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Top 5 Floors for Damp Basements

Moisture doesn't have to make your basement unusable or uncomfortable

By Julia Nass

One of the largest issues people combat in basement rooms are those related to moisture. Basements are particularly susceptible to moisture for a number of reasons. First of all, basements tend to be cooler, which can cause humid air to condense more readily than in the rest of the house. Many basements are concrete, a material that often retains moisture from construction. Different appliances and equipment such as washers and dryers, boilers, and other modes of running water (showers, sinks, etc.) commonly create added moisture in the basement as well.

No matter where the moisture comes from, it's an important thing to be aware of. High and prolonged levels of moisture create an environment in which bacteria and mold can thrive. Mold and mildew is of course unsightly to see in the house, but more importantly, it can be dangerous. Certain types of molds can cause major health problems if not dealt with right away.

Overall, basements tend to not have as many ways for air to flow through and dry things out, so moisture gets trapped, particularly underneath flooring. Apart from mold and mildew, basement dampness can also cause standing water on floors, deterioration and staining of flooring materials, and general rot and decay. That is exactly why it's important to have flooring that will resist and fight against all of these issues. The following basement floors for damp areas are designed to do just that.

Greatmats hiddenlock slate floor tiles plastic tiles basement1. HiddenLock Slate Floor

HiddenLock Slate Floor tiles are high-end, commercial quality PVC tiles that have all the class and style of slate. However, they are far more comfortable, economical and lightweight and are a world easier to install. These tiles do well in basements because they are waterproof, durable and resistant to acids and oils. Tiles come in three different eye-pleasing earth tones. Choose HiddenLock Slate Floor tiles for basement offices, family rooms, entertainment rooms, or any other basement space you desire a high-end aesthetic.

Basement tiles can be installed with a strong snap-in-place system that presents a seamless floor. Although a dry-lay is all that is required for residential floors, tiles can also be glued down for a more permanent solution. Clean tiles with a damp mop, hot water and a general household floor cleaner. Expect high-quality, long-lasting moisture resistance with HiddenLock Slate Floor tiles. However, if moisture becoming trapped underneath flooring is a worry, then it's best to choose one of the following raised floor tiles.

2. StayLock Orange Peel

Greatmats staylock orange peel plastic pvc tiles basement
First, Greatmats' recommends StayLock Orange Peel tiles for raised basement flooring. These tiles are made of 100 percent recycled PVC plastic with an orange peel textured surface. Not only are they eco-friendly, but they are ergonomic as well. The durable plastic material makes for premium cushion and bounce support, even without any underlayment. StayLock Orange Peel basement flooring tiles are specifically designed for spaces in need of long-lasting, anti-fatigue flooring, like aerobic and exercise rooms.

These basement floor tiles are raised and waterproof, so moisture will not become trapped underneath or in flooring. StayLock Orange Peel tiles simply snap together without the need for any other tools or adhesives, and tiles do not come apart over time. They come in five different attractive colors that stay vibrant even after long periods of use. Once tiles hit the end of their estimated 20-year life span, Greatmats will take them back to repurpose them and keep them out of landfills. These tiles may contribute to LEED building points.

3. CarpetFlex Tiles

Greatmats snap together carpet tiles basement floor
Carpet is a fabulous way to bring warmth and comfort into a cold, damp room. However, carpet is typically not recommended for basements because it absorbs water and generally doesn't do well in moist environments. Enter the CarpetFlex tile, which is a unique solution to this problem. With CarpetFlex tiles, carpet can be put installed in places formerly not possible. CarpetFlex tiles are created with a raised plastic base with a carpet surface so air can flow underneath. Therefore, moisture cannot seep and stay in the carpet.

The plush carpet surface makes CarpetFlex basement tiles perfect for family or lounge rooms. CarpetFlex tiles come in 1x1 foot squares that weight one pound each, so they are lightweight and easy to transport. The entire floor installs just by snapping together tiles. Tiles can be installed over any hard, flat surface. To keep tiles fresh and clean, simply vacuum regularly.

