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How to Cut Greatmats 1x2 Meter Martial Arts Mats

Comparing Folding Gymnastics Mats - The Nitty Gritty Details

Compare Folding Gymnastics Mat Size, Thickness, Materials and More

By Kif Richmann

Selecting the right gym flooring can seem like a bit of a hassle. There are so many options and so many details that finding the exact product for your home or recreational space can seem daunting.

However, if you understand that basic factors for folding gymnastic mats, you'll know how to find the right padding. Folding gymnastics mats seem to be listed in a complex code (V2, 18-oz vinyl, 2.5-inch, 5x10, polyethylene; the list goes one), but when you are knowledgeable about the products, you will quickly find the right option for your needs.

We'd like to take a look at some of the important specs for folding gym mats to help you make the right decision...

Comparing Folding Gymnastics Mats

gymanstics folding mat Greatmats4V vs. V2

(Connectors on 4 sides vs. 2 sides)
One of the main factors you need to decide on is having hook 'n loop connector strips on four sides of the mats, which is identified by ''4V,'' or hook 'n loop connectors on two sides of the mat, which is identified by ''V2.'' Depending on how you want to layout the mats, either 4V or V2 will fit your needs.

4V has velcro on all four sides of the mat, which allows you to make connections from any side and create larger mat spaces for activities such as wrestling or martial arts. If you have a large, wide space that needs to be filled, you will likely prefer having velcro connections on all four sides.

V2 mats can be used for many different purposes, but because they only have connectors on two sides, they are best used for creating strips or runways of padding as opposed to completely filling a room. V2 mats can also be used as wall padding in training areas and gyms. The mats on the wall behind basketball hoops are often V2 mats.

18 oz vs. 19 oz vinyl

gymnastics exercise mat Greatmats
One of the aspects you'll want to choose from is 18-ounce or 19-ounce vinyl for the cover of your mat. The vinyl protects the mat and provides traction for feet while allowing the mats to do their job, which is to deliver a soft landing.

If you are going to have a lot of friction and the potential for ripping, tearing, and wearing away the mat's covering, then you will probably want to choose the 19-ounce options. This will give you reliable support and will hold up under years and years of abuse. However, the lighter 18-ounce option can still provide quality results to your gym.

1.5 vs. 2 vs. 2.5 inch thickness

The thickness of the mat will also matter. The thicker your mat is, the more cushioning and protection it will provide. However, as the mat gets thicker, it also gets heavier and bulkier to store, which makes many people choose the thinner option.

1.5-inch thickness gives you a lightweight mat with plenty of cushioning. It can be effective for kids' gymnastics and light workouts, and the lightness makes it better for temporary surfaces, such as gyms that host basketball as well as wrestling or judo.

2-inch thickness provides a well-balanced combination of strength and weight. It is thick enough to provide cushioning for heavy adults who participate in wrestling or jiu jitsu, but can also be moved around fairly easily.

2.5-inch thickness provides the most cushion but can be heavy to move. This version also utilizes a combination of both closed and open celled foams. If you have a permanent space that needs lots of padding on the floor, you will likely want to choose 2.5-inch thick mats.

4 vs. 5 vs. 6 foot width
gymnastics tumbling mats Greatmats

Depending on the size of space you need to fill or the exact surface required for your activity, you can choose between mats that have widths of four, five, or six feet.

Four-foot mats are often the preferred choice if you simply need a narrow strip of padding. They can be used for activities like fencing, and they can also be effective for tumbling and other types of gymnastics.

If you need a slightly larger strip of padding, or if you simply want to fill a larger room, you can choose five-foot widths as well. These give you a quality space but are not as large and cumbersome as mats with larger widths.

When you are filling a room with permanent padding, you will likely want to choose six-foot mats. These will help you cover a large space quickly and allow you to get the large footage of padding you need. Six-foot widths are often preferred for covering walls, as they provide head-to-toe protection for most people.

The Number of Panels

The number of panels in your folding gymnastics mats will determine the overall length. Most panels are two-feet wide, so the mats go up in overall length by increments of two. You can easily find mats with three panels (six feet), four panels (eight feet), five panels (10 feet) and six panels (12 feet).

Deciding what size you need, and whether you want to stack the panels and use the mat as a raised cushion, can help you choose the perfect folding mats.

Color Options

gymnastics folding mats Greatmats
There are lots of different color options for your folding gymnastic mats. In most cases, the mats you select can come in blue, red, yellow, green, and many other colors. You can also select combinations and interchanging colors to add variety and character to your surface.

One use for the different colors is organization. For example, you might have a taekwondo class that you want to split into groups. You can use different floor coloring for different groups and send, as an example, students under 12 to the blue mats and students 12 and over to the red mats. Coloring can also be used to mark the boundaries of a competition space, such as fencing strips or wrestling boundaries.

Polyethylene (Closed Cell) vs. Polyurethane (Open Cell) Foam Cores

foam sample of gymnastics mats Greatmats
There are two types of materials that are very popular for folding gymnastic mats. The first is polyethylene and the second is polyurethane. Understanding the differences and advantages of each can help you choose the right mats.

Polyethylene is the most common type of foam available. It has a high-impact strength and can absorb a lot of energy without breaking. It is used in a cross-linked design, creating a closed-cell foam that is resistant to mildew and mold, as well as bacteria and rot. In most cases, polyethylene is wrapped in vinyl to help the material avoid cuts and gouges. It is a preferred material for cheerleading, gymnastics and wrestling.

Polyurethane is an open-cell material that provides better cushioning. It has the consistency of a sponge or a loaf of bread, with air throughout the material to provide a softer landing. Because it is so spongy, it's often not the best choice for activities that involve walking, running or jumping. This form of foam is generally used in combination with the polyethylene foam in folding gymnastics mats that are 2.5 inches or thicker.

