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Best Dance Floors for Over Carpeting

Combining The Cushion of Carpet with a Quality Dance Floor Surface

By Kif Richmann

Who doesn't love to dance?

Go to any wedding reception in America and you'll see that people of all ages enjoy dancing. Even at home, we love to put on some music and dance with our loved ones, or maybe by ourselves while no one's watching! Perhaps we have a dance routine that needs to be perfect, or we want to work on our steps before a wedding.

Either way, we need a quality floor. In many cases, we need to install a dance floor over carpet, which creates its own set of challenges.

Fortunately, Greatmats has a wide selection of items for all your dance floor needs!

What Makes a Good Home Dance Floor Over Carpet?

Greatmats Max Tile Portable Dance Tile installed over carpet
There are many options for flooring. Just look at the wide selection of products available from Greatmats and you'll see numerous options, all with various features and materials. So how can you choose the right product for a dance floor over carpet? Keep your eye out for a few specific factors and you'll be on the right track.

First of all, be sure to look for tiles that are easy to install. They should be light enough to move without heavy equipment, and they should snap together firmly with minimal effort on your part. This is especially important when choosing tiles for a temporary home dance floor over carpet; after all, you don't want to struggle to assemble and disassemble the tiles every time.

It's also important that your tile not damage the carpet. A quality product will not rip up the carpet and leave the place looking worn and destroyed. This is essential when you start looking for a tile that will be used to create temporary dance flooring over carpet.

The tiles you choose should also look good. If you have a facility that is hosting wedding receptions and other parties, an elegant dance floor with a decorative vinyl surface is essential.

Of course, it should also be durable. There's no sense in purchasing a product that will be destroyed after a few dance parties, so be sure to check out the warranties so you know you'll get a product that will last.

Best Dance Floors for Over Carpeting

Greatmats Portable Dance Floor Tile parquet
No matter where you want to boogie, these portable dance floors from Greatmats will give you the quality, quick installation and support you need. The tiles are made from a polypropylene plastic with a vinyl coating on the top. The plastic base provides a solid foundation, while the vinyl gives the top a durable surface that is visually-pleasing as well. The vinyl top is actually commercial-grade, so you can count on it to last for a long time.

Speed on installation is one of the major benefits for this tile, making it an ideal dance floor over carpet. A dance floor can be assembled by a single person in a very short time, and it can be disassembled even faster. For added convenience, you can also consider a flooring cart, which allows you to move the tiles into place with ease.

Using a tab-n-loop connection system, the tiles lock together quickly; all you have to do is push down with your foot until they ''click'' into place. The connection system is specifically made for repeated use without damaging the tile, which makes them perfect for facilities that host wedding receptions, anniversary parties, and birthday celebrations.

These tiles are made in the U.S.A and come with a five-year warranty. Best of all, the tiles are available in nine different surface designs, including faux wood and stone tile designs.

Greatmats ProCourt Gym Flooring Tile sport court tile wood look
If you want a more rugged and durable flooring that you can use for dancing as well as sports like basketball and volleyball, then this is the perfect choice for your needs. The tab-n-loop connection system makes installation easy, while the top surface has the appearance of a top-level basketball court. They snap together tightly and stay together without adhesives, making temporary installation and removal fast and simple.

They are specially designed with a no-break polypropylene plastic base that will not damage the floor or cause problems with carpet. It allows for airflow underneath the floor, which reduces the chances of mold growth if you are installing the tiles more permanently.

While these tiles are ideal as dance flooring over carpet, they are also smart choices for recreation centers, churches, schools and youth centers. They can even be used in gyms to provide a temporary surface for basketball, volleyball, dodgeball and other athletic competitions.

The vinyl surface layer is scuff and scratch-resistant thanks to a 20-mil (.508 mm) wear layer. This layer is designed for over a decade of regular use, so you can count on these tiles to provide superior quality for years and years.

Whether you need a temporary athletic surface for a game of hoops or want to add a temporary dance floor to your facility, the ProCourt Gym Flooring Tile will deliver the rugged durability you need for years of activity.