4. TileFlex Tiles

Greatmats tileflex tiles plastic base vinyl surface basement floor
TileFlex tiles are an extremely fashionable and flexible basement flooring option. Choose from a wood-grain or slate aesthetic to satisfy your high-end design desires without a financial upset. TileFlex tiles come in over 10 colors and styles, so you can get creative with your ideal floor. Tiles snap together with a tab and loop connecting system and provide yet another easy-to-install flooring option.

This basement tile flooring is constructed of polypropylene plastic with a fully waterproof vinyl surface that never needs refinishing. Each tile is raised to allow airflow and prevent moisture entrapment and designed to hold up against water and heavy usage. The material makes these tiles ideal for diverse purposes, from a basement exercise room to a game room. For added cushion or sound reduction, simply install a 2 or 3 mm underlayment.

5. Comfort Matta Tiles (20 x 20 Inch)

Greatmats comfort matta basement plastic flooring tiles
Comfort Matta basement flooring tiles are a top choice for basement work rooms, dens and exercise floors. These tiles are specifically designed to create comfortable support that eases the strain of standing for long periods of time. The tiles reduce fatigue, muscle strain and joint discomfort.

This basement flooring is free draining and non-slip, even if the floor happens to be wet. The diamond-tread surface maintains slip resistance, while the raised design allows airflow underneath tiles. Tiles are interlocking and simple to install. Once in place, these basement tiles provide both heat and sound insulation. The product can be damp mopped with common household cleaners, but do be sure to avoid bleach.

For more on this topic please review our Basement Flooring product page.

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Top 5 Home Gym Floors for Yoga

Consider Comfort, Safety and Ability to Clean

By Julia Nass

Yoga is a practice used not just for fitness and strength but as a way to de-stress, relax and become centered amidst the chaos of busy, everyday life. Rush-hour traffic, elbowing one's way into an overcrowded room, and steep class fees shouldn't be associated with the calming, grounding benefits of yoga. Yet, attending a yoga class sometimes means experiencing all of the above stressors.

Getting to and from a yoga class can undo the positive, relaxing benefits. That's exactly why home yoga studios are becoming increasingly popular. Opting out of the class and practicing in one's own home can save stress, time and money in the long run.

Finding the best home gym flooring for yoga practice yoga shouldn't be something to stress you out either. Greatmats is here to help. The following reveals the top 5 home gym floors for yoga.

In the search for the best yoga flooring solutions, we focus on three main factors.

  1. First, a yoga floor needs to be durable yet comfortable.
  2. Second, it needs to maintain safety and traction even when moisture is present (which can come from sweat, hot yoga environments and spilled water bottles).
  3. Finally, yoga floors should be easy to clean.

Apart from those key elements, Greatmats' emphasizes home gym floors that are economical and easy to install, saving on time and money.

1. Plyometric Rubber Roll

Greatmats plyometric rubber roll for yogaGreatmats' Plyometric Rubber Rolls are an excellent home gym flooring option for yoga that can replace the need for a yoga mat. These rubber rolls, which come in 1/2 mm and 3/8 mm thicknesses, provide both comfort and resilience for yoga practice. These home yoga floors are designed to stand up against excessive, rigorous athletic workouts. Thus, they stay durable and strong even after years of heavy use.

Plyometric Rubber Roll home gym flooring also provides traction, so feet and hands do not slip and slide around the floor. At the same time, it provides enough cushion that it is not necessary to use a yoga mat on top of rubber flooring.

These rolls are extremely simple to install. They can be unrolled as a dry lay or glued down for a more permanent installation. Rubber rolls are also one of the more economical yoga floor choices. This flooring is easy to clean with a vacuum or damp mop. If you choose to use a cleaner on rubber flooring, make sure it's pH neutral, as certain cleaners can cause damage to the rubber.

The slightly porous structure of the rubber means that it takes longer to dry if it gets wet. Therefore, it is not recommended to use this flooring for hot yoga and other locations highly susceptible to moisture.

2. Max Tile Raised Flooring

Greatmats max tile raised floor home yoga floor
If you are looking for a solution for a moisture-heavy room (basements, high humidity locations, hot yoga rooms, etc.), Max Tiles Raised Flooring is one of the best choices. These raised tiles allow air to flow underneath flooring, so moisture does not get trapped and build up below flooring.