Choosing a Few of the Best Options

Gym Mats 4x8 Ft x 1.5 inch 4V 18 oz
This 4x8 gym mat has four panels and velcro on all four sides. The layout makes it perfect for many different uses, including gymnastics and tumbling. It can be one of the most effective mats for filling a small space, and the 1.5-inch thickness makes this smaller mat perfect for temporary use, as it only weights about 20 pounds. Even kids can handle these mats, making them perfect for temporary cushioning on a gym floor.

Gym Mats 5x10 Ft x 2 Inch 4V 18 oz
When you are looking for one of the finest gym mats for your space, this 5x10-foot foldable mat will be perfect. It has two-inches of thickness, giving you plenty of padding and support, but the entire mat only weighs about 36 pounds, so most people can pick it up and fold it when needed. If a single person can't carry it, two people working together can easily lay it out and put it away when needed. This is one of the most commonly used folding mats for judo or wrestling due to its thickness and connection versatility.

Folding Gym Tumbling Mat 6 x 12 ft x 2 inch V2
Available in 16 colors, this effective gym mat is perfect for flooring on many different surfaces. With six panels, the mat is 12 feet in length, so you can cover a large area quickly with this mat. It has velcro on two sides, so it can be laid out side-to-side with other mats if needed. One of the longest mats available, it is great from tumbling runs.

Gymnastic Mat 4x6 ft x 1.5 inch V2
With a small profile and 1.5-inch thickness, this is one of the lightest and most compact mats you can own. It comes in multiple colors and only weighs 18 pounds, so creating a padding surface and quickly removing the material is no problem at all. It also comes in many different colors, giving you variety and character.

Gymnastic Mat 4x8 ft x 2.5 inch V2
When you need lots of padding for tough activities or heavier adults, this folding gym mat will fit your needs. It has velcro on two sides so you can create long lengths of padding, and it has a total weight of only 26 pounds, making it manageable for many people. With a cross-linked PE layer topped with a PU layer in the core, it offers a much softer landing than any of the previous mentioned mats which strictly utilize the denser PE foam.

Great Mats Has Your Folding Gymnastics Mat

You can have high-quality flooring that lasts for years by working with Greatmats.

When you need excellent gym floors, browse our selection of materials and you'll find everything you need for any home gym or recreational space!
For more on this topic please review our Gymnastics Mats & Gym Mats product page. 

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Comparing Patio Tile Materials and Installation

Patio Tiles Come in Many Forms, Choose the Style the Fits You Best

By Kif Richmann

One of the benefits of today's patio tile technology and materials is that there are many different options to suit the specific needs of each individual user. You can find patio floor tiles made from plastic or rubber. You can choose interlocking products or tiles with simple straight edges. You can even choose artificial grass that looks surprisingly real. It seems like the options are endless!

From solid to perforated and square to dog-bone shaped, there are many options for you to choose for your patio.

Unfortunately, this creates a little bit of a challenge. With so many options, finding the right patio tiles can seem like a staggering decision. Choosing the perfect patio tiles for your specific space can be difficult, so you need the right information to help you make the right choice.

In many cases, it will come down to choosing all the right features for your needs. When you look at a few of the most basic items and features side-by-side, you can weigh the options and choose between one or the other. Do this enough times, and you'll eventually land on the exact patio floor tiles for your home.

Comparing Patio Tiles

outdoor patio tiles GreatmatsRubber vs. Plastic

Two of the most common materials used to create patio tiles are rubber and plastic. Each one has their advantage, and understanding the specifics of rubber vs. plastic patio floor tiles will help you decide which is right for you.

Rubber is very flexible and durable, giving your flooring a grippy and sometimes an almost springy feeling, depending on thickness, density and design. This makes rubber material popular for athletic facilities and pet play areas. However, rubber is also ideal for use as an outdoor surface for playgrounds and even patios. It will give you excellent comfort and result in a space that is reliable and affordable.

The Sterling Athletic Rubber Tile 1.25 Inch Gray is a great choice for any athletic facility, but this rubber patio tile can also be used in the exterior of your home or building. Many of the most popular rubber floor tiles are made from recycled material, making them highly effective and environmentally friendly. If you want a floor mat made from recycled materials, you can find many excellent options that are made from repurposed rubber.

Plastic tile is another popular option for outdoor areas, and it can often be designed to a specific style or be made to mimic a material, such as wood. For example, the GreatDeck Outdoor Plastic Deck Tile has a design that looks a lot like wood, even up close. With plastic decking, you get a space that is rugged and durable and can handle a lot of foot traffic. Many of the best plastic floor patio tiles are also very affordable, making them a great options for your space, especially when you need to save a few dollars.

outdoor greatdeck pvc plastic tile patios Greatmats
Artificial Grass vs Traditional Tiles

Many people use traditional tiles to create a gorgeous look for their home, but one of the options that you can choose is to have artificial grass instead of a flat surface. Artificial grass certainly isn't for every purpose, but it can be effective for your space if you want a natural look.

A traditional tile simply has a flat or textured surface across the top. While many outdoor tiles are engineered for a slip-resistant nature, they don't have the natural look of artificial grass. Of course, not everyone wants artificial grass, and a more traditional outdoor tile will look best in walkways, gyms, and most patios.

Artificial grass is a popular choice because it creates the appearance and feel of a lush, healthy lawn. They are often a favorite for outdoor balconies and rooftop terraces, and they are especially effective when placed over cold, hard surfaces, such as concrete on walkways, patios, and rooftops. They can even be used as a convenient cover to water-damaged wood surfaces. Artificial grass gives you the look and feel of a healthy lawn without the hassle, making it a great option for your outdoor patio.

