Friday, March 23, 2018

Event Rentals equipped with Greatmats Vinyl Gym Floor Covers

Founder's Grandson Pleased by Non-Wrinkling 27 oz Vinyl Floor Covering

Event Rentals with Greatmats Vinyl Gym Floor Covers

After 23 years in the event supply rental industry, Event Rentals, Inc., located in Spartanburg, Anderson and Columbia, South Carolina, offers everything from the typical tents, tables, chairs and linens to flooring, china, staging, lighting and catering equipment as well as planning assistance, CAD layout design, event setup and removal.

Martin Tiller, grandson of the Event Rentals founder, grew up hanging around the warehouse. He started helping with the business by washing chairs and making deliveries with crews by his middle school years. Now taking on the duties of business development, Martin recently decided to expand the company's flooring rental options with the addition of gym floor covers.

After getting quotes from a few companies, he determined Greatmats was the best option for the company and ordered ten 10x100 foot 27 oz. vinyl Gym Floor Cover Rolls to bolster his inventory.

''It was just what we needed,'' Martin said after using the floor covers for more than 2 years. ''The durablity is unmatched. ... It has been a great addition to our inventory. I do like that they are one solid piece of vinyl - unlike some others we've come across with events. They don't wrinkle which is great.''
Martin Tiller
Event Rentals
Spartanburg, Anderson, Columbia SC
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Event Rentals with Greatmats Vinyl Gym Floor Covers

Event Rentals Inc Spartanburg SC building Greatmats customer

Event Rentals Inc Anderson SC building Greatmats customer

Event Rentals Inc Columbia SC building Greatmats customer

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Protecting against sump pump failure with Raised Carpet and Vinyl Tiles

Massachusetts man equips basement rooms with Greatmats flooring

Greatmats raised basement carpet tile family room
After a sump pump failure resulted in ruined carpet in Jason Ballard's home in Winchendon, Massachusetts, Jason realized how impractical his glued down flooring really was. So he and his wife began search for a more functional basement flooring option for their basement playroom/living space, office/man-town and laundry room.

That's when they discovered Greatmats' gray Basement Carpet Tile Raised Squares and slate Max Tile Raised Floor Tiles and they fell in love with the potential functionality, ease of installation and appearance. Both options feature a raised plastic base and install by snapping the tiles together without any need for adhesives.

''Working with Beth in sales was great,'' Jason said. ''She helped me along in the purchase process and had my shipment delivered faster than quoted.''

Then came the moment of truth. Would they live up to expectations?

Greatmats Max Tile Raised floor tile slate surface vinyl
''Outside of removing the old flooring, installation was a breeze,'' Jason said. ''I removed the existing trim work and cut the edge tiles with a table saw to fit snug in all corners/edges. I then replaced the trim work for a seamless professional looking installation. The tiles go down extremely fast and the edge pieces cut beautifully with a standard table saw.''

After installing the carpet tiles tiles the playroom and office, and the vinyl-topped max tiles in the laundry room, Jason said, ''(The carpet tiles) look great, but my favorite aspect is the piece of mind knowing that if I have another water issue in my basement my investment is not lost. The vinyl-topped tiles have a nice solid weight to them and they look great. I've actually had a couple people ask if it was real tile. They look that good.''

Jason Ballard
Winchendon MA 
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Greatmats snap carpet tiles in basement

Greatmats grey carpet tiles raised basement flooring click together

Greatmats grey carpet tiles raised basement flooring

Greatmats waterproof carpet tiles in basement

Greatmats Snap Together Carpet Tiles for damp basement

Greatmats Carpet Tiles for damp basement family room

Greatmats Basement Carpet Tiles Raised Squares

Monday, March 12, 2018

MojuKai Karate - Kobudo Owner Protects Ankles with Greatmats

Roll Out Mats Provide Proper Stability for Traditional Karate Dojo

Renshi Lennis Darby Mojukai Karate kobudo owner Greatmats martial arts mats cus
Renshi Lennis Darby has always had a fascination with combat. The 49-year-old 5th degree black belt in Karate began studying martial arts at the age of 14 while a high school friend introduced him and several others to Karate.

''Our 'workouts' at that time consisted mostly of him using us as living kicking bags or targets,'' Darby said of their backyard training. ''We trained hard, and it was nothing unusual for the sessions to end with one of us getting knocked out. ... It didn't take long for the other boys to tire of getting bruised and beaten, but there was something about it that was magnetic to me. I couldn't get enough.''

Four years later, Darby earned his first black belt, and by 1990, he had opened his first dojo. In 1995, Darby opened MojuKai Karate - Kobudo, a dojo he still runs today.