Max Tiles come in 9 different colors and designs, from multiple varieties of wood grain to stone. They are made with a 3 mm thick laminate vinyl surface top and a sturdy polypropylene base. These home gym flooring tiles are often used for dance floors, and they make excellent yoga floors as well. They come with a 15 year, .03 mm surface layer to protect from natural wear and tear. The vinyl surface makes these tiles water proof and resistant to scuffs and marks. Tiles can also be cleaned with just a damp mop.

These raised tiles connect together with a tab and loop system that is designed to hold up no matter the number of installations or reinstallations. If you are interested in extra cushion or insulation, you can always install a rubber roll layer underneath tiles.

3. Wood Performa Full Bolt

Greatmats Wood Performa padded wood grain vinyl floor for yoga
Padded, wood-grain Performa sheet vinyl is one of the most quality yoga floors you can find. It's an awesome choice for both yoga and hot yoga. The vinyl surface sits atop closed-cell foam backing, which makes the floor cushioned and anti-fatigue. The floor is easy on the joints and limbs, and the ergonomic design helps prevent injuries.

Performa yoga flooring is made with a microbial resistance formulation, which is a safety measure in moist climates. Microbial resistance fights bacteria buildup that can occur when moisture is present, so it's smart choice for hot yoga environments.

This yoga flooring solution can be ordered in custom-cut lengths. However, unlike other Greatmats' yoga flooring, installing Performa Full Bolt flooring is not a do-it-yourself project. Installation requires a full glue down and heat weld to the seam by a flooring professional. Although this is one of the pricier yoga floors we recommend (plus the cost of hiring a professional to install the floor), the quality of the flooring makes it well-worth the price.

4. Athletic Vinyl Padded Roll

Greatmats athletic vinyl padded roll wood grain for yoga
A cheaper alternative to the Wood Performa Full Bolt is the Athletic Vinyl Padded Roll. The home gym rolled flooring features a 2 mm vinyl top layer and a 5 mm rubber base. The padded roll has all the attraction and appeal of wood, but is more economical, durable and easier to clean. The roll provides both sound and sound and shock absorption, which makes it quiet underfoot.

The Athletic Vinyl Padded Roll comes in four different colors. The surface layer never needs polish or wax and is durable enough to retain a long-lasting fresh look. The sealed surface will not absorb water. Further, it's easy to clean with a vacuum, dust mop, dry sweep or a neutral cleaner.

5. Elite Striking Tatami Mats

Greatmats tatami martial arts mats for yoga
Although Elite Striking Tatami Mats are specifically designed for martial arts, its characteristics make it an ideal choice for yoga practice as well. These home gym mats feature a high density polyurethane foam core with a fully laminated vinyl surface. The foam core provides superior impact protection, consistent hardness throughout the mat and an ideal softness for floor work. The bottom of the mats have an anti-skid, rubber waffle bottom for guaranteed stability. The superior workmanship of these mats guarantees years of use.

Not only are these mats protective against injury and falls, they protect from dangerous bacteria as well. These home gym mats are waterproof, hygienic and easy to clean, which are all safety measures where moisture is present. Elite Striking Tatami Mats come in a variety of attractive colors and can be laid down anywhere. They are also a great impermanent solution for multi-purpose rooms, as home gym mats can be picked up and stored elsewhere if needed.

Karate Mats

Greatmats Karate Mats for yoga studio
While we're on the subject, most of Greatmats martial arts mats provide an excellent surface for yoga. The 1'' thick karate mats are a popular choice for professional yoga facilities and are among the least expensive options.

So there you have it: Greatmats' top 5 yoga flooring solutions for home gyms. Still have questions? Get in touch with Greatmats friendly customer service for more recommendations or answers. 

For more on this topic please review our Yoga Flooring product page.

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2017 New Orleans BJJ Championships

Top 5 Basement Floors For Family Rooms

Easy to install, waterproof, comfortable and stylish basement floors

By Julia Nass

If you're looking to turn your basement into a lovely space fit for the entire family, you are going to need a floor that's up for the job. Basement flooring for family rooms should be inviting, comfortable and pleasing for both kids and the adults. Whether the room is set up for games, entertainment, or lounge space, the basement family room floor should support it all.

