner.”   The solar panels are expected to pay for themselves in roughly ten years.


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