Greatmats TileFlex Floor Tile click together flooring
When you need a permanent dance floor over carpet or a hard flooring surface, this is one of the best products you can find. It is not only strong and durable, the surface vinyl has as interesting design that looks elegant, charming and stylish. At just a fraction of the price, these tiles provide the appealing look of wood or tile with the convenience of a portable dance floor.

Underneath, these tiles have a raised plastic base. With small supporting columns underneath, the tiles allow air to flow below the surface. This airflow helps keep the tiles away from potential dampness and moisture buildup.

These tiles are not only more affordable than wood, the vinyl surface never needs refinishing! These decorative tiles are available in numerous colors and designs, including parquet, colored wood, and slate designs. No matter what design you choose, the vinyl surface will hold its rich color and decorative style for many years.

These tiles are perfect for home and commercial use, and they make a great dance floor over carpet. They are easy to clean and can be installed with no glue or special adhesives. When it comes to convenience and reliability coupled with a gorgeous look, these dance floor tiles will meet your needs for years.

The interlocking connection allows these tile to hold together with a firm grip. They connect with virtually no seam, creating a flat, even surface with no bumps or rises. This makes for an excellent permanent dance floor and creates a space that people of all ages will enjoy!

Greatmats Court Floor Tile Flat Top
These snap-together court tiles are designed for indoor basketball and volleyball courts, but they also make for excellent dance flooring over carpet. While other tiles have a decorative vinyl top surface, these tiles are made from a single piece of polypropylene plastic.

They lock together firmly using a tab-n-loop system. All you have to do to connect these tiles is move them into place and push down with your foot. The weight of your body will snap the tiles into place and give a tight hold, but they can also be disassembled quickly for fast removal. If you have a large carpeted area, say in a church or YMCA, but you want to place a temporary play area for volleyball, basketball, or dancing, you can use these tiles to quickly assemble a floor. When you're done, removal is just as fast and easy as installation. These tiles can also be used as a dance-floor sub-flooring, giving them added versatility and usefulness.

These tiles are available in four colors: black, grey, blue and red. However, you can order a custom color to match your specific needs. If you need a specific color to match your school's team colors, please contact us; we'll be happy to help!

When you want an affordable, versatile, and convenient commercial or home dance floor over carpet, you need to order the Court Floor Tile. With a five-year warranty, these tiles deliver the quality, consistency, and longevity you expect.

5. Marley over Court Tile Flat Top

Greatmats Dance Subfloor Elite System
Greatmats is proud to offer two high-performance mat systems that are easy to install. The Home Marley Dance Floor systems come in either a high-density foam or a plastic modular tile. Each one of these options can be installed underneath an all-purpose vinyl surface.

Choosing the right underlayment will depend on the existing surface on your floor. For example, when you are installing a permanent or temporary dance floor over concrete, you will want to use the high-density foam option. The high-density foam will provide separation and padding between the surface and the concrete, which will help protect both. The foam gives added protection without sacrificing support for dancers.

High-density foam, however, is not recommended for advanced ballet dance, as it does not provide the firmness needed for advanced ballet moves. For ballet floors, the some dancers have found plyometric rubber, which is available in rolls, serves the purpose well. Neither foam or rubber is recommended for installation over carpeting, however.

If you are installing a home dance floor over carpet, there is actually no need for a cushioning underlayment. The carpet itself can provide the padding you need, and flat top tiles can be installed directly overtop. The plastic flat top tiles add stability and firmness while still utilizing the give of the carpet layer below.

Quality Flooring Backed by Exceptional Service

Contact Greatmats and we'll help you choose the perfect products for a home dance floor over carpet.

You'll get quality products backed by our exceptional service, so check out our complete selection now.

For more on this topic please review our Portable Dance Floors product page.

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Top 5 Horse Mats for Barn Aisles

Basic, colorful or cobblestone look barn aisle flooring, Greatmats has them all.

By Julia Nass

Greatmats rubber pavers horse barn aisles outdoor aisleways Quality barn aisle flooring cannot be defined through a single aspect of a flooring product. Rather, it's that quality comes from a multitude of characteristics. For example, quality barn aisle mats are made from top-notch materials so they remain durable, tough and in good condition - even after years and years of heavy use. Because horse barn aisle flooring is often subject to extreme conditions, it needs to be able to hold up against the elements. In addition, quality barn aisle mats provide a comfortable surface that insulates against both temperature and sound. The following top five horse mat products for barn aisles offer all of that and more. Read on to hone in on the specific characteristics that make each product stand out.