Following are top 5 basement flooring choices for family rooms. Each selection is guaranteed to provide the highest quality basement family room floor; all the following options are aesthetically pleasing, durable, and come at an affordable price. The cherry on top? Each and every basement floor tile is a breeze to install without any extra help.

CarpetFlex Floor Tile

Greatmats carpetflex carpet interlocking snap together tiles basement
Carpet is a go-to flooring choice for a family room. However, carpet can be tricky in the basement because of the moisture that can get trapped in and underneath carpet material. CarpetFlex Floor Tiles are the unique solution to this problem. These tiles feature a raised plastic base with a carpet surface, a design that allows air to flow underneath the carpeting itself. Thus, moisture will not seep into the carpet and cause unwanted dampness which can lead to the growth of mold and mildew.

These floating interlocking basement flooring tiles can be installed within minutes just by snapping tiles together; no other tools or adhesives are necessary. They can be installed over any hard, flat surface to simply create a warm, carpeted basement area. Vacuum regularly for easy upkeep.

Royal Interlocking Carpet Tile

Greatmats royal interlocking carpet tile basement waterproof
If carpet calls to you, but you are looking for something a bit more cushioned, try the Royal Interlocking Carpet Tile. These interlocking basement floor tiles immediately transform any hard surface into one that is thick, soft and comfortable to walk, sit and lay on. Made with high-quality EVA foam bonded to a plush carpet surface, these tiles are designed for maximum comfort and are perfect for any family room.

Royal Interlocking Carpet Tiles easily link together; all you need to do to install them is place them next to one another on the floor. Tiles are lightweight enough that if you decide you need to pick up and move them, there's no hassle whatsoever. The foam base is non-absorbent and can be easily removed if moisture should become trapped beneath the tiles. Once all is dry, simply push them back into place. Carpet tiles can be maintained simply by vacuuming regularly.

Foam Tiles Wood Grain

Greatmats foam tiles wood grain basement floor
If style is just as important to you as cushion and comfort, these tiles are the perfect pick. Foam Tiles in a wood grain design offer a classy look for a foam product. At half an inch thick, these interlocking basement floor tiles are dense enough to withstand regular foot traffic. They are anti-fatigue and made of closed-cell foam, which is safer and more durable than open-cell.

These tiles are completely waterproof and can be damp mopped for easy maintenance. If there are ever moisture issues happening underneath the tiles, they too can be easily picked up and dried before being placed back down. Do keep in mind that these tiles are susceptible to scratches and punctures, so may not be the best choice for a room with heavy use. If you're interested in foam but durability is a higher priority, Greatmats recommends the following interlocking basement floor tiles.

Foam Floor Mats 5/8 Premium

Greatmats blue foam floor tiles 5/8 basement flooring
Instantly brighten up your basement room with Foam Floor Mats 5/8 Premium. These interlocking basement floor tiles are one of Greamats best-selling products because of their cushion, aesthetic appeal, and long-lasting durability. At 5/8 inch thick, the ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) foam tiles provide shock absorption, sound absorption and thermal insulation.

With 15 different colors to choose from, it's fun for the whole family to get creative and design a custom floor using any number of colors or patterns. Installing tiles can be just as fun as well; it's like putting together an easy, life-size puzzle. Foam Floor Mats can be used underneath furniture or equipment, but it's wise to use furniture coasters as indentations can occur. 

Max Tile Raised Floor Tile

Greatmats Max Tile Raised Floor Tiles vinyl top basement floor
Max Tile Raised Floor Tiles are versatile floating interlocking basement flooring tiles that are perfect for basement family rooms. Not only do they provide a variety of excellent aesthetics, from slate to wood-grain, but these tiles are scratch and wear resistant and never need refinishing. They are tight-fitting and seamless and will hold up underneath any type of shoe. Because Max Tile basement floor tiles are designed for a wide variety of basement uses, included athletics, these tiles are particularly wonderful for multi-purpose family rooms.