The Outdoor Deck Turf Tile is perfect for creating a space of artificial grass. Not only does it look fantastic, it will give you years of excellent quality. In fact, the treated wood base underneath this deck turf tile is rated to last 25 years! This artificial grass can be used for many outdoor purposes, and it is durable enough to handle the weight of tables, chairs and other outdoor furniture.

Solid vs. Perforated

patio pool surrounds tile Greatmats
When selecting tile, you should take a look at perforated options as well. While the first vision to come to many people's minds when thinking about patio tiles would be tiles with a solid surface, you may discover that perforated is right for you.

Perforated has many advantages over solid tiles. First of all is moisture release. With solid tiles, if any water or liquids get underneath the tile, it can be trapped for a very long time. If you don't have a good drainage system, you could have moisture buildup and even mold. Many perforated tiles are also lighter, as they don't have as much material. This can be an advantage when you need a tile that will be moved on a constant basis, such as tiles for trade shows, exhibits or if you tend to move frequently. Another important use for perforated tiles is pool decks. Pools areas can become slick with water, but a perforated patio tile allows the water to flow through and maintains excellent traction for bare feet. In fact, any area with consistent moisture will benefit from perforated tiles.

Solid tiles are popular for indoor areas and spaces that don't have as much water and other liquids. Solid tiles are often a better choice if your patio space will serve multiple purposes such as a gym or workout surface. However, if your patio space has a lot of water, then perforated patio tiles could be useful.

StayLock Tile is one of the top options for perforated patio tiles. These floor tiles fit together tightly, offer limited fall protection, and allow water to dry from underneath. They are waterproof and resistant to many acids and oils.

Interlocking vs. Straight-Edged

Greatmats rubber patio paver tile
In many cases, one of the decisions you'll have to make while choosing patio tiles is between tile with interlocking connections or straight edges. Each one will have distinct advantages and disadvantages.

Interlocking tiles, as you might have guessed, have interlocking connections of many different kinds. For example, you can choose interlocking patio tiles that have puzzle-mat connections, which fit together much like a jigsaw puzzle. There are also S-grip connections, tab 'n loop, and hidden locks, just to name a few. These types of edges have a strong connection, making them a great choice for areas where the tiles could slip and slide out of place. Interlocking tile are also the preferred choice for temporary flooring, such as trade shows.

Straight-edged tiles, like the Rubber Patio Paver Tile, are good choices for areas that need a nice clean line between the tiles. With straight line edging, the seams are hard to notice, making the tiles more attractive to the visual eye. Many tiles come with slip-resistant materials and can be glued down if needed, allowing for better grip on the floor. When properly installed, straight-edge rubber patio tile is perfect for outdoor areas.

Dog Bone vs Interlocking

There is another option for patio tiles that could be perfect for your needs, and that is dog-bone shapes. The symmetrical shape allows them to come together in infinite connections. This means you can fill as big or small of a room as you need. Dog bone pavers are often ideal for outdoor patios, and they make a great addition to any space. One of the advantages of dog bone pavers is that they give the surface flooring an interesting design. They come together in an interesting staggered layout that makes the patio look stylish and visually engaging.

One of the top options for dog bone pavers is the Dog Bone Outdoor Paver Tiles. They are an affordable choice for your patio and are simple to install. They can control bacteria and dust and are made from 100% recycled tire rubber. When you want a durable dog bone paver for your patio or walkway, these tile will fit perfectly!

plastic patio deck tiles Greatmats

Find the Perfect Patio Tiles for Your Home

Ready to pick the right tiles for your home? Whether you need the easy installation of a straight-edged tile or the mold-fighting performance of a perforated tile, Greatmats has all the right options for your home.

As a national leader in specialty flooring, we have options for nearly any purpose. From dance floors to horse stalls to comfortable patios, we have excellent materials and world-class products that will make you happy for years.

Still not sure what you need? Contact us today and we'll help you make the right choice for your patio!

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Top 5 Uses for Rubber Paver Tiles

Which Rubber Pavers Serves Those Needs Best?

By Kif Richmann

When most people think of outdoor pavers, it's likely they think of concrete products. While concrete pavers can be useful in certain settings, rubber pavers deliver excellent durability and comfort, making them top choices for both indoor and outdoor purposes.

Rubber pavers are more versatile than you might expect and can be used on countless settings. So what are the top uses for these products? Keep reading and you'll learn about the top five uses for rubber pavers, as well as the specific products that are perfect for these settings.

Top 5 Uses for Rubber Paver Tiles

patio rubber paver tiles Greatmats1. Patios

Everyone loves a comfortable outdoor patio. These are the areas where you can relax outdoors and enjoy fresh air. While you're at it, you'll probably enjoy a cold beverage and maybe a little grilling. While patios come in many materials, such as concrete pavers, concrete slabs, or decorative tile, one of the best materials for this outdoor space is rubber paver tiles.

The patio needs to look great. The outdoor space will be shared by family and friends, so using material that will hold strong and provide years of quality is essential. You need to be able to choose the right color and style to match the exterior design of your home.

Patio pavers need to be durable. Not only will they need to withstand lots of foot traffic, they will need to hold up against the weather, and not just rain either. If you live in a cold climate, the freeze-thaw cycle can destroy patio pavers, which makes flexible rubber tiles are smart option.

Top Rubber Paver for patios: Rubber Patio Paver Tile
These rubber pavers make a perfect patio for your home. They are durable and strong, able to withstand years of foot traffic and extreme outdoor weather. As an added bonus, they come in three different colors (brown, grey, and terra cotta), allowing you to choose the right design for your home.

2. Walkways

walkway paver tile equine paver tile Greatmats
Creating the perfect walkway requires a strong rubber paver that also looks visually pleasing. Walkways can be used to enhance the landscaping at a commercial facility, or they can be used to give your home a clean easy path all around the grounds. Whether it's just a few yards or a long, winding pathway, using the right rubber pavers for a walkway is essential.