Greatmats Dog Bone Outdoor Paver Tiles horse barn aisles
Forget the plain look and make your barn aisle pop. Dog Bone Outdoor Paver tiles create a fun and unique barn aisle. Unlike most other barn aisle flooring, these tiles come in a dog bone design that will enhance the look of any barn aisle. Not only does the dog bone design create a trendy aesthetic, but it also fits together like a puzzle.

These barn aisle mats are an entire 1.75 inches thick, a thickness that provides excellent cushion and anti-fatigue benefits. Thus, Dog Bone flooring brings joint relief to humans and animals and reduces the risk of injury. The following product (#2) is a similar yet straight edge tile version of Dog Bone Outdoor Pavers. Read on to learn more about color options and other details. 

Greatmats Equine Paver Tile 30mm Dog Bone Pattern horse barn aisles
It can sometimes be difficult to find barn aisle mats in colors beyond the basic black. If you're interested in brightening up the barn aisle with some vibrant colors, choose Equine Paver Tile (2x2 ft x 30 mm). This horse barn aisle flooring comes in four earthy colors including gray, green, terra cotta and black. Even after years of use, colors will not fade.

The color of these tiles is incorporated into a cobblestone design, which enhances appearance. At the same time, the surface also provides fantastic traction and worry-free footing in both wet and dry conditions. These tiles hold up well in damp or wet environments because they will not erode. Further, this horse barn aisle flooring inhibits fungus and bacteria from growing.

Greatmats Rubber Flooring Rolls 1/2 Black Geneva
Need horse barn aisle flooring ASAP? Rubber Flooring Rolls (1/2 inch) can be installed quicker than any other barn aisle mats. All you have to do is unroll directly over any smooth, hard and flat surface. An easy tape down around the perimeter and at the seams is all it takes to keep rubber rolls mats in place. For installations under 400 square feet, tape may not even necessary. These rolls are factory cut with precision so they will lay side-by-side without any gaps.

Rubber rolls can be cut with a utility knife for wall to wall installations. Once in place, they create durable, hard-wearing barn aisle flooring. Rubber Flooring Rolls are considered to be a green product as they are made from recycled rubber and may contribute to LEED building points. These rubber flooring rolls come at great shipping rates and are shipped from locations nationwide.

Greatmats Straight Edge Pebble Top Rubber Horse Stall Mats barn aisles
Keep your pocket padded with Straight Edge Pebble Top tiles. These tiles come at a hard-to-beat price: only about $1.75 per square foot, or $42.00 per mat. Part of what makes these mats so economical is that the purchase is a one-time investment. After spending the initial money, there are no extra maintenance costs to surprise you. This barn aisle flooring lasts years and years with no-stress upkeep. Simply sweep or damp mop with a pH neutral cleaner to keep these barn aisle mats clean.

These mats are made from grade A recycled rubber. At 1/2 inch thick, the material provides comfort, stability and support underfoot. The pebble top surface texture contributes to cushion and comfort while also providing traction. These tiles require no special tools or adhesives to install. Simply dry lay them on any hard, flat surface for immediate barn aisle flooring.

Greatmats Horse Stall Mats Cascade 3/4 Inch Rubber Barn Aisles
For a top-of-the-line barn aisle mat kit, choose Horse Stall Mats Cascade (10 x 12 ft Kit). These kits come with 4 x 5 ft mats that fit together with an interlocking connection system. The tight-fitting mats go together like a giant, easy puzzle. Because mats fit together so tightly yet simply with the interlocking system, no other tools or adhesives are necessary to put the kit together.

The ease of the interlocking connection allows these barn aisle mats to be easily taken up and put back down whenever necessary. These tiles can be cleaned by sweeping or hosing off the mats. Plus, if ever there arises a reason to take up tiles for maintenance, the ease of installation and deinstallation makes it a time-effective and no-cost event. This horse barn aisle flooring is made in the USA and carries a 15-year warranty. 
For more on this topic please review our Horse Stall Mats product page.