Max Tile raised basement floor tiles feature a 3 mm wood grain vinyl surface atop a raised polypropylene base. Because tiles are raised, air can easily flow underneath tiles, which is a huge perk to have in the basement. You won't need to worry about moisture becoming trapped underneath flooring, which can cause water damage and bad bacteria to grow. 
For more on this topic please review our Basement Flooring product page.

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The Advantages of the Beveled Edge for Specialty Flooring

Beveled edges are for more than just looks and safety.

By Julia Nass

Greatmats beveled edge for interlocking tileWhat Is a Beveled Edge?

In general, a beveled edge is a structural edge that is non-perpendicular to the floor. In other words, it's an edge that transitions a structure's border from squared-off to sloping. The term is often used to refer to edges and ends of hardwood flooring. If hardwood edges are beveled, there will be a groove between planks. If they are squared off, wood planks will rest tightly together. Floor tiles can also have squared off or beveled edges (for this article, beveled edges will refer to the border of the entire floor, not the individual tiles). If tiles are not made with a beveled edge, ramped floor borders can be used to obtain beveled floor tiles.

What Is the Purpose of Beveled Edges?

Beveled edges have utility, safety and aesthetic advantages.

First, beveled edges are a safe choice for tile flooring. Given the subtle change in flooring height between tiles and the subfloor, squared off tiles can be a tripping hazard. As unnoticeable as the difference between a subfloor and a raised tile may be, it's easy for squared edges to catch an unsuspecting foot. Ramped floor borders decrease the chance of gravity related accidents occurring.

Greatmats yellow border for tilesADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) standards require that beveled edges are used when a flooring edges between 1/4 and 1/2 of an inch in height. Greatmats' offers ramped border edges that are ADA approved. In general, these beveled edges make it easier and safer for movement in wheelchairs and on crutches. Beveled edges also make rolling and moving heaving objects easier and less hazardous.

Finally, ramped floor borders give the floor a more complete and finished look. Border strips cover up exposed tile connectors that may jut out from the tile and are much more aesthetically pleasing. For any flooring edge height exceeding 1/2 inch must be treated as a ramp or curb ramp.

Are There Disadvantages to Beveled Edges?

Because ramped floor borders often have to be purchased separately, the only disadvantage is a higher flooring cost. That being said, Greatmats strives to provide the best deals around. You can often find border strips on sale. If ordering in high volume, it may be possible to receive a discount. Get in touch with a Greatmats' customer service representative for more details.

When to Use Ramped Floor Borders

Greatmats Coin Top Warehouse Floor Border Edge
Ramped floor borders are an excellent choice if constructing a ''floating'' floor - a floor in the middle of a room or area. If the flooring is going wall to wall, then edges can (and probably should) stay squared off for a snug, tight fit. If a floor is built in the middle of a space, ramped floor borders give the space a finished feel.

Ramped Floor Borders should also be used in heavy foot traffic situations, as they provide a safety measure against tripping and falling. They can also be attached to floors temporarily when needed, such as when guests come over, or when moving furniture or equipment.

How Do Ramped Floor Borders Work?

Greatmats Foam Grappling Tile Beveled Edge
It's simple. All one has to do to obtain a beveled edge for a floor tile is attach the ramped floor border to the already-installed floor tile. This process will depend on the make and model of the floor tile, as ramped floor borders are specially made for specific tiles. For example, Greatmats' Max Raised Floor Tile fastens together with a hook-and-loop connection system. Ramped floor borders for this raised floor tile come with the same hook-and-loop system (some strips have hooks, some have loops). Borders easily snap into place on tiles. Border strips are available for almost any raised floor tile, so one always has the freedom to choose a beveled edge.

How to Find the Right Ramped Floor Borders

Greatmats Sterling Rubber TIle Ramp Border
As mentioned above, ramped floor borders come in a wide variety of sizes and styles. Almost every floor tile with significant thickness will have a corresponding ramped floor border that goes with it. It's important to be aware that some flooring comes with border strips, while others must be ordered separately. If border strips have to be ordered separately, make sure to carefully read the tile's description. At Greatmats, product descriptions will provide you with the information you need to find the right beveled edge so you can be sure to order the correct border strips. If you are feeling uncertain and need a hand, that's what Greatmats customer service team is here for. Representatives will help you find exactly what you want and need.

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