Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Greatmats Featured on HGTV

We’re on HGTV! Earlier this month, our interlocking rubber tile (Kids Ergo Matta – see below for product link) was featured on an episode of “My Yard Goes Disney” on HGTV. They needed safe flooring for little kids to play on outdoors so they chose ours! Waterproof, easy to clean, and guaranteed for five years, our product was the best on available for their needs.

In each episode of My Yard Goes Disney, lucky homeowners get a jaw-dropping makeover inspired by Disney Parks that's worthy of major family playtime. HGTV and Disney Parks join forces to surprise lucky families with an eye-popping backyard makeover they never thought possible.

A brief synopsis: When Grandma lives next door and her backyard is, it's time to knock down the fence and build a Magic Kingdom train running from yard to yard. This amazing track runs more than 200 feet, looping around the trees and creating an incredible journey from one 'My Yard Goes Disney' destination to another. The hand-powered train connects the backyards. Each yard also features play areas to please the kids. There's a giant over-sized teacup that's been transformed into a playhouse and is the perfect spot for tea parties and also a gigantic Sorcerer's hat that doubles as a play area in the other. (Beneath the Hat is where they applied our flooring.)