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The Many Uses of Greatmats Patio Outdoor Tile

Top 12 Customer Uses for Patio Outdoor Tiles

By Julia Nass

Greatmats patio outdoor tile small patio
Greatmats.com absolutely loves it when customers come up with unique and creative ways to use our floors. It validates the pride we take in calling our products flooring solutions. The Patio Outdoor Tile happens to be one particular product that has received incredible feedback about being much more than just a patio floor. That's why Greatmats put together the following list of the great many uses of the Patio Outdoor Tile, all of which have been compiled from customer feedback and reviews.

1. Backyard Patio

Greatmats patio outdoor tile boat floor

It's all in the name. Patio Outdoor interlocking patio tiles were originally designed to create a lovely and versatile backyard patio space. Tiles withstand the weight of patio furniture and stand up to all the elements.

2. Boat Flooring

Greatmats patio outdoor tile pool deck It turns out Patio Outdoor Tiles makes excellent boat flooring as well. Even in a boat, installation is hassle free; tiles are lightweight, easy to handle, and can be installed just with two hands. Tiles are also easy to cut, so they can be customized to fit into any space, even irregularly shaped cockpits or cabins.

3. Pool/Hot Tub Decking

These interlocking poolside tiles are perforated, which makes them perfect for outdoor areas subject to water exposure. Liquids run right through these outdoor deck tiles, which prevents standing pools of water and the danger associated with them.

Greatmats patio outdoor tile gaga pit floor

4. Gaga Pit Flooring

Each of these interlocking patio tiles is equipped with 265 pegs on the underside in order to secure the elevated tile. Thus, no matter the activity, tiles will stay stable and supportive. Plus, tiles are easy to work with and can be trimmed down to fit any area.

5. Shower/Locker Room Flooring

For the same reason Patio Outdoor Tiles make excellent interlocking poolside tiles, they make the perfect shower/locker room flooring as well. Tiles are slip-resistant even when wet and can be easily cleaned and maintained.

6. Pet Area Flooring

Greatmats patio outdoor tile for dogs

Easy maintenance is a big reason Patio Outdoor Tiles make the perfect pet area flooring as well. In addition to the easy cleanability, tiles are also tough enough to withstand the intense wear and tear bound to happen in pet areas. Scratching, biting and pawing won't have any serious effect on these patio floor tiles.

7. Deck Flooring

Greatmats grey outdoor patio tile balcony Patio Outdoor flooring is the epitome of what outdoor deck tiles should be like. They create an inviting and comfortable space that stands up to the elements. You can choose from light gray, blue or terra cotta in order to create a beautiful outdoor deck flooring area.

8. Dock Flooring

Certain users have found that Patio Outdoor Tiles make supreme dock flooring. Again, the presence of water and outside elements are not an issue for Patio Tiles. These tiles do not get hot the way metal and wood docks do, so they are always comfortable and inviting to walk on with bare feet. Tiles do great underneath beach and lounge chairs, benches, flag poles and any other dock furniture.

9. Taverns

Spills and messes are a daily part of restaurant life, which can get dangerous in such fast-paced environments. Patio Outdoor Tiles enhance the safety of such environments because they leave a constantly dry top surface. The flexible polyvinyl chloride (PVC) material will not absorb any moisture and leaves a safe and slip-resistant floor at all times.

10. Underlayment

Greatmats patio outdoor tiles under dog agility tiles neuman k9 academy
Although Patio Outdoor Tiles yield a lovely aesthetic, they can also be used as an underlay to other mats. These patio tiles can create space between surface flooring and the base floor in which air can move around freely. This is particularly awesome for concrete floors that sweat and can cause moisture problems after long periods of time. For example, one customer used these patio tiles as underlayment to dog agility mats in a dog training facility.

11. Greenhouse

Greenhouses that experience heavy levels of moisture need a floor conducive to humidity and dampness. Patio Outdoor Tiles do well in these types of environments, and certain users have found them to be the perfect for a greenhouse.

12. Utility/Mud Room

Users find Patio Outdoor Tile to be the perfect entranceway flooring because of their easy maintenance and ability to withstand dirt and grime. Plus, these tiles are resistant to many oils and acids. These tiles bring a fresh and revitalized look and feel to any utility or mud room.