Greatmats Martial Arts Roll Out Mats Mojukai Karate Kobudo
When MojuKai Karate-Kubodo, the only traditional Okinawan/Japanese school in Coffee County, Alabama, was building its new dojo, Darby know he needed to upgrade from his old 1.5-inch puzzle mats which had caused several turned and sprained ankles.

So he checked out and found just what he was looking for 1.25-inch thick roll out mats.

''The design of the mats we have was the best that we found,'' Darby said after his Greatmats purchase. ''Being able to customize the size was a big factor (in choosing the roll out mats). They are much easier to clean than the rubber puzzle mats. They stay in place, and there is little risk of turning an ankle because of the mat design. ... We've been on them over a year and have not had an incident yet.''

Greatmats Martial Arts Roll Out Mats Mojukai Karate Kobudo
While his passion for Karate began in an aggressive fashion, Darby says, ''I truly believe that the greatest benefit from karate can be establishing a good set of morals. When parents tell me that they can see a difference in their child's behavior, that is most meaningful to me. I have won many tournaments and championships, but having a positive impact on young people is what motivates me.''

Now with proper matting, Darby is able to make that positive impact on morals and behavior without sacrificing the physical health of his students.

Renshi Lennis Darby
MojuKai Karate-Kobudo
Enterprise AL
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Renshi Lennis Darby MojuKai Karate Kobudo Greatmats customer

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Lucky Dog Training Center Equipped with Greatmats Dog Agility Mats

Safety and Positivity Top Priorities for Texas Dog Trainer

Lucky Dog Training Center with Greatmats Dog Agility Mats Green Color

Positivity is at the core of Lucky Dog Training Center, located just north of Fort Worth, Texas. That mentality led owner Melinda Meche to take a chance on opening the training facility in 2013 after earning her first training certification at Triple Crown Dog Academy. Since then, Melinda has continued to further her studies through both in-person seminars and online studies.

She and her staff at Lucky Dog Training Center use their positive training methodology in all types of dog training from puppy manners to competition sports training.

Safety in Flooring

When researching flooring to lay down in her facility, Melinda wanted to make sure she had a safe environment for all dogs and found the perfect fit at

''The GreatMats were the most affordable and safe mats for our very large space,'' Melinda said.

Greatmats Green Dog Agility Mats at Lucky Dog Training Keller Texas
She ended up ordering approximately 6,500 square feet of Greatmats Dog Agility Mats Interlocking Tiles in green coloring for her dog agility training room and, after three months of use, she says, ''We have been very pleased. They do not move apart, and they vacuum well.''

Although the cushioned flooring does puncture fairly easily from dog nails, Melinda added, ''The fact that they are closed cell and no moisture can seep further into the mats is awesome. ... We hope that the mats will last us many years. We love that we will be able to flip them over and use the other side in a couple years and have a brand new floor.''

Melinda Meche
Lucky Dog Training Center
Keller TX 76244
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Wednesday, February 28, 2018

65-Year-Old Dance Studio Still Thriving Under Original Family

St. Cloud School of Dance Makes Use of Greatmats Flooring and Barres

Greatmats Rosco Marley Dance Floor Rosco Portabarres at St Cloud School of Dance
Dance has been a family business for as long as Susan Arnold can remember. Her mother started St. Cloud School of Dance and Ultimate Gymnastics a year before the now 64-year-old studio owner was born. Now, with three children and eight grandchildren of her own, Susan, still receives help running the studio from her sister and two of her daughters while six of her grandkids study dance at her studio in central Minnesota.

Focusing primarily on ballet, St. Cloud School of Dance and Ultimate Gymnastics also offers classes in lyrical, pointe, tap, jazz and hip hop styles of dance, so it needs a flooring that it versatile enough to handle various forms.

Having tested out Rosco Adagio marley flooring at a studio in nearby Brainerd, Minnesota, Susan knew what she had to get when she needed new dance flooring. So she equipped her newest ballet room with the Adagio marley flooring from Greatmats and put it over a layer of Greatmats' 3/8-inch thick plyometric rubber for slight cushion. She says her entire family loves the new floor, noting that it was well worth the investment. See below for pictures of the plyometric rubber installed under the marley flooring.

In addition to the flooring, Susan also added several 9 foot portable barres that she also found on
Greatmatas Plyometric Rubber Flooring under Rosco Adagio Marley Dance Floor

''Greatmats was so helpful,'' she said. ''I got the product that I wanted and the service that I wanted. ... We're a very ballet oriented studio. The technique is very important to us. The ballet barres and the floor just brought a new look to our facility.''