Because walkways go across a long section of space, they often need to go over multiple areas or snake around obstructions like trees and landscape decorations. They may need to go over hills, although if the slope is too steep a stairway will likely be required. This means flexibility and versatility is essential.

Like patios, walkways also need a decorative, attractive appearance. They should not only give you a safe, comfortable walking space, they should provide a stunning appearance that enhances the beauty of your home's exterior.

Top Rubber Paver for Walkways: Equine Paver Tile
While these walkways were made for horse stalls, they are actually very effective for use as walkways. They are soft and comfortable, yet provide sturdy support and can even be driven over by equipment like garden tractors and machinery.

They provide a shock-free surface and are soft for playing children, making them ideal for homes with little ones. With a dog-bone design, they lock together easily to create the perfect surface for your exterior.

3. Rooftops

rooftop flooring tile Greatmats
Rooftops have unique needs for flooring. If you have a rooftop that is capable of supporting foot traffic, such as a rooftop scenic area or rooftop deck, you need reliable rubber floors that provide traction and support.

One of the main concerns for rooftop flooring is safety. Obviously any safe rooftop will have guard railings to protect people from falling, but you should still have a slip-resistant surface that allows people to walk safely around the area.

Ease of installation is also important. You don't want a heavy product that is difficult to carry or load at the top of a roof, so you need a product that is light enough to carry through stairways to the top of the building, or at the very least can be loaded onto machinery and lifted to the top.

Of course, durability also matters, as the rooftop tile needs to withstand constant foot traffic and the abuse of Mother Nature.

Top choice for rooftops: Sterling Roof Top Tile
These tiles are made specifically for rooftops, so you know you're getting a quality product that will serve the right purpose. They are available in six different colors and deliver good traction for many different shoe-sole materials.

With a 2-inch thickness, they are strong and durable, yet each 2x2 foot tile only weighs about 24 pounds.

4. Playgrounds

rubber playground tiles Greatmats
Few areas need a durable yet soft surface like playgrounds. Rubber pavers are perfect because they can take the hours and hours of abuse that children will deliver. Young kids may not weigh a whole lot, but their non-stop play can quickly wear down inferior products, meaning you'll have to replace them if you choose surfacing that isn't strong and reliable.

Traction is also important, which makes outdoor rubber pavers very popular for playgrounds. Outdoor playgrounds will have rain and wet conditions, depending on the season, so the surface needs to provide quality traction so kids don't slip and fall.

A flexible, forgiving surface is also important. No matter how good the traction, kids at play will eventually fall, so the surface needs to be able to absorb the impact and, hopefully, help the child avoid an injury.

Top Rubber Paver for Playgrounds: Sterling Playground Tile
These pavers are excellent for playgrounds because they are soft, durable and give reliable traction. They have a six-foot fall rating, so you can count on them to deliver superior safety to your children.

These interlocking rubber pavers are engineered with a molding process that compresses each tile from three different directions. This results in maximum durability while maintaining a soft, springy quality. From child protection to long-term quality, these tiles have everything you expect from an outdoor rubber paver.

weight room home gym rubber floor tiles Greatmats
5. Weight Rooms

Perhaps no other surface will take as heavy, constant of a beating as a weight room floor. Weight rooms take an unending punishment from metal free-weights, exercise equipment, and athlete's shoes, so the surface needs to be extremely resilient to hold up for years. Because rubber pavers are so strong and durable, they make a great flooring option for any weight room.

Durability is an important factor for weight rooms, which makes rubber pavers especially reliable for these areas. After years of impacts from weights and athletes, the flooring can begin to wear away. If you're not using a product made for long-term durability, before long, you'll have to replace it - or worse yet, the floor beneath it. A quality rubber paver made from a reliable material, however, will hold strong and give your area years of reliability.

The flooring in a weight room should be dense, yet forgiving, allowing for less harsh impact on an athlete's knees. While nothing can fully prevent injury, a quality rubber surface is less likely to result in knee and joint pain - when compared to a hard surface like concrete.

Top Rubber Paver for Weight Rooms: Sterling Athletic Sound Rubber Tile
These rubber pavers are made from durable materials that can withstand the constant abuse of a weight room. Although they are made from 100% post-consumer recycled material, they have excellent durability. Greatmats is so confident in these rubber patio pavers that we have given them a lifetime guarantee.

They control vibrations, and can even reduce noise by limiting structure-borne sound. They have all the right qualities for a weight room floor, and come in six different flecked color-combination designs.

How to Choose the Right Rubber Paver Tiles for Your Area

Choosing the right paver tiles depends on a lot of different factors, and you need to consider them all before making a purchase. If you do your research and prepare properly, you can choose the right paver for your long-term needs.

- First, consider the size that you need to cover. If you have a large area, you may want to go with larger pavers, because smaller pavers will obviously take a long time to install, whereas larger pavers will cover the area quickly.

- Will you be covering an area that is protected or open to the sun and rain. Outdoor areas can be covered by awnings and pergolas, so you need to consider whether you will have some shade over your patio or if it will be open to the sunshine.

- Next, think about the use and general traffic that will be moving over your pavers. Will there be lots of foot traffic or will it be very light. If you expect lots of traffic, then you'll obviously need more rugged and durable rubber pavers.

Greatmats has the Right Rubber Pavers for Your Needs

From commercial flooring to a relaxing backyard patio, no matter what area you need to complete, we have the right pavers for you.

Visit Greatmats.com today and you can find rubber pavers in a wide variety of styles and shapes. We are passionate about delivering reliability, quality, and durability to your floors, so check out our vast selection!
For more on this topic please review our Rubber Paver Tiles product page.