Have More Ideas?

Are you using Patio Outdoor Tiles for something else entirely? Let Greatmats know and we'll add it to the list. Have awesome ideas for other products entirely? Share them with us at Greatmats.com. 
For more on this topic please review our Patio Tiles Rubber and Plastic product page.

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Footlock from the 50/50 with Rodrigo Comprido - Greatmats Series Part 12...

Top 5 Rubber Basement Floors on a Budget

Rubber Flooring is A Great Way To Add Comfort and Style To Basements

By Kif Richmann

Rubber basement flooring is a great way to add durability and value to your home or facility. By adding quality and convenience to your home, these surface products give you better results, and your floor, enhanced longevity.

What Should You Look for in a Rubber Basement Floor?

What qualities should you consider before buying buying rubber flooring for basement use? While the specifics will depend on your exact needs, there are a few factors to consider.

First of all, the basement floor mats should be durable, as you'll need them to withstand years of foot traffic and furniture weight. You may even need the material to hold up against heavy workout equipment, so be sure to find strong, reliable surfaces.

The basement floor tiles you choose should also be easy to clean. You shouldn't need to buy special cleaning chemicals or cleaning tools. In most cases, you should be able to clean the flooring with items you already have, such as a mop, vacuum cleaner and/or light-duty household cleaners.

The mats or rolls you choose should also be easy to install. While some mats will obviously call for a more rigorous installation process, you shouldn't need advanced construction experience just to lay down your rubber basement flooring.

Now let's take a look at some of the rubber basement floors that meet specific needs, all while staying within your budget. 

Greatmats rubber flooring rolls commercial gym
For some, one of the most important aspects of rubber flooring for basements is having a seamless surface without edges and corners sticking up. Obtrusive seams can cause a significant safety hazard, and even basements with soft cushioning on the floors need a seamless surface.

If having a seamless surface on the floor is your #1 priority, you should consider these rubber flooring rolls. Made from high-quality recycled rubber, the rolls are strong, durable, and built to last, and because they are rolls and not tiles, there are no seams of any kind, except for the connection between the two rolls. This creates a consistent, reliable surface that you can use for a wide variety of activities.

These rolls have a unique flexed surface design, which gives the flooring an interesting visual appearance. There are roughly 20 colors to choose from, giving you the right choices to match your style or team colors.

You can also select the thickness that works best for you. The rolls are available in 1/4-inch, 8 mm, 3/8 inch and 1/2 inches thicknesses. This allows you to choose the thickness or weight that you need. For example, if you will be moving the rolls often, the thinner 1/4-inch thickness may be the ideal choice.

When you want to have a seamless rubber flooring for the basement, this is your top choice. It's customizable, tough, and comes with a 5-year warranty. For quality seamless flooring, these rolls are the right choice. 

Greatmats plyometric rubber roll 3/8 inch
Perhaps you need basement floor tiles for exercise and fitness activities. If you do lots of lunging, jumping, or running in place, you need a cushiony surface that will provide years of support. A cushiony surface is also important for reducing impact on the knees, ankles, and hips when jumping. This shock absorbing surface can actually lead to better fitness.

This rubber basement flooring, which is designed specifically for plyometric exercises, gives you the cushioning support you need for a life of fitness. They are made with high-quality rubber, which provides a level of strength and durability not found in other materials, yet the design of these mats makes them a good choice for plyometric workouts, which calls for a lot of jumping.

They are highly shock absorbent, with 3/8-inch thickness that makes them a great choice for home workout areas or commercial fitness centers.

When you use a mat for exercise, you need a surface that will clean easily, and this rubber flooring for basement use can be cleaned and maintained with ease. You can simply vacuum them as needed and wash them with a damp mop, using a pH-neutral cleaner. Allow for drying time and you'll have a mat that lasts for years and years. We are so confident in the longevity of this mat that we have provided a 5-year warranty for added reassurance.

For a cushiony surface, this is one of the best rubber basement flooring options you can find!