Known for its quality instruction, St. Cloud School of Dance and Ultimate Gymnastics has produced students who have gone on to make the national team for Miss Minnesota and even coached the top ranked University of Minnesota dance team.

''We have wonderful ballet instructors, and now we have the products to serve their dancers in a professional environment,'' Susan said.

Susan Arnold
St. Cloud School of Dance and Ultimate Gymnastics
St. Cloud MN 56301
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Greatmats Rosco Marley Dance Floor Rosco Portable Barres at St Cloud School of Dance
Greatmats Rosco Marley Dance Floor Rosco Portabarres at St Cloud School of Dance

Greatmats Rosco Marley Dance Floor Rosco Portabarres at St Cloud School of Dance

Greatmats Rosco Adagio Marley Dance Floor and Portable Barres at St Cloud School of Dance

Greatmats Rosco Adagio Marley Dance Floor at St Cloud School of Dance

St Cloud School of Dance trophies photo by Greatmats
Greatmatas Plyometric Rubber Flooring under Rosco Adagio Marley Dance Floor

Greatmatas Plyometric Rubber Flooring under Adagio Marley Dance Floor

Thursday, February 22, 2018

MasterPeace Dog Training Adds Comfort and Safety

Interlocking Dog Agility Mats Making a Huge Difference

Greatmats Black Dog Agility Mats at MasterPeace Dog Training
When running a full service dog training facility with experienced instructors, using the proper flooring is critical to the health and safety of both the dogs and trainers.

''A number of our instructors are older - over 50, over 60,'' said MasterPeace Dog Training co-owner Patty Sontag. ''To be on your feet for 5-6 hours at a time, your joints feel it.''

MasterPeace Dog Training, which was founded 16 years ago in Franklin, MA, by Fran and Mike Masters, offers everything from puppy kindergarten to all levels of obedience, agility and nosework training.

When it originally took over its roughly 7,300 square foot facility had rubber horse stall mats covering the floors.

''There was someone here before us for probably about 4 years, and I think they had tried to clean that floor with some kind of scrubber,'' Sontag said. ''It really did a number on the floor. It made it very slippery, and it got worse as the years went along. ... We were concerned about that, both for the safety of the dogs and the people.''

So, in May of this year, they decided to do something about it and upgraded their entire facility with Greatmats Dog Agility Mats Interlocking Tiles.

Greatmats Black Color Dog Agility Mats at MasterPeace Dog Training
''Greatmats seemed to be the best for our purposes,'' Sontag said after doing much internet research. ''Both as far as the comfort level for the dogs and handlers. And also for the fact that if one of the mats was damaged or gouged or whatever, it would be relatively easy to take up, flip it over and continue to use it.''

The decision was much appreciated across the board.

''Just to have that comfort level as you're walking around and you're demonstrating or working with the dogs or whatever, it's much easier on the legs and the hips,'' Sontag said. ''We're enjoying that aspect of it.''

There was, however, a learning curve as they adjusted to a floor with increased traction.

''We had to get used to that both for working with the dogs - walking, picking up our feet - and also for some of the equipment,'' Sontag said. ''In obedience you have to throw dumbbells. You have to relearn for the bounce factor. But the comfort level is a big key. ... It's a pleasure to walk on.''

Greatmats Dog Agility Mats Black at MasterPeace Dog Training
''Initially, the dogs had to relearn how to stop on a floor like this that is grippy,'' She added. ''On the previous floor, because it was slippery, they would - on a drop on recall for instance, where they're coming from 40 feet away and you have to signal them to stop and drop. They would stop, but they would slide, and they don't do that on this floor. They stop, and they stop. They don't slide. They had to relearn that as well, but they've all accomplished that very, very easily.''

There was also the visual aspect of the change. As an EVA foam product, color variations are common, so not every tile had a perfectly matching black color. Over time, however, Sontag said, ''The floor has melded together, so you don't notice any variation any more. It just needed just a little bit of time down. Now, it looks like just one complete black floor.''

''We're really happy with it. It's what we needed, especially for our agility dogs.''

MasterPeace Dog Training is open seven days days a week and uses its new flooring approximately 12 hours per day. In addition to classes, it also rents its 40x50 and 4x65-foot rings out to clubs for things such as obedience and rally trials and roaming seminars.

Patty Sontag
MasterPeace Dog Training
Franklin MA 02038
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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Premier Arizona CrossFit Gym Eliminates the Thud of Dropped Weights

Owner Zach Luke Says Sound Tiles Saved Zero Machine CrossFit

Zero Machine CrossFit Phoenix Arizona Greatmats Sterling Sound Rubber Tiles
Zach Luke is no stranger to the challenges presented by CrossFit - from both the fitness and business sides of the sport. The owner of Zero Machine CrossFit in Phoenix, Arizona, Luke and four other coaches run one of the premier Crossfit centers in the southwest United States.