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Top 5 Uses for Ground Protection Mats

Ground Protection Mats Do More Than Defend Grass from Heavy Machinery

By Kif Richmann

Ground protection mats help maintain lawns, landscaping and even concrete surfaces. Able to support the heaviest equipment, these track mats and other forms of outdoor flooring surfaces can be used by landscaping contractors, homeowners and event organizers.

So what are the best uses for ground protection mats? There are many, but these are the top five uses...
clear ground protection mat Greatmats
Top 5 Uses for Ground Protection Mats

1. Grass Protection

We all love having a lush lawn. Even in dry western states, we go to great lengths to create a lush, deep-green landscape. However, if we need to do some landscaping, the lawn can become severely damaged, especially when heavy equipment such as skid loaders are used.

Grass is especially vulnerable when wet. After it rains, the dirt underneath becomes soft mud; machinery that simply would otherwise leave a small track will now rip out the grass and leave a muddy scar in the lawn. Grass needs to be protected from harm, and ground protection mats are made to fit this need.

Top option for protecting grass: Ground Protection Mats 4x8 ft Clear
With a cleated design on the surface, these ground protection mats provide excellent traction for heavy machinery and foot traffic. However, they have a unique feature for protecting grass; they are clear. They allow light to reach the grass underneath, helping the plants to maintain better health. This is especially important if you are building a temporary roadway that will be in place for more than a couple days. While grass will die if the mats are left indefinitely, the clear material gives longer protection for lawns.

geogrid cellular paving system ground protection Greatmats2. Sidewalk/Driveway Protection

Driveways are made for large vehicles, right? Sidewalks are built for heavy foot traffic, so why would they need protection? Although these surfaces are much stronger than a soft, grassy lawn, concrete can become damaged from constant wear and tear, especially from hard, thick tread that you'll find underneath heavy equipment.

180-degree turns often result in the most damage to concrete surfaces. When a vehicle like a skid loader or backhoe turns around to face the opposite direction, it can create significant damage to the surface underneath. This can result in light scratches or if repeated enough times, structural damage to a sidewalk or driveway. Driveways that have decorative stains or surface sealers can lose their finish, resulting in poor quality over the years.

Unique option for protecting sidewalks and driveways: The GeoGrid Cellular Paving System
With strength that can withstand up to 35 tons per square feet and a flexible design that allows for expansion and contraction, the GeoGrid Cellular Paving System is perfect for covering sidewalks, driveways, and other concrete surfaces. One unit only weighs about 2.4 pounds, so moving them is simple and easy. Unlike a traditional ground protection may, this paving system does not lay on top of the surface but it is used to reinforce and stabilize areas where erosion is likely to occur.

3. Event Areas

ground protection mat outdoor event Greatmats
Event areas really need two things from their ground mats. First, like all areas, they need reliable protection. Second, they need an attractive, clean finish.

Event areas come in all shapes, sizes, and surfaces. You can have indoor event centers with smooth, finished concrete flooring, or you can have outdoor areas with soft grass that has been finely maintained by a grounds crew. This means the ground protection mats need to be versatile and able to protect nearly any type of surface in nearly any setting.

But event centers also need to put on a show. They need flooring that looks attractive but doesn't take away from the event itself. A clean, professional look is preferred by event managers of all types.

Top option for protecting event areas: Liberty Ground Protection Mat
These mats give excellent traction with a Chevron textured surface and feature handholds that give users easy access and mobility. They install quickly yet support up to 80 tons of pressure. Although they are ideal for outdoor events on grassy surfaces, they can be used to protect indoor flooring or concrete.

greatmats ground protection mats for heavy equipment
4. Support and Traction

When things get muddy and swampy, you need a ground protection mat that can provide support and traction for your equipment. In this case, protecting the ground isn't a concern from a visual perspective, as you're not trying to protect a perfectly-manicured lawn. Instead, it's important from a utility and operations perspective.

If the ground you are using goes unprotected, it will quickly turn into a mash of unusable mud, keeping trucks and equipment from completing the task.

Top option for protecting swampy areas: TuffTrak XT Extreme
The TuffTrak XT Extreme surface protector is one of the best ground mats for heavy equipment. Using high-quality materials, these mats are 3.5 inches thick and can hold over 30,000 pounds per square foot. With a foam-filled center core and hybrid overlap connection, these mats help maintain a reliable driving space over the muddiest, swampiest conditions. These buoyant mats, avoid intake of liquids and reduce the threat of invasive species or cross contamination between work sites.

temporary road mats Greatmats
5. Temporary Roads

Many different industries and businesses will need temporary roads. If you work in any form of construction or landscaping, you have likely seen temporary roads used to move materials and equipment without damaging the landscape.

Temporary roads need to protect the ground or surface underneath, but they also need to maintain traction. If the ground protection mats slip away every hour, it can become a major hassle. In this case, a mat that protects and stays in place is essential.

Top option for temporary roads: Mud-Traks Lawn Ground Protection Mats
With traction on both the top and bottom, as well as grip holes for added stability, Mud-Traks road mats for heavy equipment are very effective for creating a temporary driving surface. Each mat weighs about 34 pounds, so while they are not light, but they are not overly heavy and can be handled by an able-bodied worker.

Using Proper Mats Saves Money, Saves Lawns
One of the biggest concerns for any landscaping company is protecting the customer's lawn. When using skid loaders, backhoes, and any other heavy machinery with wheels or tread, you need a path to drive the vehicle from the road or trailer to the job site. If you don't take efforts to protect the ground, it can result in serious damage to the lawn. And we're not just talking about dead grass, we're talking about deep, muddy divots that take months, sometimes years, to level out properly.

Landscaping is a business that requires reliable lawn protection, which usually means laying down dozens for plywood sheets. However, as Minnesota landscaper Chris Axel told Greatmats, plywood sheets present their own problems.