3. Ease of Installation: Rubber Tile Utility 8 mm Black

Greatmats rubber tile 8mm interlocking
Few products are as easy to install as Rubber Tile Utility mats. These versatile, reliable, and durable mats can be used for a wide range of purposes, and no matter where you lay them down, you'll discover that installing them is one of the easiest tasks you'll ever perform.

These mats have an interlocking edge that connects together perfectly, providing a tight fit that will hold together firmly. This means you won't have to concern yourself with glue, staples, or other materials and adhesives to keep the mats together.

To install these mats, simply snap chalk lines as a guide and begin laying the tiles along one of the lines, snapping the locks together as you go. At this phase, it's important to make sure the tile's ''arrow'' is pointed in the right direction. Leave the perimeter of the room open and continue to install the basement rubber tiles in rows until the area is covered. When you have all the full tiles installed, you can go through and cut tiles to fit the remaining space, leaving a small gap in the wall for expansion. And just like that, you'll have a rubber basement flooring that gives you greater cushioning and support.

The tiles are double-sided, have a non-slip surface, and are environmentally friendly. For affordable flooring that you can install quickly, this is the best option on the market!

4. Commercial Style: Marble Smooth Rubber Tile

Greatmats Marble Smooth Rubber Tile commercial floor
Businesses have very specific needs for their flooring. Not only do they need a surface that is strong and reliable, they need something that looks neat, clean, stylish and professional. In many cases, it means they need the Marble Smooth Rubber Tile, a world-class surface that is perfect for businesses and operations.

The most obvious difference between this and other basement floor tiles is the surface design. Although the product is made from a high-quality rubber, they have marble surface top that looks great in any area. You can find many different colors and styles, ranging from ''Fog,'' which has a light grey, almost white tone, to ''Ebony,'' which has a deep black color enhanced by slight touches of white.

There is also popular surface designs like ''Eden,'' which has a greenish tone, ''Sandswirl,'' which is tan, or ''Oceanic,'' which has a rich blue color.

Not only are these tiles visually pleasing, they are also strong and durable. They are made from commercial rubber and can withstand heavy traffic. The color will not wear off, and they are easy to clean. For added reassurance, we have included a 10-year warranty. We are so confident in these tiles, we support them for an entire decade!

You'll have a hard time finding the same balance of professional style and commercial strength as this rubber flooring for basements. With gorgeous marble designs and tough rubber materials, these are the right tiles for your commercial building.

5. Impact Absorption: ShokLok 2x2 Ft 3/4 Inch Black

Greatmats ShokLok Interlocking Rubber Tile 2x2 Ft 3/4 Inch Crossfit Floor
Many workout areas need a low impact surface. With cardio exercises or plyometrics, for example, you need a surface that absorbs shock in knees and hips. Overtime, constant impact can increase the chances of injury, aggravating tendons, bones, and muscles. Even in workout areas where weights are used, a shock-absorbent floor helps reduce noise throughout the gym and protect the floor below.

The ShokLok tiles are the right choice for shock absorption. They provide a significant reduction in vibrations on the floor, which not only creates a quieter workout area, it reduces the chances of injury when conducting a long-term training program.

This rubber flooring for basement surfaces uses a special waffle-bottom design, reducing the amount of vibrations that are transferred from fitness equipment to the floor. When you enter the busy gym, you'll immediately notice that there is less noise reverberating throughout the facility.

The rubber basement flooring is also durable, with 3/4-inch of durable rubber material. They are completely non-absorbent, and cleaning can be done with a vacuum or a mop, giving you a convenient yet effective basement floor tile.

When it comes to shock-absorbing interlocking basement floor tiles, few products offer the quality and consistency of this rubber flooring for basement installation. You'll have a surface that you can count on for all of your workouts, and a material that you can clean with ease!

Greatmats is Ready to Meet Your Flooring Needs

Greatmats can help you get the high-quality flooring you need for your home or commercial building. Contact us today to learn more about our specialty flooring options, including rubber flooring for basements.

Inside or out, we have the right surface material to give you years of reliable quality!
For more on this topic please review our Basement Flooring product page.

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AKF 2017 Summer Tournament of Champions - Eau Claire, WI

Top 5 Flooring Product Lines for Uneven Surfaces - Indoors and Out

Flexible Flooring Can Help You Turn a Nightmare Into a Daydream!