''We have the only CrossFit Games athlete that comes out of Arizona,'' Luke said, referring to coach Tommy Vinas. ''The other four coaches are regional level athletes.''

With such a talented and passionate team of coaches, Zero Machine CrossFits members can't help but to be absorbed by the buzz surrounding the fast-growing sport.

''It's amazing how excited the member base gets just to watch the guys on TV, or girls on TV, and the other coaches,'' Luke said. ''They have personal relationships with them.''

The Problem: CrossFit Noise and Vibration

Zero Machine CrossFit Phoenix Arizona Zach Luke owner
One of the problems that comes with the popularity of his gym, however, is that fact that CrossFit exercises often generate a lot of noise and vibrations - something not necessarily welcome to nearby neighbors.

''We are located in a strip mall area, and we were very upfront in regards to the noise situation - the dropping of the weights,'' Luke said. ''Everyone was in agreement (when the doors were about to open just over a year ago). 'That's fine' - until we started dropping weights. Then it became a huge issue.''

In fact, it became such a big issue that Zero Machine CrossFit faced the possibility of losing its lease because of it. 

Testing The Solution: Sterling Athletic Sound Tiles

Zero Machine CrossFit Phoenix Arizona with Greatmats Sterling Athletic Tiles noise reduction tiles
So Luke began researching and testing different forms of flooring to see if he could reduce the noise enough to appease the neighbors, landlord and property manager. He even worked with an acoustical engineer to analyze different mats and possibly develop a lifting platform to solve the problem.

Eventually he stumbled upon 2.75 inch thick Sterling Athletic Sound Tiles from, and his engineer friend concurred that the design could make a difference with the noise issue. So Luke ordered four squares to test.

''We were up against the rope - last resort,'' Luke said. ''We didn't have much high hopes for the product.''

However, after testing the Sterling Athletic Sound Tiles with various forms of weight dropping, Luke, his landlord and property manager were amazed at the difference they made.

Zero Machine CrossFit Phoenix Arizona with Greatmats Sterling Athletic Tiles reduces noise
During the testing process, Luke said they loaded a barbell at 135, 185 and 225 pounds and dropped it from overhead, noting that the 135-pound variety is generally what gets tossed around regularly, but with his member base, 185 pounds would be dropped on a daily basis. The 225-pound drop test was the true test standard to see how well the mats would perform.

With the success they had dropping loaded barbells, Luke said they added dropping 70 pound kettlebells to the testing process.

''The kettle bell is so aggressive in the sound it makes because its a ball of weight - a ball of steel,'' Luke said. ''We would typically drop them from extended arms.''

Still amazed by its ability to virtually eliminate all sound, they decided to up their game once again.

''We'd literally take the 70 pound and chuck it in the air and throw it across the room as high as you can get it - and it absorbs all of that sound,'' Luke said. ''Honestly, that was probably one of the closers when we had the landlord and the property management company in there. The kettle bell, you drop it, and it's very distinguished. Then you take and a you chuck it onto the mat and it's almost nothing.''


Zero Machine CrossFit Arizona with Greatmats Sterling Athletic Tiles Since installing the Sterling Athletic Sound Tiles in the 2,500 square foot live lifting area, Zero Machine CrossFit went from having multiple noise complaints per day to zero complaints.

''Our games athlete, Tommy Vinas, can clean and jerk over 400 pounds and that drops from a push press position over his head directly onto the floor, and we have no complaints,'' Luke said. ''It saved our business. It was worth every penny of the investment.''

After all of the time and money he invested in researching and testing different brands of mats, Luke now says, ''I feel like I'm the expert in gym flooring at this point in time. ... You've got to invest in yourself and you've got to invest in your business. ... The flooring works. I would spend the money again in a heartbeat. There are a lot of companies out there making false claims about their matting. They may be testing at 10 pounds, but we don't use 10 pounds - that's the problem.''

''Our members spend a lot of money, they put a lot of faith, a lot of trust in us,'' Luke added. ''You have to give them a product that's worth what they're paying. We take pride in having a gym that not only performs well but looks great.''

Zach Luke
Zero Machine CrossFit
Phoenix AZ 85048
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Zero Machine CrossFit Gym Arizona with Greatmats Sterling Sound Reducing Athletic Tiles

Zero Machine CrossFit Gym Arizona with Greatmats Sterling Sound Reducing Athletic Tiles

Zero Machine CrossFit Gym Arizona with Greatmats Sterling Sound Athletic Tiles