First of all, after a season of heavy use, plywood becomes destroyed pretty fast. The material is made for building purposes, not for protecting lawns and being driven over by heavy equipment. Plywood may be durable, but it's not intended as a ground protection mat. Because plywood breaks down under pressure, landscapers need to constantly purchase new plywood for their operations. This means more time, effort and money.

Plywood can also become saturated with water, making it heavy for workers to move. Water also allows the material to breakdown even faster. By soaking up water, plywood becomes more difficult to use and is less effective for maintaining lawns.

Even new, dry plywood is limited on how much it can support without damaging the lawn. Many landscaping contractors will use wheel barrows instead of driving their skid loaders near homes, in fear or severely damaging the landscaping. This takes time and costs business owners hours in labor, which can chew up profits from a project.

Purchasing quality ground coverings will certainly cost more up front, but in the long run it can lead to more savings and more efficient operations. It can also be better for protecting a customer's lawn, which can result in loyal customers, better references, and more business for a landscaper!

Ground Protection for Your Lawn or Job Site
Ground protection is very important for your job site. With proper ground protection mats, you'll help maintain the lawn or landscaping of your customers. If your business involves moving heavy equipment over someone's lawn, then having the right track mats is essential.

Greatmats has some of the most durable and reliable ground mats for heavy equipment. These track mats are made from high-density polyurethane material, which will not snap like plywood under heavy pressure. The material has incredible strength, and can actually support up to 60 tons! Now that is protection built to last!

Create Your Temporary Roadway
If you are moving heavy equipment over a long section of grass, you will likely need to create a temporary roadway that allows your drivers and equipment operators to reach the job site without destroying the landscaping or creating a mud pit.

Fortunately, we have a large selection of ground protection mats that make excellent temporary roadways. Our roadway mats come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and many are built with features that enhance traction and keep them from slipping. By staying in place, these tracks are perfect for creating temporary roadways for heavy equipment and machinery.

The Perfect Ground Mat for Your Job Site

Are you constantly going through plywood to protect lawns and surfaces? Break the cycle, and get a product that will last for years from Greatmats.

We have a huge selection of ground protection mats, so no matter what equipment you use, no matter what type of job you perform, there is a ground mat for your needs!

For more on this topic please review our Ground Protection Mats product page.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Comparing Interlocking Floor Styles

The Top 5 Styles of Interlocking Floor Mats and Tiles

By Kif Richmann

Looking for the right interlocking floor mats? Not sure which style of connection will fit the needs of your facility or commercial space?

From industrial warehouses to novice-friendly gyms, there are interlocking floor tiles to suit your specific needs. To help you make the right decision, take a look at the top forms of interlocking rubber floor mats.

By knowing the basic styles of interlocking floor mats, you can choose the right one for your specific needs.

Why You Should Use Interlocking Floors
Before we dive into the best forms of interlocking mats, let's talk about why you should use these types of flooring products. While rolled flooring mats certainly have their advantages and can be used in many different situations, there are a few advantages to interlocking mats that you should be aware of.

First of all, interlocking tiles are much easier to transport and move around. Each individual tile is built at a size that can easily be handled by most able-bodied people, so you won't need a whole crew to pick up and move the tile flooring. They are much lighter and you can carry only a few at a time; with a rolled mat, unfortunately, you have to carry it all at once, and a whole mat can weigh as much as 600 pounds, so transporting it from place to place is not a great option.

Interlocking mats also bring a reduction in waste. If you are installing an island of mats, with open space between the edge of the mat and the walls, there will be no need to cut the tiles and throw out edging. No matter what the shape of your room or facility, tiled flooring can be installed to fit nearly any space, including large rooms or hallways, with little to no wasted material.

Ease of installation, however, is the top reason to choose interlocking mats. These mats come together easily, with very little effort or time on your part. Most of the mats can simply be laid down and securely connected with no glue or adhesives of any type. However, if are using the mats in a permanent location, adhesives can be used on some materials for a firm hold while still allowing for convenient installation.

To install interlocking floor mats, all you have to do is firmly push them with your hands or step on the seams to clamp them together. On a rare occasion, a rubber mallet may be advised. Taking them apart is just as easy, assuming, of course, that you have not used glues or adhesives. Simply pull the sections apart and stack them up for installation in a different area.

Because of their convenient installation and teardown, interlocking mats are perfect for traveling competitions such as tae kwon do, MMA, or even wrestling, but they can also provide temporary protection for flooring during events like dances and receptions.

Top 5 Forms of Interlocking Floor

puzzle interlocking mats Greatmats martial arts mats1. Puzzle

Puzzle interlocking floor mats are perfect for easy installation of a surface that can be used for athletic competitions such as MMA and karate. The puzzle-form edging allows for convenient connections that hold strong no matter what type of pressure and pounding they take, and you can take them apart and install them quickly if you need to move your surface to a new location. If you are installing in a permanent area, cutting the puzzle mats is easy and you'll have a quality product that fits nearly any location. Puzzle mats are most commonly made of foam or rubber. Some plastic floor tiles also use a puzzle style interlock.

Popular Choice for Puzzle Mats: Grappling MMA Mats 1-5/8 Inch
These grappling MMA mats are perfect for practice and competition. At over 1.5 inches thick, they provide plenty of padding for aggressive combat sports, and with an interlocking puzzle edge, they can be used to create soft surfaces that are large, small, or somewhere in between. Each tile has two colors; one on either side, and you can select combinations in red-blue, black-grey, or green-gray. They can also be used for safety on indoor playgrounds, as they have a four-foot fall height rating from the American Society of Testing and Materials.

2. Tab 'N Loop

staylock bump top interlocking plastic tiles Greatmats
The tab 'n loop system is an innovative way of connecting floor tiles with a firm hold that will provide a stable surface for your flooring needs. With this form of interlocking floor tile, you get an active locking design that has loops sticking out of the edge. The interlocking tabs fit together with the loop, and after a firm press, you have a strong, durable floor that will give you years of reliable support. The installation requires no adhesives, and the tabs can be snugly fit together using only your hands. This style of interlock is most commonly used for modular plastic tiles.