Greatmats Staylock Perforated Tile Gaga Ball Pit installationBy Kif Richmann

We often take for granted the advantages of a flat surface.

Flat surfaces, like concrete patios, walkways or pool decks are easy to cover; you simply need to choose the tile that best suits your needs and off you go! But as any landscaper, or for that matter, any homeowner can tell you, most outdoor surfaces are far from even. When you're dealing with grass, dirt or sandy surfaces, or even concrete that is ramped or uneven, finding a flooring that contours to changing levels can be a challenge.

Greatmats Staylock Perforated Plastic Tile Patio FloorMany people assume that the only way to deal with uneven landscaping is to make it flat. Unfortunately, this usually calls for heavy equipment and dozens, if not hundreds, of hours of manual labor. Either you have to spend hours laboring over the grade of your yard or you have to pay for expensive landscaping services. No matter which route you choose, you're likely going to ruin the surrounding area as you drive heavy equipment to and from the location.

Fortunately, there is a simple solution: placing deck tiles on uneven ground. But as you probably guessed, you can't place just any deck tile on the uneven ground. You need a quality product that will look great and give you superior performance even over uneven surfaces. All patio tiles are different, and the best flooring for uneven surfaces are all made to match a specific need. You can find patio tiles for uneven yards, temporary roadways and even decking.

Flexible tiles are often a more reason option than expensive and laborious landscaping. Let's take a look at some of the best flooring for uneven surfaces so you can have a top-quality exterior...

Top 5 Flooring Options for Uneven Floors

1. Staylock Tile Line

Greatmats Staylock Perforated Tile playground tileOne of the challenges for decking tiles on uneven surfaces is keeping them in place. If there is a slope, the tiles can start to slide downhill. Unless they are properly connected! With our Staylock line of indoor/outdoor tiles, you can create a system of tiles that are locked together, forming a complete surface that has better grip and long-term reliability.

If you have a light slope near a flat, even surface, these tile can be used to cover the entire area, and they will wrap around the contours of the surface to provide outstanding performance.

Decking tile like the perforated StayLock tile is perfect for outdoor areas that have lots of water. It allows water to run underneath, keeping the surface dry. Perforation makes these tiles a great choice for pool decks that are uneven. The feet on the underside of these raised tiles grip the ground to prevent shifting and the soft PVC can even provide protection against falls.

Greatmats Staylock Bump Top Tile Workshop Floor
Bump top tiles are effective tiles on uneven floors. Made from a PVC plastic, these tiles fit perfectly in uneven spaces, and with the bump top, they provide better traction for anyone walking on top of these tiles. Keep this tiles in mind for garage or basement workshops where you may find cracked or chipped concrete. The tiles will install in a snap and provide fatigue relief to boot.

The orange-peel surface tiles are a unique and effective mat for uneven indoor spaces. Uneven floors that have bumps and tripping hazards can increase safety and traction. The interlocking tiles are available in four colors, giving you options for style and design. These are most popular for exercise areas and offer cushion for hard floors.

2. Comfort and Safety Matta Tile Line

Greatmats Comfort Matta PVC tile blue
For extra comfort and safety from your floor mats, consider the high-quality products from our Matta line. These tiles are made from high-quality PVC plastic that is durable enough to stand up against foot traffic and some can even withstand loads exceeding 9,000 pounds. Yet they are flexible enough to be used over uneven surfaces such as outdoor areas or uneven flooring. When properly laid, they can also be used on ramps to provide traction and safety.

One of the main advantages of these tiles is the superior comfort that they provide. With a soft, flexible PVC, they can be used to provide comforting grip over hard surfaces, such as uneven or inconsistent concrete.

One of the favorites from the Matta line is the Safety Matta Perforated. These tiles have everything you could want from a safety mat, including a textured surface and perforation, which keeps liquids from pooling on the top. If you are looking to minimize health hazards, these flexible tiles will fit your needs.

For a more decorative style combined with outstanding safety, choose the Comfort Matta with solid surfaces. When you want to lay visually-pleasing flooring tiles on uneven floors, these mats are a great choice. Available in blue, grey, and green, they can match your personal style while providing added safety and performance.