Popular Choice for Tab 'n Loop Modular Flooring: StayLock Bump Top Black
These tiles are designed to provide anti-fatigue quality to your facility or business. They are perfect for gym floors, especially for aerobic exercises, and garage shops. They fit together tightly and allow you to have an area that is easy on joints, legs and ligaments. Not only do they provide excellent performance, they can be cut to fit around walls, pillars, and other obstructions, making them easy to install for nearly any area. Even without an underlying padding, these anti-fatigue mats are perfect for exercises like Zumba, P90X, Crossfit, and hip hop dance.

3. S-Grip Interlock

s-grip interlock playground tile Greatmats
The s-grip is another unique way to connect mats together. With this type of connection, you have a hook shape from one tile that goes underneath the connecting tile, creating a strong hold that gives you a wonderful surface that won't slide apart under traffic or vehicle pressure. The tiles are very easy to connect and you won't have the visual puzzle piece design like you have from other mats, as the connection between the two pieces is made underneath the top layer. It provides a clean, neat fit that works well for many different areas, including indoor and outdoor play facilities. S-Grip Interlocks are most commonly used with thick rubber mats.

Popular Choice for S-Grip Mats: Interlocking Playground Tile BB 2.5 Inch
Not only is this one of the top choices for outdoor playgrounds, it comes in three colors (blue, green, and red) giving you the perfect choices for your facility. They provide a soft padding for children at play and can even support a fall up to 6.5 feet or more, depending on the thickness that you purchase. They measure 2'x2', so while they are large enough to cover a large area quickly, and they are small enough to fit into a specific location with minimal cutting and material waste.

4. Hidden Lock

hiddenlock plastic tile Greatmats
This is the perfect choice for surfaces that need a firm, reliable connecting grip but don't want the lock to be visible. The hidden lock system works in a very similar fashion as the puzzle form, but the ''puzzle'' lock is hidden underneath, providing a smooth, professional finish to the final layout. This type of locking mechanism is perfect for warehouse flooring, as it will hold strong even under the weight of fork lifts, scissors lifts, skid loaders and other machinery. While it is excellent for machinery, the firm hold makes it right for foot traffic as well, providing a versatile, reliable surface. Hidden lock connections are most commonly used on thinner plastic floor tiles.

Popular Choice for Hidden Lock Tiles: HiddenLock Coin Floor Tile Gray
When you are searching for hidden lock flooring, take a good look at these floor tiles. This flooring has a coin design on the surface, which enhances traction and allows for a firm grip from machinery, vehicles and foot traffic. Made from PVC material, this flooring is resistant to most acids and oils, making it ideal for warehouses, auto shops and industrial facilities.

5. Pin Together

pin together interlocking rubber tile home gym tile Greatmats
This is very unique form of interlocking mat that provides one of the strongest holds possible. This form of mat has extending rods with small ridges or ribs on one side of the mat. On the other side of the mat are holes that the rods fit into. Essentially, the rods are pressed into the holes where the ribs catch tight and hold the mats together. This provides an unmatched hold that gives your flooring enhanced reliability and support. While other forms of tiles can come apart if shaken in the right direction, these tiles will give a firm grip that is strong and reliable. Pin together mats are typically made of thick rubber.

Popular Choice for Pin Together Mats: UltraTile Rubber Weight Floor Team Colors
You can have an amazing floor and show your team pride with these excellent weight room floor tiles. These tiles provide outstanding grip and will hold together under the roughest conditions, and you can select the color pattern that shows your team or school spirit. Using a gorgeous flecked design, these tiles look amazing and will provide years of rugged strength. Made from 1-inch-thick rubber, these tiles have everything you need for years of high-quality performance.

Excellent Flooring, Outstanding Quality

If you are ready for long-lasting quality and excellent traction, you need to order from Greatmats. We have all the right items for any facility.

Check out our huge selection of rubber floor tiles and mats to find the right flooring today!
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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Top 5 Uses for Rubber Flooring Rolls

Rubber Flooring Rolls Serve a Wide Range of Purposes

By Kif Richmann

Finding the right flooring for your specific needs can be a challenge. You need to consider factors like durability, safety and storage. You also need to consider the ease of installation, as well as the type of traffic that will be moving across your floors.

Rubber flooring rolls are some of the most popular and versatile floors you can find. They not only have fantastic durability, giving you years of use, they also have excellent traction, ensuring safe footing for everyone.

So what are the top uses for rubber flooring rolls? Let's take a look at some of the best ways to use rolled rubber flooring from Greatmats!

Top 5 Uses for Rubber Flooring Rolls

1. Fitness Centers

greatmats rubber flooring gym fitness center
Fitness centers need flooring that can stand up to a lot of abuse. Walk into any vibrant fitness center and you'll find people lifting weights, using heavy machines, and doing cardio drills that involve lots of jumping, lunging and sprinting. All of this activity throughout the years can add up to significant abuse for the floors. Therefore, durable, reliable mats are essential. With rubber floors, you'll have a strong material that can withstand all the banging, running and jumping that a gym can throw at it. This makes rubber flooring ideal for fitness centers.

Another reason that rubber flooring is ideal for fitness centers is knee and joint protection. Hard surfaces, such as concrete, can wear down an athlete's joints and ligaments over a long period. This is why facilities for high school and college track teams use a impact absorbing material. In the long run (pun not intended!), it will keep a runner's knees in better condition. The same is true for fitness centers. Hard concrete surfaces can lead to problems with knees and joints, but a durable rubber mat can better maintain the long-term health of knees, ankles, hips, and many other joints that routinely take an impact during exercise. They certainly can't guarantee knee and joint health, but they can make a difference over years of activity.

Rubber mats also provide superior traction compared to concrete floors, reducing the chances of a slip when working out.

Finally, rubber mats are quiet. If you have weights and dumbbells being used in your fitness center, you know the aggravating sound of metal on concrete.

Rubber mats will absorb the impact, leading to less noise and less aggravation for fitness center users. Rubber flooring rolls of appropriate thickness will also protect the concrete underneath and keep it from being harmed by dropped weights.

2. Pet Areas

rubber flooring greatmats dog flooring
Our furry friends deserve a top-quality flooring too!

Pet areas have many of the same needs as fitness centers: they need good traction, a safe, spongy surface that won't harm joints, and a material that can stand up to year of abuse. While dogs, cats, and other household pets don't have nearly the same weight as fitness machines and barbells, they have a seemingly endless reservoir of energy, so a material must be able to hold up after hours and hours (and hours and hours and hours) of play throughout the years.

Rolled rubber flooring provides the perfect surface for a pet facility. Not only is it strong and durable, it will give the dogs a soft foundation that allows them to play for hours without having the impact of running on a concrete floor. This, again, is very similar to track runners who need a forgiving surface to protect their joints. Rubber mat rolls are also easy on a dog's paw ''pads'' which can become worn by hard or rough surfaces.

Dogs have claws that can scratch and damage a soft flooring, but a rubber flooring roll will hold up against even the longest claws and can even withstand dogs intentionally scratching or trying to dig at the surface.

As pet owners know, even the best trained animals will do their ''business'' when they're not supposed to. If this happens on a carpet, or other surfaces it can lead to a permanent stain and lingering smells. With rubber flooring rolls, however, cleaning the mess is easy, allowing you to provide a sanitary area for pets. This makes rubber mat floors even more effective for pet areas and enhances the long-term quality of your home.

3. Event Centers

Greatmats rubber flooring event center
Event centers come in all shapes, sizes and purposes, but one element remains the same: the need for high-quality flooring. For events centers, first and foremost you need a flooring that provides excellent traction and footing. Most places will have a high amount of foot traffic, including rambunctious children, athletes and adults. This means you need good flooring that can provide a slip-free surface for many different uses. It also needs to be durable, as event centers will have everything from tables and chairs to unique equipment. You never know what you might find in an event center, so having versatile flooring is essential.

Rolled rubber flooring is the perfect choice for events centers because it is built to meet the needs of many different facilities. You will have a forgiving, high-traction flooring that lets people move around the facility as they please. It is especially effective for events centers that focus on children's activities, such as play centers. In this case, you need a flooring that children can run and play on without the risk of slipping on a hard surface. Concrete can bring an increased risk of injury, but rubber rolled flooring mats provide superior protection, softening falls and leading to fewer injuries.

Because events centers get so much foot traffic, having a flooring that holds up and won't need replacement is essential. With rubber flooring rolls, you can have strong materials that meet the specific needs of your facility and won't break down after a few years of use. Replacing the flooring can cost time and money, but with rubber flooring mats, you get long-lasting quality for years to come.

4. Hockey Arenas

Greatmats rubber flooring hockey arena
Rubber flooring mats for ice hockey? It might sound strange, but hockey players and skaters need to get from the locker room to the rink quickly and safely. This often means walking over concrete surfaces, which can be slippery when wearing skates with metal blades. This also leads to potential problems with wear and tear on both the skates and the concrete surface. The blades can scratch and damage the concrete, eventually causing it to lose its visual appeal and even leading to uneven surfaces. The concrete, on the other hand, can damage the skates' blades, bringing costly repairs or replacements.

Fortunately, rubber mats are the perfect solution for ice hockey arenas. By providing a virtually slip-free surface, rubber flooring rolls create a safe walking surface for athletes who are wearing skates and need to get to the rink. Skaters are less likely to slip and slide on the rubber surface, which could prevent injury and at the very least makes a more convenient area for athletes and anyone who enjoys ice skating.

Rubber floors also protect both the skates and the blades. By absorbing the pressure from walking across a hard surface on skates, rubber mat rolls help maintain the consistency and quality of the skates and the floors.

Many ice hockey facilities use machines like lifts and jacks to move equipment from one end of the arena to the other. Low-quality mats can bunch up under heavy equipment and will eventually wear down under constant driving pressure. A rubber flooring, however, will hold strong and give your ice hockey arena years of reliable support.

5. Fencing Strips

greatmats rubber flooring fencing
Fencing clubs have a unique set of needs. They not only need the traction and support that you would find in a fitness center, they need narrow strips to create the competition surface that is required by the sport. This means ordinary flooring likely won't fit the bill, but rubber flooring mats certainly will!

Rubber flooring mats allow fencing clubs to have a strong, durable surface that protects the floors and can be conveniently placed and removed as needed. It's often the case that fencing points can be driven into the floor, causing a gouge or scratch on an unprotected surface. However, rubber flooring mats protect the surface from damage while allowing fencing participants to enjoy their favorite sport.

Fencing requires a narrow strip of competition surface that is 1 to 2 meters wide by 14 meters long. This can be challenging to create with normal materials, but rubber flooring mats can be crafted to match nearly any dimension.

Not only are they effective during fencing practice and competition, they are easy to store. Simply roll them up and move them into a storage closet or corner and you have a clear space that you can use for any purpose. When you need them again, simply roll them out, place them where you require, and enjoy!

The Right Mats for Your Area

Want to find the perfect flooring for your specific needs? Whether you need rubber mat rolls for a fitness center or rubber tiles for your horse stalls, we have everything you need in one convenient location.

Visit our website today and browse our extensive collection of flooring tiles and rolled rubber mats. No matter what you need for your home, business, or community center, we'll be able to provide reliable quality for years to come! 
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