Want even more grip from your safety mats? Then you should choose the grit-top perforated tiles in our Matta line. The grit top is excellent for providing added traction, making them a good option of tile for uneven surfaces that tend to be slick and hazardous.

3. Ergo Matta Line

Greatmats Ergo Matta Perforated plastic tile outdoor trade show The Ergo Matta line from Greatmats is incredibly popular for indoor and outdoor use. The perforated version of these versatile mats can be used as interlocking patio tiles over grass, dirt and other surfaces, giving you the performance you need over any outdoor area. They have interlocking connectors that create a firm grip, so you can count on these tile to hold strong no matter where you place them.

As an added bonus, they are available in multiple colors, so whether you want an elegant, neutral tone or a bright color for a kids' playground, the Matta line delivers.

When it comes to decking tiles on uneven surfaces, few products deliver the quality and performance of Ergo Matta Perforated Tile. Using a lock-lug connection system, the tiles hold firm and can be flexed around uneven concrete our outdoor surfaces like grass and dirt. They have the effective perforated surface, which is excellent for wet areas like pool decks or areas around hot tubs, and they help maintain a solid grip when laid over any outdoor surface.

For indoor purposes, check out the Ergo Matta CushionTred Solid surfaced tiles.

4. Portable Outdoor Floor Tile

Greatmats Portable Outdoor Floor Tile gray While some interlocking patio tiles over grass are installed permanently, many people need temporary floor tiles. They need a product that provides safety and stability for uneven tile installation, but can also be broken down and removed quickly. The decking tile on uneven ground must be light enough to install and remove quickly, strong enough to support heavy traffic, and versatile enough to cover many uneven surfaces.

The portable outdoor grey tile is a wonderful option. This interlocking tile can be used over grass, dirt, concrete, and any other surface that needs to be covered. It is strong enough to support vehicles, yet each tile only weighs about 1.2 pounds, so moving the tile from place to place is no problem. Made from recycled polypropylene plastic, these tiles have hinged joints that snap together quickly, which makes assembly fast and easy.

5. GreatDeck Line

Greatmats GreatDeck Outdoor Hardwood Deck Tile One of the most versatile and effective lines of outdoor tile is the GreatDeck line from Greatmats. These tiles can be used to cover a wide range of outdoor surfaces, and they will not only deliver a strong surface, they will provide a visually-stunning area that has style and elegance.

These tiles are made from panels of either wood or plastics designed to replicate wood. They provide drainage and surface grip while offering an elegance to your home that is simply unmatched. You can turn a boring concrete patio into a stunning wood deck in a flash with these amazing tiles, and you can also use them as decking tiles on uneven ground like grass or dirt.

One of the most popular is the outdoor plastic deck tile. Made from plastic material, these one-inch thick tiles are some of the best flooring for uneven surfaces as each ''board'' is connected by a flexible rod. The plastic will not absorb water, making them completely resistant to mold or bacteria.

For a warm, natural wood deck, the GreatDeck red cedar outdoor tile is a popular choice. The wood panels look absolutely stunning and can be used to enhance almost any outdoor surface.

If you prefer the natural look of faded wood, try the GreatDeck Outdoor Wood Deck Tile Green. It has a lighter tone and can give a rustic, simple look to your deck or patio. With the elegant look, they are a great decking tile on uneven surfaces that need a stylish finish.

Greatmats Outdoor Deck Turf TileThe hardwood deck tile is a simple yet elegant option for your decking. Made from white ash wood, these tiles are manufactured from wood sources through well-managed American forests.

You can also choose the appealing style of artificial grass. The Outdoor Deck Turf Tile makes the perfect addition to outdoor spaces that need comfort and safety. They provide traction yet deliver a softer surface when laid over concrete or asphalt. Because of their construction, they make great decking tiles on uneven surfaces.

Uneven Surfaces? Greatmats Has You Covered!

Whether you want interlocking patio tiles over grass or need simple cushioning for a kid's play area, Greatmats has the tiles and mats you need.

From plastic to rubber to wood deck tiles, you'll find everything you need from our online store, and it's all supported by our helpful, friendly staff. Contact us today to choose the right decking tiles for your home, office, or facility!
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